Quick Fix


My anticipation couldn't be expressed in words.

It had been a while since I'd had a visitor to my apartment. The last experience had ended quite well, with the bed sheets being more than a little tussled up.

I was preparing myself with an erotic movie. The sex scenes always turned me on, my full eight inches always threatening to prematurely empty its load all over my silky pantyhose.

Yes, I am a shemale. I had always enjoyed prancing around in a woman's frilly clothes, and my sisters always dressing me up in them only made the job easier. They always were willing to show me a good time; they also helped my transition. They'd always wanted a little sister to... "hang out" with.

But it wasn't my sisters showing up. A friend of mine had told me about a shy girl who had never wanted to fraternize with boys... And she was looking for a little excitement. Well, I thought, once she sees my package, she'll definitely be in for excitement...

I reluctantly left the TV to get ready. First came the makeup and wig. Perfect work, as always, I thought, examining my work. Next, the pink panties and bra. The frilly fabric did nothing to settle my cock down. After that, I slowly pulled up the wonderfully silky pantyhose and put on my red, 5" pumps. Even as my robe came on to cover the exposed areas, the doorbell rang.

I quickly rushed to the TV and turned on the sexiest part of the movie. I opened the door to find one of the hottest girls I'd ever fraternized with. Her little black dress, white tights, beautiful legs, soft, silky hair, and peep-toe pumps only made my excitement greater. I was hoping my panties would do the job until the time came... Her appearance wasn't helping them at all.

She looked me up and down as well. There were no words exchanged; we just rushed over to the couch in front of the TV to watch and make love.

Without thought, my lips quickly reached hers, exposing my forceful tongue which quickly pierced her pink lipstick. We continued with that ritual until the girls on the tape started fingering each other. Our hands slowly moved to the other's breasts; I hadn't felt tits as wonderful as hers in a long while. She took off my blouse as I unzipped the back of her soft dress. Her D cups were becoming so hard at my touch; mine were doing the same at her's.

Forget the movie, I thought, and I took her hand and led her to my bedroom as we continued feeling each other up and rubbing each other's silky legs. We reached the bed, sat down, and started to remove each other's shoes as we kissed. Soon enough, I found myself laying on my back with her sliding up my body, kissing every inch of pantyhose and skin that I had. I can't keep this up much longer, I thought. My shaft just can't stand this attention...

As if an answer to my thoughts, she started feeling the area between my legs. She quickly retracted as she felt a bulge; then, out of curiosity, she pulled down my panties, exposing the purple head to her beautiful brown eyes. Her jaw dropped in astonishment. I quickly leaned over and inserted my tongue into the hole between her lips, kissing her with ecstasy coursing through my body. She quickly loosened up in response to my kiss, returning the favor with her tongue entering my awaiting mouth. She quickly pulled out, lightly pushed me back down, and started feeling my freshly-shaven cock. I grabbed the back of her head, guided it to my awaiting shaft, and pushed down, lightly but forcefully. I shoved it all the way into her mouth. She only looked up at me, as if saying "Any time now..." I then started pumping as fast as I could, her wet mouth eating up every inch willingly.

"For not liking boys, you sure like being a cock-eating bitch," I said between moans.

She only moaned in response. Moments later, a scream escaped my lips as I pushed my dick as far as it would go and shot my load straight into her lovely mouth. She gulped down every drop of the cream as we got up. She quickly lay down on the bed and lifted her legs, exposing her ass to my still-erect cock. I shuffled over to her on my knees, placed her legs on my shoulders, and slowly shoved my shaft into her ass. She moaned from the pain, but after the initial shove, our grunts and moans came from the passion of love, and sent a wonderful song to the world. I pounded her with all my might, and moments later, my second shot of the night entered her warm body with yet another scream from the both of us, her cumming at the same time as I did. As I pulled out, I licked her wet pussy clean.

We got up and moved back into the TV room with her jerking me off every step of the way. My cock loved every moment of the love she showed me. My finger found her pussy hole and quickly started pumping her, our groans once again a chorus in the night. We walked over to a bag that she had brought along with her, and as we continued jerking each other, she pulled out a 7" vibrator.

I only smiled and grabbed the vibrator as we kissed again. I strapped it on with expert hands, all the while being jerked off by her smooth hands. After the last buckle was clipped, I knelt down in front of her and licked the head as she grasped the back of my head. I enveloped the entire thing between my awaiting lips.

"You ain't half bad at eating a shaft yourself," She said. "Just wait and see what other toys I brought to play with." She giggled as I moaned with pleasure, my dick spilling its third load all over her and my legs.

The day wasn't even close to being over.

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