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Raven Revisited


It was about nine o'clock on a Saturday morning when Jake was roused from sleep by his phone ringing. He had played a gig last night and he would have normally slept till around noon.

"Good morning, Jake," said a sultry female voice. "Do you know who this is?" He thought for a moment. A number of women could be playing this sort of game with him. He decided it would be best to say he didn't know, rather than give the wrong name and cause any jealousy. "It's Raven. Do you remember me?" she asked in a taunting way.

"Yes, of course I remember you," he said.

A few weeks ago he had met Raven at a gig and had gone home with her, thinking it would be another one night stand. Instead, she had tricked him and he ended up chained at her feet, being punished with a whip and a paddle for sleeping with one of her friends and not calling her back. It had been a humiliating yet strangely arousing experience. His body had been sore for over a day afterwards and he had been leery about taking home women home from gigs since then. She had probably gotten his phone number from her friend.

"Are you alone, or did you have one of your groupie sluts over last night?" she asked in her usual blunt way. Jake told her he was alone. She interrogated him further about his plans for the day but all that Jake had scheduled was another night playing with his band. Raven asked him if he'd like to come over to her house for the day. "I could use your services," she said in a seductive tone. Jake vaguely remembered where she lived so she quickly gave him directions, told him to be over in exactly one hour and then hung up.

Jake hung up the phone and got out of bed. He was mind was still fuzzy from sleep and he was surprised that Raven would want to have him over. There was no reason he could think of why she would want to punish him so he felt it was safe to go over, but he still thought he should be on guard. She was very demanding but if it was sex that she wanted, Jake was sure that he could satisfy her.

He showered and had a quick bite to eat. She didn't live very far away and he pulled in the driveway of her townhouse right on time. Jake didn't think it would be smart to show up a minute late or early. As he walked up to the front door he saw that it was slightly open. He was about to walk in, but thought about it for a moment. Remembering that Raven was tricky, he rang the doorbell instead. He heard it chime off in the distance inside her house. There was no answer. After waiting a while, he pushed the door open cautiously.

"Raven?" He called out. "It's Jake." He stepped inside, peeking behind the door as he did. He closed the door behind him and as he walked from the foyer into the living room, he heard the clicking of high heels behind him and the solid chunking sound of the front door being locked. As he turned around he realized that Raven had been hiding in a small bathroom off to the side of the front door.

"Hello, Jake," she said with a devious smile. "I'm so glad you could come over." Raven was decked out in black leather. She was wearing what looked like the same form fitting lace up vest as the last time, with long gloves that went just past her elbows. Her tight leather pants looked as if they had been painted on and they disappeared inside the tops of spike heeled boots that rose almost up to her knees, and in one hand she held the dreaded riding crop.

"Why do you look so alarmed?" she taunted him as she walked slowly towards him. Jake didn't know what to do.

"Raven, there's no reason to punish me. Please, put the whip down," he was surprised that his voice had practically trailed off to a whimper.

"Oh Jake, you poor boy," she said and slowly reached out her riding crop and gently caressed his cheek with the tip of it. "I'm not going to punish you. Unless you give me a reason to." She added sternly. "Take off your clothes," she ordered. Jake didn't even think and quickly stripped down to his bikini briefs, leaving his clothing in a sloppy pile on the carpet. "Take that off too," she commanded, lightly striking the bulge in his shorts with the crop. Once Jake was completely naked Raven told him to get on his knees. "Did you lie to me about being free all day?" Raven asked.

"No," Jake answered meekly.

"I told you I could use your services. Now what do think I meant by that?" she asked.

"Uh, sex?" whispered Jake. Raven gave a deep mocking laugh.

"A slut boy like you isn't worthy of getting into bed with me. I have other plans. As long as you do what I say, we'll get along just fine. Now go downstairs to my playroom," she commanded and pointed her riding crop at what Jake knew was the basement door.

Jake got up and was evidently walking too slowly towards the door because Raven struck him on ass with her crop. He hurried down the stairs, Raven taking her time, high heels clicking menacingly on the treads.

