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Ralph the Gardener


My pussy was being stretched beyond belief, the big black cock was making inroads into areas I had never had probed before. My chest was heaving, my stomach was constantly fluttering in waves of pleasure and my breath was ragged and gasping as this twenty two year old fucking cocksman, fucked this forty eight year old housewife into oblivion.

How the hell had I got to this point let me enlighten you. I am Angela, forty eight years of age, a married woman with two adult children girls, Adele and Marjorie and a lovely husband Robert, who adores me. I had everything I wanted, or so I thought, that was until I met Ralph, now Ralph is like no young male I had ever met, supremely confident around woman especially married woman as several of my friends had confided in me. All of them married and who swore Ralph was very discreet and a stud in every way. Stamina well sculpted body, staying power that was unbelievable. I didn't believe them until now, at the very least I felt it was exaggeration. Not only did he have the attributes I have already mentioned but he also had remarkable recovery time, an ability to fuck forever and cum, oh yes boy did he cum!

Back to my current situation, I had listened to the ladies in my circle brag about this guy for so long and so often my pussy was latterly running like a river every time I thought of him. So much so I would often find myself laid out on my marital bed using my largest dildo on myself till I erupted screaming his name leaving myself panting and lusting for the real thing more and more. It was I suppose inevitable I would become yet another of his conquests and a slut wife giving up her marriage vows for a taste of a big black cock.

Even my eldest daughter Marjorie and her husband Jeremy had recommended him, saying he was a fine worker who had exceeded their expectations and proved himself a wonderful gardener, I hoped that was all he was giving them but the downward glance, and slight reddening of the cheeks, from my daughter made me just a little suspicious wondering if she had experienced the joys of black cock as a married woman or as a teenager. Ralph was easy to lure to my home where I now found myself on all fours as previously described. He was the local gardener and my unsuspecting husband was only to keen to employ him when I mentioned my lady friends used him regularly. Only I don't think my husband realises just what for.

Ralph duly arrived with his van and proceeded to get is equipment out of the back of it before he knocked at the door. I had heard the van arrive and had watched as he and two white males disembarked, I was frantic, excited and nervous with anticipation of what I was about to do. My pussy was literally dripping, my tiny panties were soaking already and he hadn't even touched me yet!

I opened the door nervous, excited and in no little way eagerly. He smiled and I knew straight away my marriage vows were about to be blown out of the water by this handsome athletic stud. I melted into his arms; I knew then what my friends had meant by his supreme confidence. He knew why he was there and what was on offer and he let me know he knew immediately, his big hands grabbing my ass and pulling me into his body and the feel of an already semi erect cock that made my eyes fly open at the feel of it's obvious size.

His lips were onto mine almost as quick, his tongue delving deep into my slutty married mouth, where for the past twenty five years only my husband's tongue had been. I had no doubts that very shortly every other orifice my husband had been the only previous user off was about to be taken one after the other, my pussy flooded again at the thought.

I felt his hand pull my mini skirt up and his fingers found my sloppy wet knickers. "My my missy is all wet and ready for Ralph isn't she!" he groaned.

"Oh fuck yes!" I moaned between gasps.

His first two fingers were soon three knuckle deep in my sopping hole. My knees were already on the point of buckling as he shoved two more fingers up my eager cunt. I was already being stretched more than my husband ever had. A good single fingering was his idea of foreplay, yet here I was with four fingers up my cunt already, I wanted more, no craved more and Ralph wasn't about to disappoint. I felt his thumb circling my love button and then trying to squeeze in beside the four other fingers. I let out a loud groan and a gasp as he lifted my left leg up using his other arm to allow him more access. He was soon using his fingers to good use giving me the first of many orgasms.

"Oooooooh Goooooood!!" I screamed. I hadn't been unfaithful in twenty odd years of marriage, yet only minutes after being in my home my lover was making me his. His thumb had returned to my clit and was flicking at it as I came my knees buckled and I ended up my arms around his neck and my head on his chest panting and moaning like a teenager having her first orgasm.

