tagGay MaleRavaged in Broad Daylight! At 18! Ch. 02

Ravaged in Broad Daylight! At 18! Ch. 02


Mark was dazed when he got home. He'd just been essentially raped in broad daylight by an older man, and with a witness to boot! This sure was a surreal introduction to sex.

Mark pulled off his jogging clothes, and removed the torn shorts that were the cause of his being ravaged.

Well, it's your own fault for wearing obscene shorts!

He threw them in the garbage can.

After taking a long shower, Mark had dinner with his parents – God, what would they think if they knew that a man's cock had been shoved inside me a few hours earlier? – and then went to bed.

He woke with a raging hard-on, and was startled that he couldn't take his mind off what the older man had said the day before: "You know, a good friend of mine would love...putting lotion on you. He's really good at it. Can we meet you here tomorrow, same time?"

Yea, right. Putting lotion on me! I think he'll want to put something in me!

Mark had no intention of ever going back to the park, even though his dick sure seemed interested. Oddly, as Mark thought about the day before, he liked best the older man kissing him. As he lay there in bed, he started stroking his hard dick while thinking about being kissed by a man – a man! – and the wonderful sensation of a thick beard being mashed against his skin. Then Mark recalled how much he liked the idea of a man actually being inside him!

Mark removed his hand from his raging hard-on. He had a better idea.

Going out to the trash, Mark pulled out the obscene shorts, got a needle and thread, returned to the privacy of his bedroom, and stitched back the torn seam on the shorts. He then put them back on, pulled on his jogging suit, jumped on his bike, and returned to that place of infamy.

Surely he's not going to return? And with a friend no less!

No one was around, and Mark was surprised to feel disappointed. Oh well, he could at least get some sun.

After a while, Mark was almost asleep when a shadow startled him. His heart jumped.


Mark opened his eyes. He was there. As was another man; this guy looked in his mid-thirties, and was very blond and German looking, tanned, and with a shadow of stubble across his face. His open shirt revealed a smooth, highly muscular chest.

"This is my friend. I mentioned him."

Mark couldn't breathe. He just nodded. He also noted that the blond was standing abut a foot from Mark's feet, and looking right up between his legs. Mark knew his shorts revealed everything – his whole dick would be fully exposed to this stranger. How long had he been standing there and staring at my dick? Glancing up toward the blond, Mark also noted that he had an odd smile, as if stunned by the sight before him.

As Mark fully grasped the blond's view, he felt his cock getting hard. Shit!

"I see what you mean," the blond said to the older man. They both smiled. And Mark was amazed to see erections bulging from both men's shorts. Neither, it was obvious, were wearing underwear.

"You're still not wearing any suntan lotion," the older man said.

"No, I, uh, forgot it again."

"Well, that's OK, 'cause my friend has some."

The blond opened a backpack beside him and pulled out a bottle of sunscreen.

"Would you mind if we helped lotion you up?" he asked.

Mark could only nod.

The blond started on Mark's feet, while the older man worked the lotion into Mark's chest. It felt good. The blond slowly worked his way up Mark's beefy legs, but Mark couldn't help but notice that the blond was blatantly staring at his exposed dick. Mark tried to think other thoughts, but his dick just kept getting harder. The blond kept working his way up Mark's legs, and after a few moments Mark felt the blond's hand brush against the now-raging hard-on sticking out from the bottom of the very short shorts. A moment later, Mark's dick was "accidentally" bumped again. And again.

"You know, I really should lotion up every inch of exposed skin. Don't you agree?" the blond asked.

Mark's throat was seized tight; he simply nodded.

The blond put some lotion into his hand, spread Mark's legs apart, and then started rubbing Mark's scrotum.

Mark moaned.

The blond then pushed the shorts up a bit, and Mark's dick sprang straight up into the air. Mark gasped.

"Beautiful, just beautiful," the older man said.

