tagGroup SexQuid Quo Pro Ch. 03

Quid Quo Pro Ch. 03


A ringing phone greeted me as I walked into my house after a long day working on a highway maintenance crew, I rushed in and grabbed the phone.

"Hey Baby." Announced my girlfriend.

"Hey Leah, how was your day?"

"Not bad, just a boring day in the air conditioned Bursar's Office." she chirped "Was it bad on the Road today?"

"Brutal, we were laying down black top today, I can't wait for school to start...so, what's up sweetheart?"

"Well...If you're not too tired or going out fishing, I thought that I would drop by with a couple of treats." she teased

"Ooh, I like treats...what kind of treats?" I asked.

"It's a surprise, I'll be by around seven."

"Cool, I'll see you then...love you."

"Love you too bye."

I lived about a mile out of town (three from campus) in a small cabin that was secluded and by the river, a great place for a guy who was going to be a senior. Leah, my girlfriend, had graduated (five year plan) in the spring and was working mornings in a local law firm and afternoons in the Bursar's office before she was to leave for law school in California. We had spent the summer basically living together, very aware that our relationship would probably end once she left. So, I spent the forty five minutes before she arrived cleaning the house, making sure there was beer and then took a quick shower.

I was sitting on my porch sipping a beer, wearing only long shorts and flip flops when Leah pulled up. I was surprised, but not upset, when I saw that Leah had brought someone else with her. Leah and a tall dark haired young woman got out of the car. Leah was wearing tight cutoffs that showed off her tanned, short defined legs and a tight tank top that accentuated thin upper body. Her friend wore a short sundress that showed off a lean and fairly muscular sun drenched body.

"Hey Baby, oh I brought a friend who works with me." She announced as I walked towards them..

"Billy this is Kristi, Kristi this is my boyfriend Billy."

"Hi Kristi." I said shaking her hand.

"Hi Billy." She said with a smile.

A swimmer or volleyball player I thought, even though I had never seen her in the athletic department. As we headed up to the porch I took the opportunity to check out Kristi. Leah and Kristi were a study in contrasts. She was 5'10 or 5'11, a full foot taller than Leah, and wore her jet black hair in a bob unlike Leah's straight blonde locks. Her dress showed off long muscled legs that were almost as defined as my distance runner girlfriend's. The rest of her body was just as firm and defined, strong broad shoulders and a muscular torso that tapered to a slim waist. Her breasts were firm and ripe at least a C cup, two sizes larger than Leah's pert little tits.

We walked into the cabin and I gave the obligatory tour before ending up on the secluded screened in back porch. I offered two seats to the ladies and pulled on a t-shirt and headed to the kitchen to grab some beers. When I returned Leah and Kristi were chatting about something. Sitting down I asked Kristi,

"So, do you go to the U?"

"Starting in the fall, I am transferring from North West JuCo." She said before taking a sip of her beer from the long neck bottle.

"Kristi is a swimmer." Leah volunteered.

"Really? Which events?" I asked.

"400 Butterfly, 400 and 1500 Freestyle if I make the team"

We continued the small talk while sipping our beers. I had just returned with a second round, when Leah announced;

"Billy, do you want your treat?"

"Sure, what is it?"

"Something we haven't had since we first got together."

Leah reached into her bag and pulled out two joints.

"Oh, party favors. Very nice, shall we partake ladies?" I asked.

"Fire one up, baby." Leah announced


"I have never smoked before, but I would like to try it." She said eagerly.

I lit one of the joints took a deep hit and passed it to Leah who inhaled deeply and handed it to Kristi. I exhaled and said:

"Kristi, breathe in slowly and not too deep, then just hold your breath for a second."

Kristi took the joint and breathed in deeply, immediately she started coughing violently. Leah and I started to giggle. Leah consoled her,

"Its okay Kristi, everyone coughs the first time. Try it again."

Kristi tried again, taking a smaller drag she inhaled and held her breath for a couple of seconds before violently coughing again. I handed Kristi her beer and asked

"You okay?"

After coughing for a minute or two she took a sip of beer and sat back in her chair.

"The smoke is too harsh for me to breathe but I want to try it. Is there another way?"

"Well, she could try to 'shotgun' a hit." Leah said with a sly smile

"That is all you." I said looking knowingly at my girlfriend.

"What is a 'shotgun'?" Kristi asked.

"A 'shotgun hit' is when one person takes a hit, holds it in then covers your mouth with theirs and exhales as you breath in." I explained.

