tagGroup SexQuite Day On Sand

Quite Day On Sand


Phil walked down the track toward the beach, guitar in one had, and towel in the other. It was a pleasantly warm Saturday afternoon and so far he hadn't made it to any beach this vacation. Passing the last of the dunes he emerged onto the white sand and looked about. Despite the weather there were not too many people about.

Strolling casually down the beach he found a spot that was sheltered from the breeze and set down his towel. Stripping down to his briefs he sat down and started to casually play guitar while watching beachgoers moving round. Three girls were sitting a short distance away turned and looked at him when he started playing, commented and giggled a little before turning back to whatever had entertained them beforehand. They looked about early twenties, two brunettes and a blond. Phil admired their skimpy bikinis, and for a while just enjoyed the view.

Some time later he dozed off, and awoke again as shadows fell across his nearly naked body blocking the warm sun.

Two of the girls who had been sitting nearby were now standing over him, the blond and one of the brunettes.

"Hi, I'm Sharee, and this is Julie" announced the blond.

"Nice to meet you. I'm, Phil" he replied with a small grin "What can i do you for you girls?"

"Well, we were hoping we could join you while you play some more guitar", said Julie softly.

"Sit down, i'd be quite happy to".

The girls joined him, both sitting infront of him, closer than he would have expected. Sharee was about 5'5", with a tight figure, shoulder length hair and blue eyes. Her breasts, Phil decided were being displayed stunningly by her bikini top, consisting of floral green material covering just enough to conceal, while suggesting quite strongly. He figured they were around C cups, and her nipples stood out clearly throught the fabric.

To contrast, Julie seemed more reserved, she had don'd a sarong since he had fallen asleep. Thankfully most her top half was still exposed, her olive skin clear and beautiful. At first glance her top was more modest than Sharees, until you realised that the brown material was surprisingly shear, with her nipples not just outlined by shape but also the color of her nipples showed through.

"I see you appreciate what you can see" Julie chuckled, a mischevious grin on her face, and a glance at his crotch. He almost regreted no wearing real swimming trunks.

"Would you like to see more?", whispered Sharee.

Stunned, he stammered out a part apologie, part agreement and mostly gibberish at which both girls errupted in laughter.

Without waiting for any more, both girls reached behind them selves and undid their bikini tops, Sharee pulled hers off quickly and grinned as her loverly tits sat boldly out from her body. Julie took a bit of time and teased. She definatly had more to show and was making it last. When they were finally in full view, he realised that they were bigger than he would have guessed, possibly DD.

He grinned and started playing a Ben Harper song. "So, as appreciative as I am, a man must wonder why two beautiful girls will join him and strip off when they have never met before?"

"Why not?!"

"Well, we saw you checking us out earlier" - "Often!" chipped in Sharee - "and when Gracie left, we noticed you had fallen asleep we thought we would have some fun!"

"Is it normal for girls around her to go semi nude on the beach?"

"No idea, we are just holidaying here"

"Yeah, we are looking for a good time, and nobody here knows us"

"Well, I'm not about to complain!"

With that he stood up, put a thumb in each side of his briefs and tugged them off.

"Hows that?" he asked.

Both girls whoops and grinned, before leaning if for a closer look. Julie grabbed her sarong and unwound it, and to Phils surprise he realised that beneith the gaussy material she was naked, and cleanly shaved. More surprising was when she turned to Sharee and started to fondle her breasts. Phil moved close and tentatively reached out with each hand and start to explore the bodies of his new beach sluts.

His hands moved across their legs, and around their backs, and he moved in close, his hard cock pressing against one of their legs. Sharee leaned for and kissed him while writhing to remove her tiny thong. Now all three were completely naked and fondling and groping each other. With a laugh, both girls suddenly jumped up and ran towards the water, without concern for who saw them. Phil wasnt about to let his entertainment get away and ran after.

He dived into the water after then and caught up about 30 feet out, whooping and laughing and grinning. Sharee moved forward and reached out with her left hand under the water and grasped his shaft firmly, pulling him closer as he started to fondle Julie's wonderful breasts.

Julie steeped close, pressing her body against his, wrapping one leg around his and pressing her pussy against him, she started to kissing him deeply and slid herself up and down his body. He pulled Sharee close, an ran a hand down her back and grasped her tight bubble butt firming in his hand before running his finger around between her legs. Flicking his finger passed her pussy limps gently and starting to circle closing slowly in on her clit, she let out a low silky moan and started to tug his prick more firmly and trying to get her tongue and lips in to share the kiss he and Sharee were engaged in.


By now all three had their eyes closed and could not see (nor would have cared) that Gracie had returned to find her friends belongings had moved to where Phils were, and all their clothing depositted there. She was a bit stunned, but not about to dissagree with the move. They had been on the road together for two weeks now with this holiday and she had gotten rather horny. She two stripped off everything, and started to oil up her naked both with sun block, before walking quitely down the beach to the waterline, where she could see three people engaged in each other.

Along the way she got wolf whistles, stares and grins from passers by as her firm young body swayed past. Tight arse swinging and D cup breast bouncing, before she too dived into the water and swam quietly up behind the three of them.

As she approached she could see Phils hard cock in Sharee's hand as the waves surged around them. It wasn't as long as she had hoped for, at only six and a half, maybe seven inches, but it made up for that in girth. She forced herself between the three and push her cunt onto his giant piece of meat, starting to grind forcefully.

