Racetrack Ch. 1


First of all, I kind of got the hint that you wanted something to happen someplace other than the house. And I don't really want the bar scene all of the time. So, how about the next place I'm pretty familiar with, the racetrack. Now work with me on this, there is always a lot of guys at the track. You could either dressed as Rachael or not. But if you were it would be best to wear either a cute little short sundress or a pair of short short sexy shorts and a little blouse. I would let you choose the outfit but those would be what you could pick from. Once we get there we would park in the very back row, it's always the darkest spot. We would get there around 7 or 7:30. The races would have just started by now. We would sit in the middle bleachers. Watch one race before I make you go up to the concession stand to get us some beers. You come back and we watch a couple more races before this time I make you get up and walk all the way down to the end of the bleachers in the front so everyone can see you as you walk by.

While you are gone, two guys ask for your name and if you're available. I tell them the situation, they let me know that they are interested so I tell them to meet you and me by the truck at halftime / intermission. Finally, you come back and I ask if anyone approached you and you tell me only a few. But you didn't get any offers but one. You told him to meet you at the truck during intermission also. So I get up to do some scouting, leaving you by yourself. While you're sitting there the two guys that approached me come by and sit on either side of you. One guy reaches over and puts your hand on his bulging cock and whispers in your ear

"Your little girlfriend says you're going to suck this hard for me, Can not wait baby."

The other guy says "Yeah, and after you do him she will make you do me." They get up and leave. Coming back I smile and sit down next to you. You ask me what, but all I say is that I hope you feel really slutty tonight, sweetheart because in about an hour you are going to be sucked and fucked like never before. After hearing this, you're a little anxious and hard and excited already. Out of the corner of my eye I can see the two guys who had approached you looking at you and stroking themselves through their jeans. You ask me how many guys I talked to while I was gone. I only smile and say enough for now.

The last heat race before intermission ends and we walk out to the parking lot and to the truck. Standing there waiting on us are the 2 guys from the bleachers where we were sitting, the guy you talked to while you were out, and the five guys I found on my walk. Eight guys are standing at the back of your truck. I walk to the bed of the truck and let down the tailgate. Getting you I push you down on the tailgate and pull up your sundress and pull down your panties so each of the guys can take his turn at fucking you up the ass over and over and so very hard.

While the 8 guys are taking their turns with you, I pull one guy out of the line and make him lie in the back of the truck with his cock, hard cock shoved right in your face and I push your mouth down hard on his cock, "suck it faster you dirty slut" grabbing three more guys I make you suck each cock hard and fast until he comes in your mouth, hard. You can feel the hot cum hit your throat, as it spurts out of each cock. Then switching the guys that have been fucking you up the ass hard and fast. They move up and shove their hard cocks into your mouth and fuck you hard in the mouth, you suck each of them hard, it doesn't take long before they cum in your mouth also. Over the intercom we can hear the announcer announcing the end of the mini-stock class.

I make you go back to the bleachers and wait for me. I watch you walk off as you leave me with the 8 guys. I smile and slip each one of the guys a piece of paper, and walk off after you. Going back to the bleachers, I see you talking to a guy wearing a tight pair of jeans and no shirt. The guy smiles at me and moves off. I smile back and ask you what that was all about, you shrug your shoulders and say that he wanted to know what we were doing when we left here. He is going to meet us back at the house. I smile and say the more the merrier. Five guys come up and sit by us, all wearing tight jeans.

I move your hand over to grab the bulge in his pants and tell you to stroke him; he unbuttons his pants and slides your hand into his jeans so you can grab his already hard cock. The other 4 guys are watching you stroke the fifth guy and stroke themselves every once in a while. One of the guys says he has a van out in the parking lot if we want to go out there. So we all go up and out to the parking lot and get into the back of the van. The 5 guys all strip down and circle you, jerking themselves off. I push one of the guys toward you and tell you to suck him hard, and use your tongue all the way up and down his hard cock as you take it into your mouth.

As you do that, I raise your ass in the air and one of the guys starts to fuck you in the ass as another guy joins in and fucks you too. So now you have two cocks shoving up your ass and fucking you hard. The two guys left behind are on either side of your head jerking off, as they start to cum I pull the first guy out of your mouth and the 2 guys cum on the first guys cock. As they cum on the first guys you clean off both of them. You take the first guys cum soaked cock into your mouth and suck him, as he comes the two guys in your ass cum also at the same time. Before leaving I make sure that you clean up all the men's hard cocks. Again I slip each one a slip of paper before leaving.

As we walk back into the stands, we stop and get some more beer. We're stopped by the announcer 'Jack". Jack asks if you would mind being the night's trophy girl. You don't have a chance to say anything before I say yes for you. He says great be ready in 20 minutes. So you go back to the ladies room to freshen up. We meet the announcer at the gate to go down to the track to meet all the drivers and have your picture taken while you present them with their trophies. As each guy comes up with his car I whisper something in his ear. They nod and go stand by you to have their picture taken and after that was done they pulled their cars to the side building.

After all six classes have been presented their trophy, we go back to the side building and waiting for us are six guys standing inside of the building up against the wall. We go to the first guy and yank down his pants and start sucking on him until he's hard and moving on to the second sucking him that way and doing all 6 guy until their cocks are all hard. Then I have you start sucking the first guy until he comes hard into your mouth. Suck the second, running your tongue all along the side of his cock and then deep throat him until he comes. You end up sucking all six guys hard cocks until they cum down your throat. As we leave I only slip one of the drivers a piece of paper.

