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Quitting Time: Room for Dic


Disclaimer: All right, this story is not real. NOT REAL! Not to be read by anyone under the age of 18/21 yadda yadda yadda! I'd love to hear some feedback as per usual. Please feel free to leave me a comment in the COMMENT Box at the end of the page. You see those big empty stars too? Maybe bump those up to five full ones? We wouldn't want them to be empty now would we? All alone like that? You're not a monster are you?

Also, please don't post this on any other site without my explicit permission. I've had to bring the hammer down on two thieves right as of writing and don't want to bring it down again.


There were dark clouds that loitered above the small Washington town. There was going to be a bad rainstorm here in a couple of days, Austin Packer frowned as he saw them roll towards the town. He ran a hand over his short brown lump of hair as he turned and walked back into the main bar of his coffee shop. There weren't many people in today, but that was typical due to it being almost five o'clock in the afternoon. The main flow of people tended to die down at two or three o'clock in the afternoon, after lunch because people went back to work and didn't have the time to buy a new cup of coffee.

This particular week the town had been full of news and gossip as a film crew had rolled into town to shoot a made for TV movie. One of the stars was Emily Osment, famous for being in some Disney show as the best friend of the main star. She was cute, had long blonde hair and a tight body that screamed to be fucked. Austin had seen the blonde young star walk around the town's centre on his lunch breaks and had snooped on some of the film shoots. He picked up a small yellow rag and wiped down the table closest to him, looking out of the window Austin couldn't help but think about the storm.

The last time there was one as bad as that one looked, it took out the whole power grid and had left the town in complete darkness. Since then, he had planted several candles and small electrical torches in the storage closet that was next to the door. The coffee shop itself was a large open space with several tables dotted around the floor. The floor itself was a laminated surface that was easy enough to clean, there was a large counter that ran along the right side of the building where the numerous kettles, coffee beans and fridges were kept. On the actual wall, a big, wide black chalkboard ran the length of the wall that showed the various prices of all the drinks that they could make.

Opposite that wall there was a large set of windows that showed off the city's skyline, it provided a pretty nice view for customers in the coffee shop. But, because they were so big, it took him a lot longer to clean them. There was also a large patio outside the coffee shop that customers could get to by leaving through a side door on the furthest wall from entering. Austin sighed heavily as he looked out of the window and peeked up at the clouds as they rolled closer to him and the town. There was a faint trace of a rumble from thunder as he squinted and looked over at the storm cloud. He checked his wristwatch and sighed, five o'clock meant that it was time to shut up shop.

The chime above the door of the small coffee shop rang out and made Austin's ears perk up. Without thinking, he simply called out to the new customer hoping they would leave him alone for the evening. He knew the storm was coming and didn't really want to spend the night stuck in the coffee shop.

"Sorry, we're closed."

"Even for me?" A soft, feminine voice called out. He peeked up at the sound and saw Emily Osment standing there, her hands on her hips and a big smile pasted on her face. Her long luscious locks were loose around her shoulders and a teal shirt that simply said 'Heartbreaker' on it covered her chest. She had on a dark denim skirt with a pair of black stockings and a pair of black converse sneakers.

"Well... I suppose I could be tempted to put the pot on one last time." Austin said with a smile, he watched her with a great curiosity as she turned and slid the deadbolt down keeping the door shut.

"Hey, you can't really do that..." He started but was quickly silenced by Emily's million dollar smile.

"I just want to have a cup of coffee without signing an autograph. Is it OK if we shut the store? Just for a little while?" Emily asked, making a big puppy dog eyes type of expression while fluttering her eyelids making Austin weak at the knees.

"Sure... I guess so!" He reasoned, there wasn't much of a cause not to shut. The town was dead, it wasn't like he was going to miss much trade.

"Welcome to 'The kettle and the pot' how can I help you?" Austin asked politely as he on instinct flicked the left most kettle on so it would be good to go.

"Hi... Austin!" Emily said with a smile as she read his name tag. "Can I get a small cafe machiato please?" Emily asked, frowning lightly as she read from the large chalkboard behind him. Austin nodded his head and got the necessary items ready.

