Rachel's Daddy


Her daddy moved to the side of the table while continuing to touch her. Gently, he reached across her body to the opposing side and grasped her arm. He folded her arm behind her back. The aching muscles hidden along her shoulder blade were exposed. He pressed down with his thumb. The soothing pressure dulled the muscle's protest. It felt good.

In a series of progressive movements, her daddy rolled her on to her side, her back now facing him and her arm pinned behind her back. Her chest was now exposed and available yet she couldn't do anything about it. She knew what was going to happen and didn't try to stop him. Without a word, her daddy's oily hand slipped between the table and her chest as he cupped his hand around her breast. He held the weight of her breast in his palm, examining it.

Surprisingly, he fondled her breasts without further prelude. He palmed her breast like her old boyfriend used to when they went to the movies. Slow and sensuous. Rachel felt she should object but hesitated, confused. Rachel was surprised how much she enjoyed her daddy cupping her breasts, fondling her.

Lulled into his warm, seemingly safe liar, she was overwhelmed with the excitement of being chased; a willing prey toying with her predator for the sake of an adrenaline rush. Although not wanting to be caught, she wasn't willing to stop his pursuit.

Rachel knew she was in trouble since her nipples had hardened to the size of grapes because they were so sensitive. He must have noticed because he stopped fondling her breast to focus on her rigid nipple. He held her puffy nipples between his thumb and forefinger, milking them.

Her little red knobs grew harder and longer under his fingers. Her eyes fluttered when he started lightly pinching her nipples. His pinch grew firmer and stronger. She couldn't stop him because her arm was still twisted behind her back, but, secretly, she didn't want him to stop.

Rachel felt the electricity shoot to her womb as her daddy continued to caress her breasts. She knew this feeling. Her old boyfriend used to make her cum in the back of his car by just lifting her blouse and sucking on her nipples until she thrashed about in the darkness. Rachel would have multiple orgasms without even taking of her jeans.

Rachel was shocked when her pussy started getting wet because it was her daddy that was making her so excited, not her boyfriend. Alarmed, she started to protest, "Daddy, I..."

He hushed her with a calming yet authoritative voice, "Shhh, baby. Daddy knows what he his doing. This technique requires all parts of your body to be massaged. Everything is alright because it's just the two of us here. "

Unconvinced but temporarily appeased, Rachel stopped resisting and let him continue to massage her chest as he saw fit. She squeezed her legs together to stop the growing warmth in her pussy because she didn't want to cum in front of him. Her daddy continued his exploration of her upper torso until he couldn't hold her up anymore. She was relieved when he rolled her back onto her stomach and moved his focus to her back again.

Luckily, she hadn't gotten too excited and tried to calm herself down while he massaged her back muscles. Rachel opened her eyes to try to gain her composure and looked around through the cutout in the massage table. Seeing nothing but rug, she looked over at her daddy's feet and legs. Curious, she glanced even farther up and immediately closed her eyes. With his pants removed, her daddy's cock, larger than she had imagined, was straining to get out of his boxers.

With her eyes closed, she doubted herself about the size of his cock. She was startled as if confronted by a wild animal in the dark. She thought that maybe she was imagining things and maybe his cock wasn't that big. She peeked one more time to make sure.

Yes. Her daddy's cock, bigger than any of her boyfriends, was trying to stick straight out but was trapped inside his boxers. She immediately closed her eyes and tried to forget the image. She tried to hide her mental picture of her daddy's cock in the back of mind. The wine and the massage helped her try to forget and relax.

After about five minutes, she noticed her daddy's fingers were traveling between her ass cheeks. Probing. Exploring. His fingers were now freely roaming the crevice. It felt good but she never expected her daddy to be doing it to her. Her voice reached out to him from her dream land by warning him, "Daddy, you shouldn't do that."

"Baby, you are disappointing me. I thought you were going to be cooperative? Remember, this is my last night here for awhile. Maybe, I should have spent it with Anna."

Confronted with his desire for her half-sister, Rachel tried to appease him, "No daddy, please keep going and forgive me. I'll stop interrupting you."

Rachel, disgusted that her half-sister's name was mentioned again, continued, "Daddy, what do you like about Anna?"

"She is a great person. Smart. Good in school. Beautiful. Very athletic. A good kisser. Anna is wonderful."

