tagLesbian SexRaven Robinson Ep. 05

Raven Robinson Ep. 05


Well Saturday had been slow. Raven wasn't expecting Sunday to be any different. She would still have to wait two full days for Dad and Liz to get home from their honeymoon. She was trying hard not to over-think everything. Raven had made some discoveries yesterday that raised some serious doubts about her the marriage that honeymoon was meant to celebrate.

She was worried for her dad, but at the same time excited for herself. It all seemed very unreal in the light of a fresh morning. Yet when she crept back into the master bedroom things were the same as before. The goldmine of girl-toys in Liz's bedside drawer was still all there. It seemed to be having dire effect on Raven's judgment. She couldn't let herself get carried away. Raven needed a diversion to keep her busy. A day out seemed like a good idea. She dressed simply, in some cutoff jean-shorts, a Cure T-shirt and some converse sneakers.

She left the house having no particular destination in mind it was nine o'clock when she walked past the Watkins house.

Sam was sitting out front yelled hello from the front porch. Raven was a little startled because she hadn't seen the car out front.

"Hey Rave, whatcha doin' today?" Sam was one half of the Watkins twins, she was smart and bookish and a bit dorky truth be told. But she was also one of the kindest people Raven knew.

"Nothin much Sam. I'm just out for a walk getting some air. Got the house to myself actually, but it gets kinda dull just laying around."

"Oh yeah, your pops married Miss Malone huh. Whats that like? " Raven wasn't entirely sure how to respond. She didn't want to sound like she was exactly loving the situation but at the same time she didn't want to sound like another bitchy little girl who oozed insecurity.

She settled for a shrug and " I dunno yet, really. Too soon to say I guess".

Sam nodded "yeah you know when our old man walked out on momma I was real worried, but its been three years now and she seems to be even stronger without him around. Church helps I think. That's where they are now, momma and Staci I mean."

"You didn't go with?" Raven asked.

" Nah not this week, only reason Staci went cause she got in trouble, now she stuck with momma for today. We turned 21 last week see, and Staci already went and got nabbed for drunk drivin' or as good as anyway. She didn't actually get arrested but she drove the Volvo through the garage door." She pointed to the damage – a dented garage door and a broken window ."Broke the driver's side mirror clean off too."

An idea bloomed in Raven's devious mind. " So your legal now Sam, I mean you could buy us beer if you wanted?"

She nodded again " Yeah sure I could I spose. I mean I ain't looking to do anything crazy like sis but you know."

"Oh sure, of course we'd only be taking it back to my house. Like I said I've got the whole place to myself for tonight and tomorrow. Seems like kind of a waste to do nothing."

So a few hours later the two girls were sitting in the Robinson family living room with cold beers in their hands listening to music. "Charlotte Sometimes" by the Cure came on and Raven realized she was towards the end of her sixth bottle. "Shit. Sam, drank my half of this pack, are you feelin' good yet? "

"Yeah Rave, I'm good. Actually kinda lightweight I guess. This is only my fifth but I'll split the last one with ya if you want."

"Yeah sure sounds good lemme grab it from the fridge real quick."

Raven stood up fast and felt a slightly wobbly on her feet. She must have been drunker than she thought. She shrugged it off and opened the last beer, and took a big healthy drink before handing it over to Sam. "Damn girl you kissin this or what, got it all wet and shit. It's coo though I don't care really, don't know why I even said somethin'."

That was the type of girl Sam Watkins was. If she said anything that might be taken negatively she was quick to take it back, even when drunk.

Raven was thinking about how nice Sam was and then she decided that if there was anyone she could count on to be understanding and discreet it was Sam. She'd even have the decency to not tell Staci something if you asked her to. The whole Liz situation was weighing on her mind even now so she decided to get it off her chest and maybe get some reassurance at the same time.

"So Sam, can I ask you somethin'.

"Course Rave ask away girl".