"Sure, you drinking in or out?" He asked, looking at his left and right so he could get the right type of cup out. Emily looked around and smiled before nodding her head.

"I'll drink in please."

"Sure!" Austin smiled and nodded his head before pulling out a small light blue mug and planted it on the counter. Getting some of the coffee beans in one of the scoops, he dumped them into the mug and grabbed a bottle of milk. Twisting the purple lid off of the milk carton, he poured some of the milk into the mug just as the kettle started to boil. He then lifted the metal jug off of the base and tilted it towards the small mug, as the warm water filled up to the brim he placed it back down on the base. Grabbing a small spoon, Austin swirled the metal piece of cutlery round in the mug before letting it slow down. He hoisted the spoon out of the mug and he dumped it in the large sink to be cleaned up later.

He passed the mug over to Emily and smiled as she fished out her purse.

"That'll be four fifty please." Austin said with a smile as she passed him a five. He jabbed at the till register and got her change. He passed it over to her but she shook her head and put her hands up as if to block it off.

"No don't worry about the change. Put it in the tip jar." She said, lifting the mug off of the counter and walking over to one of the tables near the window. "Can you believe this weather?" She asked, turning to face him. She blew a cool jet of air on her cup before sipping on the warm, brown liquid. She made a satisfied sound as she swallowed some of the coffee.

"Good?" He asked, from behind the counter.

"Oh yeah! The best!" She turned to face him and made a frown. She then patted the wooden chair next to her at the table. "Come and sit with me. It's not busy in here." Thinking on his feet, Austin couldn't really find a reason not to. So, he walked over to her and pulled the chair out so he could sit next to her.

"This weather huh?" He said with a warm, knowing smile. As soon as he said that, the heavens opened and rain started to beat down against the sidewalks and pavement of the small town. Where the coffee shop was placed was about five feet above the sidewalk so they could see the people beneath them. A sea of umbrellas appeared as people scurried around, ducking into cars and doorways to protect themselves from the rain.

"I can't believe this rain!" Emily said with a gasp. Looking out of the large window observing the rain beating down on the street.

"Yeah, it's been getting worse and worse with each passing year. Hell, in ten years we'll probably be swimming to work." Austin said with a grin, passing Emily her small cup of coffee.

"Thanks." Emily took the cup and blew a cool jet of air into the cup. "So, that's not an American accent... Where were you born?"

"I was born in Australia. But, I moved to Washington when I was very little. Still visit from time to time, but work is keeping me here."

"That's a shame." Emily smiled a sympathetic smile. "My work keeps me away from home too."

"But you get to hang out in Hollywood with Anna Montana." Austin replied, but fluffed the famous TV star's name.

"Hannah. And I don't get to see her as often as I used to. Miley that is. Never really hung out with Hannah Montana. Miley's off doing her super famous stuff."

"She's always busy then?" He asked as the skies darkened and thunder roared at them from the sky. Emily made a face and then took another sip of her coffee; she tucked a loose strand of blonde hair behind her ear and shook her head lightly.

"Well... I think she doesn't really want to talk to us any more."

"No? Why not?" Austin asked, as he watched the water start to run down the windows, secretly pleased that he never managed to clean the windows.

"I don't think she likes the fact that all of us are still popular after Hannah Montana finished."

"That's dumb." Austin said with absolutely no tact in his voice.

As Austin spoke, a bolt of lightning struck the building opposite them and made Emily jump. She then cast a look at the skies as thunder roared out of the sky.

"Yeah... It is dumb!"

Emily's voice was shaky as she spoke. Austin cast a glance over at her and tilted his head to the side as she spoke.

"Are you OK?"

"I'm... I'm fine. I just don't really like the dark."

"Well, we should be fine. I don't think this building gets the lighting taken out. So, have you never heard from Miley again?"

"Well, I've never heard from her again unless she needs to..." Emily started but was quickly silenced when a bolt of lightning came down from the sky and plunged the store into darkness. Emily shrieked out in shock and she knocked over her cup of coffee as she jumped to her feet.

"Austin? Austin!?" She called out to him as her hand reached for his.