He lifted me up in his arms after having removed his fingers from my cunt and we ended up in our living room. He dropped me on the couch and stepped back peeling his shirt off. His toned and black body shone in the light, I looked longingly up at him any embarrassment about what was about to happen long gone. My hands were frantically stroking and plunging on, around and over my breasts, in, around and over my pussy eagerly awaiting my prize for being his new slut.

He stripped of his baggy trousers, down to his boxers and my eyes bulged, my mouth flew open, I had a tingle of fear as I saw the massive bulge in his boxers for the first time. I sat up mouth still open and I heard myself say;

"Oh my God! Oh my God it's fucking huge!" before looking up at him as he stood hands on hips and shoved his groin towards me inviting me to explore. I tentatively reached out with my hand and stroked the large sized bulge, it jumped and I flinched away, making Ralph laugh out loud.

"They've all did that to begin with but once they have it they want it all the more Susie!"

"Oh no not me I just want it this one time ...my husband I love him and couldn't do it more than once just to try you see?"

Ralph grinned and said, "Yeah sure babes whatever you say now take it out it needs some whitey loving!"

I nervously pulled the band of his boxers down to reveal a magnificent cock, almost as thick as a red bull can and definitely a good eight or nine inches long. My mouth dried up, I rapidly licked my lips and yet again my pussy flooded only this time my couch was getting soaked not just my already saturated panties which were pulled to the side anyway.

Ralph used his hands to pull my head towards his ever growing cock, his foreskin already taut behind the large plum sized glans. His balls hung low and heavy, hairless, smooth and so, so suckable. I began to plant small kisses all over his shaft, balls and bell end. "Mmmm..Mmmm!" I moaned as Ralph twiddled with my nipples through my thin blouse.

Oh yes, squeeze them, pull them make them ache!" I moaned; I love my nipples receiving this kind of attention. Ralph obliged by increasing his pressure on them and I concentrated best I could on giving his fuckmeat some oral loving. I opened my mouth as wide as I could, I was certainly in new territory with the girth of this monster. My husband's cock is a decent six inches and a good three inches in girth but this monster was stretching my mouth, the second invaded orifice, of today to new extremes.

My hands were now running down his chest, all muscled and a glorious deep ebony in colour, I sighed inwardly at the tautness of Ralphs upper body, and I smiled gently as his nipples grew at my touch. I marvelled at the memory of how Robert, my husband, and his body had reacted in the same way at that same age, as this new lover in my life.

Ralph literally tore my blouse off, of me the buttons popping off and flying all over the room. I had chosen not to wear a bra and my tits were free to his gaze and naked touch. She shook her hips to aid his removal of her mini skirt and her already sodden wet, useless knickers. His mouth was tracing small kisses and his tongue licking all the right places as he slid down my body. I found myself pulling his head into my stomach as his touch sent shivers and wonderful feelings throughout my body. I was really beginning to enjoy the touch and feel of Ralph's muscular young body as we both explored each other's eagerly.

I could hardly wait for more especially the anticipated feeling of the ramrod, steel hard thickness inside me. Ralph kissed all over my mound area and then delved deep inside my pussy with his tongue, clamping his mouth over my dripping hole and sucked and licked my pussy for several minutes, before surfacing and licking his lips moaned;

"Hell yeah tastes as good as I imagined!"

He spread my legs, I grabbed my own tits and squeezed them using my thumbs on my nipples as one of the moments I had waited for approached. He licked all over my puffy outer lips sending shivers of lust through me. My body arched to the delicate yet sensitivity of my sex being played with in this manner. His tongue gently and sensitively exploring me, his teeth began nibbling on my ultra sensitive button causing more gasps and moans to escape my ever increasing aroused breathing. He clamped my clit between his teeth and sucked hard, flicking and rolling at it with his tongue. I was lost in lustful pleasure.

Panting and whimpering, I slowly lowered my body back onto the couch, before he began again causing my body to arch upwards towards the cause of my pleasure yet again. Time and again he did this each time my level of pleasure growing deep inside me grew. He began inserting fingers one after the other as I bucked around on his mouth. This alone was causing an ever increasing arousal within me to the point my head was swimming, so much so I was feeling light headed and faint. For minutes I felt like I would pass out and miss the orgasm that was so obviously growing deep within my lower torso.

