tagNovels and NovellasRaven and River Hawk Dream Catcher Pt. 05

Raven and River Hawk Dream Catcher Pt. 05

bySatin and Lace©

Raven half fell, half jumped from Ghost landing upon her knee's. Bowing as to have her breasts rest on the floor of the mountain. She raised her voice in praise. She released the adrenaline coursing through her body. She sang in a native tongue inhaling and exhaling so her lungs felt like they would burst. Ghost stood still witnessing his mistress in the glorious light. Shining down only on her, the brightness caused Ghost to look away.

Getting up on her bent knee's she raised her arms towards the almighty one. Lost in her worship she lost awareness of her surroundings. Raven's eyes closed, she listened for the communications. Conversing through the mind. Words were not needed, her spiritual father was speaking. She felt the tender words bathing her weary body and mind. She was told she pleased him immensely.

All her senses were nourished, she slowly stood up. Looking for Ghost she found him resting his eyes. Walking towards him with long graceful strides, she pulled his face to hers.

"Oh my dear friend, you did us well. You shall be so happy for your remaining days."

Raven mounted him effortlessly, guiding him to the thunderous sound of the water fall. Making each step to their reality come rushing towards them. Raven was breathless with anticipation, allowing her mind to think of the pool of blue washing over her tired body. Coming to the mouth of the mountain they stopped in awe of the natural wonder of the rushing water.

The light spray coming from the overflow dampened her face. She was radiantly beautiful in an ethereal way. Her flowing hair came cascading down as she loosened the braids. Framing her beauty in a moment of time. Peeling her winter clothing she had to jump down to pull off her leggings along with her moccasins. Leaving her nubile body in a skin tight leather halter, short skirt. legs that went on forever carried her with a grace. Her breasts were fighting to free themselves of the binding. Her petite waist was every man's dream, wet dream of course. Flattened stomach, rounded hips full. Velvet to the touch skin with a scent of musk.

All that was her physical being, it was the tenderness of her eyes. Her eyes were never forgotten once you looked into them. The arched fullness of her bowed shape lips, begged for caressing kisses. Something she knew nothing about. She wasn't aware of the beauty of her fine tuned body. How it affected the male species.

Coming down the mountain Raven could see her new home stretched before her. Hearing the village alive with life made her smile. Women were cooking, washing, children were laughing. Raven threw her long hair behind her lowering herself down to Ghost's ear.

"Come on let's waste no more time. Welcome home Ghost." She whispered in his ear.

He went into a flight mode making the distance melt away. Getting in the inner circle she looked towards the Chief's tent. Wondering to herself if he was around. As one woman came up to her holding onto a small male child by the hand. Raven was brought to her attention.

"The men are hunting. Should be back soon." Her voice was soft.

As she finished her sentence, the little boy broke loose. It wasn't until Raven and the young woman heard the thunder of hoofs. That they became aware of the little boy's plight. He was like a deer caught in headlights silently screaming as the buffalo came towards him. Like a freight train without brakes.

"Lil bear my baby. My baby! Help my baby!" the young mother screamed as she ran towards the inevitable accident.

Raven had taken it all in noting that nothing could save him. She withdrew the arrow from her quiver. Aiming for the heart she stretched the bow. The arrow shot out so quickly it was but a blur. Dirt was flying making it hard to see the little boy. His mother was going to try and make the buffalo change directions. Willing to throw herself as the target saving her son. Raven listened to the wind made from her arrow aiming at the animal. Hearing the arrow hit the toughened skin, Raven jumped off Ghost.

When the dust died down, there was the buffalo on his front knee's. The arrow hit his heart stopping him like a train hitting a cement wall. The little boy was lying silently in his mother's arms. She was rocking his little body, kissing him. That's when Raven saw the blood from the little boy's head wound. She ran towards the mother reaching touching his crown.

Raven's hand touched him so tenderly. Closing her eyes she called for her spiritual side to take over. Stroking his black hair her hand brushed the bleeding wound. Her finger traced the gash. As she went down the tear, the tear closed. The bleeding immediately ceased. The mother's tears froze on her wet face. Lil' bear's eyes opened instantly crying out.

