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This story is like the rest of my stories in that I do not write them with much descriptive sex in them. I like to think that my style is more of describing the chase, than the actual catch. It is just a quirk I have. It's sort of like those old time radio shows where you have to use a lot of imagination. Although this story should have enough facts for you to use your imagination to fill it in.

I have to thank jlakehead for the fine editing skills without which this effort would not be readable. Although it never fails, when I get my work back from my editor I always have to change something so any mistakes are mine.


The other day, I was wandering around that big box hardware store across town. I was looking for some tools for the workshop and ran into an old friend. I hadn't seen Mat for what seemed like eighteen or twenty years, so naturally we were standing there blocking the aisle and talking. To save getting dirty looks from the other shoppers, we decided we would go to the nearest coffee shop and continue catching up with each other's lives. Once there, it took a little over four hours before we got caught up. Of course when we parted there were promises to keep in touch, etc, that would probably never happen, but it was nice to see him again.

I met Mat way back when we had apprenticed to be pipe-fitters. We got into the trade at about the same time, so we went to the trade schools together. We managed to be in all of the same classes, which came in handy having a study buddy that you could talk to easily. We also both worked out of the same union hall during that time, and the two of us managed to work on a few job sites together. At that time with spending so much time together at school and work, we had become friends.

In the coffee shop, we had a good time catching up with each others lives. I won't tell you what we talked about that day, but by the time we parted we knew what our respective family's had been up too since we last saw each other those twenty years ago. When I got home that night I spent a lot of time thinking about what had transpired, between Mat, his wife Rashel (pronounced, Rah-shell), me, and to a lesser part my wife, a long time ago. There were some pretty fond memories there, and thinking of them was starting to give me a hard on.

The times I was mostly reminiscing about started a short time after we had finished our apprenticeship. The two of us found ourselves at the union hall looking for work. We were hoping to pick a slip for a job in a pulp mill that was expanding. At that time, work was fairly scarce, so anything we could get would be a blessing. That job was expected to last from six to eight months, and since work was so hard to get just then, if a guy could get hired on, it would be like finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

As the callout went along, we both were disappointed as the dayshift jobs went pretty fast to guys ahead of us on the list. All they had left was nightshift by the time they got close to our names, so we both made the quick decision to grab those. At least we were going to be working for six months or so.

When we got our slips from the dispatcher we compared notes and we decided to save a few bucks and car pool together. The job site was a three hour drive from our home area, so car pooling would not only save a few bucks, but we would have some company to make the trip less boring.

While we planned these things out I was surprised when I found out Mat had moved, and now lived in the same area as I did. His acreage was only ten miles from mine and closer to the city than I was. I followed him home to see his place, so I knew where to pick him up when we made that first trip to camp. Once we got there, he introduced me to his wife Rashel and their two kids. Like all guys that see their friend with a good looking woman who has a knock out body, I wondered to myself how a guy like Mat had managed to hook up with such a hot little babe like her.

Mat and I were both a bit more on the plain side, than on the good looking side of things. Oh, kids wouldn't run away from us, but models wouldn't swoon over us either, that's for sure. I was just a bit over six feet tall and Mat was a few inches shorter. We both were slim, and the work we did kept us in fairly good shape, so that was one point in our favour, anyway. Rashel was a petite thing; about five foot two, fairly slim. Hell, I bet she didn't weigh more than one hundred and ten pounds soaking wet. Need I add she was really cute and blessed with a great figure with all her curves in the right spots, even after having their two kids.

One of the first things I noticed, as Mat and I had a coffee, was Rashel's personality. She possessed a devilish sense of humour and was quite outgoing, with a bubbly personality. I tell you, she definitely was not shy in the least. As she ran about taking care of their two toddlers, she was keeping up a running conversation and joking around with the two of us. By the way she acted, I could see she had boundless energy and knew she would be the life of the party type of girl.