"It's OK Emily. I'm here!" Austin said, reaching for the shaking blonde's hands. She jumped a little bit when his hands cupped hers, but soon calmed down when his hands massaged hers. "It's OK." He repeated, re-assuring her. She finally looked at him and nodded her head, she still looked scared as hell but she was calming down.

Keeping her hands in at least his left hand, Austin reached over and picked up his phone. Jabbing the middle button, the small cell phone illuminated the gap between the two youngsters. He smiled at her warmly and nodded his head as if to continue to reassure her.

"It's OK Emily. This happens all the time." He looked over to his left and saw the storage room he had been working in, earlier on in the day and as if by magic something clicked in his head. He knew that there was candles and a couple of flash lights in there too.

"OK, follow me. We need to get to that storage room over there. There's some candles and some flash lights. Then, we can come back to out here and hang out until the power comes back on."

Emily looked over at him and raised an eyebrow as if trying to judge what would be a good choice or whether she would be better suited to just wait it out. Eventually, she realised that she trusted Austin and nodded her head.

"OK. Can you... Can you keep holding my hand?" Emily asked, shame ran to her cheeks as she prayed that he wouldn't be able to see her blush. He smiled and nodded his head, squeezing her hand lightly to confirm he would he started to guide her past the minefield of the tables and towards the small, tight confined space of the storage room.

They soon came closer to each other, Emily's soft body bumped against his as she realised he was closer than she thought he was. She giggled lightly but soon reached for him when there was another steady roar of thunder. Again, he spoke and his voice soothed her. They slowly walked closer to the storage room and he twisted the steel knob to the right and the door opened for them.

Austin waited for her to walk in first, like the gentleman he was, but Emily waited for him to enter first. She was still scared of the dark and needed Austin's assurance that it would be OK. Austin reached for her and found her hands in front of her, when she made a surprised squeal she quickly subsided when she realised who it was.

"It's OK Emily. It's me." Austin confirmed and then guided the both of them into the small tight storage space. Emily's breath was short and swift as she walked into the storage room with the handsome, young barista. He turned to face her but what he was about to say was quickly silenced by a boom of thunder.

Emily wrapped herself around him and yelped in Austin's ear as another bolt of lightning illuminated the store and quickly left them in darkness again. Without thinking, he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her to him tightly. She ran her arms up his back and squeezed him tight. Her soft breasts pressed against his chest her perfume wafted up his nose and he realised just how long he'd been without a woman. As if his body was simply acting on instinct, his pants started to stiffen as he got an erection.

It pointed upwards and underneath Emily's denim skirt it poked at the inside of Emily's thighs. He shut his eyes in shame as he realised that there was no way she wouldn't be able to feel it. There was a brief pause between the two as Emily simply let his erection poke against her. She sighed lightly and looked up at Austin, a soft smile was on her face, bringing her right hand up she lightly stroked the side of his face making him look down at her.

The young blonde haired woman had a big smile on her face as she bit down on her bottom lip and made a face.

"Is that because of me?" She asked lightly. Standing on her tip toes, she readjusted herself and let his erection poke under her skirt. She then stood down on her feet and placed his hands on her body. When he nodded his head slowly, Emily smiled and bit down on her bottom lip.

"Well... I think I should get to see it." Austin did a double take as she looked up at him and tugged his head to meet hers. She reached up and planted her lips on his. Both of their eyes were shut tightly as they kissed for the first time. His hands slipped up under her shirt and felt her soft skin as she pressed herself against him. She moaned into his open mouth and then lightly broke off the kiss before flicking her tongue against his lips. She grinned and took hold of his arms by the wrists, she then started to slide them up her body and to the curve of her small breasts.

Once he got his hands on her tits, Emily moved her hands down her and his body and found his zipper. Quickly dragging the metal tugger down the length of his fly, her hands moved into his jeans and found the seven inch shaft that was trying to make its presence known. She then tugged his boxer shorts downwards and his dick came out into the gap between the two of them. Her small hands wrapped around his dick and lightly pumped it up and down making the young man groan.

