tagGay MaleRainy Saturday Suck!

Rainy Saturday Suck!


I love his cock. Plain and simple, I absolutely love his big uncut cock! He's been my lover for a couple of months now, two bi guys having fun, but not nearly as often as we'd both like due to our different work schedules. We're both married, and my wife knows how much I love his cock, but his wife isn't interested. Still hoping for a threesome at some point, but hard to schedule.

Anyway, it's been a couple of weeks since we've been able to play, and I can't get his cock out of my mind. Hard and thick, it's eight inches long with a very thin foreskin. Never really got into uncut dick, as I never even saw one in person until the '90s, but his is fantastic. I love the way it feels in my mouth as I suck it, and even when he pumps my ass, although we're still working on that part of things.

He emailed me this morning and asked if I could play. As it happened, I was available and asked him to come over. We were having a thunderstorm, an extremely rare event in this part of Texas, and while the rain was most welcome, the lightning was not. It finally calmed down enough for me to clean up, and I waited, naked, for him to arrive.

I heard the soft knock at the door, and went to answer it, careful not to give the neighbors a free show. He came in and exchanged greetings, then began to strip. Once he was nude, his erect cock led the way to the couch, and he sat down. I moved a pillow to the floor to protect my knees, and then gazed at the eight-inch beauty swaying in front of me.

I slowly engulfed the head of his hot penis in my mouth, and we both groaned in pleasure at the contact. He moved his hand to my head, and guided me down the length of his shaft, letting out a soft growl as my mouth conquered his dick. I pumped up and down the shaft several times, the pulled my mouth off with a loud pop.

Moving lower now, I caressed his heavy balls with my tongue. He was shaved completely bare, which I find very sexy, and my tongue licked and worked his sack tenderly. He moaned and told me to "suck those balls, cocksucker!" and I eagerly complied.

I wanted to go lower, but I wanted him to make me do it, so I just let my tongue graze the area below his balls. He reached down and moved his balls out of the way, hunched forward on the couch, and whispered to me to lick his ass. I pretended not to hear him, so he grabbed my hair and forced me lower, causing my tongue to make full contact with his tight hole.

"That's it, eat my ass! Get your tongue in there and work it, cocksucker!" he moaned as my tongue found his hot hole and penetrated it. I've never been much for rimming or eating another guy's hole, but he was so hot and I just couldn't resist. I tongue-fucked him furiously, getting more loud moans from him in return, until he finally pulled me back up to his cock.

After a few more minutes of this pleasure, he stood up. My mouth followed his cock, and I went backwards with him as he rose. He pulled his cock from my mouth, and told me he wanted to see me play with my dick before we did anything else.

I moved to the other couch and began to masturbate, getting my cock stiff and beginning to rub my balls. He stood over me, his wet erect cock in his hand, telling me to play with it. As I did, he came over and pulled on my nipples, causing me to moan and get harder. I love nipple play, and it never fails to get me off! He brought his cock to my mouth, kneeling over me on the couch, and told me to open up and suck. I moaned and did as he told me, eager to have his cock back in my mouth. Sucking dick while jacking is just about the best thing ever, and he pumped me slowly as I worked. He then moved forward to have me lick his balls, and then continued going until his hot ass rested on my tongue. I wasted no time in licking his hole, hearing him moan in the background as I ate him. He alternated feeding me his cock and playing with my nips, until finally I told him I was going to come. He moved and continued mauling my nips, telling me to come, and I sprayed hot sperm all over the place. After a moment's rest, he told me to go wash off and lube my ass, because we weren't done yet!

I had placed the lube in the bathroom for just such an option, but I was worried. I hadn't played with my bottom since the last time we were together, and it was so tight then that I got hurt. I lubed my hole and returned to the living room. He slapped my ass and asked me if I wanted his cock in my hole, and I moaned.

I did want it, but I remembered how much it had hurt the last time, and I didn't want to deal with that today. I moaned as he kissed the back of my neck, telling him I was so tight I didn't think I could take it, and he told me that would be okay, and that I could just finish sucking him off this time.

I moved to the floor, and he moved above me, balls hanging over my face and his cock pumping away just inches from my tongue. As I licked his balls, he leaned over and fingered my hole, teasing it, and I knew he really wanted to be fucking it. As I licked his balls and his hole, he sped up working his cock and I knew he was about to squirt. Groaning loudly, he announced that he was going to come, and asked me where I wanted it. I told him to shoot all over my face and chest, and then it began to rain hot sticky sperm! He came with a huge moan, shots of his sperm landing all over my chest, neck and face. He must have shot at least 12 times, I lost track with all the hot semen landing on me.

Finally he was spent. I had to resist the urge to lick his dick clean, as he can't stand having his cock touched right after shooting his load. As he dressed, I played with the sticky cum on my chest, licking my fingers and enjoying the way it felt sliding slowly down my chest.

He thanked me for a great time, and said he was certainly going to fuck me next time, so I'd better get my dildo and practice. I agreed and showed him out, then jumped in the shower to get clean again. I thought about jacking off, as his sticky sperm was all over me, but my orgasm had taken too much out of me. What a wonderful way to start a Saturday!

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