I let go of my tits and grabbed his head pushing it further into the cause of my desire, "Eat me, eat me you fucker!" I yelled as what seemed like a starburst inside my head went off. My body shook, shivered and bucked uncontrollably at his expert pussy eating.

"Oh my sweet Jesus!" I cried out. "Don't tease me Ralph! Eat me, eat me, eat Mmmeeee!"

I came there and then, hard, fast in a way I had never experienced before, so hard did I cum I was left gasping for breath. My relief was only momentary; as Ralph positioned himself above me and taking his cock in his hands he positioned it at the sopping wet slick entrance to my pussy. I look down over my heaving chest, past my fluttering stomach and at that glorious piece of fuckmeat that was about to penetrate me. Passing anything in the cock department experienced during my married or pre-married years. My hands pulled my ankles back and as wide as I could opening up my entrance for the monster that I was about to have enter me. I watched as he placed the bell end at the point of entry and then leant back and waited my fate. His cock, his big, black, hard, erect cock was mine, now I was going to find out what all my friends were going on about, the joys of being black cocked were about to be discovered.

I felt it pass my outer then inner lips, I guessed three or four inches slid in pretty easily then the first of several pauses to allow my cunt to get used to the girth he was trying to shove into me. I felt the resistance and tried so hard to relax, knowing it would be less painful if I didn't try to resist his penetrative thrusts. I groaned loudly as he shoved another inch in and then withdrew;

"Uuuuugh!...Uuummph!" I heard myself grunting as he pushed in then out again on each stroke. It seemed to take forever but eventually I felt his big balls rest against my taut arse. I sighed the sigh of contentment, opening my eyes and smiling at my new stud lover. He hooked his arms under my legs and I returned to mauling and teasing my own tits and nipples as that huge cock pumped itself in and out of my now ravaged cunt hole. I felt like a cheap whore, a slut, a cheating slutty whore, I was being used one and boy did I like it. I gasped, groaned, moaned and sighed, almost luxuriously bathing in the new feelings of being stuffed full of hard, iron hard cock, and not just any cock a big black cock. I now knew why my girl friends or lady friends praised the feeling if you could call them ladies anyway knowing now what I knew of their extra marital behaviour.

Ralph was using his hands to paw at my ass, lifting my buttocks up at every inward thrust which seemed to give him extra depth. I could feel his cock pulling and pushing at my insides. Dragging the inner lips out and shoving them and the outer lips back in on each thrust or withdrawal stroke. The bell was-end banging, smashing and battering at my cervix. Then suddenly it burst through and I let out a loud yell;

"God fuck! I can feel you in my womb baby!...it's fucking amazing!"

My head was spinning my breath was almost ultra fast as I felt a fucking like I had never had in my life begin to take place. I knew then I was about to get the biggest fucking of my life and I couldn't wait. I was being fucked so hard wet sloppy sounds of his lovemaking were filling the room. The smell of sex was hanging in the air, filling my nostrils with its hot arousing smell. I could feel the flow of our juices sliding past the perineum and over the entrance to my ass before running down my ass cheeks and onto the sofa. How the fuck I was going to explain the stain was beyond me but I didn't care, all I wanted was Ralph's cock and more of it.

I groaned a release as Ralph laughed at the cushy arrangement he had not only here, but with the rest of the ladies circle I was part of. I knew most of the ones he was servicing were in great shape. There was no doubt in my mind he preferred the young married wives, but the older ladies had certain positive arrangements that perhaps suited his constant need for married white pussy.

He let out a huge grunt as he came, filling my slutty womb full of his thick baby goo, still wondering how I was going to explain the ruined sofa to my husband, that however wasn't his problem. Then Ralph lifted me up still embedded on his cock, and walked through the house.

"Where's the shower baby?" he asked.

I pointed feebly at a door and we entered, it was a large shower, we had, had it specially built so my husband and I could shower together and enjoy more quality time together. However it wasn't my husband who had me dangling from his neck his semi erect cock still embedded in my ravaged cunt, but Ralph a twenty two year old gardener, black as coal and as virile as a man as I can recall.

