tagGroup SexQuinn in the Park

Quinn in the Park


It was mid-morning and few joggers used this part of the forest. The day was warm and Quinn was breathing hard and sweating, her muscles ached and every breath burned. But she was exhilarated as she neared the ten mile point on her run through the wooded landscape. Ten miles was her goal for the day and her pace slowed as trotted toward the car park. There were few cars there but one was a van noticeable as it bounced from some activity inside. Quinn’s immediate thought was that a couple was getting it on, and she smiled to herself. Reaching her car parked discreetly in a corner she opened the trunk and looked around quickly then seeing she was alone she stripped herself of her sweaty top and donned a tank-top. She was removing her equally sweaty shorts when she heard a footstep in the gravel underfoot. She froze, preparing for fight or flight. With her running shorts around her ankles, neither seemed very likely.

“Don’t you get all antsy, little girl” a deep syrupy voice flowed to her anxious ears. “Just grab hold of that car and bend over, and we’ll do this nice and sociable.” The voice was strangely familiar, but in her anxiety she could not identify it.

“Don’t hurt me, please. I can give you money.”

“I can take anything I want” the syrupy voice continued. Quinn knew he was right. A chocolate colored hand large as a ham descended on her left shoulder. The voice came closer and now whispered in her right ear. “Nice lookin’ gal like you, I wanna give you somethin’.”

With the trunk open Quinn was invisible to the rest of the car-park. Her attacker was also she assumed. The nearest vehicle was the bouncing van. If she screamed the occupants likely wouldn’t hear her, and even if they did what then? The hand pushed and she leaned forward, her head deep in the car trunk, her ass sticking up, and braced herself for the inevitable rape. Instead she felt a warm wet tongue licking her from mons to asshole and back again. The muscular organ insinuate itself between her pussy lips and fucked her briefly before seeking out her clit. Finding the bud it massaged it alternating pressure and speed until Quinn was excited despite herself. She almost stifled a moan, and thought she heard a syrupy chuckle in response. She said to herself this is rape, you can’t be enjoying this. But in truth this guy knew how to eat pussy. The tongue now changed its focus to her asshole, swirling around the rose before stabbing the center with the firm point as those huge warm hands spread her tight tanned buttocks. Large fingers began to enter her pussy, and Quinn was getting perilously close to orgasm. Her fantasies of domination and rape, combined with skillful oral attention from what seemed to be a very large black man made her wet and willing. She was literally squirming with desire. Juices poured from her and she felt the need for a large cock in her pussy or her asshole. She wondered if he was hung appropriately. The voice was back at her ear. “Whatcha’ want baby?”

Her pussy was grinding against his fingers seeking that final release, but she refused to let him seduce her. “Please let me go” but she meant please get me off. He knew that and caressed her hard nipples as his other hand entered her gushing pussy. “It’s okay baby, you can say it, just let yourself go and allow yourself to say what you want.”

Her desire overcame her revulsion. She said it. “I want your cock, I want you to fuck me, my pussy my mouth my ass make me cum” and as she said it the first orgasm rippled out from her hyper-stimulated clitoris to the pleasure center of being. She felt a hand moving from her pussy and the she tasted herself on his huge fingers.

“I guess I can do that” came that syrupy voice and now she felt a huge blunt tip at her pussy, pushing gently to gain access. Her juices lubricated and eased its entry and so the cock began to fill her. Her assailant paused and she thought his full length was inside her. She was wrong. He pushed again and with a struggle her pussy admitted perhaps another six inches. She was beginning to feel a little pain. Whatever this guy had, it was long and thick, a slab of meat that she was happy to welcome into her horny hole. She reached back between her legs to see how much more this guy had- she couldn’t take any more without pain. Happily, he seemed to be entirely in now, and she felt the hairy sac of his gonads dangling low between his legs. He pulled out and the thick cock passed along her hand, too thick for her to close her hand. Big and hung, just right for a fantasy. Even as his cock began to re-enter her slimy hole, she put together the voice, the color and that huge cock, and knew who her attacker was.

“Bird, you bastard, you don’t have to take it, I’ll give it up to you anytime.”

He was fucking her hard now, plunging that meat deep inside her as she held tight to the car causing it to bounce just like the van.

“I just like fucking with you head, ‘fore I fuck your pussy. What took you so long?”

Quinn was moaning as her second orgasm approached and she felt the jackhammer rhythm of her huge lover against her ass and inside her pussy.

“I haven’t seen you in two years, where you been-ouch?”

