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Quitting Time: Anyone for Tennis?


Disclaimer: All right, this story is not real. NOT REAL! Not to be read by anyone under the age of 18/21 yadda yadda yadda! I'd love to hear some feedback as per usual. Please feel free to leave me a comment in the COMMENT Box at the end of the page. You see those big empty stars too? Maybe bump those up to five full ones? We wouldn't want them to be empty now would we? All alone like that? You're not a monster are you?

Author: Blackjack

Celebrity: Blake Lively

Codes: MF, Cons, Oral, Anal

Tim Sales walked through the hallway of one of the more famous tennis clubs in Los Angeles. There weren't any celebrities in today, just a few of the one percent the news kept squawking about. As it was such a small club, there wasn't much need for to many members of staff. Tim was one of the lucky ones; he had been here when it had been a tennis club for all walks of life. Black, white, Asian, hell even kids were welcome in here but that changed when Fred McTavish, an overweight Scottish executive took over. Buying out the old owner, he used his connections with the Hollywood social scene to turn the place into a gold mine.

Tim didn't feel too bad though, the previous owner was a nice man who had looked after his money and when the place was bought out, the old manager had been able to move to Florida with his wife and presumably was going to live out the rest of his days there.

He got to reception and took off the girl currently running it, Janice, for her fifteen-minute break. Taking a quick peek through the check-in book, he saw no names of interest and that just added to the monotony of the job. Essentially, he was the manager of this place all the paper work and responsibility but without the pay grade. He was responsible for making sure everything was locked and wouldn't be broken into over night. So that meant he would have to go through each changing room, down each hall way into the equipment cupboard and make sure that was double pad-locked too.

Standing up, Tim looked at the wall behind him. The whole place had a nineteen seventies horror movie hotel look about it. The walls were split in two near the middle, the bottom half was wood paneling while the top half was wallpaper. He remembered the summer he had spent getting it done for Mister McTavish. He had said that it would be cheaper if someone who was already employed did it. That job, like all the other shitty ones fell to Tim who received no extra pay for it.

On the wall, there was a large glass cabinet with all of the trophies and various newspaper clippings about the club. Tim had been a pretty good tennis player in his youth and had actually won one of the championships in his youth. His picture had been moved to the back, behind one of the photos of McTavish looking at the camera with a big, dumb grin on his face. Reaching into his pants pocket, he pulled out his set of keys and opened the cabinet. Taking one quick look, he then swapped the two pictures around so that he was at the front and his overweight boss was at the back.

Satisfied with his actions, he then sat down at the desk and waited out the clock. A lot of times it was like this, he would take someone off for his or her breaks and then there would be nothing to do. It was like this however, even with the club being one of the more well known venues in Los Angeles.

He looked down at his notes when the front doors opened. Looking up, Tim recognized the customer immediately. It was Blake Lively, famous for Gossip Girl and The Green Lantern, she had also been in some Disney movie that was out of his demographic. She had on a blue sundress that flowed freely in the cool breeze. An expensive pair of 'Ray-bans' that came off as soon as she was inside the front hall covered her eyes.

"Hi!" She said warmly, setting her gym bag down on the floor in front of her. "Blake Lively, four fifteen."

"Hello Miss Lively, how are you today?"

"Stressed!" She said with a smile. "Those damned cameras have been following me all day!"

"I'm sorry to hear that Miss Lively..." Tim started but Blake's hand came up to stop him from saying any more.

"Please, call me Blake."

"... OK. I'm sorry to hear that... Blake..." There was a slight pause as Tim remembered to use the first name of the customer. "I see you've booked yourself in for a training session, I'm sorry to say this but our resident trainer Philip was been taken ill this morning. Someone should have called to let you know this."

"Oh yeah, they did. I just need to work off some stress; can I use one of the machines?"

"Yes, that will be absolutely fine. Is this your first time visiting the club?" He asked, wondering if she needed to be shown around the venue.

"No, I've been here before thank you." She picked up her gym bag and made her way down the hallway to the left of him. She cast a sideways glance at Tim and then something caught her eye in the cabinet.

"Is that you?" She asked, pointing a finger at the photo of the younger man.

"It was, well it still is... It's me when I was younger." He blushed as he caught himself up, Blake's eyes roved over his body before meeting his.

