tagSci-Fi & FantasyQuickies of the Cohort Ch. 02

Quickies of the Cohort Ch. 02


Mikael watched the merchants as they wound their way along the twisting mountain path. The year was entering one of the quarterly trading seasons, and Mikael knew the group he overlooked would be heading to the southern ports. From there he could only guess at their destination, although from the barbed armour the chief guard had donned it looked as if they would be journeying west.

He leant on the small wall surrounding one of the Sanctuary's many balconies. For a change he had chosen one facing away from the lake, and though the water's splendour was absent, the vista was no less magnificent. Tall mountains rose on either side, whilst beneath him the woods -- punctuated by rocky scrub -- descended into a vast valley. It was beyond the farthest hills, he knew, that civilisation truly began, though smaller villages stood nearer.

He continued to eye the group of traders as they started to pick across a particularly narrow part of the pathway. A slight drop fell away to their left, and though tumbling down it would not be fatal for a human, one of their animals would not fare too well -- and nor would their wares.

Mikael was not concerned for their safety, however. The group was clearly well-seasoned, and he supposed they had faced far worse on their long journeys in the wilderness. To survive, a merchant needed to have capable instincts, or at least the coin to hire someone else who did. And that is exactly what it looked like had happened here -- the four guards who stood at point around the caravan certainly looked more than adequate in a fight.

He had come up to the balcony to relax and read. The midday sun was bright overhead, and its rays warmed his skin pleasantly. A faint dampness hung in the air, the leftover residue of the previous night's downpours, and the appeasing sight and smell of nature infused him with refreshing vigour. The book he had brought with him was a rather weighty tome, but it had caught his eye in the library and he would not be daunted by its size.

A shout caught his attention, and Mikael's gaze snapped back to the merchants. He was instantly alert, and his muscles twitched, readying himself for action despite being without his weapons or armour.

He did not need to worry; one of the group had merely slipped down the muddy slope, and now stood with evidently wounded pride at the bottom, hands on hips and noticeably crestfallen. Raucous laughter reached Mikael's ears as the taunts of the man's companions echoed through the mountain air, and a faint smile crept across his face. A caravan's camaraderie was something he had always enjoyed, even though a lesser man would find it unbearable. One had to be able to hold their own in the unrelenting war of words.

But then again, I do here, too, Mikael chuckled to himself. The girls he spent his time with were no slouch in a jovially barbed exchange, and all his experience battling wits with his travelling companions had not prepared him for the keen intellect of his Sisters.

He paused as he heard footsteps on the stone stairs behind him, muffled but not too far away. Standing up and turning, he leaned back on the wall and waited, the laughter of the merchants fading as they passed into the trees.

The footsteps grew closer, yet were still muffled, as if their patter was cushioned by something more luxurious than a simple sandal. His curiosity abated as the curtain was drawn back, and a lovely form stepped through.

Good afternoon, flared a striking set of golden letters, and Mikael smiled.

"Good afternoon, Quintia."

I did not expect to find anyone else up here, but I suppose I should not be too surprised. It is a wonderful vantage point, after all.

"That it is," Mikael said, stepping to the side as his beautiful Sister wandered over. She leant on the wall with her forearms, surveying the views this balcony offered.

Mikael, too, surveyed the view, but not of the wondrous scenery that abounded. Instead, his eyes were trained intently on his Sister's stunning body, her tight, red velvet dress doing little to disguise it. Her long, slender legs ran to a firm ass, which was highlighted as the mage leant over gracefully. The dress continued upwards, hugging her slim stomach, before being pushed outwards by the wonderful swell of her large breasts. Above them her cobalt blue hair began, falling around her neck and framing the gorgeous face that looked out over the valley. The mystical gem embedded in her forehead shone bright green, its light mainly swallowed by the much brighter sun, although occasionally a flash of viridian would dance across her features.

After a moment she turned to him, and her mouth curled into a smile.

See anything you like? she grinned, the words glowing just above her head.

Mikael laughed, winking at his Sister, before turning back to look over the vista once more.

I hear voices, but I see no people, the words continued, this time forming like clouds in front of Mikael, before dissipating just as quickly.