Mark was stunned that his hard dick was sticking up into the air while two men stared at it. And in a fuckin' public park!

The older man took the suntan lotion from the blond, squirted some into his hand, and then wrapped his hand around the rock-hard shaft and started pulling on it.

"Yea. We wanna' make sure that no skin gets burned."

The blond kept massaging the exposed ball sack.

"Ohhhhhh!" Mark blurted out.

Mark looked down his chest. The older man had one hand rubbing Mark's soft, young chest fur, while his other hand was pulling at Mark's hard dick. Between his spread legs, a blond Adonis was groping his scrotum. Mark couldn't believe it: He had two men – men! – running their hands all over him. All over him.

He was delirious from lust. He wanted more. He longed for more.

"Do you mind putting some lotion on me?" the blond asked, as if in response to Mark's longing.

Mark just nodded.

The blond smiled. He then stood up, looked around, and then pulled his shorts down and off! His shirt covered his back and ass, so Mark knew that a passing driver wouldn't likely note anything amiss. But Mark sure had a stunning sight. The open shirt revealed a beautiful chest, and, lower, a thatch of dark blond pubic hair crowned a fully erect cock jutting toward the sun at a right angle.

Mark gasped, amazed at the sight and this guy's nerve.

The blond sat down, took Mark's hand, put some lotion on it, and wrapped it around the exposed dick.

Mark gasped again.

"Ohhhhh! Yes! Damn that feels good!"

Mark agreed. While the blond's dick was smaller than the older man's, it was still bigger than Mark's dick.

Mark was mesmerized at the sight of his hand – my hand! – stroking a stranger's cock!

"Ohhhhhhhhh! Fuck! Just keep doing that."

Mark did as instructed, and jerked the big dick up and down. He loved how hard the cock was; he loved watching the blond's face; and he loved giving him pleasure.

Mark looked over to the older man. His shorts were quite baggy and Mark was stunned to see the man's huge dick sticking out from the fabric. He was fully erect.

"Do ya' like what you see?" the man asked.

Mark blushed.

"No, go ahead and look at daddy's big dick." The man said as he moved closer to Mark's head.

The erect cock was just a few inches from Mark's eyes. God, it's so huge!

"Like it?"

Mark just blushed again.

The man then stood, looked around, and then pulled off his shorts. Again, from the road, one wouldn't see much, but Mark had a ringside seat as the man towered over him. Mark looked at the muscular, fur-covered legs just inches from him, and up between the man's legs, and at the sight of an incredible cock sticking straight out, and at an ass crack highlighted by a line of dark fur. The open shirt revealed a powerfully-built chest (Gee, but he's so old!), and at skin nearly masked by a dense coat of dark fur turning gray.

Mark was riveted. He looked around. Surely someone could see all this? But the park was barren, and the few passing cars seemingly took no notice.

The man then sat down, pulled Mark's head up, tucked a leg under, and placed Mark's head on the warm, beefy, furry thigh. Mark's face was just inches from the older man's dick and balls. The man then gently reached over and turned Mark's head. The big cock was now pointed towards Mark's mouth! Shit!

"Want daddy's dick?"

Mark still couldn't respond.

The man inched his shaft toward Mark's mouth, and to Mark's utter amazement, his mouth parted! And the big dick slid inside! Fuck! Damn!

"Ohhhhh, that feels real good! Ohhhhh. Come on, suck daddy's big dick. Come on, suck daddy good."

Jesus! I've got a cock in my mouth!

The man started fucking Mark's mouth with his huge shaft, and Mark struggled to take it all in.

"Just relax your gag reflex. Come on, you can do it. Take all of daddy's cock inside that young, innocent mouth. Come on baby, relax. You're making daddy real happy."

As the moments passed, Mark was indeed able to relax his gag reflex, and the huge shaft drove itself deeper and deeper into Mark's mouth. Simultaneously, Mark's hand jerked at the blond's dick...

"Oh yea! YEA! Damn, that feels good."

