Race Weekend


"I want that, but not yet," Haley said, moving her sweet mouth away from me and holding my shaft firmly. "When you cum, I wanna feel it deep inside me. I saw the way you fucked Tina, and she's been telling me about you ever since I met her. Fuck me that way, Dan."

I lay down on the blanket next to where she was kneeling, and pulled her down on top of me. We kissed passionately, almost roughly, as we explored each other's bodies. My hands tightened their hold on her ass, and urged her up, along my leaking cock, until her pussy was at my mouth.

She lowered herself to me, pink, swollen, fragrant, and wet. I resisted the urge to just dive in and eat her out hard. As much of a slut as she was being, Haley looked very tight, and her little pussy smelled very fresh. The tip of my tongue glided up the crease between her right thigh and her right pussy lip.

She gasped, shuddered, and lifted herself. As I watched, a syrupy drip of her moisture leaked out, falling slowly to ooze onto my tongue. She reddened in the harsh halogen light when I smiled and pulled her against my face. The same licking on her left produced the same reaction.

Haley may be the wettest girl I've ever been with. She oozed the entire time I licked at her, moaning her pleasure. Every place my tongue touched her caused her to shudder. That's exactly how she came when I sucked on her clit – shuddering, a flush on her pale skin, moaning quietly, and bathing my tongue with her nectar.

Sonja and Tom were next to us now. She was riding him for all she was worth, her breasts bouncing with her motions. She paused when her sister came so she could watch. "Nice job, Dan," she laughed. "Most guys can't get her to do that. I know when she's faking, and she wasn't that time."

"No, I wasn't – not at all. Dan, fuck me now," Haley said, moving down to masturbate herself on the shaft of my cock. She ground on me, lubing both of us with her slippery sweetness, and then positioned herself, no hands, notching me in the entrance to her treasure. Slowly, she worked her way down onto me, twisting and rocking to find a comfortable position. She lifted her feet from the blanket for a moment to prove to both of us that she had all of me and broke into a huge grin. Then she leaned forward over me and began to work me with her pelvis and the muscles inside her.

Haley's a strong girl, built like a volleyball player, but with nice big boobs. There was no resisting them, the largest of all the girls in our group. I palmed the right one and sucked as much of the left one into my mouth as I could.

"Oh, God, yes!" Haley whispered, pumping me harder, her wetness making our skin smack together audibly.

"That's what I'm talking about!" Sonja giggled. She was squatting astride Tom's legs, dribbles of cum leaking from her.

It had been a helluva long day. Six hours on the road, a fair amount of beer, and more sex than I had had in the last month. But when Haley started shuddering on me, her Kegels squeezing and milking my cock, I knew I would cum again. I looked at her face, and saw a feral grimace on her face as she muttered, "Fuck me, Dan. Fuck me. Fuck me."

I grabbed her ass, and helped her raise and lower herself as I thrust deep into her, over and over. "Gonna cum soon, Haley."

"Do it," she growled, kissing me hard and then straightening up, pinching her nipples and riding me more slowly and purposefully.

One more time, I lifted her ass, and then pulled her down on me hard and held her there. Who knows how much semen I had left to give her, but it seemed like I came for a long time. When I was done, Haley lifted herself again and pumped me with her soupy pussy. I reached for her clit and began massaging it. That was all it took. Her eyes rolled up in her head as she reared back, her blond hair whipping with the spastic movements of her orgasm. When she was done, she pushed herself upright, laughed, and then reared back again to yell, "FUCK! THAT WAS GOOD!"

We could hear scattered applause and catcalls as Haley lay down on top of me so we could kiss and cuddle our way down from our high. I probably would have passed out right there, my wilting cock slowly slipping from her wetness, but she propped herself up on her hands and said, "Who the hell are they?"

We struggled to our feet and went over to Andy's tent. There was a group of five young women taking turns trying to suck Andy's enormous cock. The wandering bands of chicks had arrived.

"Oh, hey guys," Andy said, "meet the neighbors. They're camped on the other side of the road, up near you. Ladies, meet Haley and Dan."

Each of the girls smiled at us, sizing up both of us as we stood there nude and messy, except for the one who was at that moment struggling to force Andy down her throat.

"Where's the rest of the gang?" I asked.

"Showers," it sounded like Andy said from between the breasts of a rather buxom lass.

"Good idea," Haley said.

We picked up our discarded clothing and went back to our camp to get our shower supplies. The others were taking turns washing each other at one of the outdoor shower heads when we got to the bathhouse, and they waited for us until we were cleaned up. Fresher, but still very tired, we made our way back to camp to tackle one of our coolers of beer.

I was nearly asleep when naked Sonja wriggled under the blankets and cuddled against me.

"You're the only one of the group I haven't made love with yet," she whispered. "Can we change that in the morning?"

"At least once," I yawned.

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