We leave the track and walk down through the pits. Stopping to look at some of the cars and every once in a while I slip someone a piece of paper and keep walking. By the time we finish walking up and down the pits I have handed out seven slips of paper. We leave the track and go back home. When we get there no one is there yet. So I tell you to change into something a little sexier for our guests that will be arriving soon. I change into a little short silky negligee.

You are still changing when the first guest arrives. I make him stand by the door, telling him that a donation must be made first. Finally you come back out and without further ado I push you to your knees. I tell you to unbutton his pants and suck him until he cums, slut. You hesitate only for a second until I start to unzip his pants. In just a few seconds you shove his already hard cock into your mouth. Noticing a line building up, I tell you that you have to suck harder and faster.

Knowing that there are going to be some anxious men. I pull 2 or 3 out of the line and tell them to fuck you hard up the ass while you suck men off. Watching closely I can see a cock fucking you in the mouth as you hold onto it with your hand and tease it with your tongue. Behind you I can see a cock pushing in you deep as it thrust hard inside of you and pulls back out only to be shoved harder back into you. As I watch as you take a guy in your mouth and a guy in your ass over and over. I can feel myself getting wetter and hotter. As I watch you take all 21 guys this way, one of the guys that has just fucked you in the ass comes over and starts to lick my wet pussy while I'm standing in the doorway. Falling to the floor I position myself so he can lick me and so I can watch you over in the corner pleasing 4 guys at once in your mouth, jerking 2 guys off and one taking you up the ass. Another guy comes over and I start to go down on him while one more is sucking my breasts. Somehow I get turned over and I am riding one guy, another guy is fucking me up the ass and I'm sucking another one. I can see you out of the corner of my eyes moving from one group of men to the next group of men, so you can suck them and they can fuck you. You come over to where I am at; watch me with 3 men for a while. You pull the one out of my mouth and start to suck on him and make me suck on your cock.

He's pushing his hard cock in and out of your mouth, fucking you hard in the mouth as he comes in it. The guy that I have been riding, comes inside of me and so does the guy that was fucking me in the ass. I make you lie down so I can sit on your face and you can clean out all of their cum. Your tongue feels so good as it licks me to get all of their cum, finally standing up, knowing I have to get rid of some of these men. I divide them up into two lines. I tell them that Rachael and I are going to have a suck off race and whoever has the winning team those guys leave for the night, but only after being asked to leave their name and number for future references.

So it starts and we are both on our hands and knees. I give you a 3-man head start, being the nice person I am. While you are quickly sucking each cock until it is hard and until they are ready to cum. but instead of letting you take it, you have to make them cum into a glass pitcher I have set up by the hallway. We each have our own glass pitchers. You finally reach your third man and finish him off, so I start to suck on my row of hard cocks, and lick them and tease them. Running my tongue up and down each of the hard cocks I take into my mouth. I look over at you and you are two guys from winning, so I send one guy from my line to your line and tell him to fuck you up the ass hard, then slow. He goes over behind you and starts to fuck you in the ass. He teases you by just inserting the head of his cock up your ass several times, making you lose your concentration on the guys in front of you. Finally he just shoves his big hard cock into your ass and starts fucking you, while the guy in front of you starts to fuck you in the mouth.

Pulling his cock in and out of your mouth, before shoving it hard again making you deep throat him. I finish all my guys off and come over and start licking and sucking on your cock and balls while you finish up your line. You finally finish, but since I was technically done first my line gets to stay, including the guy I sent over to fuck you in the ass. You start to complain that you really won because I sent one of my guys over to you. I laugh and say but I went down on you so I still had 10 guys. And I was done first so I win. I take your line aside and tell them to leave their name and number and if they were satisfied or not. And if not please state why and I will be getting back with them.

With the remaining 11 guys, I put them against the wall in the hallway and blindfold you. You have to suck them off until they cum and pick the best tasting guys. The best five will get to stay. And the rest will have to leave. Guy #1 is having a hard time getting hard so you have to stroke him with your hands and lick his cock and suck on his balls to get him hard, hot and bothered. Finally he gets to where you can suck him hard as you deep throat his long hard cock, he cums. Going through the line of 11 guys you suck them, stroke their hard cocks, lick them until you have tasted all 11.

You pick guys 2,5,7,8 and 11. Amazingly #10 was the biggest, but we have to let him walk with the rest. Since it is about 4:45 AM we all decide to sleep for a while, the guys crash in the living room and you and I crash in the bedroom. I sleep for about one hour and get up and wake you up with orders to change and freshen up, I tell you to wake our guests up once you have freshened up. Waking them up one by one by giving them a blowjob. You start with guy 1 sucking and licking on him, while you're doing that I wake guy 2 up and tell him to lie still while I go down on him. I get him hard and tell him to fuck you in the ass. 3 wakes up and goes to stand by you and starts to jerk off, 4 does the same and guy 5 starts to suck on you.

Guy 1 cums in your mouth and guy 3 shoves his already rock hard cock into your mouth. You suck on him until he cums and 4 shoves his hard cock into your mouth and grabs you by the head and force fucks your mouth with his cock. Harder and faster, making you take him all the way. Guy 2 cums in your ass and is quickly replaced by guy 5 who has a hold of your hips and is fucking you hard. 4 cums in your mouth, 5 cums in your ass.

I'm in the kitchen making you a bowl of cereal, and our guests some breakfast. But you get a big bowl of magic stars with cum from last night in the pitchers. You have to eat all of your cereal and of course drink your glass of cum.

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