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Blackmailed by a Bitch


'I got it,' Laura said, running into the kitchen. 'I got the job!'

That's great,' Dave said. He hugged his fiancée, full of joy at the news. Laura had been desperate to find a new job. Anything to get away from the place where she worked under her nightmare boss, Gloria. 'When do you start?'

Laura's smile disappeared. 'As soon as I get my reference.'

'From Gloria?'

Laura nodded. 'But you know what she'll say...'

'That in going for this job, you've gone behind her back.'

'Exactly. She's impossible, Dave. She'll never give me that reference.'

'Come on, she won't be unreasonable. If you want to leave, she'll let you leave.'

'She's a manipulative bitch.'

Dave was surprised. He'd never heard Laura use that word in the seven years that they'd been going out. That was one of the things he loved about her. She was so innocent and sweet. He'd hated seeing her work at this company where Gloria made her life hell. But not to worry. Now she had a new job, they could take a break. Finally get married and get their life properly started.

'I just need that reference,' Laura said.

'Then you'd better ask Gloria for it, I guess.' But Dave could see that wasn't the answer she'd been looking for. He jumped ahead to the conclusion. 'You've got to be joking.'

'Oh please, Dave. She won't help me, but she'll talk to you.'

'And why's that?'

'Because you're a man. Everything's easier with Gloria if you're a man. Please, Dave, will you do it?'

He looked at his fiancée. She was so cute, five foot four, short dark hair in a bob and a pretty, trusting smile. 'Sure,' he said. 'I'll do it for you.'

Dave arrived at Laura's office half an hour later. He knew it was going to be difficult getting the reference. He'd only met Gloria a handful of times. One of those had been the office Christmas party when he'd got a bit drunk and placed an arm round her waist. And who was going to blame him for that? She was a knockout, always well-dressed in designer clothes that hugged her curvy figure, glamorous whether she was wearing high heeled stilettos or flat sandals. And she was tall. Dave guessed she was the same height as him, 5'10 or thereabouts. She towered over Laura. She had long golden hair, a sexy tan and was in incredible shape. Firm breasts that a single Dave would have loved to run his hands over, pneumatic legs that a single Dave would have licked from bottom to the wet patch at the top.

He walked into the office and tried to clear those thoughts away. But then he found himself comparing the two women. Where his fiancée Laura was anxious, always worried about her and Dave getting the most out of life, Gloria was more relaxed. More driven, too. And where Laura wore flowery dresses and blouses, Gloria wore small black skirts that showed off her arse and let everyone see her long slender, shapely legs. Laura seemed like a girl at times. Gloria was always a woman.

He found her standing by the filing cabinet in her office, wearing a thin white shirt that strained against her breasts, a tight black pencil skirt and black stilettos. She turned round when Dave walked in and gave him a wide smile. She was wearing pink lipstick with a gloss that made her lips moist and sexy. He'd never really noticed her cute button nose before, but he enjoyed seeing the long golden-coloured hair again that gave her a look of glamour, and the sharp model cheekbones.

'Dave, what are you doing here?'

'I came to see you.'

Her smile widened and the cute button-nose squashed up. 'What about?'


Gloria frowned in response, then went and sat behind her desk. She picked up a folder that was in front of her and ran her fingers along the top of it. She had long manicured fingernails painted a pink which matched her lipstick. She was watching him with searching green eyes, like he was a piece of meat thrown into the cage of a lioness. 'Have you been working out?'

He was caught out by the question. 'What do you mean?'

'You look bigger. Those strong arms of yours.'

He'd actually started going to the gym and had got into good shape. Laura said he was handsome enough beforehand, but he didn't see anything wrong with adding some muscles to his good looks. Besides, he got some admiring glances from the female gym-goers. He shouldn't encourage Gloria though. She looked like a real man-eater behind her desk. He took a seat and tried to stay focused. 'I should talk about Laura.'

'Have you come to apologise?' Gloria said.

'For what?'

She smiled at him again. Such thick wet pink lips. Dave tried to ignore them as she spoke.

'For the Christmas Party,' she said. 'Flirty Dave. Naughty Dave who can't keep his hands to himself.'

He was a bit embarrassed as he remembered running a hand round her waist. The excitement he'd felt as she'd responded to his touch. It was good it had stopped there. Especially when he'd found out what a bitch and a bully she'd been to Laura. Cheating on Laura with Gloria really would have been the icing on the cake. 'I'm sorry if I did anything I shouldn't have.'