"You're in really good shape and you played in a competition. Could you play with me?" The dirtiness of that particular phrase wasn't lost on her as she smiled sexily, his cheeks flushed with red again before he caught himself.

"As much as I'd love to Miss Lively..."

Blake's right hand came up to his chest to stop him from speaking any more.

"Blake... Continue." She said, tracing her finger from his chest down his muscular right arm.

"As much as I'd love to... Blake... I can't. I have to run this place."

That made the blonde actress pout sexily. "Awww poopies."

Just as Tim was about to respond, Janice came back to the desk. Smiling to herself, it seemed like she had caught them in the act. Blake leant past Tim and looked at her.

"Is he your boss?" She asked, jabbing a thumb in the direction of Tim.

Janice looked at Tim, smiled and nodded her head. "He is, yes Miss."

"He a good boss?" Blake retorted.

"Masterful." Janice said again, her smile getting wider as the two young ladies exchanged a volley of words.

"Masterful eh?" Blake looked back at Tim with a huge grin on her face. "Mind if I relieve you of this tyrant for a moment then?"

Janice put her hands up as if she didn't mind it. Blake smiled and beckoned him with a crooked finger, she walked down the hallway and Tim followed like an obedient puppy. Not before shooting a look at Janice who smiled back at her with a thumb up to his direction.

"Well big boy, why can't you send her home and play some tennis with me?"

"We have lots more clients waiting... And! And we shut at six."

"You shut at six?" Blake said, stopping in the hallway and looking at him.

"If I came back at six could you teach me a lesson or two?" Grinning up at him, Tim struggled to find a reason not to.

"Sure, I don't see why not."

"Great!" She hugged the taller man excitedly.

'She must really love tennis.' Tim suggested to himself. As he awkwardly half-hugged her back, she let go of the hug and then bent at an angle to look at his nametag. His eyes looked down to where she was and he could see all the way down her top! She had on a white sports bra that kept her decently sized breasts in place.

"Thanks Tim!" She said with a huge grin and then kissed him on the left cheek. He watched her go as she made her way into the women's changing rooms. As he walked away, he heard Janice wolf-whistle at him. Smiling, he paid no attention and moved on to doing his usual routine. All the while, thinking about his singles match with Blake Lively a little later on in the evening.

He walked past the courts a little after their meeting and could see her batting against the ball launchers. He noted that she actually had a pretty good average number of hits, but he wondered whether she was using a lower setting that she was used to. Shaking the thought away, he carried on about his day. When he passed the window again, about an hour later she wasn't there any more.

'Must've gone home.' He mused to himself as he walked on.

Customers came and went, and when quarter to five came, he started to get a bit more nervous. The customers nearly always used cards so there wasn't any change to be counted or put in a safe. So, he let Janice out and telephoned Mister McTavish's office in New York. There were a few rings and his long-suffering assistant, Alex answered the phone.

"Mister McTavish's office."

"Hi Alex, it's Tim."

"Hi Tim, how are things?"

"Great thanks," Tim paused for breath and carried on. "I'm keeping the club open for a little later than usual tonight. We've got a celebrity who wants some private lessons with me!"

"You're kidding!? Who?" Alex asked, his curiosity piqued by this revelation.

"Blake Lively."

There was a sharp inhalation of air on the other side of the phone, Alex seemed to be cursing and showing a sign on amazement all at the same time. "Just how did you manage that?"

"What can I say? I've got all the right moves." He laughed down the phone when he saw another car pull up to the lot outside of the club. "That's her now, can you let the boss man know?"

"Sure can buddy. By the way, if she needs a massage you give me a call! Not practicing or anything but I'd give it a shot!" Chuckling away, both men hung up their phones, Tim tucked his away in his pocket. Looking through the glass door, Tim saw Blake get out of her car wearing the same outfit as before. She looked up the steps and waved at him, he matched her wave and unlocked the door.

Blake jogged up the steps and smiled warmly at him as they stepped inside. "Hi Tim." She said with a smile as he locked the doors behind them.

"Hi Blake, all ready for your lesson then?" She smiled at him and bit her bottom lip.

"Actually, I think I'd rather have a one on one session with you."