The finished basement room was just as he remembered it. The pool table, the bar. He cast a nervous glance at the brass foot rail at the base of the bar which he had been handcuffed to the last time he was here. Her bag of toys was nowhere to be seen, but that didn't ease his mind.

"Put this on," he heard her say and he spun around just in time to catch a small piece of black leather. It was a thong. As Jake pulled it on he found that the waist strap was just his size but the pouch was very small and Raven insisted that he get all of his partially erect cock inside it. "You might as well put it away since you won't need it for anything other than going to the bathroom today," she said. Ordering him on his knees once again, she reached behind the bar and got a wide spiked leather collar and put it around his neck. "Now you're my slave boy," she said. "You know what I have in mind for you?" she asked.

"You're going to punish me?" Jake asked.

"You're really stupid," Raven said and lightly slapped his cheek. "I told you that I wouldn't punish you unless you gave me a reason to. As long as you obey me for the rest of the day, you'll be fine. If you don't, then you'll be playing your guitar tonight with a sore ass. Good thing you don't sit down while you play," she laughed. "Now, you've been pretty obedient so far, but perhaps I should remind you what will happen if you displease me."

Jake told her that he knew very well what would happen, but he did as Raven commanded and bent over the pool table so she could strike him on the buttocks ten times with her crop. He flinched in pain with each stroke, and just when he thought it was over she hit him on the backs of his thighs several times.

"Now," she said. "Get back on your knees and I'll show you what I have in mind." Jake watched with dread as Raven walked across the room to a set of louvered wooden doors. As she pulled them open slowly, Jake was surprised to see a washer and dryer with laundry baskets piled on them. "You can breath now, slave. I don't know what you were expecting back here," she said.

Raven asked Jake a number of questions about doing laundry and once she was satisfied that he knew how to sort clothing and run the machines she told him to get to work and join her upstairs when the first load was in.

There were four baskets of clothing and as Raven had suggested it was easiest to sort them on the pool table. As he did so, he thought about his situation. Once again, Raven had tricked him. His car keys and clothes were upstairs so he couldn't just run away. Although he was somewhat afraid of Raven, he believed that she was telling the truth and would let him go in time to make it to his gig that night. He suspected that if she had him doing laundry right now, she might have other domestic chores planned for him. If that was the case it wouldn't be that tough, although knowing Raven the little that he did, he was sure that he would end up taking some punishment before it was all over and that made him a little uneasy.

Jake also thought that spending the day at her house might enable him to learn more about her, and even though she said he was not worthy of getting in bed with her, he would have all day to try and work his charm on her.

After going through all the baskets, Jake was a little surprised that there weren't any bras or panties in them. He couldn't figure that out. Most of her clothes were the sort of thing a lady would wear to the office, and the others were sweats for working out at a gym. This didn't surprise him because she had a fantastic body.

Before starting the washing machine he peeked behind the bar where she had gotten his collar. There was a small refrigerator below the bar and open shelves with glasses and utensils on them, but nothing out of the ordinary. Once the washing machine was started he went upstairs.

Raven was lounging on her sofa and she ordered Jake to crawl across the floor and kneel in front of her. As he did so, he noticed that his clothes were nowhere to be seen. Raven rested one of her spike heeled boots on his shoulder.

"Did you notice that I didn't leave any of my underwear down there?" she asked. Jake nodded. "I thought it would distract you and get you in trouble, so I'll do that myself later." Raven then gave him what seemed like a well rehearsed speech. She told him that she had a number of household chores for him to do that day and although she wouldn't be constantly looking over his shoulder, she would be supervising his work. Late afternoon she would evaluate the quality of his services and punish him for any sloppiness or work not completed. Jake should not try to engage her in any conversation unless he needed more work to do, and at those times he should address her as Mistress Raven. Jake would be required to ask permission to use the bathroom and if she caught him masturbating he would be very sorry.