"Momma" he whispered before his mother crushed him into her breasts.

The women had gathered making a circle. Gasps were heard as they watched the powerful healing. Suddenly the sound of horses made them break the circle as the chief rode majestic on his steed. In a flash of an eye he saw what could have happened. Looking at the faces his eyes fell upon Raven's closed eyes. The rest of the men went towards the dead buffalo. Ripping him apart with knives.

"Raven come to my tent." Ordered Chief Eagles fly.

Raven's eyes opened at the mere mention of her name. Standing up she walked towards the Chief's tent. Standing just outside the tent she stood waiting for him to acknowledge her presence.

"Raven enter. You saved my firstborn grandson. I am indebted to you. My grandson Bear lost his mother at childbirth. My son has done his best. Shante doe eyes takes care of him very well for us. I have sent for my son. He will also be indebted to you." Chief Eagle fell silent, eyeing Raven.

"I only did what any person would do. The child was in danger. I am pleased to be the vessel for which I were used to save him." Raven bowed to Chief Eagle.

"Father, I came as quickly as I heard the news." River Hawk came racing into the tent.

He almost stumbled over Raven's body. Grabbing her waist, he steady them both. Raven's body was touched as though electricity had soared to her depth. She was brought to her full height, just at his shoulders. There eyes met, instantly Raven felt the flushed feeling of knowing him. She knew she had never been formally introduced she couldn't have. His chocolate colored eyes were pulling her into his essence. His hair was braided to his waist. Fine chiseled features made him breath with a large muscular chest that heaved outward and inward..

His hands were hands of a good soul. A man with nothing to fear. Well, until he crossed paths with this beautiful creature. The chief watched these seconds and smiled River Hawk was for the first time smitten with another woman. It had been to long for his son not to be happily married. His laughter died with his wife. Watching them he knew they would bond. He wanted them together. Chief Eagle always got what he wanted.

"We shall celebrate tonight. The miracle of Bear, our successful hunting trip. River Hawk take Raven around and show her new home to her." Chief said with a finality.

Raven gave no reluctance as River Hawk showed her the door. Walking shoulder to shoulder he walked in long strides. Raven's long strides kept them even, as he showed her the land. Accidentally their arms brushed one another, Raven felt a gasp almost escape her lips. River Hawk found this woman intriguing.

His hand held hers as they climbed the hills. Stretching his hands outwards he showed her of the land they owned. Fields of wild flowers. Fields of maize. Wheat swaying with the gentle winds. Dancing the dance of harvest close at hand.

"River Hawk it's grand so beautiful." Raven said coyly.

"Raven, it's yours now too. I want to give you everything you saved my son.' River Hawk said sincerely. 'Thank you, I can never repay you." He pulled her to him.

He bent down to kiss her lips of cherries. She leaned into his body melting hers with him. They lingered before actually lips touching. Looking deep into one another's eyes. Willing the other to kiss first. Raven was sure River Hawk was aware of her heart pounding. She felt his body stiffen. His arms encircling her into his hard body.They stood in a moment in time, the sun setting. The breeze blowing her hair so as to cover them both. Passions igniting. Then the kiss, the passionate kiss of new lovers. Promising much pure to the touch. Intense, unpredictably gentle. Their lips burning River Hawk forced her lips to part. His tongue entered her mouth to do the dance of power, he won.

As their lips parted they gently pulled one another's lips allowing them to feel the other's desires. The kiss felt like it lasted for three days. A long slow lingering, promise of passionate moments ahead of them. Raven caved into his body as he took her to a private place under a weeping willow. Nestled under it was a grassy patch. They would be out of the eyes of others. River Hawk wanted her deep from within. He sensed she was a virgin, he knew he would have to be tender. His body would have to wait for the fiery desires, as he brought her to her desires.