By the time I got home, I just barely had time to get supper on the table before Alice, my wife, got home from work. I gave her the good news about getting the job, and that made her day. She was happy we could pad our bank account some, even if the work was out of town and she wouldn't see me for two weeks at a time.

That was the only problem with this job. It involved working eleven, ten-hour shifts, and then only getting three days off. But, like I said, the money was too good to pass up. So, even if I was grumbling about the hours, I couldn't complain too much because I knew I could still be unemployed and not making any money at all.

Two days later I picked up Mat and his gear, and we headed off to the job site. Our shifts started at 7:30 at night and went to 6:00 in the morning, with a half-hour lunch at 12:30, and two coffee breaks. It took a few days, but we soon got into the routine of working those hours and sleeping during the day.

One bonus about being on night shift was that we found we almost had four days off, instead of three. That was because we could leave for work about 3:00 PM on Monday afternoon and get to work in plenty of time for the start of the shift. Plus, those days we got to go home, if we didn't have a sleep that day, we had the extra time to enjoy our home life. Heck, we were young, and missing a little sleep so we could reset our body clocks for home, or work never was much of a problem.

When we could, Mat and I hung around together at the camp, meeting in the mess hall and in the recreation area for a few pool games before work. On the job, we didn't see too much of each other because I was working in the power house and he was across the site in the paper plant.

About the end of the first rotation in camp, we had become familiar enough with each other to be classified as good friends. Like all guys with their friends, we even were talking about our sex lives. After all, working away from home was hard on the love life and we were now lacking the regular action with our wives.

I once told Mat jokingly, we had gone from having actual sex to just having oral sex. When he asked what I meant by that, I told him that the only sex we had in camp was talking about it, so that made it oral sex.

Like all horny guys, when we were headed home, we bragged about how we were going to ravish our wives and specifically how we were going to do it. On the second trip home, I was boasting about how animated Alice got in bed when she was horny, and how she wore me out on the nights I came home from these out of town jobs.

I half-heartedly complained to him, "Man do I have my work cut out for me today. When I get home I have to get some of the yard work done and start on the honey do list, get cleaned up, and get super on for when Alice gets home. We always rush through supper and head off to the bedroom. That is, if we make it that far. The last time I was home, the kitchen counter was as far as we got for the first go round."

Not to be outdone, Mat got to bragging and said, "Yeah I know what you mean. Rashel can't wait to get the kids to lay down for their nap and molest me too."

"I'm lucky," I said. "Our kids are both in school and on the last few jobs I had out of town we developed a routine where my mom and dad would pick them up from school the day I'm expected home and the kids would spend the night at their place. I guess Alice talked them into it so we can have our time together. I know my parents know what is going on, but both of them enjoy their time with the kids and are happy to have them." I continued, "Need I add that the kids just love those sleepovers. They know their grandma and grandpa are going to spoil them rotten."

Mat thought for a few minutes and said, "You know, that sounds like a hell of an idea. I'm going to have to get our parents to do that, too. It would give a guy a chance to really enjoy his homecoming."

We spent the rest of the trip comparing notes on our sex lives. I admitted to him that Alice and I had been doing some swinging and stuff before the kids had came along. But I had to admit to him that, although I may love my kids to death, I was disappointed that their being around meant the fun experimental times with others had slowed down a great deal.

I could see the gears were working in his head and when he finally got his thoughts together he asked, "So, when you say those times have slowed down, it sounds like you two still play around with others, or did I hear you wrong?"

I replied, "Yeah, but it's only a couple of times a year now. Like I said, the kids and their activities sure keep a guy on the move, so we can't get out as often as we want. Mind you, when we do it's really hot, so I look forward to those times."

Mat then told me of some tales of times when he and Rashel had let their hair down. Mat admitted to me that he had a particular kink he liked. Apparently he liked to watch Rashel as she fucked another guy. He said, "Rashel just loves to fuck a guy cowgirl style with me watching her bounce up and down on some other guys cock. Watching her bounce her pussy up and down on a cock as her tits bounce and jiggle has never failed to get me off," he said.