Gloria didn't let it go. 'Where is it again that you and Laura are going for your honeymoon?

'Malibu,' he said. 'All booked, all paid for. We just need to have our wedding first.'

'And why won't you make an honest woman of little Laura, Dave?'

'Same thing as ever. Money.'

'So are you hear to ask for a pay rise for her?'

'Not quite.' He took a deep breath, then explained the situation with Laura's new job, and the need for the reference. He tried to sugar-coat it with some talk about how much Laura had enjoyed working for a strong boss like Gloria but it was time for a new start. It didn't do much good. Gloria saw through it.

She drummed her long painted fingernails on her desk. Dave found himself thinking how Laura had long stopped painting her fingers. Gloria, in contrast, was incredibly feminine. 'I don't understand,' she said. 'I always thought Laura was a good little girl. Now she's gone behind my back.'

'It's really not like that,' Dave said.

'Oh don't try to defend that snivelling little bitch. I'm just surprised you're with someone as pathetic and wet as her.'

'Cut that out, ' Dave said. 'That's out of order.'

'At least you have some backbone.' Gloria stood up. She straightened out some imaginary folds in her skirt, and tidied her thin white shirt. It was as if she was moving her breasts for him. Such a sexy pair of tits. Dave tried to ignore them as she spoke again. 'I'll give your fiancée her reference.'

'That's great –'

Gloria held up a finger, smiling at him. 'Ssh, Dave.' She walked round to the desk, then leant back against the edge. She crossed one magnificent tanned leg over the other. They were such long legs that they seemed to reach up forever, until they got to Gloria's crotch which was at Dave's eye-level. 'Do one thing for me, Dave, and I'll write that reference.'

'What's that?' he said.

She tilted her head to the side and ran a hand through her thick golden hair. 'Give me a kiss.'

'You're joking.'

She shook her head, still smiling. Her sexy pink lips parted slightly and showed off her perfect white teeth. She held out her palm. 'Give me your hand.'

She had a mesmeric way of speaking. Dave did as he was told. She took his hand and placed it on her naked thigh. It was warm to the touch. 'Just one kiss, Dave. Then Laura will get her reference and she won't ever have to come back here.'

As he felt the excitement of her skin under his touch and he looked at those attractive lips smiling at him, and the green sparkling eyes, he thought maybe one kiss wouldn't be so bad. Then it would be over. He and Laura could get married. 'Ok,' he said, standing up. 'Just one kiss.'

'That's good, Dave. You're a good boy.'

She kept his hand in position on her thigh, although it had crept up slightly towards the bottom of her skirt. Her skin really did feel good. Dave would have to get this over and done with before he did anything he regretted.

He leaned forward, but Gloria placed a finger on his lips.

'There's something you should know beforehand.' She leaned forward to whisper to him. He caught the exotic fragrance of her perfume, and when she spoke, the words were warm and soft against his ear. She gripped his hand against her thigh. 'I've got a cock.'

Dave rocked back in surprise. 'What?'

'Well, Dave, don't be rude. Don't you want to check?'

She pulled his hand up her skirt.

'Get off,' he said.

But she was surprisingly strong and he found his hand going along her naked thigh and up towards her crotch. He panicked and tried to pull away, but she was too strong for him. Then, as he reached the top of her thigh, the palm of his hand pressed against something that shouldn't have been there. A large bulge. He felt revolted.

'What the fuck is that?' he said.

'You know what it is,' Gloria said. 'It's my ladydong. My shemale dick. Are you enjoying holding it?'

He tried to pull away but she held him in place.

'One kiss,' she said. 'One kiss and you don't have to feel my cock anymore. Although it is getting hard for you, Dave. One kiss and you and Laura can forget about me. You can stop stroking my ladycock even though I think you're enjoying it.'

His panic was growing. He couldn't get out of her grip, and he was worried the movement was only making his fingers inadvertently massage her dick and balls. 'Do you promise, one kiss and you'll let me go?' he said

'Yes,' she said, the word sultry and seductive. 'Kiss me, Dave. And make it good.'

With her other hand she pulled him forward, and their mouths met. Her tongue forced its way into his mouth, probing and pushing its way inside and around his mouth, dominating him. She moaned as she kissed him. He tried not to kiss back, but he couldn't stop his tongue meeting hers, the two ends touching and flicking against each other. The large bulge of her cock grew hard against his hand.