"Why don't we show her?" My girlfriend volunteered.

I took a deep hit, waited ten seconds then moved to Leah. She closed her eyes, moved her head towards mine and opened her mouth. Her hand gripped the back of my head as my mouth covered hers. Even though it had not been my intent, our 'shotgun' demonstration turned into a very hungry kiss. I exhaled into her mouth and after lingering for a few moments with our tongues intertwined, Leah and I separated. She held her breath for a few seconds then breathed out.

If Kristi were shocked or surprised by the intensity of our demonstration she didn't show it. Her only reaction was to say:

"I want to try." She then grinned slyly and asked "Will you help me Leah?"

"Gladly" She responded then subtly winked at me.

I took a deep drag then passed it to my girlfriend. Leah filled her mighty lungs with as deep a hit as I had ever seen and held it for several seconds before handing the joint back to me. She then leaned towards Kristi covering her open mouth and breathed out as Kristi breathed in. She held her breath for fifteen seconds before breathing out with no adverse consequences.

"Wow I can feel something already" she announced

"Do you want to do another round?" I asked

Leah and Kristi nodded emphatically as I took another hit. This time when Kristi 'shotgunned' the hit I noticed that Leah held the back of Kristi's neck with her hand and it looked as if she may have also slipped her some tongue.

I took another hit and handed it to back to Leah. Kristi breathed out, closed her eyes and let her head fall back against the Adirondack chair as Leah carefully put out the third that was still left.

"Wow...I feel good. The shotgun was the way to go." Kristi said.

"Yeah, the kiss of enlightenment" I said giving my girlfriend a grin.

"It's not my fault that she is almost as good a kisser as you" Leah countered with a smirk.

Kristi lifted her head as a look of fear and dread started to spread across her face. I laughed, then patting Kristi's knee a couple of times said

"I'll take that as a compliment, besides I was enjoying the show."

That comment seemed to relieve Kristi and brought a slight smile to her face.

By this time we were all high and started to sip our beers as we talked about random topics. After another twenty minutes we all needed another beer so I rose to fetch another round. As I returned Leah was lighting the other joint, passing it to Kristi; she said with a wicked smile

"I think that you're ready to try this on your own."

Kristi took a deep hit and held it for maybe three seconds before coughing uncontrollably. When she stopped, I asked

"You okay?"

"Yeah, maybe I should put the training wheels back on." She replied.

She started to hand the joint to Leah who said

"Billy's turn to shotgun."

I tried to keep my composure and hide my surprise, acting as if it was a normal everyday occurrence to do a shotgun hit with another woman in front of my girlfriend.

Leah took a hit and passed it to me. Calmly, I held it and inhaled as deeply as I could. Then trying to ignore the fact that my girlfriend was eagerly looking on I moved my head towards Kristi, lamely I put my mouth over hers and exhaled. As soon as she was done inhaling I pulled away trying to keep everything as platonic as possible. While Kristi held her breath I looked at my girlfriend who was trying to stifle her laughter, while taking the joint from me. After Kristi released the smoke from her lungs a giggling Leah asked:

"So....who was the better kisser, him or me?" She eagerly asked before taking another hit.

"Well...I really wouldn't call that a kiss. He was a complete gentleman

and didn't take advantage of the opportunity.......I guess that we will have to try again." Kristi said looking directly at me, raising her eyebrows slightly.

Leah passed me the joint again, as I nervously took it she said,

"Here you go big boy make me proud."

I breathed in the relaxing smoke and balanced the smoldering stick on top of an empty bottle of beer. I leaned forward with closed eyes. Our mouths came together and our lips tightened as she sucked the contents out of my lungs. My right hand gently cradled the back of her head, my tongue softly traced the moist contour of her lips as hers slid into my mouth. The last of the smoke slid between us and I closed my lips keeping them in contact with hers for a moment before pulling back.

"Oh my god that was hot" Leah exclaimed while squirming in her seat. Nervously I looked at Kristi who just let the smoke slip slowly from her pursed lips and smiled devilishy. I took a big gulp of beer and nervously sat back.

"So...?" My girlfriend said.

"So....what?" Kristi replied.

"Who is the better kisser me or Billy?"

"Well .....as you know Leah, I prefer kissing girls to boys." Kristi said while looking into my eyes, then continued.

"But Billy was just a little better than you."