"There is a group of merchants nearby," Mikael replied. "I was watching their progress earlier."

Will they be safe?

He smiled. "Yes, perfectly. These mountains do not seem dangerous, and they looked quite capable of handling themselves, anyway."


Mikael turned to his Sister once more, and she regarded him with a friendly smile. Her gem, however, had changed colour slightly, and a tinge of blue had entered its otherwise green glow.

He laughed. The sparkling jewel made it hard for his Sister to conceal her true intentions.

"Can you force a colour change on your gem?" he asked pleasantly, curious as to the answer.

I cannot, his Sister replied, leaning back on the wall. A mischievous twinkle had entered her eyes. Why?

Mikael grinned. "Mere curiosity... plus the fact that it has started to turn blue."

And you have learned what the colours mean? his Sister probed, a wicked smile forming on her stunning face.

"Mostly," he laughed as he moved towards his Sister. "Though I suspect some would still confuse me."

And what colour is it now?

"Well," he said as he reached her, wrapping his left arm about the mage's waist whilst the fingers of the other traced the outline of her jewel. "It is green."

And what does that mean?

"That you're happy. But..."

But what?

"It's turning blue pretty fast."

He was surprised by the ferocity with which she then kissed him. Her arms were suddenly on his shoulders, tugging him towards her, her lips crushed against his own. He eagerly responded in kind, pushing his tongue into his Sister's mouth, pressing his body against hers.

The gem was now glowing an unmistakable shade of blue, and he moved the hand that rested on it to instead stroke through her striking hair. Reaching the back of her head, he pulled her to him, matching the action with the arm that now rested on her ass, and his cock began to grow hard.

Quintia was not oblivious to that fact, either, and she pressed her hips against his waist, faintly moving them from side to side, massaging his member through his pants.

He dropped his right hand from her head, letting it slide over her shoulder blades and around to the front of her body, where he took the opportunity to grasp one of her large breasts through the fabric of her dress. She was silent, of course, but the jewel on her forehead flared with the sensation, and Mikael knew she was enjoying it.

They remained that way a short moment, their tongues intertwined as their bodies pressed against one another. Mikael moaned into Quintia's mouth, and her hands dropped from his shoulders to the bottom of his shirt.

She pulled her face away from his, breaking the kiss as she tugged the garment upwards. It pulled easily over Mikael's head, and she tossed it away. Neither of them bothered to watch where it landed, their kiss reinitiated immediately.

Voices reached Mikael's ears once more, and he knew the merchants had reemerged from the trees. Yet, despite being outside, Mikael knew the traders could see or hear nothing of himself or Quintia - the wards protecting the Sanctuary disguising all openings as mere parts of the cliff face -- and this inflamed Mikael's passion further.

He moved his hands to his Sister's hips, pushing them backwards until she rested on the stone wall of the balcony. Their kiss broke, and she looked at him with lust-filled eyes, her breathing heavy. Her gem sparkled brightly, and a look of desire was spread across her face.

He grinned, slowly dropping to his knees, his hands stroking down his Sister's slender legs. Eventually they came to the bottom of her tight red dress, and he took hold of the edge, pulling it taut and looking up at his Sister with a wicked grin. She smiled salaciously back down at him, fully aware of what he was about to do, and waited.

Since she clearly had no objection, Mikael pulled, a loud rip echoing around the balcony as the velvet tore. He eagerly stretched his arms further apart, the tear in the expensive material rising up his Sister's body, his animal lust growing as the widening gap revealed more of her long legs.

Soon the dress had ripped all the way to her waist, the previously-tight velvet now hanging tattered and loose. His Sister's creamy thighs and shapely calves were visible in the new opening, and he could not help but slowly reach into the tear. The underside of the velvet was cool against the back of his hand, and Mikael groaned as he appreciated the contrast with his Sister's hot skin. His fingertips grazed over her thighs, and he looked up at Quintia with a wink, before leaning forwards.

Pulling the dress out, he slipped his other hand underneath it, and placed it on her thigh. He heard her heavy breathing as he pushed her legs apart, and she willingly shifted her weight, leaning on the stone wall for support. Soon his head had joined his hands, and with deliberate slowness he traced his fingers around his Sister's pussy. He grazed the lips and felt her shudder, before repeating the action. Her snatch glistened, and placing two fingers on either side, he bent his head towards it.