She giggled as she let him go. 'Mmm, that was nice, Dave.'

He wiped his mouth and pulled his hand away. There was a slight tent in her tight skirt. He felt sick. 'What about the reference?' he said.

'I'll bring it round to your house tonight.' She turned and walked back to her side of the desk, her arse wiggling as she went, then she gave him a little wave. 'Bye for now.'

Laura met him at the door of their house. 'How did it go?'

Dave walked past her. He was furiously chewing gum. He wanted to get the taste of Gloria the shemale out of his mouth. She'd forced her way on him and he felt dirty. He could do with cleaning himself.

'She was a bitch, wasn't she?' Laura said. 'I knew it.'

Dave ignored her and went up to their kitchen. Littered on the table were pictures of the hotel they had booked in Malibu. 'What's this?'

'I've been looking at our honeymoon plans again,' she said. 'Oh, Dave, I'm getting so excited. Look at the bridal suite.' She pointed out to him the picture of the oval bed, covered with rose petals. 'It's so romantic. Please tell me you got that reference?'

Dave subconsciously wiped his mouth. He went to the sink and started cleaning his hands. 'I got it,' he said.

Laura waited expectantly in the doorway. 'So where is it?' she said.

'Gloria's going to bring it round tonight.'

'Oh God, that bitch is coming here?'

'She won't come inside,' Dave said. 'We'll get the reference and then she'll leave.' He turned back to Laura. She did look cute there, with her happy expectant smile and that short black bob. He loved her so much. 'Once Gloria's gone, we can start our new life together.'

Gloria arrived at their house as dusk was falling. Dave answered the door to her. She had changed from earlier, and was now wearing knee high boots with high heels, a short black leather skirt and a tight red top that squeezed her ample breasts together. She was braless and he could see her hard nipples poking through. She now had a dark red lipstick on and her mouth looked vampish.

She was dressed to impress, and Dave worried that she had dressed to impress him. Hell, he thought, if he'd just seen her walking down the street, he would have stared. For a long time.

But there was that secret of hers, the large bulge in her panties which she'd made him feel. He reddened at the memory, and Gloria coyly bit her bottom lip.

'Hi, Dave,' she said, leaning forward and kissing him on the cheek.

'Where's the reference?'

She pouted and raised a handbag she was holding. 'In here. I'll give it to Laura. Where is she?'

Dave didn't want to let this shemale into his house. In her heels, she stood taller than him, and he was intimidated. 'I can take it.'

She shook her head, then stroked the side of his face with her hand. 'No, Dave, don't be naughty. Let me give it to her.'

He led her into the kitchen. Laura was pouring out a glass of champagne. She almost dropped it when she saw her guest walk in.

'Gloria, I...I...didn't know you were coming here.'

Gloria swaggered over to her, her arse swaying in her tight dress, and then she hugged Laura. Gloria was so much bigger than her that she looked like a real woman embracing a girl. She had to bend over to do it, and Dave took in the curves of her long bare legs as they reached up to her tight ass. Don't do that, he told himself. Remember that dirty secret she's got hidden under there.

Gloria made a show of getting the reference from her handbag, a file saved on a memory stick. She took out a phone as well, which had a pink casing, and took a picture of Laura as she handed it over.

'I always like to take a photo of someone when they're happy,' she said.

Laura was clearly uncomfortable about the presence of her bullying bitch of a boss. 'Well, thanks, Gloria. I guess you'll want to be going?'

Gloria frowned. 'Can't I try some of that celebratory champagne?'

Dave could see that Laura didn't know what else to do. She nodded nervously and poured out glasses for all of them.

'Let's sit down whilst we drink it,' Gloria said. She waited for Dave to sit down before she sat next to him. That put Laura on the other side of the table.

Under the table and unseen from Laura, Gloria immediately rested her hand on Dave's thigh. As he went to protest, she squeezed hard, her sharp fingernails digging into him. 'Dave was so kind when he came for your reference, Laura.'

Laura gave a weak smile. She self-consciously crossed her arms to cover her small breasts. In response, it seemed, Gloria pushed her breasts together. They were magnificent, Dave thought. If only she wasn't a shemale, he would have enjoyed running his hands over them.

Gloria's hand moved further up his leg. He tried to move back, but her grip held him in position Then she started climbing her fingers, slowly, one at a time, towards his crotch.