...while the blond jerked Mark off.

As the huge shaft rammed Mark's mouth, he felt the older man's pubic hair rub against his nose and lips. Geez! And he found this erotic; he sucked the cock in deeper.

A moment later, he saw some movement from the corner of his eye. The jogger was back! And with a friend as well! Fuck!!

The two were just standing like frozen statues watching this improbable sight: a young boy, naked but for a pair of obscenely cut-off shorts, with his whole dick hanging out, his shaft being jerked off by some blond stud, while the boy's hand jerked the blond, and with his mouth stuffed by another man's cock – and all in broad daylight.

The jogger's friend had his mouth wide open.

"See?" the jogger said. His friend nodded.

Mark managed to look at the blond. Who was looking at the joggers, but seemingly unconcerned that his almost naked body was highlighted by the bright sun, and that his hard dick was being jerked in public.

"Morning," he nonchalantly said to the joggers. Neither seemed able to respond.

"Come over here," the blond commanded. The joggers looked at each other, and then made their way over. Their thin nylon shorts couldn't hide a pair of hard dicks.

The two joggers were soon standing right over Mark, and staring open-mouthed at the sight below them.

"Go to my backpack. And take out my camcorder."

Mark tried to grasp the enormity of what had just been uttered. This ravaging was going to be immortalized? He tried to speak up, to protest or something, but the older man pulled his face tight toward his groin, and the huge dick rammed ever deeper into Mark's face.

"Now go back to the seawall and film this."

The joggers dumbly nodded, and departed. Each sat on the seawall, and each pulled out their erect cocks.

"Nice," the blond called out, "Nice."

As Mark jerked one dick, and had another dick stuffed inside his mouth, while his own dick was being jerked, he saw one jogger turn on the camcorder as the other took the two exposed dicks in his hand and started pulling.

The blond then roughly pulled at Mark's shorts, and broke the thin stretch of denim. He then lifted Mark's knees into the air, exposing Mark's crack – and his young bud – to the world.

"Film this glorious sight," he called out to the jogger, "and focus the zoom lens"

The jogger complied, and Mark knew that while his dick and ass were being immortalized, he hoped that no one would recognize his face.

With his legs in the air, and his crack wide open, the blond put lotion on a finger, and started rubbing Mark's young bud. Mark moaned.

"So, you like this?"

Mark could only moan again, as the older man plunged deeply into his mouth.

The blond's finger slipped past the young bud, and Mark slurped madly on the big dick in his mouth. He could feel the finger being pushed deep inside him, in and out, while his dick was jerked by the blond – and all this was being filmed.

Just the morning previous, he'd been a virgin.

The older man started moaning.

"I'm gunna come. OH FUCK! Daddy's gunna come! Come on boy, drink daddy's cum. Drink every bit!"

Mark was appalled that this man was going to empty his load inside...his mouth! But Mark didn't know how to stop him.

Then the blond started moaning.

"Yes! Spray your load into the boy! YES! Oh fuck! I'm gunna cum! FUCK!"

"Fuck, daddy's cumming! Daddy's spraying his load in this pretty face!"

"YES! Fuck that pretty mouth! Fuck that mouth good!



Mark felt the huge cock inside his mouth explode, while the big cock in his hand did likewise.



To Mark's surprise, he liked drinking the older man's jism. It made him feel connected.

The older man continued ramming Mark's mouth until his dick was empty. He slowly pulled out, bent down, and gave Mark a long, deep kiss. Mark could feel the man's tongue mixing with the jsim in his mouth.

The man then broke away. "Boy, you've made daddy real happy."

Mark smiled, and looked at the blond, who had jism all over his dick, legs, and pubic hair.

"Boy, get over here and lick me clean."

Mark wasn't at all sure about this, and he looked up at the older man.

"You'll make daddy real happy watching you lick my handsome friend clean."