His tongue flicked out, running fully along her pussy, and the stunning mage's legs nearly buckled. She was only just able to regain her composure before Mikael did it again, though she was more prepared for the repeat, her muscles merely quivering at the wonderful sensation.

Mikael licked her snatch for a third time, eliciting more beautiful shudders from her thighs, but unlike the previous two occasions he did not then pull away. Instead he remained there, his tongue sweeping over his Sister's sensitive clit, and he ran the two fingers of his right hand along her folds.

He pushed them inwards, feeling her hot pussy welcoming in the probing digits. A sharp intake of breath showed him the action was appreciated, and he slowly started to move his fingers inside her as his tongue still licked her clit.

Quintia's breathing was heavy, her climax clearly not aeons away. He attacked her pussy with vigour, his fingers now moving in and out of her snatch as his tongue still licked her clit. Her legs were shaking and her breathing came in irregular gasps. Whilst he could not see it, he knew her gem would be glowing bright blue.

Indeed, he was sure it was a very strange sight. A gorgeous Sensei with blue hair and a gem radiating light so bright you couldn't look at it, her dress torn open, and Mikael - tucked underneath it - bringing her to orgasm.

He reached out with his left hand, untangling it from her dress and instead running it over the front of her body. He could feel her trim stomach beneath the velvet of her garment, and grinned into her pussy as one of her own hands took a firm hold of it.

She gripped it tightly, and Mikael returned in kind, the fingers of his other hand still sliding in and out of his Sister's rapidly-tightening snatch. His tongue danced over her clit and he enjoyed the sweet taste of her juices, which were flowing freely now as her climax approached.

Her thighs were now trembling, and Mikael did not relent. Her hand gripped his fiercely, and as his assault on her pussy continued her breathing became more and more ragged. Were she able to moan, Mikael had no doubt that she would be doing so; as it was, he was quite certain her gem would be shining like a beacon.

Good thing those merchants can't see us, he thought to himself as the mage's snatch twitched. Her walls rippled with anticipation, closing on his probing fingers, and he knew the moment was near.

She came seconds later, her thighs shaking as an orgasm powered through her. Mikael left his fingers inside her, enjoying the wild contractions of her depths, and continued to gently kiss her clit as the sensations filled her with bliss. She immediately let go of his hand, instead grasping the wall for support as her legs became weak, and her body trembled as she tried to stay upright.

A short while later it had passed, and Mikael slowly extricated himself from the torn dress to look up at his Sister. She grinned down at him wickedly, her jewel burning fiercely, and he stood up. Wrapping his arms around her waist, he leaned in to kiss her, and she responded passionately. Their tongues pushed into each other's mouths, and they pressed their bodies together.

Quintia's hands roved over Mikael's naked back as they kissed, his own on her ass, before she slowly dropped them to his waist. There she slid them around to the front, taking hold of his belt buckle and unclasping it, before giving his pants a quick shove. They tumbled down his legs, ending up crumpled around his ankles, and she delicately placed a hand on his member as he kicked the pants away.

He broke the kiss with a moan as she gently played with his hard cock, her pale blue eyes staring into his with wicked intent. Her animalistic desire was evident, and Mikael did not need to be told what to do. With a grin of his own he grabbed the blue-haired beauty's shoulders, forcefully spinning her round, before pushing down on her upper back.

She complied willingly, bending over the stone wall, her forearms and elbows resting on the masonry as she leant forwards. Crouching down, Mikael lifted her dress, and with a quick kiss to her exposed pussy that clearly sent thrills through his Sister, stood back up.

He pulled the dress with him, holding it pinned at her waist with his left hand, her long legs now revealed, and with his right he grasped her firm ass. He gave it a quick squeeze, smiling as Quintia wiggled it seductively in response, before stepping forwards and grasping his cock. She turned her face to him, wearing an anticipatory smile, her pale skin slightly flushed.