"I'm sorry?" He asked, not sure if he'd mis-heard her.

"A match. I think I'm ready for a match, if you're good to go then so am I." She beamed proudly as they walked down the hallway to the dressing rooms.

"Sure, I don't see why not."

"Not a hard one... Well maybe you can get harder as the night goes on but I'd like it to start off slow and steady... You know what I mean?" She asked with a grin from ear to ear.

"Yes, I know what you mean." Tim replied with an equally big grin on his face. "Let's get changed and see where the evening takes us, yeah?"

Blake smiled and winked at him, before walking into the women's changing rooms to get ready. He grinned inanely to himself before stepping into the men's changing rooms, he always kept a spare uniform at the venue just in case he wanted to blow off some steam after work. Unzipping the bag, Tim grabbed his white uniform and changed into a polo shirt and some white shorts. Slipping on some socks and shoes and made his way out to the court.

There were three courts designed for games between people, and at the far, right and far left of each court there were two smaller pens with machines in them. There were several times when Tim had been called out onto the court because the machines had been 'faulty or defective' turns out all the people who used them were trying to show off their tennis skills to business partners or whatever. The courts were covered by high fences that traced around the courts. They were close to six feet above the metal grating, but the wooden paneling of the fences moved all the way down to the bottom of the court.

Unlocking the middle court, he pulled the chain that wrapped around the door's handle and through one of the metal gaps in the linked fence. Tossing the metal chain over his shoulder, Tim opened the door wide and then fed the chain through the chain link fence and fastened the padlock in place keeping the door open.

Pulling the chain that hung around his neck out of his shirt, Tim walked over to the equipment cabinet near the side of the court. Leafing through the available rackets, he found one he liked and removed it from the cabinet. Unzipping the bag and put it in the cabinet, making some feint moves with the racket he seemed satisfied with the choice.

He heard the door go and Blake joined him on the court. Turning to see her, he was stunned. She had on a similar outfit to Tim's, but instead of shorts, she had on a short skirt. She also had on some sports socks, the ones that don't go all the way up but would hook around the ankle. Each of her wrists had on sweatbands and she had a sweatband in her hair, keeping the hair out of her eyes. She had a racket in her right hand and a green ball in her left.

"You're in shorts? Very nice! You look just as cut as you do wearing that stuffy uniform!" She commented, looking him up and down with a sly smile on her face.

"Yeah, well I figured a big shot like you probably plays a good game and besides even with the sun as hot as it is, I don't want dehydration to come into it." He said half-jokingly, half-serious, as he wasn't exactly sure about her skills.

"Like that's going to happen! I think after tonight you're going to make me yours. In tennis that is." She added, her sexy tongue slid out ever so slightly as she spoke.

Tim couldn't help but smile and think of something else. An erection would be painfully obvious especially in those shorts and misplaced shot could spell a hospital trip for him.

"Ready to go down then?" She asked, a big grin on her face. Again with the innuendos, that made Tim smile.

"I think it's going to be you going down... But you're welcome to try." He grinned and motioned for her to step into the court.

She grinned and flicked her long blonde hair backwards. "Should I serve?"

"By all means." Tim said with a smile, waving his racket in the direction of the open court. Tim held back and let Blake walk in first, an action she seemed to appreciate.

"Such a gentleman." She complemented him as he smiled and subsequently shrugged at the action. Blake walked past the fence in the middle of the court and took the side opposite him. She bounced the ball once, twice, three times and caught it on the fourth bounce.

"Ready?" She asked, Tim nodded, gripped his racquet and spread his legs, half-bending over in a ready position. She grinned and matched his stance, bounced the ball once more and sent it over the court to him.

Being a semi-pro, Tim had no trouble reaching it and sent it back to her. The game continued like that for a few volleys until Blake started to lose the drive Tim had.

"Losing the will to compete Blake?" He asked, a smile on his face as he smacked the ball back. It bounced out of bounds and scored a point for him. "One-Luv to me."

Blake smirked and gave him the finger. He protested with a cheeky smile on his face. A couple more volleys and Tim was starting to get better and better. Eventually he beat her completely with Blake not managing to score any points.

"So, how was that?" He asked, as she sighed heavily and took a sip out of her sports bottle.