He then added, "I know it's kinky, but I sit in a chair in the corner and I watch every detail of Rashel going ape shit on some guy's cock. While she's energetically fucking her friend to death, I spend my time pulling my meat."

"She has never failed to get a guy hard for a second go round. It always seems the second time gets her really energized, because she really goes wild on that cock trying to ram every inch she can into her." Mat admitted, "After watching her, my cock is usually raw and sore from me jacking it off so hard."

He then bragged, "After watching her act like a slut, it escalates our sex drive for a couple of months and the bedroom gets used a lot more than normal." Mat then added, "I may be weird but I love watching her in action, and she really gets off watching me pulling my pud while she's getting stuffed and knowing I'm excited watching her sexy antics. Like I said, it's kinky but the two of us really get off on it."

"I like watching the wife, too," I said, also boasting a bit and not wanting to be outdone by his story. I added, "But I also like to join in and participate, making it a threesome. Alice loves being the centre of attention when she's having two guys pleasuring her body at the same time. She told me once, because there is so much going on with having two tongues licking her and two mouths sucking her nipples, and four hands caressing her, she just loses it. And that doesn't even count the two cocks being alternated using her pussy, which keeps her on a sexual high for what seems like forever. Heck, a couple of times she has even had double penetration, which is something that thoroughly sends her into orbit."

Mat then added, "I think the wildest time Rashel and I had playing our game was once we had a friend over. While she was riding him for all she was worth, the doorbell rang and I threw on a housecoat and went to see who it was. It was a neighbour from two houses over. He had always been giving her the eye and I knew he would like to sample her. I led him to the bedroom and after he got over the shock of seeing Rashel fucking some guy, he took a few turns with her as well. I must have cum buckets jerking my meat as I watched her take one guy's cock, and then climb off him and onto the other guy. Of course, once wasn't enough, so they all had to do it all over again."

"Now, that would have been something to see," I said. "Mind you, I would rather be the guy fucking her instead of watching. Hell, your wife is pretty hot; I wouldn't pass up the chance to let her bounce on my cock, that's for sure."

As we talked, Mat informed me that with the kids it was hard to organize anything like that anymore and they had only managed it once in the last year and a half. He confessed he would like to watch her more because he missed the excitement and was going to have to implement my suggestion of farming out the kids for the day.

After being in camp for the last two weeks and being horny, I boldly said, "Well, if you want to sit and watch, I would volunteer to sacrifice my body so you could get off watching Rashel fuck me."

He started to laugh as he said, "Sacrifice, you say. Admit it. You would love to get a piece of her."

As we pulled into his yard, all I could say was, "You betcha, she's pretty good looking. If she's as good in the sack as you say, then I would love to sample what she has. Let me know when, and I will be there."

"I will have to see when we can arrange something," he flippantly said.

In my mind, it sounded like Mat was just pulling my chain and that nothing would ever come of that idea, but I was thinking to myself that I wouldn't mind it in the least getting some strange stuff with Rashel, because she was indeed good looking.

When I arrived home that morning, Alice had been at work for an hour already, so I phoned her to tell her I was home and she gave me a list of the things she wanted done around the yard. I didn't mind the chores because it was always the stuff she had trouble with, like tilling the garden, cutting the grass or other heavy things like that. Alice hated that riding mower because it would never start for her, so that was exclusively my job. Besides, I felt guilty leaving her home alone with the kids and all that entailed, so I never complained about a few chores. There was also the mandatory phone call from my mom, with her usual checking up on me and confirming they were picking up our two kids from school.

About a month and a half into the job, while we were heading home for our days off, Mat and I were doing the regular guy thing of bragging and bull shitting about how much sex we were going to get that weekend. That's when he told me, "Rashel and I have taken your advice, and my parents as well as her parents are taking turns babysitting our kids. They will bring them back Saturday, so I can spend some time with them. At least that allows Rashel and I the Friday I get home to have some private time to spend with each other in the sack."