Raven decided that he would clean one floor at a time, starting with her basement playroom, as she called it. Without getting up from the sofa, she told him where the vacuum cleaner and dust cloths were and she told him to get busy. She added that she expected him to do a quick, yet thorough job. Without saying a word, Jake took the equipment downstairs.

From what he had seen so far, Raven lived very cleanly. It really didn't take him much time to clean the playroom and laundry closet. He didn't find anything interesting except for two dirty glasses in the small sink behind the bar. One had traces of her lipstick on it. Jake wasn't sure if these were left over from his visit a few weeks ago, or if she had another guest since then. There was nothing to clean them with so after checking over the downstairs one last time, he took them up to the kitchen.

Raven was not in the living room and he thought he heard typing on a computer upstairs.

"Mistress Raven," he called up the stairs, finding the title Mistress to be a bit awkward and silly at the same time.

"Come up here, slave," she ordered. At the top of the stairs was a short hallway. He could see through an open doorway that the front room was her bedroom, there was a bathroom in the middle, and the back bedroom had been set up as an office. Some paperwork was spread out on the desk and she was working on a spreadsheet on her computer. It looked a little silly to see her dressed in her leather outfit doing office work, but he didn't dare say so.

Jake tried to see what type of work she was doing while he stood in the doorway but before long she was giving him a list of things to do on the first floor and telling him where things were located. One thing she expected him to do was water some plants out back. When he asked if he could at least put on his jeans before going outside she just laughed at him. Jake humbly went downstairs.

The combination living room dining room was cleaned as easily as the basement. There wasn't any mail or magazines lying around with her name on them. Jake did wonder if Raven was her real first or last name. The kitchen sink was partially full of dishes, which he put in the dishwasher and switched it on. Although the kitchen and small downstairs bathroom were clean, he took special care in wiping things down and mopping the floors because he thought these things might be checked more thoroughly.

After putting another load of clothes in the washing machine Jake started to get a little frustrated. He was doing all this housework which was simple, but rather boring. Since he wasn't allowed to speak to Raven unless it was work related, his chances of sweet talking her into bed did not look good. Although he wasn't having much fun, there didn't seem to be much he could do about it. Raven's presence was so intimidating and he felt helpless against her. All he could think of to do was finish out the day as her slave and never come back again.

He was about to go up to her office for another work assignment when he remembered about watering the plants in the back. One wall of the living room had a sliding glass door covered with a flowing translucent curtain. Jake pushed back the curtain and peeked outside.

There was a small patio in the back with a number of potted flowers and plants on metal stands. There were privacy fences that screened it from the neighboring patios on either side, but the rear of the patio was wide open. Across the lawn was the side of another condo building. The side of that building didn't have any windows, making Raven's patio reasonably private, but he could see that there was a sidewalk beside the other building and he hoped that no one would walk by while he was outside.

It was early in the spring but still a little cool outside, especially if you are barefooted on a concrete patio and wearing only a thong and a collar. He found the watering can in a storage box on one side of the patio and filled it at the faucet beside the sliding glass door. As he was watering plants at the rear edge of the patio he looked up at Raven's office window. The sunlight was reflecting on the glass and he could not tell if she was watching him or not. Jake also realized at that time that the patio was in plain view of her neighbors' second floor windows on either side. Although he felt very confident of his body, he was very uncomfortable being almost naked on the patio.

As Jake was finishing up, he heard a noise and turned to see a man with curly brown hair walking a golden retriever down the sidewalk. The man only gave Jake a brief glance but walked on by without slowing down. Perhaps stranger things had been seen on Raven's patio.

Raven was calling Jake from the top of the stairs when he went back inside. When he went to her office she told him to fix her some lunch and bring it to her. She told him what to make and where everything was located. Jake was told he could fix a lunch for himself but he should eat quickly downstairs and get back to work.

As she was giving Jake directions, his eyes wandered around her office. He noticed that there weren't any photos around of friends and family, which he thought was odd, but he did see a stack of opened envelopes, perhaps bills, in a bin on one corner of the desk. If he got only a minute alone in the office he thought he could at least learn her full name.

