Rachel's Daddy Ch. 02


Rachel thought her sister looked like such a slut. Lost in the heat of passion, Anna failed to remove the flimsy night gown wrapped around her waist but she had removed her panties. She was furiously stroking her clit with one hand while she was sucking on her daddy's huge cock. She seemed insatiable. Comfortably reclined, her daddy just lazily played with Anna's pert titties while she vigorously sucked his cock.

Anna tried to fit more of his thick, wet shaft down her throat but she couldn't swallow anymore. After running her tongue around his swollen head to get it wetter, Anna slid his rod a little deeper into mouth with each stroke. Looking up at her daddy with her big brown eyes, Anna tried every possible angle and speed to swallow more of his cock. Even though she failed, her daddy's big grin showed the effort was worth it.

Rachel's heart was shattered. Her daddy appeared to love having Anna suck his cock. The smile on his face was unforgettable. His hips started to match Anna's rhythm and his face grimaced as he helped push his cock a little further down her throat.

He changed his mind when she couldn't get anymore of his cock down her throat. He whispered, "Baby, you are such a good cock sucker, but I need to fuck you. I need to fuck that sweet, tight pussy of yours."

Finally, he pulled Anna's mouth off of his cock and his wet shaft bounced against his flat stomach. Then, he sat up in the middle of the back seat and lifted Anna onto his lap. Momentarily, she was suspended over his menacing cock. Smiling like a paid whore, Anna reached down between her legs and held her daddy's shaft rigid below her. Anna whispered, "Do you want your baby girl's tight pussy? Do you want to fuck your baby girl like a bad daddy? If Rachel wasn't here you could stick that huge cock in me every night. You would like that, wouldn't you?"

Rachel felt her sister's stab.

He replied, "Yes, I love your sweet pussy."

As her daddy lowered Anna, she placed the swollen head of his shaft between her pussy lips and rubbed the pink tip back and forth. Rachel could see how wet his cock became with her juices. With his pole wet from her excitement, Anna lowered herself downwards on to his enormous cock. Impaling herself. Slowly and gently, her narrow pussy slipped down his veiny shaft.

Anna whispered back, "Send Rachel home and can have my sweet pussy when ever you want."

Anna's continued threats infuriated Rachel, so she snapped picture after picture. Rachel made sure she gathered more evidence.

After her daddy buried his cock deep inside Anna, he leaned back. Anna braced herself like a gymnast with her feet set flat on the back seat. She suspended herself between the two front seats while her daddy slowly stroked his cock inside her. Then, Anna took control from her daddy and started sliding her pussy up and down his wet cock.

Her daddy could now enjoy himself. No longer having to physically support Anna, her daddy let his hands roam across her smooth, sexy body, squeezing her ass, fondling her breasts and exploring the length of her legs. Anna's nipples slid between his finger tips as he became more frantic. He even slipped his finger, still wet with her pussy juice, into Anna's mouth. Her full lips just got him more excited as Anna licked his fingers clean.

He continued to explore Anna's body. Rachel could see his fingers press into Anna's flesh as he tried to get his cock deeper into his daughter. His hips were now bouncing up to meet her descending pussy and Rachel could hear their flesh slap together.

Rachel could see passion in her daddy's face as he concentrating on stroking his cock inside Anna while touching every inch of her hard body. A bubble of jealousy rose inside her. For a moment, Rachel wondered if her dad had the same look on his face when he had fucked Rachel earlier in the pool house.

Anna held on to her bucking bronco and whispered, "Do you like fucking me, daddy. If so, Rachel has to go. Your guilt created this problem. You shouldn't have brought her here. We haven't been able to spend anytime together so you have to make her go away. I don't want to hide anymore. I no longer want that bitch in my home. Get rid of Rachel, daddy and we can fuck like newly weds."

Concentrating on keeping his cock lodged inside his daughter, her daddy replied, "I'll see what I can do, baby. You feel so good, so tight. You keep fucking me like this and I'll give you what ever you want."

Motivated to perform to his satisfaction, Anna's hips bounced up and down as his shaft slipped deeper inside her. Slowly, Anna started to move her hips in a circle and ground her clit against the base of her daddy's enormous cock. As Anna pressed her hips down on his shaft, she pushed her daddy for more of a commitment, "Do you promise to tell her tomorrow? If you want to screw me more often, you have to get rid of Rachel."

Enjoying the ride, he tried to avoid making the promise, "I can't. I'll be gone early in the morning but maybe when I get back."

"Good, I want her out of here. And I want my dress back."

Anna leaned forward, grabbed him by the neck and kissed her daddy. A deep, passionate kiss that sucked out his soul. Their tongues danced as Anna continued to slide her pussy up and down on his cock, milking him. Her nether lips gripped his shaft and helped pull him over the edge. His hips started twitching and his tempo increased until finally, he spasmed as he arched his back. Her daddy screamed that he was coming and kept slamming his hips into her womb. With a smile, Anna stopped moving and just held her daddy with her arms wrapped around his neck as he spurted inside her. As his spasms dwindled, Anna whispered, "Aren't I your favorite daughter, daddy?"

Her daddy whispered back, "Yes, baby, you're my favorite."

"Can I have my dress back?"


Rachel couldn't watch anymore and closed the door. Crushed by her daddy's betrayal and her sister's hatred, she went back to bed.

Almost 45 minutes later, Rachel heard Anna climb the stairs. Pretending to be asleep, Rachel was lying in bed when Anna returned to the bedroom. Anna walked straight over to Rachel's closet and got the infamous dress out. Then, Anna hid it in the back of her own closet.

Satisfied that the plunder was hidden, Anna walked over and stood above Rachel's bed. With a whisper low enough not to wake Rachel, Anna spoke in a venomous tone, "Hey bitch, daddy is going to throw you out and you won't even see it coming. Go to hell and stay there."

Tired, Anna slipped back into her bed and was soon asleep. Meanwhile, a curtain of despair crushed Rachel as she thought about the evening. Each word, kiss and embrace that Anna and her daddy shared cut deep into Rachel.

Rachel was overwhelmed. Betrayals were covered with nastier betrayals. The weight of their deceit felt crippling but she could feel the anger build inside her. This was merely a game for the two of them to play but Rachel knew she could win. She was going to get even.

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