Rachel wasn't sure she heard her daddy correctly, "Did you say a good kisser? How do you know?"

Her daddy quickly responded, "It was no big deal. After a couple of her dates, I heard some boys tell her she was a good kisser and asked her about it. To show me, she gave me a really good kiss on my birthday."

"Daddy! That is disgusting. How could you?"

"It was great. Why wouldn't I kiss her? Her boyfriends were right. She is a great kisser and she has beautiful lips."

Rachel couldn't believe what she heard. In silence, she laid there thinking about Anna and her daddy kissing. She wondered, "What kind of kiss was it? Where did they kiss? Did they only kiss that one time? Was this why Anna was so possessive of her daddy? Was she really a better kisser than me?" She thought about it while her daddy continued to work his magic on her back and ass.

Rachel couldn't stand the fact that Anna had kissed her dad. She was mad but recognized that she was jealous. She didn't want Anna to be her dad's favorite. Finally, Rachel asked, "Daddy, I have kissed you before. Is she a better kisser than me?"

"I don't know, baby. This was different; Anna's kiss wasn't like yours. She meant it."

The unspoken challenge hung in the air. She felt awkward because she was lying naked on the table. Rachel knew what she needed to do but was embarrassed to say it. "Daddy, I think.... I mean, I can kiss.... You can kiss me. Try me. I can kiss like I mean it too."

Her daddy thought about it and said, "No, I don't think you can. Baby, you're a little uptight."

"Please daddy, please."

Her daddy stopped massaging her and offered her another glass of wine while he said, "Okay baby, let's see, but after you drink this. You need it."

Rachel drank the wine quickly and felt light headed from the night's drinking and passion. Her daddy got down beside the table while Rachel lifted her head up and stretched her neck towards him. She looked into his eyes but they were closed. He pressed his lips against hers and Rachel was surprised how soft his lips. Rachel shyly kissed him and pulled away. It was a sweet, friendly kiss, but she knew it wasn't a winner. Questioningly, she looked up at him.

"Sorry, Anna is a better kisser."

Rachel begged, "Daddy, hold it. One more time, please. I was uncomfortable."

Rachel lifted herself up farther off of the massage table with one arm and turned her torso towards her daddy while she covered her breasts with the other arm. She closed her eyes and waited for her daddy. He leaned forward and kissed her with his soft lips. His kiss was slow and sensual. She slowly melted as she felt the passion in his kiss.

Rachel was surprised she parted her lips and welcomed her daddy's tongue slipping into her mouth. His tongue sensually explored her mouth. She was equally surprised that she was responding the same way. They kissed in the darkened room like two lovers before a long separation.

Rachel let the picture of her daddy's big cock flood back to the front of her mind. She was shocked at how wet she had become at the thought of his cock and with a moan, started kissing her daddy with renewed vigor. Her daddy showed his appreciation for her enthusiasm as his hands wandered.

Rachel allowed him to push her arm away from her chest and while they continued to kiss, he fondled her breasts. He obviously remembered how sensitive her nipples were because he caressed her pink buds. He teased her by bringing her the edge and then releasing her nipples while they continued their torrid kissing.

Her pussy exploded when his hands found her nipples again and toyed with them. Caressed them. Teased them. He sucked on her juicy lower lip while she came from his attention to her nipples. Her body shook and her hips rocked against the table as his fingers twisted her rigid nipples. She twisted her thighs to match the intensity of his kiss.

Rachel let the orgasm sweep over her and take control of her body. She couldn't kiss any longer and released a deep, throaty moan while her daddy continued sucking on her lip and groping her. Rachel's muscles stopped functioning and let her daddy hold her up. Slowly, he released her as her body stopped convulsing.

After she came, she let her daddy break off the kiss. She collapsed, exhausted. Her daddy spoke first, "Damn that was the best kiss I ever had, but I think you liked it more than I did. You must be exhausted so just lay back and relax."

She sunk into the massage table and hid her face in the table's cutout. Embarrassed by her orgasm, she didn't want to look into his face, but she wondered what the thought. She thought about his cock. She opened her eyes and saw that his cock seemed to have grown after their kiss. She wanted to see his naked cock but it remained hidden in shorts. Rachel knew her pussy had become wetter at the thought.