"So have you ever went snooping around in your momma's room and found some crazy shit? You don't have to answer if you don't want to it's just that I found some stuff yesterday and it's got me stumped. I mean I've seen toys you know, I even got one of my own. "

She was near to rambling now, Sam just sat there taking it in. "But, Liz, I mean Miss Malone, I mean my dad's new wife. She's got some things i've never seen before."

And so that's how they ended up in the master bedroom pouring over the contents of Liz's bedside drawer. The girls rolled the objects in their hands. A couple they had turned on and off feeling the different speeds and various tips.

" Yep that one there is most definitely a butt plug. You know I ain't never told no soul about this, but when daddy left it wasn't for no woman. Nope. Momma done found Daddy with another man. He had one of these things too found it out back in the trashcan the week he cut out".

Raven was speechless.

"And that one there, that's a stap-on for women to use on women. Old Auntie Jean was a full-on lesbo. Had a life partner and everything. Name was Nancy, little white thing. Auntie always said there was only two things you needed to know to be sure if were gay or not. How they talk and how they ate. All in the mouth she said. Momma just says Jean had an oral fixation though."

Raven was suddenly very concerned about the signals she was sending, or wasn't sending. It was all increasingly disconcerting.

Raven bit her lip, and said " So you think I'm right don't you? I mean is Miss Malone a lesbian?"

"Well she still married your pops but I'd say theres a good chance she likes girls too. You don't need no strap to do yourself and your dad don't seem like the type to take it in there if you get me. Nope, he ain't nothing like my daddy was... is I guess. Also there's the key. I spose she might leave it unlocked all the time, but there ain't even a keyhole on the other drawer so I think it's there for a reason ya know?"

Sam finished the last of the beer and gave a happy drunken belch. "Whoo I'm faded Rave this beer was a good idea i'm feelin' gooood now"

Then still feeling her own inebriation Raven Robinson did the single boldest thing of her life. She held her breath a moment and said in soft voice. "You wanna feel better?" Next she picked up a slender purple vibrator and turned it up and down up and down. Revving it's engine.

"It's like that is it Rave? I think I just might". She reached for a pale green one and turned it on. It gave off a faint buzz and Sam smiled wide. The two girls slowly began to take off their pants. Soon they were both sprawled on the floor moaning together. They were still only working their chosen toys on themselves. Sam was arching her back really going to town on her perfect little juicebox. Raven couldn't help but stop and stare. She wasn't even using a toy now just her own fingers, as she watched Sam writhe in pleasure.

Sam saw Raven looking intently and stuck her licked her lips playfully " You getting off on me Rave. That's hot. Come here and let me show you somethin' sweetie"

Raven was dripping wet just thinking about it. She moved over to Where Sam was sitting. "I'mma show you somethin' kinky Rave, somethin' real dirty." Sam took the vibe she was holding and turned it on a low rumble. She then lay on her stomach and began to rub the vibe on her luscious butt. She just felt it against her cheeks first giggling at the tingle. Then slowly but surly she began to rub it up and down her ass-crack. Finally she delicately inserted it's humming tip into her puckered asshole. Raven meanwhile was working herself over furiously, passionately, but never taking her eyes off of Sam – Loving every second of the private show seeing it go in and out of Sam's beautiful black booty. She wasn't able to work it in deep but she never needed to. In just a few minutes time Sam was shuddering in orgasmic bliss. Raven was with her shortly in what was her best sexual experience in all her eighteen years.

It was the first shared experience with another girl. It may not have been sex but it was close as one could get really. When they were recovered and cleaning up Sam saw Raven looking at the butt-plug on the floor. Raven glanced at her friend quizzically as if to say - think you can take that one up there?

Sam only laughed shook her head and said " I'd need more than beer for that thing baby, you know, hard liquor, maybe next time though if your lucky" Sam got dressed and was out the door and on her way home ten minutes later.

The mere hope that there could possibly be a next time was enough to make this the best day of Raven Robinson's existence.

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