I congratulated him on his new arrangement.

When we pulled into his yard, he invited me in for a coffee and to pick up some literature on some new iron filters for country water services that were coming out. When we walked into his house he called out, "Honey, I'm home!"

Rashel called back from somewhere down the hallway, "Good, I've been waiting for you to get home. I've got something special for you. I'll be right there."

Mat and I went into his kitchen and I sat down at the table while Mat went to get the coffee. It was plainly obvious by what happened next that Rashel didn't realize I was there. She must have just naturally figured it was only Mat that had come in the door. I guess she was thinking that with the kids not at home, she could surprise Mat and they could have some fun together. The moment I sat down at the table, Rashel came rushing out of the bedroom, down the hall, and sort of dramatically slid into the middle of the kitchen with her arms and legs spread wide. She was totally nude and displaying her naked body for Mat as she loudly proclaimed, "Tah Dah! What do you think? Do you want to have some fun with this?"

I may have been surprised by her suddenly appearing nude like that, but I always could think fast, so I couldn't help myself. In answer to her question to Mat, I told her, "I wouldn't mind some of what you are offering. Let's have a better look!"

Rashel turned towards me as she realized I was there too. She gave a loud gasp, turned beet red, screeched, and tried to cover herself all at the same time. She then turned about and dashed off down the hallway. All Mat and I heard was her repeatedly saying, "Shit! Shit! Shit!" as she disappeared back down the hall."

Mat couldn't control himself and was almost on the floor he was laughing so hard. I joined him in the merriment of what had just happened and burst out laughing too.

Mat and I laughed so hard there were tears in our eyes. When he could finally compose himself he told me, "Well the preliminaries went well. What do you think? Do you really want to help me out by sacrificing your body with her?" He was referring to my earlier statement from a few weeks ago that I had made when I had offered to help him with his kink of watching Rashel get fucked.

Of course, being a guy, there was no way I was going to pass up an offer like that. Mat headed off towards his bedroom and a few minutes later returned with a reluctant Rashel behind him. I don't know how Mat got her to come back and face me, but he did. Only, now, she was wearing a housecoat. He directed her over closer to me and asked me, "Still pretty hot, even after having two kids, don't you think?"

I had to agree with him on that point.

Mat then told Rashel, "Bill and I have been talking for the last while, and he has said he wouldn't mind sampling your body. Now that he's seen you without any clothes, I think he liked what he saw, and I'm sure he would jump you if you gave him the chance."

He then stated in a conspiring voice, "Besides, I haven't been in my corner for a while watching you fuck yourself silly. What do you think?"

Rashel looked at Mat, as she realized that he was telling her he wanted me to fuck her. She looked at him and smiled and said to him, "Are you positive about that? I've been horny for a week now waiting for you to get home, but I'm more than willing to add some excitement with some strange stuff. Besides, Bill looks like he could fuck me real good, but you have to be willing to obediently sit in your corner, so I can watch you chocking your chicken as I get fucked. I'm game if you are."

Mat just nodded his head affirmatively, letting her know he would be willing to share her. He told her, "We haven't had a chance for some kinky stuff for a while now. I'm more than ready to get that excitement back in our lives."

"OK, go get in your corner," she firmly told him.

Mat went off towards the bedroom and Rashel came over and sat in my lap. No sooner than she had got there than she was trying to scoop out my tonsils with her tongue.

When she finally came up for air, I said in a gasping voice, "Give me a few minutes to call Alice, my wife, to let her know I'm close to home. That way, she won't call every five minutes wondering where I am or if something happened to me."

I called Alice at work and told her I was having coffee at Mats. I suggested that she call mom to check whether they were going to pick up the kids, so mom wouldn't worry because I wasn't home to get her call at the regular time. Because Alice and I had done some swapping every now and then, and the two of us weren't jealous types, I told her not to expect much action that night, because Mat's wife wanted me to play right then.

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