He continued manipulating her body without another word. Rachel was too relaxed to object so she didn't do anything more to stop him when his fingers touched her in forbidden places. He was touching her in places she hadn't even touched. She let her mind go blank and let her body relax by not thinking about what her daddy was doing to her.

Her daddy was now leaning over her as far as he could. His oily fingertips were so far down between her ass cheeks that they lightly touched her pussy lips. She pretended that she didn't notice.

Casually, her daddy moved to the side of the table, lifted her hips and slipped a pillow under her pelvis. Looking her over, he wasn't satisfied so he added another pillow beneath her. Her ass was now sticking high in the air. Naked. Totally exposed. Yet, Rachel no longer cared. Her daddy returned to massaging her ass and let his slippery hands slowly circle her cheeks as if he was polishing them. Admiring them.

He broke the silence and whispered, "I see you have been wearing a tiny thong at the beach. Your sweet ass has nice tan cheeks with a little white line up the center. The boys must have loved it. You have an incredible ass. Firm. Ripe. Creamy smooth skin. The perfect size. It makes me hard just looking at it."

Rachel was unsettled by her father's words but secretly felt proud. She didn't know what to say so she didn't respond but he was right. The boys at the beach loved her booty.

Through the table's opening, she glanced over at her daddy's cock and noticed he liked her booty too. His cock was straining against his boxers to stand straight out. She closed her eyes.

Her father slid the sheet further down her legs to her calves and slightly spread her long limbs. She was almost completely naked. After re-oiling his hands, he started massaging her inner thighs. Slowly his fingers probed and teased her leg muscles until they turned limp. He spread her legs a little farther apart. She was so feeble she couldn't move them back.

Rachel noticed that his fingers were now rubbing against her pussy lips. She wanted to say something but she was too weak and, disturbingly, it felt good. Embarrassed, she pretended that she was asleep.

Her father returned his focus on Rachel's ass. He pressed his hand down the crack of her ass until his fingers slid over her pussy mound and he hooked his fingertips around to the front of her pussy mound. He then reversed direction and slid his hand back over her pussy mound and over her swollen clit.

He repeated this action and each time his middle finger pressed further between her lips. Her clit quivered with each touch because it was still sensitive from her earlier orgasm. She felt the heat rise in her womb and knew his fingers were wet with her excitement. She wanted to be fucked.

As last a last ditch effort by her conscience, she pleaded, "Daddy, I need to stop."

"No reason to stop, baby, but do whatever you need to do."

But Rachel didn't stop or move. She couldn't. She laid there and let her daddy continue stroking her clit. Rachel sensed her legs spread instinctively to allow him more access. She hated to admit that she wanted her father to do more to her.

His hands slowed down and she felt his middle finger now circling her clit. Slow and rhythmic. In her massage induced trance, she felt her clit get harder and grow with his touch. He kept strumming her clit and Rachel found herself moving her hips against his fingertips. In response, he increased the tempo.

"Daddy, it feels so good but I should stop."

He teased her, "Baby, you said that before."

Rachel didn't know what to do. A familiar tingle was vibrating inside her. She knew she shouldn't be feeling so good. As she waited, her pussy got wetter and her daddy's finger slipped deeper between her lips.

When Rachel realized her hips were pressing harder against her daddy's fingers, she pleaded with her daddy, "We have to stop. I don't want anybody to know about this."

"No, we don't have to stop and no one is going to know about it. You just lay there. I have something special for you."

Rachel felt the weight of her daddy get up on the massage table as he knelt between her legs. She knew what he was going to do. Rachel opened her eyes and saw her daddy's boxers crumpled on the floor. Her daddy was naked and on his knees between her spread legs. She wanted him.

Overwhelmed by his persistent pursuit, her alcohol tainted reasoning, and the anticipation of mysteries revealed, she surrendered herself to him. Pulling her up by the hips, he pressed the tip of his cock into the crack of her pussy. His cock was hard and long. Rachel was now up on her hands and knees. Her breasts hung below her, swinging in tempo to her daddy's strokes against her fleshy ass. She felt desired and sexy. Her daddy obviously wanted her.

Her daddy then reached around and cupped her breasts. As he fondled them and tweaked her nipples, he whispered, "Rachel, you are so beautiful. I cannot keep my hands off you. You have incredible legs and succulent breasts. I need to fuck you, baby. Do you want your daddy to fuck you, baby?"