Mark nodded, and shifted toward the blond's crotch. The blond roughly took Mark's head and moved it in closer. Slowly, Mark extended his tongue, and started licking the creamy fluid on the still hard cock.

"Yea boy. Lick me clean. Lick me good."

Mark then lapped his tongue through the dense blond pubic hair, and then across the beefy thighs. He was on all fours, and with his ass high in the air. He also knew that the shredded jeans had shifted towards his waist and revealed both cheeks to the world.

"You're doing a good job boy. Daddy is real happy," the older man said while groping Mark's exposed asscheeks.

The blond then called out to the joggers.

"Come over here."

Each stopped jerking their meat, and did as instructed.

"You know, this young boy hasn't cum yet. Would you like to suck him off?"

The first jogger replied: "Oh yea!"

The blond then pushed Mark on his back, and the jogger eagerly dropped down to the young hard-on. The three other men sat on Mark's left side, effectively screening him from the road – mostly – and from the sight of passing motorists being stunned by a daylight blowjob. The blond resumed filming.

Mark looked down his chest. The older man was rubbing Mark's furry chest, his jeans were pushed up around his waist, and his cock was inside the jogger's mouth. I'm getting a blowjob! My dick is inside a guy's mouth! Fuck!

The older man looked at the unengaged jogger. "Stop touching your dick. I don't want you cumming yet."

Oh God, what does he have planned next?

Mark was riveted by his cock being engulfed by a man, and was about to cum, when the older man pulled the jogger away. He then said to the other jogger: "Come on, it's your turn now. Fuck this young boy. Fuck him hard."

As Mark started to protest, the older man bent down, shoved his tongue inside Mark's mouth, and preceded to tongue-fuck the boy. Mark's mind went blank.

Meanwhile, the other jogger roughly pulled off Mark's torn shorts, and quickly pushed the boy's legs into the air. Shit! I'm fuckin' naked! And in a park! When Mark felt his bud being speared by the jogger's dick, he shoved his tongue deep inside the older man's mouth and breathed in the scent of beard.

After several moments, the older man pulled away, and the three men watched the jogger's dick impale the naked young boy. To Mark's surprise, this really turned him on.

"Yea, you like daddy watching his boy get fucked, don't ya'? You like daddy seeing a big man dick being shoved inside your innocent butt, don't ya'? Come on, fuck this boy! Fuck 'em hard!"

Mark looked around, and still couldn't get over that all this was happening in broad daylight and in a public park!

With his legs high up in the air, and a dick being rammed between his cheeks, Mark was delirious when the older man took Mark's raging hard-on into his mouth.

Mark loved that his dick was inside the older man.

The jogger fucked and fucked and fucked the young butt, while the older man sucked and sucked and sucked the young cock. The blond was busy filming, and taking close-ups. The other jogger moved to Mark's head.

"Suck my cock," he commanded, and before Mark could protest, the jogger rammed his dick into Mark's mouth.

By now, only the blond offered any screening. A cumulative lust had overtaken group caution, and a passing motorist now had an excellent view of a nude young boy with a dick shoved in his mouth, a dick rammed up his ass, and his cock inside a man's mouth.

Mark knew this, and while nervous, was actually thrilled that someone could watch this incredible scene.

At the thought, his dick erupted inside the older man's mouth.

He moaned, and at that moment, the jogger's dick erupted in his mouth.

As the older man and jogger moaned, the other jogger shot jism into Mark's butt; load after load after load.

"Yea! Fill the boy up! YEA! Fill 'em with your loads!" the blond exclaimed, while filming all the while.

The two joggers fell away, and the older man sucked Mark's cock dry. He then moved to Mark's mouth, kissed the boy, and fed him back his own jism.

The four men withdrew, and put their clothes back on. Mark was totally spent.

The older man then handed Mark a piece of paper; it had the man's phone number and address.

"Come to my house tomorrow at seven if you want to see the film."

The four men departed, and left Mark alone on the grass. Totally naked.

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