tagGroup SexRace Play Ch. 04

Race Play Ch. 04


My name is Patrick O'Shea and I'm a tall, red-haired and gray-eyed Irishman living in the city of Brockton, Massachusetts. I'm an accountant and I'm happily married to a tall, blonde-haired and green-eyed, deliciously curvy and big-bottomed Irishwoman named Leila Barnes O'Shea. She's a schoolteacher. My wife and I are swingers and we're very much into race play. It's our own personal fetish. We've invited our closest friends, James and Sharon Wilson, to play with us. They're very much into race play too. James Wilson is a big and tall black man I know from work. He's the criminal defense attorney next door. His wife Sharon is a tall, curvy and big-bottomed black female police officer. A detective, I think. The four of us had a lot of fun that night.

Presently, I'm having some fun with Sharon Wilson. The big black woman kneels before me and sucks on my long and thick, uncircumcised white cock. She's completely nude, save for a doggy collar around her neck. I've heard that black women are particularly good at sucking dick but Sharon definitely took the cake. She sucked my dick and licked my balls as if her life depended on it. Sharon is a submissive and she has a fantasy of playing the role of black female slave for a dominant white master. A role I'm very willing to play.

Nearby, my wife Leila is having some fun with James Wilson. She's got the big black man on all fours, face down and ass up. She made him lick her feet for half an hour before she decided to fuck him. Donning her favorite strap-on dildo, she made him assume the position before thrusting the dildo up his ass. The big black man is screaming while my sexy Irish wife slams the dildo up his ass. Like his sexy African-American wife, James is a sexual submissive. He's always dreamed of playing the role of black slave to a dominant white mistress. A role my wife Leila is more than willing to play. She is slamming the dildo up James butt like pegging was going out of style. The big black man's screams must be music to her ears.

After Sharon got done sucking my dick, I made her get on all fours and decided to give her fat black ass a good fucking. She didn't object. In fact, she was quite eager to feel my long and thick white cock up her ass. I pressed my dick against Sharon's asshole and pushed it inside. I love fucking black women in the ass. Especially big black women like Sharon. This is a lot of fun for me. I've dated women of various races before getting married. I love black women. I was engaged to one once. Her name was Paula Brown and she was tall, lovely and feisty. I loved her. Our relationship ended because her family didn't approve of their wealthy black daughter dating a broke Irishman. My family on the other hand loved Paula. They thought I was lucky to date such a good-looking, smart and wealthy woman. I guess some things simply aren't meant to be sometimes.

Leila is slamming her dildo into James ass like strap-on sex was going out of style. The big black man is screaming his lungs off as she drills the dildo up his ass. My wife is very demanding sexually and when she gets going with her strap-on, she doesn't play. She will go on until the person she's fucking basically begs for mercy. She holds firmly onto James hips and rams the dildo up his ass. James is stroking his cock while my sexy wife is ravaging his ass with her dildo. Clearly he's turned on by this because his dick keeps hardening. Yeah, this black man is having the time of his life. I have seen lots of black men fucking white women in the ass in porn movies. I never seen white women fucking black men with strap-on dildos in porn movies. I wonder why. Seems like an ugly double standard if you ask me.

While plunging my cock into the big black woman's ass, I feel her asshole tightening all around me. Sharon has a wonderful asshole. It feels so warm and soft. Hot damn. James is so lucky to have married such a woman. Sharon once told me that she loves anal sex more than the average gay male. Knowing her, this just might turn out to be true. I am ramming my dick deep into her asshole and she's begging me for more. Wow. What a woman, folks. She's totally into this. They don't make women like this anymore. I pump my cock into her asshole until I cum.

A few moments later, my wife and I exchange partners. I put James on all fours and start fucking him while my wife Leila orders Sharon to lick her feet. James has such a tight asshole. I put my hands upon his hips and thrust my cock deep inside of him. The big black man screams as I start fucking him like gay sex is going out of style. I notice my wife Leila as she orders Sharon on all fours and starts fucking the big black woman's ass with her scary strap-on dildo. That's what I love about Leila. She really doesn't discriminate when it comes to dominating people with her strap-on dildo. Male or female, black or white, she will fuck your ass. Sharon squeals as Leila plunges the dildo into the forbidden depths of her tight asshole. Man, it's so much fun to watch the interracial lesbian domination scenario!

I slam my cock into James ass and the big black man screams. He strokes his cock while getting fucked by yours truly. James has a really big dick. Maybe I will let him fuck me someday. It's been a while since I've had a real dick up my ass. My wife's dildo is fun but sometimes I need more than that. I watch Leila as she berates Sharon while sodomizing the big black woman with her dildo. Hot damn, this is so much fun. We suck and fuck the night away. We fall asleep, drenched in cum and sweat. The next morning, we laugh and talk about the night's events. We all agree to do the same thing next week.

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