My father died when I was 18. My mother had me when she was 17, so she was only 35. The insurance and investments insured that mom would not have to work.

Mom is pretty, with a slim body, a nice pair of tits, and a cute ass. She has shoulder length auburn hair and blue eyes. She became listless, not going out, not getting dressed, barely eating anything. I waited two weeks after the funeral before making my decision. I was going to have to, somehow, bring life back to Mom.

I started the next morning with coffee in bed. I told her to drink some coffee than get up and take a shower that we were going out to breakfast. She looked at me for a moment, took a sip of her coffee, and then said, "Ok dear."

I waited downstairs while she got ready. When she came down she was wearing a dark grey skirt that came below her knees, and a white blouse.

"Mom, it's a beautiful day, don't you have something more casual to wear?"

"I have shorts, or I also have a sundress."

"Great, wear the sundress."

"Ok dear."

That was the second time she did what I wanted without hesitation. I remember my father was always in charge and began to wonder about their relationship.

When she came back downstairs she looked wonderful. I decided to try an experiment.

"Mom, lift the hem of your dress higher, I want to see if it looks better shorter."

"Ok dear."

She took hold of the dress at her hips and raised it about 2" above her knees.

I looked at her and said, "Higher."

She didn't say anything just raised it another 2". The hem was now at midthigh.

"That looks much better; we'll have to get you some new clothes tomorrow."

I opened the door and held it for her. Still holding her dress up, she walked out to the car. I held the door open as she got in, letting me see she was wearing pretty lace trimmed white panties.

As we rode to the restaurant, her dress was still at mid thigh, I decided we had to talk.

"Mom, you seem to be in a very agreeable mood tonight."

"Yes dear, your father trained me well."

"My father trained you well? What do you mean?"

"I thought you knew. Your father and I had a special relationship. I have "special needs" that your father understood and approved. He was the Master and I was the submissive. He controlled my every move. Now that your father is gone, you are my Master. Unless you don't want to be, in which case I will have to find another Master."

I had dark thoughts of my mother looking for a new Master, and who she might find.

"I am your Master. In private you will address me as Sir. In public, you will address me as Dear. Understood?"

Her face lite up, and with a smile, she said, "Yes Dear."

"How did my father control you? Did you have general rules for everyday? Did you have to ask him what to eat, what to wear?"

"I had guidelines I had to follow. When you were not home I had to be nude at all times. If we had company, he would tell me what to wear depending on who the company was. There are a few close friends that I would stay nude if they visited. If he thought it was safe, he would often expose me in public. He shared me with two close friends that are single. When we went on vacation, I would wear as little as possible at all times."

"He enjoyed exposing you and sharing you with other guys?"

"He only shared me with close friends and he only exposed me when we were on vacation."

"Did he punish you if you did not do what he wanted?"

"Yes, he punished me, but he also enjoyed inflicting pain on me."

"He did! How would he do that?"

"He would spank my ass, tits, pussy; whip my legs and tummy, pins and needles, clamps and weights. He also liked to humiliate me in front of his friends. Show them that I would do anything he wanted."

"You do realize that your son will be doing those things to you in the future, will that be a problem for you?"

"I've thought about that and except for the initial embarrassment the first time I don't think I will have a problem.

I paid the check and we left the restaurant. In the parking lot I told her to unbutton her dress completely as she walked to the car. I saw her face turn a slight pink but she did as she was told.

At the car I told her to take her dress off. She looked at me as she shrugged her shoulders and let her dress slide down her arms. She folded neatly and I told her to put it on the roof of the car.

"Now take the panties off."

She looked at me as she slid her panties down her legs and stepped out of them. Her bush was full and gorgeous, brunette like her hair. I could see some of her lips showing through the hair. She put the panties with the dress.

"Now take off the bra."

She reached behind her and unhooked her strap, and with the shoulder shrug we all know she let the bra slide down her arms. I admired her tits as she put the bra on the roof of the car. They had slight sag, with quarter size areola and stiff nipples. She is 5'4" and 105lbs so her, as I found out later, 34B tits looked fantastic.

She stood there looking at me, a slight face flush but otherwise she was handling being nude in front of her son for the first time very well.

"You are a beautiful woman, I can understand why Dad liked to share you and let others know how wonderful his wife is. After you put your clothes in the back seat, take a short walk around the car and then you may get in the car.

"Yes Master."

She made sure I got a good look at her pussy as she got in the car.

At home I parked the car so her side was in the darker part of the driveway.

"After you get your clothes, you may put your dress on but leave it unbuttoned. I will enjoy exposing you later, for now I want to see what toys you two have collected."

She walked into the house with her dress open, and her head high. Inside the house I told her to take it off.

"You will be nude at all times unless I tell you to get dressed. Understand?"

"Yes Master."

"Get all of the toys that Dad used when he played with you."

"Yes Master."

It took her a while. They were put away in various places throughout the house, including the attic and the cellar. When she was finished, there was a large assortment of toys on the kitchen table.

There were various clamps, various size needles and pins including a few skewers, various sizes of rope, a speculum, various sizes of ass plugs, three paddles, two switches, a whip, and chains.

"Is this everything?"

"No Master, there are some eyebolts and hooks attached to the walls and ceiling in the cellar."

"Well that explains the rope and chains. Take all these toys down to the cellar; we will leave them down there for when I want to enjoy you."

"Yes Master."

We arranged the toys in a wall shelf. I picked up two clamps and walked over to her. As she stood there, I attached a clamp to each nipple. She winced but did not move. I stood back and looked at her. I had never done anything like this but I knew I was going to enjoy this new lifestyle with my mother.

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