He slid a spit lubricated finger into her ass, and now fucked both holes in the same thunderous rhythm. Quinn enjoyed the finger but felt unsure if she could take his cock in her ass.

“Where do you want it, I’m real close?”


He pulled out and she spun, dropping to her knees and grabbing his ten-inch prick with both hands. She received one shot of high speed cum in her forehead, and then engulfed his plum to take four more shots in her mouth. His cock was still hard as she sprang up on him, arms around his huge neck, legs around his waist, and mouth to mouth returning his cum to him. They kissed for several minutes, swapping spit and cum, and he guided his still hard cock to her asshole. There it stood, plum to pucker, and she broke the kiss briefly to say one word.


Quinn’s ass was no stranger to blunt objects. She enjoyed getting fucked in the ass almost as much as taking it in the pussy. She had been double and triple penetrated, and had pulled a train through all her holes more than once. But this was one serious cock, and even though Bird had for a while been a regular taking her ass daily, she hadn’t seen him for a while and the only lube was spit and cum. The head squeezed past her sphincter as Quinn inhaled deeply, and the fullness she had felt in her pussy was nothing to what she felt now. The inexorable progress of this mega cock through her rectum gave her spells of agony and joy. Gradually the joy increased but the pain did not disappear. He retreated and advanced, all the time getting further inside her bowels. He had both huge hands on her buttocks now as he fucked her seriously and penetrated as far as he could. Despite his recent orgasm, the tightness of her ass and the sexual drought of late made him rapidly reach orgasm again.



He released another flood of cum in her bowels and collapsed to his knees in exhaustion. She kept him inside her until he lay supine, the squatted on his face so he could clean her asshole with that warm tongue. She returned the favor to his cock, and stood and looked down at him.

“So, one day you’re fucking me and my pal every time we go to the club, next gone with no forwarding address. What happened?”

“Work…I’m a cop, remember?”

“And you can’t tell me anything…”

“If I tell you I’ll have to kill you…but I can tell you I wasn’t getting any except ol’ Rosy Palm an’ her sisters.”

Quinn wasn’t sure if Bird was telling the truth, but she was happy his cock was back in circulation, even if it meant a sore ass. She had been a regular at a dance club that had a VIP room for friends of the manager. Quinn was a friend, Bird was a friend…On one of her trips to the club she and her friend Jen had taken Bird and five of his friends on, anal sex only. Bird was the biggest, but his buddies were not far behind. She hadn’t been able to sit for three days afterwards.

Fully dressed now, Quinn asked Bird where he had parked.

“Oh, that’s my van over there; some friends of mine started to go jogging and got sidetracked.”

“So some chick is getting a lot of cock right now.”

“Yeah, my sister and a couple of friends of mine gettin’ some. Mona is real willing if she finds the right guys.”

“So you left like a gentleman?”

“Hell no, I fucked her first while we were on our way here. She’s got one tight pussy, and a mouth like velvet, that girl. But there isn’t enough room for all four together, so I let the others take over.”

“You fucked you sister this morning?” Quinn said, but Bird was already walking toward the van. “I thought you were an only child?”

By now Quinn and Bird were at the van, and Bird opened the doors without knocking. Quinn’s surprise Mona was a petite Asian girl. How could she be Bird’s sister? Maybe he was just fucking with her head again? Mona was on her back, a cock in each hand. The bodies attached were white football player types. Mona smiled and spread her thighs.

“Opening here for willing worker. Male or female. Applications in person only.”

Bird dropped his pants and climbed on board. His cock was hard again, and slid in Mona’s wet tunnel easily, and he began to fuck her with the same intensity he had taken Quinn. Mona continued to pump the other cocks and then began to suck one. Bird sucked on the other one, deep-throating it as easily as Mona did. This was a revelation to Quinn, but even after a good fucking and two orgasms, she found the sight of this incestuous bisexual foursome too hot to ignore. She dropped her shorts for easy access to her pussy and began to masturbate furiously.

