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Rain Fantasy


It had been raining hard for most of day. Master looks up from the television and looks down at me in His lap.

"I think it's the right weather for your rain fantasy slave" He smiles wickedly.

"Yes Master" i reply smiling as i slide of Masters lap and stand in front of Him

"Go get yourself dressed. I need to find something" Master walks out the room. Quickly i head for the bedroom and start to dress in white bra, white suspender belt. black stockings, white blouse and black skirt. Making sure everything is in place before going back into living-room to wait for Masters return. After a few minutes Master returns with a bag. He looks me over and nods and moves towards the door. Quickly i follow Master out to the car.

He heads out for the countryside. Stopping at a densely wooded area. He smiles over at me and W/we exit the car. Rain pouring down soaking O/our clothes to O/our skin as W/we make O/our way deeper into the woods. Master notices a tree stump and stops. He smiles.

"Here will do My sweet slut." Standing still i watch as Master places the bag onto the floor next to a tree stump. Moving back to me he kisses my hard on my lips. O/our clothes sticking to O/our bodies with the rain. Master bends His head down and bites on my erect nipples through my blouse. Master slides His hand in-between my thighs up to find my wet pussy sliding two fingers deep inside as i spread my legs as wide as my skirt will allow. Letting out a soft moan as Master moves his fingers in and out my wet pussy.

Master nibbles His way up my neck and starts to bite. His bite becoming harder, hard enough to break the skin. Which He does. Master sucks on my neck, sucking at my coppery nectar. His fingers ramming in and out my pussy as the rain falls heavily onto U/us. His moans vibrating against my neck as He sucks. He stops sucking and looks at me and without warning bends me over the tree stump. Pushing up my skirt to reveal my stocking tops. Moving behind me Master slides a finger along my ass cheeks and down to my ring. Slowly circling with His finger He slides just the tip inside.

"OOHHHHHH Master" i gasp as His finger slides in and out. No sooner is His finger inside my ass and it's gone. Master moves over to His bag and fetches a vibe out. He kisses the end and kneels down next to the tree stump. Slowly He trails the vibe along my wet pussy lips up and down rubbing slowly over her clit. he slides just the tip inside her wet pussy. In and out He slides it. Desperate for the vibe inside my pussy i push down but Master takes it away.

"Stand slut" He commands. Moving quickly i stand. Legs spread slightly and hands clasped behind my straight back. Noting my skirt is half way up my thighs but not daring to move. Master stands in front of me and turns the vibe on. He touches the tip against my nipples and then along my breasts. Letting out a loud moan as the vibe pulses against me. He grabs hold of my wet blouse and undoes the buttons. Opening it up to reveal my erect nipples and breasts. The rain dribbling between my breasts. Taking off my bra and blouse Master takes a nipple between His thumb and finger and the other between His teeth Master bites and pinches them hard. Tossing my head back as i cry out.

Reaching down and unzipping Masters pants and releasing His thick hard shaft. Encircling my fingers around it as i start to wank Masters cock. Slowly at first but getting faster, both O/our moans loud at each O/others touch. Master takes the hem of my skirt into His hand and lifts it up to my waist and rams 3 fingers deep into my wet pussy. Master rams His fingers in and out as He bites on my nipple and pinches the other. Pushing me down again onto the tree stump He rubs over my wet ass cheeks.

'Smackkkkkk' He brings his hand down on my ass. Jerking forward against the tree. The bark digging into my flesh.

"Thank You Master" i murmur. He rubs carefully over the hand print on my ass.

"Another slut?" He asks but already knows the answer as He raises His hand up high.

"Yes please Master. Please may Your slut have another?" Begging with all my might. biting down on my bottom lip.

"Are you sure slut?" He asks but before i can reply He brings His hand down on my red ass

'Smackkkkkkkkk' Again He rubs over my marked red ass. Biting down hard on my bottom lip.

"Thank You Master" i mumble. He strokes my ass and reaches for the dildo. Without warning He rams it deep in my pussy wriggles it about and pulls it out to tip. Biting harder on my bottom as Master fucks my pussy with the dildo. He stops after 4/5 thrusts and moves behind me. Spreading my ass cheeks Master inserted the tip of His cock.

"Masterrrrrrrr" i cry out as the tip enters. Slowly Master teases His cock into my ass. Moaning loudly as His cock fills my ass. He starts to thrust His thick hard cock in and out my ass as He fucks my pussy with the dildo. Ramming both His cock and the dildo in and out my ass. Orgasms building inside as both my holes are fucked.

"Please Master. Please may Your slut cum?" i beg as the tree bark digs in to me and im fucked by my Master. Master thrusts His cock in harder and deeper as He does the same with the dildo. His cock throbbing in my ass ready to shoot His load. "Please Master. Please may Your slut cum?" i beg again.

"Yes My slut you may." His breathe rasped as He feels His own orgasm at its hilt. With one deep final thrust T/they cum. T/their moans and cries mixed as one.

A few short minutes later Master pulls His cock out my ass and the dildo out my wet pussy, holding out His hand He helps me up. Standing in front of Him straightening my clothes. He dips His head and kisses me hard on my lips.

"Another one to strike of your list sweet slave "Master says with a chuckle as W/we head back to the car.

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