She grinned and let go of his dick when Austin hoisted her up in the air and pinned her against the wall of the cupboard. His hand moved under her denim skirt and found her panties that were getting wetter with each passing moment. Pushing his lips on her again, he started to rub against her vagina with his right middle and index finger. Emily groaned at the contact as she licked at his lips before lightly nibbling on his upper lip. His fingers soon made their way up under her panties and found her exposed pussy. Rubbing her lips, Austin watched as Emily shut her eyes and groaned at his touch. She slowly opened her eyes and licked her lips.

"Please fuck me Austin!" She begged as he nodded and pinned her against the wall with his body. He reached underneath her and found his dick, keeping the lacy material of her panties aside, Austin pushed himself up off of the floor and entered her. They both groaned in pleasure as his full member sank inside her. His hands came off of the wall and cupped her large ass, squeezing it softly he started to fuck her. Her shoulders were pinned against the wall and her legs came up and wrapped themselves around his waist.

Emily groaned and slid her shirt up her sexy body and exposed her small tits to him. Taking his left hand off of her body and quickly went to squeezing the flesh, she let out a short, sharp gasp of pleasure as he roughly squeezed her tits. Her warm, wet pussy hugged his invading cock tightly as he started to slam in and out of her. They made eye contact and quickly kissed each other again, as their tongues wrestled with each others Emily groaned as she started to grind against him. The natural curve of his penis pointed upwards and was stroking the inside of her cunt as she pounded away at her. His dick started to slide against her g-spot and made the blonde break off the kiss and cry out in pleasure.

As Austin fucked her against the wall, her head fell forward and her soft panting started to move into Austin's ear. She playfully licked at his ear making him shiver but keep on fucking her.

"Oh shit! Fuck me nice and hard! Fuck that pretty pussy hard!" Emily groaned into Austin's ear, his skin prickled up as Emily's dirty talk started to drift into his mind. He grunted his approval and moved into the young blonde's sweet neck. He bit down on the flesh and sucked on it as Emily groaned in pleasure.

Emily put her hands on his shoulders and started to help ride him. Lifting herself up and off of his dick as he thrust up into her. Emily let out a gasp as her legs squeezed him a little tighter as they fucked.

"Fuck! This feels so fucking good! I'm such a fucking whore!" Emily exclaimed as she was fucked up against the wall of the small cupboard. Their actions were hot and erotic and were now starting to cause damage around them as they fucked. Emily's hands moved up above them reaching for anything she could get her hands on to keep herself steady. Her hands found a shelf and she grabbed at them but her getting fucked was shaking the wooden shelf making the materials and things on it fall to the floor. Austin should've be upset at the damage they were causing but didn't really care as he was balls deep in Emily Osment.

Pinning her against the wall, Austin pushed her left leg against the wall as if to fuck her harder. Emily started to get more and more primal in her moans as she was fucked hard by the handsome barista. She pinched and groped at her breasts and nipples as he fucked her harder and harder.

As he slammed into her, there was a quick cry of pleasure from her as her warm, wet cunt squeezed down on his cock and she came. Her nails dug into his back as he carried on fucking her. Her wetness dripped down his shaft as she cried out in pleasure, her leg that was still wrapped around him kicked at him as he fucked up into her.

"Fuck... I'm such a slut! Come out and treat me like one!" Emily groaned, as she hoisted herself off of him and guided him out of the cupboard. They walked hand in hand to one of the tables, Emily bent over and rubbed her large ass cheeks up against his cock making him groan. She giggled and flipped her skirt up over her ass, then she bounced her ass cheeks around his cock, jiggling the flesh as she did so.

Groaning, Austin took his cock out of her ass crack and then slipped it into her wet folds. Emily let out a low, long moan of pleasure as he gripped her by her hips and started to fuck her harder again. Emily bit down on her bottom lip and looked over her shoulder, there wasn't much light in the coffee shop but she could see him fucking her and saw sweat form on his brow.

"Spank me. Spank my fucking ass!" Emily commanded as she pushed her hips back against him. Austin simply nodded, keeping his thrusts slow and steady he drove into her again and again while taking his right hand off of her hip and bringing it down against her ass. The loud slap rang out in the store and the gasp from Emily made Austin smile.

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