One of the footballer types noticed her and detached his cock from Mona’s greedy mouth. In a moment he was beside Quinn, pushing her to her knees to give her a taste of his meat. She willingly took him sliding his spit slick cock deep into her throat and reaching between his legs to massage his asshole. She had one finger in his ass when she felt two hands lifting her and then felt a cock at her pussy entrance. A quick glance showed Bird still banging Mona, so Quinn knew she had the other footballer. Being fucked at both ends, one pair of hands holding her hips as a good size cock filled her pussy, and two more hands held her head as another cock got good skull, Quinn was enjoying her jog today. The two guys had plenty of stamina, probably had their cocks drained by Mona at least once today. The cock in her pussy pulled out and its owner lay back in the van beside the moaning Mona. Quinn took this as a cue to climb aboard. She lowered her steaming cunt onto his erect meat and took him inside in one motion and leaned forward. She knew she was about to get doubled. To her surprise, after the van shifted to accommodate the third man she didn’t feel his hands or his cock. Looking around she saw Bird had paused in fucking Mona and now was taking a substantial cock in his ass. Footballer number one was energetically fucking Quinn, and she reciprocated, taking him deep. He bounced on the metal floor like a bronco and Quinn rode him like a champ, matching his thrusts as she periodically glanced at Bird getting fucked also.

The third man pulled out from Bird and squatted behind Quinn. Her ass was still loose from Bird’s assault, but it was still a snug fit when he pushed his hard cock into her anal passage. All three paused in preparation for the revised fucking session, and Quinn savored the sensation of two fat cocks within her separated by a few layers of tissue. Then the pounding began, the synchronous assault of eighteen inches of cock attached to five hundred pounds of man plunging in and out of the one hundred pound frame of Quinn. In her bliss she slowly became aware of a pair of lips on hers. Mona was caressing her lips and tongue with her own. Open mouthed they shared a silent scream as three huge cocks entered three small holes and two petite women were fucked to orgasm. On and on it continued, unbearably attacking their erogenous zones until one orgasm became indistinguishable from the next and the two women were reduced quivering masses of sensation.

Finally it ended. The cocks withdrew; the women lay side by side on the floor. Two white cocks aimed at Quinn and sprayed her face and tiny tits with thick ropes of cum. She opened her mouth to receive her share and was duly rewarded. Bird’s black cock pumped an arc of cum on Mona from forehead to belly. She had energy only to take it in her mouth briefly, and then there were five tangled bodies breathing deeply on the floor.

Thirty minutes later Quinn and Mona began to stir.

“Hi, I’m Quinn.”

“I know, we followed you this morning. Bird said you’re an old friend, he wanted to surprise you. I guess he did, huh?”

“Sure did, best surprise ever. You really his sister, or is he just fucking with me again?”

Mona giggled and gazed affectionately at Bird, stroking his soft cock. “Our parents both divorced a long time ago and his dad started dating my mom about the time he went on his last job. I met him at a party last week and we started fucking about five minutes later. This was just before we found out about our folks.”

“He’s some stud…but I never knew he was into guys.”

Mona was cleaning her self with baby wipes and passed the box to Quinn. “I do believe Bird would fuck anything with a hole, animal, mineral, or vegetable, male, female or hermaphrodite. Getting off or getting someone else off is all that matters. Labels don’t count.”

“How about you?”

“I stick to men… and women…and men and women…and toys…and I used to have a real affectionate dog once. I guess today was a bit extreme for me, but to be honest, I’m pretty flexible. I bet you’re pretty flexible yourself.”

Quinn smiled in agreement. “Mona, I was about to get back to my apartment, take a long bath and hit the sack for a nap. Like to join me, just us girls?”

In response, Mona just leaned forward and kissed Quinn on the lips.

Thirty minutes later Quinn and Mona were sharing a shower in Quinn’s town house. They soaped each other and admired their slim well muscled bodies, but both were too tired to do any more than kiss and then fall into bed. They slept side by side for a couple of hours, and awoke in each other’s arms. This time they kissed, long a leisurely and enjoyed the feeling of a soft petite body.

“Mona, I really do have to pee, and then I’m coming right back here. Don’t go away.”

“Can I watch? Any free samples? Do you like fisting?” Mona was giggling as she pursued Quinn into the bathroom.

“Yes, yes, and sometimes, but you’re too late” and Quinn flushed the toilet. “All yours now, babe.”

Mona stood as she peed, explaining she liked to watch herself and anyone else as the peed. “Last night, me and the guys went for a few beers. Well, later on we all ended up at my place with lotsa beer. So I told the guys to save up all their pee so the could all go together. Now those three guys can really put it away, and they have really big bladders. So, a lotta beer later, they’re all bursting, so I strip, jump in the tub and they give me the best golden shower ever. But they wouldn’t fuck me until I had a real shower with soap and stuff. But they made up for it. After last night and this morning I’m OK for dick for a while. Think I’ll take some time off…maybe a whole day.”

“Does that include pussy?”

“Hell no, I’m expecting some from you pretty damn soon girl.”

To be continued. Feedback welcome.

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