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Quickie at the Bookstore


It fun being a bi-sexual guy. I love sex with a woman, but there is, at least for me, something about being with another guy.

Yesterday I was looking at some porn on the computer. Pictures of women, usually in playboy type of posses are my favorite. I like the hardcore stuff also, but prefer the more mild type of picture. It's funny, but when I start to jerkoff to pics of women, I start to get horned up for a cock...and that is what happened yesterday.

I figured I would take a ride to an adult bookstore in the area here in South Jersey. I've been there a few times, and it's usually hit or miss. There have been there many times when it's just a few older guys, who aren't my type. Those are the days I either take care of myself in booth, or just leave disappointed. I walked to the video booth area in the back, and see a black guy in a booth with his door partially open. At first I walk by, giving my eyes a few seconds to adjust to the darkness. I walk back and look in on the black guy and could tell he was stroking his cock, but it was dark, and he had dark skin, so I couldn't tell how big his cock was. He motioned for me to come in. I went in and found out how big he was! He was already hard and ready to go. His cock was real nice, probably around 8 inches or so, and thick. He was watching a gay video, which I wasn't really interested in, but I wasn't here for the movie. I starting stroking his cock, and then pulled out my cock, which was already hard.

His cock felt great in my hands as I stroked it for a few minutes. I pulled my shorts down a little more to make it easier to squat down so I could take his dick in my mouth, which tasted great! I slowly started going up and down on his cock making it nice and wet. Then, I started working my hand up and down on his shaft in time with my mouth. I used my other hand and switched from my own cock to his balls. I could tell by his breathing that he was enjoying it. After a few minutes my knees started to get a little sore, but I didn't want to stop sucking that big dick. I could tell he really liked the way I was sucking and stroking because he starting to moan a bit, and I could tell he was getting close. He then told me he was close to cumming, so I sucked and stroked his cock a little faster. He also started to move his hips to fuck my mouth. Then came that final grunt and I felt 2 or 3 nice spurts of cum shoot in my mouth. I swallowed it all, and loved it. Some guys pull away after they cum because there cock gets really sensitive, I know I am like that, but not this guy. I kept sucking what was left out of his cock, and would give a few strokes to get all the cum out. He finally started to get soft, but I still had to keep that cock in my mouth for a few more seconds before I stopped. His cock even looked great when soft.

I savored the taste of his cum for a few seconds, got up and jerked my own dick for a bit while looking at this guy's big dick. He didn't even touch my cock once, which really turns me on. I love to get sucked and jerked off like any other guy, but this was one of those times where I got off by getting him off. I didn't need him to touch me. I just needed him to fuck my mouth.

I pulled my shorts up and left the booth. I stayed around for a few more minutes hoping another guy would come in, but there wasn't anyone else I was interested in. I won't just suck any guys cock. I can be a little picky. So I just went home and shot a nice load.

Again, I love women, but I also love sucking a nice dick. Guys at the bookstore either want to suck or get sucked, and I love taking an anonymous load every now and then. I've also been fucked a few times, and could tell those stories if anyone is interested. Its fun being bi, because there is always a guy somewhere who wants to get off, and hopefully I am there to help!

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by Anonymous

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by Brian7010/11/17


It's hot to suck on a big dark cock without getting anything in return. I'm the same, feeling it's my place to pleasure that big deserving cock and not his responsibility to take care of me.

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by Anonymous09/10/17

Abs cocksucker

Thanks for sharing this hot quickie bj experience. Probably a better time with that one awesome cock than a few average ones. I agree it sounds so much better that he didn't touch yours.

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by Anonymous07/31/17

gloryhole newby

My first time sucking a cock was in an ABS. He was in his 60s, I was in my 20s. Absolutely loved it!

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