The kitchen was small but functional and it didn't take long for Jake to fix the lunches. He took Raven's upstairs and then went back to the kitchen to eat his. At this time, the telephone rang. He knew better than to answer it, but he saw part of the phone on the wall light up and he realized that it was a caller I.D. display. Curious, he went over to look at the name. Smith, and then a local phone number. Raven had picked up the phone upstairs and although he couldn't hear any of the conversation, from the tone in her voice he figured it must be one of her girlfriends.

There was a pad of paper and a pen on the kitchen counter. Jake thought about writing Smith's phone number down, although he wasn't sure what he would do with it, and he couldn't just put the piece of paper in his pocket for later. He tore the top sheet off the note pad, wrote down the phone number of Raven's friend, and then stashed the slip of paper under the silverware holder in the top kitchen drawer. He planned to smuggle it out later if possible, and if that was not possible he would be long gone before Raven would find it. Jake was quite pleased with his plan.

She was on the phone with Smith for quite a while. In fact she was still talking when Jake had finished his lunch and went upstairs for more work. Raven's plate was empty on the desk and he took the initiative to pick it up.

"Slave," Raven said without covering the mouthpiece on the phone. "Wait for me outside my office after you take those dishes downstairs." Then she was back to her phone conversation, laughing with her friend, probably on Jake's behalf.

When he got back upstairs he only had to wait a moment before Raven hung up the phone. She told him to get a few items from the vanity in her bedroom. Nail polish, file, and other related items.

When Jake returned to her office, Raven had pushed her chair away from the desk. She had removed her long gloves earlier to do work on the computer and as Jake knelt beside her chair she held out her hands to show him her nails. Raven explained that she normally got professional manicures on a regular basis but she hadn't had time this month because of her busy work schedule. Jake took the opportunity to ask Raven what kind of work she did.

"I told you not to speak to me unless it's related to a task I've given you," Raven scolded. She quickly snatched her riding crop up off the desk.

"No! Please," Jake begged, but he submitted when Raven ordered him to bend over the desk. She severely thrashed his buttocks for several minutes until they were a deep red. Raven sat back down, obviously annoyed at being interrupted by her slave.

She continued explaining that she expected Jake to remove the slightly flaked polish from her nails, do a little trimming and filing, and then repaint them with another shade of polish.

"I'm very particular about my nails," Raven said. "Even if you've never done this before I'm going to make sure you do it right, or I'll whip your ass again."

Jake was afraid of making mistakes and so he was a little shaky. Raven was delighted at the fear she had instilled in him. The only part Jake had trouble with was the nail polish. It either came out too thick or required too many brushstrokes, which Raven thought was sloppy and insisted on them being redone. The second hand was a little bit easier to do.

Jake thought that Raven would give him a list of chores to do upstairs next. Instead, she told him to remove her boots. She placed one spike heeled boot quite heavily in his lap as he was kneeling in front of her, and he slowly unzipped it. Removing her boot, he saw that her tight black leather pants were nicely tapered to just above her ankles. Raven wore tiny white cotton ankle socks on her feet and Jake thought they looked rather silly with the leather pants. She quickly ordered him to take off her socks.

As Jake was about to set the socks aside, Raven instructed him to hold them up tightly to his nose and breathe deeply. Jake inhaled the musky aroma of warm leather and light sweat. He found it strangely arousing and his cock tried to straighten out in the confines of his skimpy thong.

"Oh, do you like the way that smells, Jake?" Raven asked, noticing Jake's straining member.

"Yes, Mistress Raven," he answered softly through the cotton. She then held one foot up to his face and ordered him to kiss it, which he did without hesitation. Raven had Jake kiss her feet all over and suck on her toes. He found this very exciting, especially when Raven began stroking one foot along the bulging pouch of his thong.

Just when Jake thought he would explode, Raven commanded him to trim and then paint her toenails. She was obviously satisfied at Jake's sexual frustration.

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