tagGroup SexRandy Ch. 2

Randy Ch. 2

byTraci Ott©

About a week after the gangbang of my girlfriend I was still in shock. I couldn't believe that my friends had actually gotten my girlfriend and I drunk and then took advantage of her. I was on my way over to my friends apartment when I stopped outside because I could hear them talking inside and I heard Cathy's voice. They were watching a video of the gangbang that Dave taped. I heard Dave tell them that Cathy was going to come over tonight and she does not know it yet but she will be putting out for the three of them all year and maybe she will get the tape back in the spring. It dawned on me that Cathy told me that she had to study tonight and wouldn't be able to go out with me. Now it all made sense. I just left and went back to my dorm.

On Sunday I knew that the guys were going to a local bar and drink all day and watch football games. I had a key to the apartment and I went looking for the videotape that I saw them watching. When I found it there was also one more. I put the second tape in and it was Cathy getting gangbanged again but this time there were more than just the three guys. There were about 6 guys from Dave's fraternity. Most of them I had never met. That didn't matter to me because I was just going to get revenge on the three guys.

After I had taken the tapes I went to the bar to hang out with the guys. After getting drunk they wanted me to call Cathy and meet them at the apartment for another party. I told them that she was studying. We went back to the apartment and I soon left after getting there. When I left I walked slowly so I could see if they were looking for the videos. I heard Dave scream saying that someone had broken into the apartment and had stolen the tapes....if they only knew how right he was.

I went back to my dorm room and wrote Cathy a letter on my computer and told her that I had the tapes and that no one would ever see them again. I did not sign my name so she would not know who it was that had the tapes.

The following weekend I put my plan of attack into motion. I broke up with Cathy saying that I needed to spend more time on my studies. Cathy was devastated. That weekend I had made plans to go on a date with Julie. I knew that Julie was a lesbian and I talked to her about what I wanted from her. She agreed knowing that my plan would work and that she would be able to seduce a straight girl and being a male I had always thought of seeing two women have sex. I showed up at the party with Julie on my arm knowing that Cathy would also be there. If only I could have taken a picture of Cathy's face when we showed up. It was priceless. Cathy came over to me and started crying that she missed me and that she would do anything to get me back into her life....now is when the fun starts.

Cathy was a little drunk at the time. I told her that I was going back to my dorm room with Julie and that she was welcome to come back with us if she liked.....she looked at me and said what do you have in mind??? I told her that I was going to have sex with both her and Julie and if she wanted to be a part of my life that this was how it was going to be. She grabbed my arm and told me that she would not have sex with Julie. I told her that what happens happens. I knew that I had her. We got back to my room and as soon as I was in the door all our clothes were off before we could lock the door. Julie and I took one look at Cathy and we both knew what we needed to do. Julie went into the bathroom and came back out with a towel and shaving equipment. Cathy looked at us and said that she had never shaved before. Julie looked at her and said that she will do A LOT of things tonight that she has never done before. Julie showed Cathy her own shaven pussy and started pulling on her clitoris and running her fingers in and out of her pussy. She brought her hands up to my mouth and I started licking them...after all we didn't want to scare her away too fast.

Cathy lay back down on the bed and Julie went to work shaving Cathy's hairy bush. I could tell that Cathy liked what was happening to her. When Julie was done she wiped away what was left and she was bare as a baby. I loved what I saw. Cathy looked at me and closed her eyes and begged me to eat her pussy. I bent down like I was going to do it and then Julie took over. She started pulling on her clit....making Cathy moan. Julie then started with an up and down licking on her pussy....every now and then she would stop and Cathy would moan for me to continue not knowing what was happening to her. Julie started putting her tongue in and out of her opening.

That is when Julie did something that I never thought was possible. She started fingering Cathy while she was nibbling on her clit. After about 5 minutes she had 3 fingers buried in Cathy's pussy. She looked at me and said that she was going for the whole hand. That is when Cathy looked up and saw Julie eating her pussy. That sent her over the edge. Cathy started having one orgasm after another. Julie then took this opportunity and put her fourth finger and thumb back up into Cathy's pussy.