"Rough, but fun." She said with a smile, holding the cold bottle to her head. Then, she grinned and moved over to the other side of the court.

"You want to go again?" He asked, not sure if he understood her intentions.

"I want to go all night long." She said with a wicked smile before adding. "If you can keep up."

"Oh, I can believe me. Unless you want me to show you?" He asked, making it a question to continue their sexual word game.

"Oh, I'd like you to show me. Show me all night Tim." She grinned before tossing the ball to him.

She started to get better but was still nowhere near Tim's level. As the game continued, Blake started to get into it by moaning with each smack of the racquet. The moans started off as guttural but moved up to more high pitched squeals each one turning Tim on.

"Trying... Ugh... To turn... Ugh... Me on?" Tim asked, in between smacks of the racquet.

"Uh! Why? Uh! Would... Uh! You... Say that?" She asked, her eyes shining with smutty intent.

"Ugh... No reason..." He replied, a smile on his face.

As the game progressed, Tim and Blake exchanged trash talk however, Blake's got more and more thinly veiled innuendos. Tim couldn't help but smile as they played tennis.

"So, what are you doing after this?" Tim asked, sending the ball back to her.

"Don't know, may go get a drink... You want to come with me?" She asked, flicking an eyebrow up as she looked up at him.

"I'd love to, but what about your boyfriend. Leo DiCaprio?" He asked, not really wanting to get his ass kicked by a Hollywood star.

"Oh, we broke up."

"I'm sorry." Tim said, not sure what else to say.

"Don't be," She said with a smile, "I get to hang out with cute guys like you now."

Tim smiled and caught the ball she sent at him. There were a couple of more volleys before Tim trounced her again, Blake got hold of the ball and bounced it one more time before catching it.

"Hey, I think maybe we should stop now. I'm getting kind of tired now." Blake said, surprising him slightly. "Can I get a shower here?"

"Yeah, that's no problem." Tim said with a smile. "This wasn't too much was it?" He asked, slightly concerned at the fact that he may have put her off with his smutty talk.

"No, it was fine. I'm just kind of tired."

Tim nodded OK, and grabbed his racquet and walked out of the court. Locking it after him, he then moved over to the equipment cabinet and locked it up. Taking a sip of his water, Tim walked into the changing room and heard the shower was still going.

'That's weird, I'm the only one here.' He thought to himself. Looking around, he found nothing useful to defend himself with, just in case there was some sort of degenerate in there. Inch by inch, he moved his way along the tiled floor of the changing room. Taking one deep breath, Tim jumped into the changing room shower and found Blake there washing herself. Naked.

She looked over her shoulder and saw him standing there. "Oh! Hey!"

Ducking her head under the jet of warm water, she flicked her hair back and spun round to face him. Her moderately sized breasts were soaking wet and her nipples had hardened in the act. Leaning her head forward, she stepped out of the stream so she was closer to the stunned tennis club worker.

"Uh? Hi? Earth to Tim!" She said jokingly, waving her hands in front of his face.

He nodded, not quite processing it all. He looked her body up and down, her pubic hair had been trimmed in a small thin patch just above her pussy. The wet blonde hair clung to her body as if it was some sort of frightened animal.

"Blake... You're naked..." He mumbled, finally catching eye contact with her.

She grinned and nodded her head. "Well, yeah. I'd get my outfit wet if I showered with my clothes on right?" Turning away from him, she then bent over at the waist and picked up her sponge. For the slightest moment, Tim could see her pink pussy's lips, waiting to be fucked. She then took hold of a shampoo bottle she had brought with her, squirted the liquid onto the sponge, and rubbed the soapy suds against her firm body.

"Were the women's showers broken?" He asked, his seven-inch cock straining against his shorts now painfully obvious to Blake who smiled at his erection.

"No, I just prefer the company in here." She added with a sexy wink. Turning away from him, she held the sponge in the air and looked over her shoulder at him. "Do my back?"

Jumping at the chance, Tim ripped his shirt almost clean off his body and his shorts were off almost as quickly as his shirt had been. His veiny member bobbed freely in the air as he kicked his shoes off his feet and the socks soon joined them. Stepping into the jet of warm water with Blake Lively hadn't exactly been on his list of things to do today but she was right at the top of that list.

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