With that comment all of my suspicions were confirmed, I knew that my girlfriend had been messing around with Kristi. By bringing her here Leah was attempting "damage control" and asking forgiveness. Under normal situations I wouldn't have cared very much (better another woman than a guy was my twisted and illogical reasoning), and now I cared even less. Trying to avoid an awkward silence I spoke;

"Leah taught me well"

"She certainly did...Could I have another beer?" Kristi asked.

"I'm out of beer but I could throw together some Kamakazi's or Margaritas."

"Kamakazi's!" Leah yelled.

Quickly I headed to the kitchen to make a pitcher of drinks. I was pouring lemon juice over ice when the girls came in. Kristi went to the bathroom and Leah stayed to help me. As she grabbed the vodka for me and some glasses she asked if everything was okay and if I was having a good time.

"I'm having a lot of fun sweetheart."

"You're not mad at me?" She asked meekly.

"No, unless you have been cheating with someone else besides Kristi."

"I haven't, Billy. You know how a cute girl with big boobs gets to me."

"I know......So, how many times have you two gotten together?"

"Twice. Once two weeks ago when you were doing the weekend wrestling camp for the high school kids and last Sunday when you went fishing."

"So, what's her story?" I asked.

"Well she thinks she is lesbian with bi tendencies, but that is for convenience."

"Convenience?" I asked

Leah looked around the corner toward the bathroom, then whispered

"She's really a slut but no one calls you one if you're a lesbian."

At that moment we heard the toilet flush, and we stopped talking. When Kristi appeared Leah excused herself to the bathroom. I was still mixing the pitcher so Kristi kept me company and we made small talk until I finished, then she helped me carry the pitcher and three glasses out to the enclosed porch. I poured the drinks and Leah came back. We talked a little more and lit one of the roaches. By this point Kristi could handle the smoke so 'shotgunning' was unnecessary. After two hits and a glass of Kamikazis I was pretty drunk and stoned and needed to relieve my bladder; so, I excused myself to the bathroom.

When I returned Kristi was sitting Indian style with my girlfriend in her lap, kissing each other intensely. If they heard me come back they ignored it. Leah's legs were wrapped around Kristi's waist, with one hand she was kneading a plump breast as their tongues probed each others mouths. Immediately my prick got hard as I stood fixated, watching my girlfriend make out with another woman. I sat down and watched my girlfriend reach behind Kristi's neck with her free hand and undo the strap holding her sundress. Leah broke the kiss, leaned back and pulled down the front of the dress exposing Kristi's very firm tits as Kristi stared directly at me. Gently, Leah caressed the gravity defying orbs.

"Do you like Kristi's boobs, Billy?" She asked without looking at me.

"There almost as nice as yours, I have never seen such a large pair." I said causing Kristi to blush. Leah immediately started licking a nipple which generated a moan from Kristi who had both hands up my girlfriends shirt.

Leah pushed away from Kristi and stood up and pulled off her shirt.

"Take off your dress." She commanded

Kristi didn't flinch, she stared at me and pushed the sundress down to her ankles as I admired her muscular tan form, covered only by white bikini cut panties. I hardly noticed my girlfriend pulling off her cutoffs.

"It seems that you like what you see" Leah said looking at the front of my pants.

"Do you want to see Billy's cock Kristi?" She asked.

Without a word Leah took Kristi's hand and led her to me.

Leah controlled the situation, since I had never been in an experience like this I was more than willing to follow her lead.

"Take your shirt off."

I complied and stood only in my shorts in front of the two women.

"You didn't tell me what a nice body your boyfriend has." quipped Kristi. Leah started to run her hand lightly over my torso and chest, causing my nipples get hard.

"Go ahead and touch him." Leah invited.

Kristi laid both hands on me, first caressing then kneading my flesh.

"God, his muscles are hard."

"I'll show you something harder, undo his shorts." My girlfriend instructed.

Kristi undid my shorts (I had no underwear on) and pulled them to my knees, my cock jutted straight from my body.

"Damn!" Kristi uttered, staring at my cock

"Is it the biggest you have seen?" Leah asked

Kristi silently nodded then said "Its bigger than my vibrator"

"Tell Billy how many cocks have you seen?" Leah said.

"Four" She whispered.

"Tell him how many you sucked and fucked." Leah commanded. It was obvious that Leah liked being in control and manipulating Kristi.

"I sucked three and fucked two." She meekly responded.

Then Leah abruptly grabbed my prick and squeezed it tightly causing me to moan.