Mikael guided his shaft to Quintia's eager pussy, and - holding the base - gently ran it along her folds. His Sister's jewel flared at the sensation, and he immediately decided to tease her a little while longer.

He found her clit, and rubbed the tip of his member against the bud, causing a look of rapture to flit across the stunning mage's features. She stared at him with her pale blue eyes, her mouth slightly open as she waited for his cock, carnal hunger radiating from her in waves.

Such unashamed lust was seemingly at odds to her general demeanour, but Mikael was no longer taken aback. Quintia may have been by far the most shy of his Sisters in public, but she held nothing back when alone with the Cohort.

Mikael remained that way a moment, the head of his member teasing her folds, causing sparks of pleasure to thrill through the mage, yet at the same time leaving her desperate for more. That was clear by the look on her face, the sheer need that she emanated, and though Mikael could see she was trying not to react, he knew she would not last much longer.

He decided not to make her wait. He'd teased her enough, and with a loud groan he pushed inwards, Quintia's hot snatch swallowing his cock as he sank fully into the blue-haired beauty. He remained there a moment, her slick walls tight around his member, and just enjoyed the sight. Her gem glowed brightly, its luminosity having increased as he slid into her, and she bit her lower lip.

With a groan he started to move his hips, his cock gliding in and out of his gorgeous Sister, his now-free hand moving to her waist. Her pussy welcomed him in with every forward thrust, and she moved her own hips slightly in time, turning her head to stare across the vistas.

His pace was not great, but it was not slow, either. Bringing his Sister to orgasm had inflamed his desire, and that pent up energy was now released. His groans echoed across the balcony, the only other sounds they made the slap of their loins. Mikael again noticed the strangeness of Quintia's silence, but he had long since grown used to the fact she could make no sound. It did not mean he enjoyed himself any less; and, crucially, neither did she.

He remained in that position a while, standing naked behind his Sister, his cock sliding in and out of her snatch. She was herself bent over in front of him, her forearms resting on the stone wall, staring straight ahead of her and enjoying their passionate sex. Her blue hair rustled slightly in a low breeze, though it moved more from the vigour of Mikael's thrusts.

He loosened his grip on her dress, allowing the front to fall back down, where it swayed rhythmically with their sex. Its rear remained held against her waist, however, her ass and the backs of her legs still uncovered. He drank in the sight.

A slight spasm in her walls told Mikael his Sister was enjoying herself; as did the way she pushed her hips back to meet each of Mikael's own thrusts. Sliding his free hand over her exposed ass, he gently squeezed it, his pace inexorably quickening as their mutual pleasure built.

With a sudden contraction of her depths, Quintia threw her hips backwards, a small orgasm trembling through her. He ceased the movements of his loins, allowing his Sister to enjoy the moment, and took the opportunity to grasp the torn dress with his right hand.

He pulled it again with his left, the tear extending, this time ripping around underneath her beautiful body, travelling along her waistline. Grabbing the nearly entirely detached cloth with his other hand, he gave it a final tug, the ripped velvet meeting the original tear just to the left of her lower back and coming away completely.

He lifted it in his grip, her entire lower body revealed as the former dress came away, her garment now ending at the bustier which fit snugly around her midriff. Her torso was still entirely dressed, but her ass and legs were exposed, and Mikael smiled wickedly at the result.

With a final flick of his hand he let go of the velvet, watching as it fluttered away in the breeze and eventually came to rest heaped in the corner. He turned back to the mage, and the sight made him grin; her small orgasm had passed, and she stared at him with hunger in her eyes. She began to move her hips once more, and Mikael complied with her silent request, placing his hands on her now entirely exposed waist and thrusting more vigorously into her snatch.

Her gem flared in front of him, her eyes rolling back at the sensation, and he knew she was not far off a much larger climax. Her walls hugged his member tightly, and he leant forwards as his hips crashed into hers. Moving his left hand to her lower back, the other wrapped underneath her right armpit, taking a firm hold of her shoulder. He pulled her upright, the position of their sex changing, and could tell immediately that the new angle caused an intense surge of pleasure in his Sister. She did not move far -- merely straightening her arms so that her palms now rested on the stonework rather than her forearms -- but it was clearly appreciated nonetheless.

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