tagGroup SexRace Play Ch. 02

Race Play Ch. 02


The world of human sexuality and desire is absolutely full of surprises. No doubt about it. I challenge anyone to say otherwise. My name is Jack O'Malley and I'm a six-foot-three, lean and muscular, red-haired and gray-eyed, kind of good-looking young Irishman living in the city of Brockton, Massachusetts. I am the kind of guy who likes to have fun. The summer of 2009 is here and I don't have much to do. I don't have any summer classes at Emerson College since I did pretty well this past semester. This leaves me with plenty of time on my hands. What's a restless Irishman to do?

Even though I come off as straight-laced, I'm actually a very open-minded and downright multicultural kind of guy. I work in a Black-owned bookstore in the city of Brockton. I have lots of friends of all races. Black, Asian and Hispanic for the most part. And I'm really into interracial sex. I've slept with many Black men and Black women. I can't remember the last time I slept with a white person. White guys and white chicks don't do it for me. Never have, never will. I don't know why. Right now, I'm having a good time with two of my sexual acolytes, Roselyn and Andy Monpoint. They're an upper middle-class Haitian-American couple living in Brockton's West Side.

Andy Monpoint is a five-foot-ten, somewhat chubby, dark-skinned Black man in his mid-forties. He's a heart surgeon at Massachusetts General Hospital. His wife Roselyn is a six-foot-tall, kind of chubby, sweet-faced and delicious big-bottomed, very dark-skinned Black woman who teaches World History at one of Boston's many public high schools. They do alright for themselves. Their son Edward is currently enrolled at the Massachusetts Maritime Academy and their daughter Muriel is at Northeastern. They seem like a very normal Haitian-American professional couple. They go to church on Sunday, enjoy musicals and bowling. Yet they're swingers. They're really into interracial sex too. Race play is one of their fetishes and I intend to indulge them.

Andy is one of those not-so-rare married men who happen to be bisexual. His wife knows about it and she's fully supportive. Only their closest friends know. And I'm one of their closest friends. Simply put, I'm bisexual and while I don't advertise it, I don't deny it if queried on the subject either. Most women don't like the idea of dating bisexual men. Their loss if you ask me. Bisexual men rock. Especially bisexual Irishmen. Why? Simply because we're usually better-looking and smoother than most straight guys and manlier than most gay and heterosexual men. I'm living proof. Some women are actually turned on by male to male sexual activity the way straight men are turned on by lesbian sex. Andy's wife Roselyn is one of those women.

So here we were. The three of us sitting on the Monpoint family couch. Just three friends having some beers. Andy was looking at me the way a hungry man looks at fast food. I knew he wanted me. It's not his fault, really. I'm insanely hot and both guys and chicks want a piece of my vanilla goodness. So when Andy kissed me right in front of his wife, I wasn't surprised. Hell, I kissed him right back. Then we started doing our thing. Andy and I undressed, then got busy. I leaned back on the couch while he went down on me. Andy was a mean cock sucker. He stroked my balls and fondled my nuts while sucking my dick. I winked at his wife Roselyn as she watched us do our thing.

Roselyn licked her lips while watching her husband Andy suck my thick white cock. I've got a big one, folks. It's eight and a half inches long, fairly thick and uncircumcised. Lots of women and men of varying races and backgrounds have had the pleasure of sampling it. While Andy greedily sucked my dick, I watched his wife Roselyn get really turned on. She undressed, and I was delighted to see her big and round, very sexy body. I like women and men of various body types. I'm tall and lean, and occasionally go for short and chubby and big and tall. And just about everything in between. What can I say, folks? I don't believe in discrimination. It's simply not cool.

After Andy got done polishing my cock and balls with his mouth, I put him on all fours and spread his ass cheeks wide open. Roselyn offered us a can of lubricant and we made good use of it. I lathered up my cock and Andy's ass with the precious lube. Then I got ready to do him. The big Black man squealed in delight as I thrust my cock into his ass. I love fucking big guys like Andy in the ass. You'd be surprised at how many tough-looking gay and bisexual Black guys love getting fucked in the ass by a manly Irish stud like me. Roselyn decided to join in on the fun. Seemingly out of nowhere, she produced a strap-on dildo. And just like that, she inserted the dildo into Andy's mouth and made him suck her off.

Watching Andy suck his wife Roselyn's strap-on dildo while I shoved my dick up his ass. I love fucking big Black men. They're a lot of fun. I pounded my dick into Andy's ass, making him scream. At least he would have screamed if his mouth hadn't been filled by his wife Roselyn's strap-on dildo. I spanked his big Black ass while fucking him, and he seemed to really like it. I flipped Andy on his back in order to look into the big Black man's eyes while ramming my white dick up his ass. I stroked Andy's big Black cock while ramming my dick up his butt. He seemed to really like that. Afterwards, we changed the game a bit. Andy got fucked in the ass by his wife's strap-on dildo while I spread the big Black woman's ass cheeks to give her some much needed butt fucking. I thrust my cock into the big Black woman's asshole. Roselyn squealed as she felt my long and thick white cock up her ass.

This was fun for a while, and then we spiced things up. Roselyn was now sandwiched between her husband and I. Roselyn sucked Andy's cock while I slammed my cock into Roselyn's ass. Watching the big Black woman's booty bounce under the force of my thrusts was a lot of fun. I loved the feel of a big Black woman's asshole around my long and thick white cock. I love fucking big Black men and big Black women in the ass. I don't know why. Just call it my interracial addiction. Roselyn was a fun lay. I fucked her ass mercilessly until we both came who knows how many times. We had a lot of fun together that night. After we got done fucking, Roselyn and Andy knelt before me and sucked my cock. It was a lot of fun. Both Andy and Roselyn can't get enough of my dick, and I love giving it to them. What can I say? I don't discriminate. I fuck everyone equally regardless of race or gender!

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