"Billy, sit down. Enjoy the show, just don't come yet baby."

Leah kissed me then pushed me into an overstuffed chair, before grabbing Kristi's hand and leading her to the couch in front of me.

The girls sat on the couch and began to kiss each other deeply. Their hands roamed over each others flesh. Kristi gasped when my girlfriend slid her hand down the front of her panties. Leah stopped kissing Kristi, she moved her mouth to Kristi's tit and bit down on her fat nipple.

"AAAHhhhh FUCK!" Kristi screamed in pain, then she shrieked

"HARDER, yes, yes, yes, Harder......FUCK...EEEEEEEeeeiiii!" as she came.

No sooner was her orgasm over when Leah disengaged from the entanglement sat upright with her legs lewdly spread in front of me. Speaking to Kristi she commanded

"Suck my pussy through my panties, slut."

To my surprise Kristi immediately moved between Leah's legs, knelt down in front of the couch and began lapping the crotch of her damp panties. Mesmerized by the scene in front of me I began to stroke my cock. Kristi kept lapping until Leah pushed her head away and squirmed out of her underwear. Kristi immediately went back between Leah's spread legs and began to tongue fuck her. Leah looked into my eyes, her stiff nipples jutted from her subtle tits, a smirk on her face and moans escaping from her.

I just stroked myself gently, not jacking off; just trying to keep myself under control. As Leah stared at me she started to moan softly and her eyes fluttered until they were half closed. My girlfriend spread her legs as wide as she could and placed her hands on Kristi's head. Kristi kept lapping, causing Leah's moans to grow louder and more urgent. I could see nothing of Kristi in her kneeling position other than the back of her legs and her ass. Her panties had risen into the crack of her ass, the crotch sodden and pulled so tightly that I could see the outline of her swollen vulva. I watched this surreal scene transfixed until Leah started screaming


Leah had always been very vocal and descriptive during sex; yet, I was unaccustomed to hearing my girlfriend scream such profanity at another woman. I kept watching Kristi's kneeling form as Leah's orgasm neared. As Kristi brought my girlfriend closer to her climax Leah's legs wrapped tightly around Kristi's head and a high pitch whine erupted from Leah. I could barely discern Kristi's leg entangled head, so entwined were the two women, but I could hear the sloppy lapping and sucking sounds. Suddenly, Leah screamed "YES, YEESSSS, UNGGGggggggg...."

Leah let go of Kristi's head and pushed her gently away. My girlfriend straightened her body, reclined onto the couch and opened her arms into which Kristi climbed. A slight pang of jealousy shot through me as I watched their embrace. Kristi tried to kiss my girlfriend with an open mouth, Leah turned her head away and looked at me avoiding the kiss. Leah continued stroking Kristi's hair and smiled at me.

"How did you like the show Billy?"

I said nothing, instead I stood up and stroked my fully erect cock three or four times. Leah smiled and gave Kristi (who was staring at me) a peck on the forehead.

"Oh My, It looks like he really liked our show. Did you like performing for an audience Kristi?"

Kristi's face still was moist from Leah's cum. She looked directly at me and in a lustful tone that unsettled me just a little she said;

"It turned me on going down on you in front of Billy."

Leah released Kristi and sat up, she grabbed her discarded panties and tossed them at Kristi, saying "Wipe off your face." Kristi repositioned herself and complied with the command. I got up and walked over to them, without a word I reached down, grabbing Leah's hair I pulled and spun her around so that she was kneeling on the couch. Kristi watched from the other end of the couch wide eyed as I brought my swollen member to Leah's slick pussy. Leah gasped as my knob slid into her tightness, my hands grasped her shoulders and slowly pulled her down the length of my shaft.

Leah felt so good that I forgot about Kristi who watched wide eyed while fingering herself as I began to build a rhythm and fucked my girlfriend. As soon as I bottomed out I moved a hand to her clit as the other grabbed Leah's hair. Leah was so worked up and excited that it only took three or four minutes of this lewd exhibition for her to cum so hard that she nearly pushed my dick out of her.

Leah collapsed gasping when I pulled out of her. Kristi was frantically fingering herself, her eyes wide as I walked over to her with my slick erection. I said nothing as I approached, she simply grabbed the base of my cock and maneuvered the head into her wanting mouth. Kristi's position was awkward, her teeth kept grazing me and she could barely suck more than a couple inches of my shaft. I pulled away from her and began to reposition her. Leah was still getting her breath back and watching.

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