With these words, Rachel pressed her ass back against him and felt his cock spread her swollen lips. Her daddy rubbed the head of his cock along her wet pussy lips and she could feel him slip his cock back and forth on her clit.

She wanted to be bad because she was tired of being a good girl. Rachel finally admitted to herself that she wanted her daddy to fuck her. Rachel whispered, "Daddy, please fuck me. My pussy needs your cock."

"Oh god, I've waited to hear those words from your pretty little mouth. You are going to get the fuck of your sweet life."

Grabbing his cock, her daddy guided his engorged head between her puffy, wet pussy lips. As he pushed inside her, Rachel pushed back. It was a slow, painful entry because he was so big but she enjoyed every inch.

Whenever Rachel felt she was so full of his cock that she didn't think anymore would fit, her daddy managed to get to a little more inside her. Rachel reached back between her legs and continued stroking her clit while her daddy tried to bury himself inside her. The familiar tingle returned to her pussy. With a devilish smile, she knew she would cum with her daddy's cock deep inside her.

Her daddy purred, "I love your sweet pussy. It's so tight. I can tell you have never had a real man before me. I'm never going to get tired of you."

Her daddy was now fucking her hard, stroking her. He pulled his cock almost all the way out and then pushed all of his cock back deep inside her. Rachel felt the heat from his passion deep inside her. She widened her legs so he could slip easily inside her. Her daddy was moaning like a dying man, "Rachel, you are the greatest piece of ass. I love your snapping pussy."

Rachel teased him, "Daddy, do you like fucking your baby girl?"

His tempo picked up speed as the words left his mouth. "Yes, I love fucking my baby girl. I love her tight, wet pussy."

"Daddy, do you want to cum inside your baby girl?"

"God yes, I want to cum inside your tight, wet pussy."

Rachel felt her daddy's strokes quicken as he pressed harder against her. She knew he was close to cuming. Her fingers were a blur as they rubbed her clit. She could feel her daddy's enormous cock slip deeper inside her with each stroke. She rested her head against the table as his hands now held both of her tits. He twisted her nipples until the words just poured out of her mouth. "Fuck your baby girl, daddy. Cum inside my wet pussy. Fuck me."

He responded, "Fuck, Yes."

Rachel started cumming with the words on her lips while she started shaking beneath her daddy. Rachel closed her eyes and pushed her ass against her daddy's hot cock. Her mouth was open and moving but no sound escaped. Her muscles involuntarily contracted and released. Rachel could no longer control her body and felt her legs slip out from under while her daddy pounded away at her pussy. Above her, she could hear his frantic words.

"Baby, I'm cuming. I am going to fill your hot little pussy. Oh, fuck..."

With each stroke, she felt hot, molten sperm shooting inside her pussy. He pushed his cock inside her again and again. His weight pinned her to the table while his cock still moved inside her. Rachel was warm and happy as her daddy fucked her. She never felt so close to him. Sadly, each proceeding spurt diminished in power and quantity. Rachel's pussy was now full of sperm and a shrinking cock. She loved it.

Her daddy's lips were now next to her ear as he collapsed on top of her and she could hear his grunting which made her hornier. He whispered, "I love your beautiful, tight blonde pussy. You can have anything you want. Just ask."

"Tell me I'm your favorite daughter."

His last thrusts increased. "Baby, you are my favorite daughter."

"Good, then tell Anna the dress is mine."

He finally stopped moving and reluctantly whispered, "I will. I promise."

Rachel closed her eyes with a smile on her face. His warm juices dribbled down between her thighs while his hands still griped her tender breasts. She felt sore and bruised yet she was in heaven. Slowly, she fell asleep under the weight of her daddy with his softening cock still deep inside her.

Rachel woke up later that night in the darkened cabana covered with a sheet but everything else was the same except her daddy was gone. Realizing it was hours later, she looked around and was relieved no one had accidentally discovered her. Even in the darkness, the empty wine glasses, the dress lying on the floor, her panties in a ball by the door and the crumpled, stained sheet were evidence of her evening's debauchery.

Slowly, she cleaned up and got dressed. Rachel smiled; she wanted to show Anna her new dress.

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