tagSci-Fi & FantasyRaiders of the Galaxy Ch. 01

Raiders of the Galaxy Ch. 01


Faurklath Brothel was the unique attraction of Clovern County, a small agricultural province on the smaller continent of Aktarqua. Aktarqua itself was of little interest, from both economical and strategic points of view. An average planet orbiting an average sun, far from the Empire’s sphere of attraction.

Aktarqua’s inhabitants were but quite aware of the Empire’s life. News was mostly provided by merchants’ ships that came trading grain for obsolete (from the Empire’s point of view) technology. However, gossips from the court and the last trends of music fashion were only relevant to a small fraction of the population of Mahaktarqua, the planet’s capital.

Little was known about the space pirates on Aktarqua and it was without any fear that one day, Faurklath welcomed Negous, the space pirate, in his brothel. It wasn’t his brothel of course. Lady Faurklath (that’s how she wanted to be named but everybody called her Madam in her back) ruled the place.

Negous was not alone. He had brought his four lieutenants. Four fierce warriors, ready to stand tall in front of their chief. In fact, they did after Negous replied to Lady Faurklath’s invitation to make his choice.

"You don’t know us, Lady," he said, "It’s our honour as men to be chosen by the women. And we will give the honor back by giving them the most intense pleasure they will ever have in their entire lifetime. Men, undress!"

First abashed, the house girls restrained their laughter. Then, their stares went from amazement to envy as the men unveiled their manhood. Four strong sexes rising high, each of a size no woman of the entire planet had ever seen. Still, they all cried in surprise when Negous revealed his own tool. It was like a third forearm had grown up between his legs and it was fully erected besides its supposed heaviness.

Mine, mine, the girls came shouting all at once but Lady Faurklath put them to order.

"Nobody but me will have this jewel. This way, Sir," she showed to Negous, ignoring Faurklath’s bulging eyes and open mouth.

Then the girls started a fight, six women for only four men was a little too much.

"Easy, ladies," said the older lieutenant, "There’s enough strength in each of us to satisfy you all, and more than once.

"You’re right brother," said the other one, "And I’ll be glad to honor two of you instead of one right now.

"So will I," said the third.

"That’s settled," said the older, "Now, ladies, it’s up to you."

The hall emptied in a blink. Only remained a stupendous Faurklath. He had been mystified by his wife but she wasn’t going to get along with it that way. He went upstairs to his own apartment. Then, he silently counted little steps on the floor and kneeled. Lowering his eye to the floor, he managed to see what was going on in Lady Faurklath’s room. She didn’t know it of course or else he would have been dead long ago.

Lady Faurklath and Negous were both getting naked.

"What is your name, sweet hostess?" Negous asked.

"Just call me Lady Faurklath," she answered.

"That sounds nice and honorable but that’s not a name that can be easily whispered in a lover’s ear in the heat of passion."

Lady Faurklath almost blushed.

"Cinda. That’s my maiden name.

"So become the maiden you were and come to me, Cinda."

Hypnotized, Cinda approached Negous and fell to her knees. His pole was hanging like a tree branch over her head and she began licking it all the way up. She tried to swallow its fist-sized head but she choked. Giving Negous a sorry glance, she licked the gland while stroking him with both hands. Negous showed no emotion but few words of encouragement.

"That’s nice, Cinda...Tame my manhood, gentle maid."

After a few minutes, seeing that her actions were engendering no significant reaction from her partner, Cinda stopped.

Negous’s stare almost frightened her. She resumed her stroking and talked to him with a little voice.

"My Lord, you are indeed the most well endowed man I’ve ever seen in my entire life. I wonder how my sex would be able to welcome this beauty."

Negous roared.

"Do not fear me, dear Cinda. I don’t intend to cause you any harm, on the contrary. The size of my tool measures up the new heights of pleasure you will reach.

"I don’t know if I’m ready yet...

"Indeed, you’re not," Negous replied, "Let me handle this for you."