He slowly sat down pulling her onto his body. She was trembling, anxious, wanting with passions yet never felt. River Hawk felt powerful, yet knowing his movements would be forever remembered by them both. This of course wasn't his first time. It was his first with her. He pulled her face to his, cradling it in his magnificent hands.

"Raven, I want you." He declared his nostrils flaring.

Raven looked away suddenly embarrassed by her own virginity. River Hawk wanted a woman. Her worries came to her mind. She bit her lip, trying to think of her answer.

"River Hawk, I am ready to experience your passions." She whispered laying her head on his chest.

"I will make them your passions too." Hawk said with patience belying his urgency.

She sat up as she did he took his hands slipping the halter off her neck. He saw her breathing deep heaving her breasts for his hands and mouth. He slowly without a hurried motion brought the cloth away from her body. His eyes fell upon her taut full breasts, sitting perfectly centered were her silver dollar size nipples. His hands cupped them feeling their weight. They were heavy and so beautifully rounded. Taking his fingers he traced the nipples, watching them respond by hardening. The feel of a woman responding so outright caused him to savor this moment. Finally taking her breast, he lowered his lips to kiss their perfection. She moaned loudly, it made him bolder. Taking his tongue he licked the precious jewel within his mouth. He felt her shiver, enjoying the emotions she was allowing herself.

Moving slowly at first one to the other he kept the assault up. Moving faster she was moving pressing her nipples deeper in his mouth. His hands dropped to her full womanly hips. She was bucking ever so lightly. Moving them in rhythm, he cupped her firm ass. She tensed, then she relaxed gracefully moving her hips onto his thigh.

His attention was drawn to her hips. His fingers found her button holding the skimpy skirt onto her wide hips. Undoing it, it immediately slipped from her body. He could see her and all of her beauty. His breathing quickened, holding back the desire to throw her back and take her. He allowed his tongue to trace her abdomen, kissing each hipbone long, slow and intense.

Raven felt unbridled passion surfacing. She wanted to touch him. Fumbling with his pants he helped her. Her hand touched his rigid cock. Instantly pulling away she felt embarrassed by her action. She blushed, he took her hand bringing it back to his stiff cock.

"Yes, Raven you have excited me. I won't hurt you. Please, don't be afraid." His voice was strained.

Her hand opened up encircling his cock. Her fingers didn't reach around its girth. She felt the hardness, noticed its flexibility somewhat. His hand stayed on hers, helping her slide from the crown of the noble head. Down to the broad base, nestled on very dark black hair. Stroking it a few times caused him to release precum. Her eyes lit up with excitement it felt so slick. Using the precious wetness she moved easily up and down. This time when she reached the base he took her hand and had her cup his balls. Moaning out Hawk took his will and kept from slamming into her precious pussy.

Raven loved the sound of his erratic breathing. She wanted him to know her desires. She took his hand placing it onto her mound. His fingers lightly falling onto her lips.They were exploring the other unabashedly, without modesty. Hawk was wanting her in the worst way. His cock slipping into this dark, wet, moist hole that sent vibes throughout his body. He never failed to find that exact moment almost a spiritual experience. His fingers traced her lips allowing her body to ready itself for his impending entrance.

His middle finger was circling her opening. He felt it tight, not wanting to hurt her he didn't yet slip it inside her folds of desires. She was wet. He felt her stiffen to the touch. He touched her face smiling at her. She looked him directly in his eyes, nodding for him to take her with his fingers.

His head started to swim with this trust in him. Taking some of his precum, he slid his fingers back nestling into her pussy. Taking one finger he applied pressure easy but steady pressure at its opening. She tensed, he stopped. He applied more pressure, she tensed he stopped. As it was past the first knuckle she felt his finger opening her for his pleasure. Her pleasure was spreading up her spine. Her thighs slowly opened wide allowing him to know she wanted him. This emboldened his movements, he pressed deeper at last having his whole finger buried inside of her womanhood.

"Mmmmm Hawk, yes please go on." Raven screamed as she felt the passions igniting.