At the shock of Gracie forcing her way in, Julie jumped against Phil and started to get push against him by the waves, building her steadily towards a climax. Within minutes Phil cam hard inside Gracie, and nearly collapsed under the combined weight of the girls, and his orgasm.

"Wow!" was all he said.

Gracie looked only more tense than before as she climbed off him, "Lets he back to the beach and find somewhere to finish this off" she suggested as she headed back toward the beach. The others followed.


The four of them walked back up the beach completely unconcerned about their nakedness, nor that everyone knew they had just been having an orgy in the ocean. Gracie wasnt even concerned about the stream of cum running down between her legs.

When they reached their clothes, Sharee spoke "I don't think we can continue this here, but lets grab our things and move further down the beach to where there aren't many people. I dont want to go inside though, and know that some people might be watching is to hot!"

With that she moved of further down the beach, carrying her things. The remaining three didnt need any convincing to follow. As they were moving another young couple grabbed their things and followed them.

When they finally caught up with Sharee she had found a reasonably seculded spot and had set down some towels on the sand, and had pulled out some beer from somewhere.

"I hope you don't mind us joining you, it looks like you having a lot of fun and we dont want to miss out! I'm Kate by the way, and this is Carlos", the new girl said as she and Carlos started to strip off.

Kate wore her straight hair in a golden blond bob, well suited to her petite frame.

Phil turned to the stunning Gracie, "I think i owe you an orgasm babe" and knelt between her legs and started to suck on her dripping pussy and clit. Inserting one finger gently into her pussy while he sucked he made teasing slow movements, as his other hand moved up her body to play with her big breasts.

Carlos was now naked, and his prick stood to attention, as he moved across to where Sharee was lying, with her hands on her pussy and entered her slowly. Compared with Phil's, his dick looks like a long slender needle slipping into her gapping wet slot.

"Lie down", Gracie moaned at Phil, as she started to kneel down upon his face.

Lying on his back he stared up at her as she motioned Katie to come towards her and started kissing her stomach, and legs which groping her ass.

Julie moved around behind and wrapped her large breasts around his pole and began tit fucking him. Soon with the smell of pussy and cum in his face and tits around his dick, he was hard again. Sharee had moved around to eat Julies pussy while she was being fucked, harder and harder by Carlos.

Moaning, panting and the occasionaly squeal filled the air, drowning out the gulls and waves, when Gracie started to buck hard against his face.

"Oh yes, oh yes baby yes!" she cried, squirming harder, his tongue burried deep and she started to squirt cum over his face. The sight of Gracie orgasming was enough to tip Carlos and Julie over the edge as well, as carlos pulled out of Julie and began to shoot cum over her chest before stooping down to finish the job off with this mouth.

As Gracie stepped away from him, Sharee move up his body.

"It't my turn to ride you now my well hung stud!" she cried as she slid slowly and steadily only his dick that was now hard again from her ministrations. Again they started to kiss deep, with her magnificent breasts pushing against him. "You're so tight!" he whispered to her, her magnificent pussy contracting and expanding against his thick member.

Nearby Kate and Julie had started making out heavily, with Gracie joining them to fondle and cuddle while she drang a cool beer. Carlos sat to the side watch and slowly stroking his cock that was still limp from Julie.

"I want to taste you cum baby" Sharee whispered mid moan as phil started to pound her harder and deeper. He opened his eyes to see two guys standing nearby wanking slowly to the scene in front of them, grinning. He grinned back and started driving faster into Sharee who was now teetering on the edge of ecstasy. He pulled out of her with a grin on his face and watched her eyes fly open, before diving back in with reknewed energy, she built again to the edge and he just stopped before starting again whilst fondling her. licker her neck and fucking harder to she finally started to scream out her love. She orgasmed twice before he had to pull out and slide his dick into her mouth which she immediatly began to work on again.

"Do you like our tastes?", he asked, "MmmmM!" at which he released his second load for the day the first blast filled her mouth, the second and third he aimed at her breasts and sprayed a thick coating of cum. Katie moved in started to help him lick them clean.

"It's my turn toy, fuck me hard!" Katie pleaded as she pushed him away from the breast he was enjoying. He noticed that their audience had grown and that one of the guys was now fucking Gracie. Carlos had started to work on Sharees sopping pussy. In the distance a mid thirties woman was walking towards them, stripping as she went. as she neared, he could see she was in stunning shape, despite the obviously fake breasts she wore with pride. Two of the watchers stripped off when they saw her and took an end each. By now nearly twenty people had gathered, and more were moving forward. What excited Phil the most was that most people were stripping off, and a good number of them were women. Shortly there was only one or two people no fuck or suck.

He returned his focus to the petite Katie "What do you think of this party?" he inquired as he broadened his stroke

"Loverly" she said, " As much meat as i can fuck, and girls to boot!"

At last they orgasmed together, before they parted ways and she moved onto another stud "Thanks baby" she whispered as she left.

Stepping back from the action he found Sharee and Julie hugging each other in the afterglow of much sex.

"Would you ladies like to join me for a spa?" he asked.

"I think that would do, you sure you can tear yourself away from the women here?" Julie replied

"Yes, only gracie is as steamy and hot as you two, and honestly, shes far to engrosssed here"

They grabbed their things and headed off, phil playing the a nothing riff and smiling.

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