Cathy looked like she was going over the edge. I started pulling on her nipples really hard and that sent her over the edge. I looked down at Julie and I had an idea. I asked Cathy if she really wanted to be mine and if so I was going to do something that when it was finished she would always look at it and see me. She said that she wanted to always be mine. I went over to my dresser and got my lighter and a needle. I then went and got some ice and came back to the bed. I put the ice on Cathy's nipples to numb them. Julie then figured out what I was going to do. She got up and sat on Cathy's shoulders to hold her down. Cathy still had no idea what was going to happen.

After about 5 minutes I knew that her nipples were very hard and numb. I tapped Julie and she moved her pussy onto Cathy's mouth....Cathy was yelling that she did not want to eat pussy. Julie would take nothing but Cathy's tongue as a sign. I pierced one of her nipples with the pin and Cathy screamed. Julie took the opportunity and put her pussy over Cathy's mouth and then Cathy's tongue started doing the job. I put one earring into the hole and clamped it shut. I then did the same to the other. By that time Cathy was eating pussy like she never knew that she could. Julie was thrashing from side to side. After she had come she got off of Cathy's face and it was then that Cathy realized that I had pierced both of her nipples.

She was rubbing her breast and I could tell that she was in some pain. I then put my dick into the hilt in her pussy and started fucking her like there was no tomorrow. I flipped her over and started driving it home again. She was about to climax when I reached up under her and started pulling on the earrings....the pain of me pulling on them must have been too much for her to handle. She started screaming for Julie to eat her pussy when I was done. I think Julie was glad that Cathy was screaming her name.

The girls got into a 69 position with Cathy on the bottom and Julie on top. I saw my opportunity to screw a lesbian and I was not about to turn it down. Cathy had become a good pussy eater in a short time. Right when Julie was about to climax I lined my cock up to her pussy and she did not know what to do. She just froze and I slid my cock home in one smooth motion. I did not know how that happened but I was soon to find out. I was banging Julie for all I was worth. She started milking my cock with her pussy walls....she seemed too experienced in this form of sex to be a lesbian.

After I had emptied my load into her pussy Julie informed me that her roommate had been fucking her pussy with a strap-on for a year. That is when she pulled one from her purse. It looked bigger around than my cock. She placed it into position and lined it up with Cathy's pussy. Cathy opened her eyes and looked surprised that Julie was going to fuck her. Julie flipped her over and got on the bottom. I took this opportunity to line up my cock and fuck Cathy in the ass.

When I was all the way in is when Cathy let it slip. Julie asked her how it felt to be double fucked and she shook her head and said that this was the third time that she had been double fucked. It took her a few minutes before she realized what she had said. I was about to come and I reached under her and started pulling on her nipple rings...I pulled them extra hard knowing what she had said Cathy realized that I had heard her.

When I climaxed I pulled out and Cathy was crying saying that she was sorry. Cathy then told me the whole story that she had been given too many drinks and then my friends had taken advantage of her. I told her that that was the first time when did the second time happen? She said that they had taped the episode and used it to black mail her into doing another gangbang. I asked her how they did it and she told me that it was all on video. I asked her who had the video and she stated that she didn't know. I then went and put the tape in and started playing it. I had set it so that it would come on with her begging the guys to fuck her and keep doing it until they could not stand anymore. She was deflated.

I looked at her and then at my own video camera in the corner that neither her nor Julie had seen before and said that I will only use this when it is needed. Cathy looked at me as said that she would be my sex pet for as long as I wanted her to be that I did not have to use the tape. Julie looked at me and said the same thing.

I looked at both of them and knew that they were both telling me the truth.

Over the next few years I got together with them often. I am sure that they got together just as often as with me. When I was in the mood I would do something new to Cathy but that is a different story. We all graduated in 1991 and in the next story is where I will continue with my revenge on Bill...

Until then.

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