His enormous hands reached for her hips and lifted her into the air. Cinda gave a little scream of surprise and in his room, Faurklath jumped. Negous laughed of her reaction and started throwing her upwards and catching her falling, like she was a baby until she too laughed.

"There..." he said, "you seem to be in a better mood, now. Let’s get it on."

Sitting on the couch, he turned her around, putting her legs on his shoulders. His hands grabbed her ass cheeks and parted them, displaying her snatch and ass hole. Still laughing, he spat on her lips and buried his face between her thighs.

Things had gone too fast for Cinda and when she regained her thoughts, she found she was upside down, tied to Negous’s tongue, her face pressed against his muscular belly. The man was licking her fiercely, moving her body like it was an ice cream. She put her arms around his waist, without circling him.

"Grab the pole," shouted a voice coming from her legs.

Coming to order, she reached for Negous’s stick, squeezing it hard to regain her balance.

The pirate was soaking her wet. His tongue was on her clit, lapping it like a dog. Seconds after, he was thrusting it into her vagina, moving it like an exploring finger.

Cinda had never received such treatment before. Being used like a puppet was more exciting than Negous’s unromantic caresses. And soon, her own juices joined Negous’s saliva dripping slowly on her belly. When she started moaning, Negous grabbed her waist with a single arm and plugged his other hand fingers into her wet cavern, his tongue sliding to explore her ass hole.

In no time, Cinda felt her inner parts shivering and let the orgasm submerge her consciousness. Her grip on Negous’s still erect manhood tightened, that the pirate didn’t seem to mention. However, without letting Cinda catch her breath, he twirled her body in the air and laid her surprisingly softly on the couch. He grabbed his muscular sex and positioned it between Cinda’s thighs. Then, without a word of warning, he made his way between her inner lips.

Cinda’s eyes bulged out as the pillar of flesh entered her vagina, stretching her intimate muscles to limits never reached before. She screamed, more surprised than hurt that this monster could fit in without tearing her.

Above them, Faurklath stared in awe at the inhuman sex that his spouse’s could not engulf entirely. His jealous feelings climaxed when Cinda shouted out words he never had heard when she allowed him to have sex like husband and wife.

"Oh Lords...Oh Lords, yes!...Yes! More, more, MORE!!"

Her cries became a litany following the rhythm of Negous’s strokes. Soon, bumping sounds resonated throughout the brothel as the couch head crashed on the wall with his every hard pumping moves. Her body tossed, Cinda didn’t care, lost in an ever-rising tide of pleasure. She was on the verge of her most intense orgasm. Though blinded by the sensation, she became amazed by the feeling of Negous’s steel hard pipe growing bigger. True, the pirate was showing signs of excitation : red face, hard breathing, his hands gripping Cinda’s hips firmer.

"There, Cinda," he warned her, "receive my precious semen...now!"

As he let go, he greeted his orgasm with a deep roar of fulfillment that Cinda joined with her climaxing cries.

The door swung open and a berserk Faurklath jumped on Negous’s back, stabbing him with a butcher’s knife. The pirate, weakened by the orgasm, swung his arms into the air trying to get rid of that deadly fly. To no avail.

"Help, my comrades, help!!!" he shouted to the top of his lungs.

Unfortunately, his lieutenants were quite busy at that moment and when they appeared at the bedroom door, they found their chief lying in his blood, mounted by Faurklath still stabbing. Quickly, two of them disarmed the madman, another took care of a hysterical Cinda and the older brought a glass of water to the bleeding man.

He was still alive but there was nothing to do to save him.

"Listen, my old friend," he whispered, "My time has come, now. Too soon....Remember that lesson : watch out for the jealous husband!"

His laugh turned into a cough.

"Quick...listen carefully," he said hastily, "With the privilege of age, you are the chief of the Hoard now. With this, you become...(cough)...you become the depository of our secret. Take this, he said, handing a small silver key to his successor. It opens a little chest in my cabin. You will find all you need...(cough)...to know..."

His voice weakened. Slowly, the new chief put his head back on the ground.

"What did he say?" the younger lieutenant asked.

"Stand tall for the pride of the Hoard."

To be continued...

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