We fucked together in the shower before moving from there to the kitchen, I had my legs wrapped around his waist, hugging his hips as he was fucking me against the wet tiled walls under the torrent of running water. I had clung to him, pleading with him not to stop as wave after wave of orgasmic bliss flooded through me. I squeezed his cock with my cunt muscles as best I could, determined to drain every ounce and every drop of his cum from his balls that I could. I just couldn't get enough of the shafting, the animalistic fucking I was receiving, and I wanted it badly, almost like there was no tomorrow.

In the kitchen he took me over the island, his thumb finding my slick asshole and his fingers penetrating me where no man had been before. I yelled like a banshee, begging him to fuck my ass but he said; "No maybe next time!.. Next time baby!"

I received more cock in one day than I had had in years, so much more, to the point my husband Robert asked if I had injured myself due to the pained walk I had for days. My pussy, cunt, fuck-hole whatever you want to call it was so stretched and full of another mans, a black man's at that cum it was still leaking out even after I showered and douched myself some four hours later,. I had been fucked five times, sucked him off thrice and wanked him off into a wine class which he made me promise I would drink while my husband was in the same room. I promised so long as he didn't stop coming around to service me whenever he wished. Ralph smiled and as he face fucked my throat for the third time, pulling out to cover my slutty, whorish married face in torrents of gooey cum said;

"Sure babes, anything the customer needs or wants the customer gets!" I even promised to allow him to take my virgin ass, I can hardly wait. But for now I had to go my husband was due back in an hour and I had a huge wet stain on the sofa to hide and a cunny full of my new stud's cum to clean up.


I watched as he drove out of the driveway and down the street, where he stopped and got out. One of his white workers got in and drove away leaving him at the kerb. Moments later a car I recognised as my eldest daughters pulled up beside him and he climbed in. I watched as they drove past the driveway entrance wondering where they were going the road ended only a few houses past my entrance. Then I remembered the cart track to the old buildings that backed onto our ground.

"I wonder?" I asked myself, grinning at the thought my daughter was getting Ralph's big cock as well.

I waited some moments and walked out the back door down the garden and pulled open the old gate, which made some protesting grating noises as I did. I hoped they were still in the car, at least if that's where they went, I did.

I crept forward and found yes the car was there hidden from sight from the houses around and only visible from the side of the old barn that I was stood beside. The windows were open and I could hear the conversation clearly as well as seeing my daughter was in the back seat of Jeremy's plush Range Rover that he had bought them both as an anniversary present only weeks before.

"Where the fuck have you been? I've driven past three times!" I heard Marjorie ask sounding annoyed.

"I had to do some extra work for your mother today," he answered.

"You work too hard."

I wanted to laugh knowing full well the work he had put in to me that day. .But I refrained wanting to see if my suspicions were right

I watched as they climbed out of the car and opened the back doors, I noticed the tartan rug laid out to obviously protect the leather upholstery from any incriminating evidence something I would need to do in the future. She joined the black stud in the backseat, doors left ajar. I surmised this was to rid the vehicle of the smells of sexual activity. Marjorie unzipped him, and lowered her mouth on his cock, the very cock he had just been fucking me with. She gave Ralph a special cock sucking, telling him how good his big black cock tasted. I almost laughed again at the thought of what she was tasting was my cum all over her studs cock. My hands were by now frantically toying with my own pussy and its swollen clit once again.

I looked back and watched again as she used her tongue getting it right into his piss slit and making him go wild. I resolved to do that myself next time. Not long afterwards, I watched as he had her face forward, her knees either side of Ralphs hips, Marjorie arched over the back of the front seats having first removed the head rests. Ralph lifted her hips up and slid down the seat before pulling her back onto his face where he began sucking on her pussy, as well as on her clit. Whilst he did this he was alternately fingering her cunt and ass. My daughter was moaning like a right little tart as she wriggled around at his attentions.

I was close to Cumming again as my daughter bucked around, she was rocking up and down on his face, rolling backwards and forwards at his fingers administrations and moaning so loudly and deeply I was surprised no one else did hear them! She was soon begging him to fuck her in much the same way I had only a short time ago.

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