His finger moved slowly out and in, her hips moved with his finger. He took his thumb seeking out her love button. It was peeking out of its hood, the moment he grazed it she bit her lip. Using his fingers he played her well. He loved the scent of a woman who was prepared for fucking. The musk was filling his senses. Laying back he pulled her on top of him. She didn't open her legs for him. His kisses were like licking fire on her lips. His hands were owning her body pressing into her precious openings. His cock was engorged hurting him. He vowed he wouldn't hurt her. He only hoped he could keep this vow.

Rolling over made her fall onto her back. She laughed at his urgency, it almost matched hers. Looking him in the eyes she opened her thighs for his ease in entering her. He got upon his hands, his forearms holding his weight off her. He without caring explored her naked body. His body slid down hers until his nose laid upon her pubic hair. Mouth watering for her taste his tongue took one long stroke of her inner lips. She screamed out taking her fist muffling the sound. His tongue determined to ready her for the ultimate fuck, entered her. Hawk noticed she was delicious. Raven noted his cock was pressing on her foot. Moving her foot she stroked his cock and balls.

"Ahhhh fuck me." Hawk shouted from the burst of pleasure working it's way up his spine.

Lick for lick she humped his face until she had to grab his face and tried pulling him up. She was never going to be more ready for this moment. Her desires were at the abyss of free falling passions. She wanted to share this with him. He had to take her. She waited for him. All of her dreams stopped at what was about to happen.

She wanted this like nothing else in her life. He finally came slowly up her body licking and kissing simultaneously. When he was above her centered above her pussy. His eyes sought hers, the look they shared told them both this was it. She watched him lower his hips so that his cock hovered above her pussy. Instinctively she took her hand and brought his cock to her wetness. Guiding it to take her. His hips pressed into her very wet opening. His mind disconnected as he slid into her without shame.

"Ahhhh, Yes!" They said insync.

Her pussy opened, then tightened, grabbing him. His constant pressure opened her wider. Hips moving in rhythm they were using the other for their passions. His hips started out slow then sped up. Eventually grinding into her pussy. Her pussy opened then closed around his long stroking strides. Circling his back with her legs of grace they were locked into fucking. His face was a blend of awe, knowing this felt right. She was fighting to keep her eyes open. When the orgasm made itself known. It started at a far away distance, mounting ever so slowly to completion. His hips became driven, her legs locked around him tighter. Drawing him back in as he left her hot pussy.

He looked upon her closed eyes seeing the redness spreading slowly across her cheeks. Her pussy was spasming around his fat cock. His legs and thighs were like marble. His shoulders and back were rigid with passions building. His cock couldn't get enough, trying to hold off so he could stay in her forever. He was losing the fight his body was about to explode.

Raven felt his urgency building, not knowing what to expect it was the first hot splash of cum that rocked her world. Her body fed off the heat and she felt herself soar skyward. His hips moved so hard and fast when his first spurt of cum showered her inside. Hot molten lava spreading all around inside of her pussy.

His head thrown back, his eyes bulging his neck stretched. His body shook and shivered from the amount of actions his hips were driving into her. Laughing, crying, he didn't stop pumping her. Seeing her face as she experienced her first shared orgasm, brought a smile a mile wide across his face. He would have to tell her this when she came back from sub space. He slowly stopped pumping, holding her close to him. He stroked her face as she floated above them both. His cock still buried in her warmth. He was reluctant to pull out. She was ethereal laying there, body flushed with passions. Wet from moving with him. Hair splayed out in waves of curls. Eyes closed, lips parted. He kissed her tenderly, he felt her respond. As he pulled away from her lips her pussy grabbed his cock surprising him with the intensity. It caused him to release the last of his white cum.

She nuzzled into him, laying there without one care. Listening to their heartbeats. Sharing something that only lovers will understand. It was only after their bodies recovered did they remember the celebration ceremony. Jumping to their feet, dressing without speaking. She finished first as he turned to make their way out, she noted something in his braid.

It was one beautiful sculpted feather.

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