'Dave told me how excited you are about your honeymoon.' Gloria pointed with her other hand at the pictures of the oval bed in the suite at the hotel. 'That's so pretty, with the flowers on the bed. How romantic it will be to spend your first night together as a married couple. Are you looking forward to that?'

Laura gave a slight nod. 'It'll be a special time together. Just me and Dave.'

'Yes, he told me all about it this afternoon. He was so passionate when he was talking about you, Laura. He was very forceful about getting your reference.'

Dave worried over where this was going. Gloria's hand was getting nearer to his crotch. But what could he do? As soon as he said anything, she would mention the filthy kiss in her office. He realised now it had been a stupid mistake. There had to have been another way to get the reference and he should have taken it.

'We talked about everything,' Gloria said. 'Dave admitted how much he loved you, and I told him some things about myself. A big, secret thing.' She wiped a tear away from her eye, then she gave a sad smile. 'I told Dave my secret, Laura, and I should tell you.'

'What's that?' Laura said as if she didn't want to hear the answer. A ball in the pit of Dave's stomach tightened.

Gloria grinned. 'I'm a shemale.'

Laura didn't respond at first. She just looked confused. 'What's a shemale?'

Gloria's hidden hand flattened out on Dave's leg, then her fingers brushed against his cock. She began to massage the top of it through the material of his trousers. 'It means I have a penis, Laura. I have breasts, and hips and curves. In nearly every way, I'm a woman. But between my legs, I have a large penis. I'm a shemale.' She paused for a moment. Dave tried to move away, but she gripped his cock by the base and squeezed. He couldn't move any further back, or the sight wouldn't be covered by the table, and his fiancée would see that this shemale was jerking him off. 'When I told Dave I was a shemale,' she said, 'he didn't believe me.' Her smile went and she wiped another tear from her eye. 'He said he wanted me to prove it, so he made me undress in my office. He made me show him my breasts and my ladyboy penis. Only when I was standing completely naked in front of him, showing him the eight inches of my shemale cock, did he believe me.'

Laura's face was one of complete shock. 'I can't understand any of this.'

'It isn't true,' Dave said.

In response, Gloria grabbed his cock harder. She squeezed it playfully, forcing him into an erection. 'When I was standing naked in my office in front of Dave with my ladydick and balls hanging out, he finally said he was happy. Then he let me write the reference for you. I just wanted to tell you this story, Laura, so you know how much Dave loves you. He made me strip so it was just me in front of him, shivering in the cold with my exposed tits and my exposed dick. He said it was so he knew I was telling the truth about giving you the reference. So there it is, and I hope you can find happiness in your new job. And I hope you can enjoy that honeymoon suite in Malibu where you can make love for hours together, as the perfect loving couple.'

With that, Gloria let go of Dave's cock, and rose from the table. She collected her pink mobile phone.

'Dave,' she said, 'will you show me out?'

He had to rise awkwardly to hide the stiffness in his pants. He followed Gloria along the corridor, her arse wiggling in front of him. As they got to the door, Gloria spoke to him.

'Thank you for a lovely evening,' she said.

'You're trying to ruin everything, you spiteful bitch. Why did you tell all those lies in there?'

She shrugged. 'Laura knows I'm a manipulative bitch, so I wouldn't worry too much. But I did want your little cowardly bitch of a fiancée to know I was a shemale.' She leaned in closer to him. 'And I wanted her to know that you already knew it too.'

'Why?' he said.

'So she would understand this better.' Gloria raised her phone. It was running a video. It was good quality. Dave was horrified when he realised it showed him kissing Gloria. What was more, it showed where he was reaching under her skirt, and he could hear the deep moans of Gloria. 'You naughty boy, you were groping me where anyone could have seen us.'

'You forced me to do that,' he said, stumbling over the words.

'Naughty Dave. Flirty Dave who can't keep his hands to himself. If you want me to get rid of this video and save your marriage, you'd better come to the Randolph Hotel in an hour. I've booked a suite for us.'

'A suite? For what?'

'So we can talk. That's all. We'll just talk.' She dropped her phone into her handbag, then quickly ran her hand down his cock. 'Bye for now,' she said, giving another girly wave, before turning and walking down the steps of her house.

The next half an hour was hell. Laura was furious, of course. Luckily, Gloria had been right. Laura was convinced that her story was just her being a manipulative bitch. Still, she had to ask Dave.

'Did you really make her strip for you?'

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