tagNonHumanRaven Walks Ch. 03

Raven Walks Ch. 03


Chapter Three: Lillith

Las Vegas had been a nice diversion, but Raven was relieved to return home to New Orleans. It felt like home, as much as any place could feel like home to a vampire. He was a true vagabond, and reveled in his ability to adapt to new surroundings. But NOLA was just as much his mistress as the playmates that shared his relentless sexual appetite.

Besides, he thought with a slight rush, it was at his favorite club he had seen her: that redheaded temptress he'd lost to the night.

Raven was no fool. He understood her appeal was largely dependent upon the fact he hadn't had her yet. He was certain that once he claimed her and made her his, his fascination with her would dim just like all the others who came before her.

Until then she would linger in his mind like an apparition, and it was that ghostly image that drove him to return to the bar once more.

The heavy metal beat assaulted him before he even opened the door. It was a stormy Saturday night and a full moon; not unlike the very first night he saw her. Perhaps this was fate guiding his path right to her, rewarding his patience.

A patient man he had never pretended to be.

He suspected she would pay the price for his having to wait; he just hoped it would not be her life.

Raven was a lot of things, but a murderer he tried never to be. He had only turned one other person and that was at his request. Instead he had always managed to find those to feed off of, people whom he could return to if need be, even though thus far the need had never materialized.

But to condemn them to an eternity of blood lust? He decided long ago that was left to vampires with stronger constitutions than he. Instead, his appetite for blood rode shotgun with his libido. And the long line of satisfied lovers left in his wake validated his decision.

The fact he wasn't traditionally dangerous attracted lovers to him like flies, and perhaps that was the reason for his recent jag of dissatisfaction.

Sonja greeted him at the bar with a bottle of water, just as he liked it. A prior donor, she had always given him the space he required after their encounter together. Seeing as how she worked at a "haven" for others such as him, he knew she'd use the utmost discretion. Otherwise he never would have relented to feeding on one so familiar.

It was an intimacy he couldn't afford.

Because she had so dutifully followed his unspoken code, he knew he could trust her. Which was why he decided to ask her about the redheaded mystery woman.

"I know of a redhead, but I'm pretty sure she's not the one you're talking about."

Raven didn't care. If there was even the slightest chance it could be the same woman, he had to know. "Where can I find her?"

Sonja glanced around before leaning in towards him. She provided a name and a location, both were unfamiliar. But he nodded, tipped her well and was on his way.

The coven Sonja had directed him to was an unfamiliar one to him, which was odd. He thought he'd seen them all. But this one was pretty far underground, and if you weren't aware it was there you'd have probably missed it all together. Unlike his normal haunt, this place was secretive and selective.

The music was darker, the lights were dimmer. From the moment he walked into the place he knew he was on someone else's turf. Just who that was he wasn't sure.

Intense eyes followed him as he crossed through the sparse crowd; the stranger they'd never before seen. Fortunately Raven was used to that sort of scrutiny. He headed toward the bar where a young man only clad in silk trousers poured drinks. His eyes sparkled as he inspected this new patron.

"Can I help you?" he asked hopefully.

Raven simply smiled. "I'm here to see Lillith."

Lillith Winter, the name provided by Sonja. He couldn't imagine his dream lover with such a cold sounding name, but he was willing to take the shot. And what better way than to assume this Ice Queen would agree to see him even though they'd never before met? It was a risky move in their secretive community.

The boy's face fell, but he nodded. "Wait here."

He disappeared behind a beaded curtain, leaving Raven to survey the scene. This coven was unlike the other. People were feeding in booths and out on the dance floor. And he thought he could clearly make out one couple actually fucking in a back booth.

The boy returned. "She says she will not see you now."

Raven just smiled. He leveled his powerful gaze on the vulnerable man child. "I believe you're mistaken."

The young man shrank back visibly. "I could try again..."

"No need, Henri," a female voice purred.

Raven glanced up to see a redhead, but not his redhead. Instead of copper tresses her locks were strawberry blond. Instead of being tall, she was quite petite in stature. Her face was lovely, her eyes intense and her breasts inviting. Perhaps the trip wasn't a total waste after all, he decided.

"Lillith?" he asked in his own husky tone.

Though diminutive in size, her command of the room was undeniable. She nodded her head slightly as she rounded the bar and came to stand beside him. "And you are Raven Crowe," she announced.

He seemed surprised that she knew who he was. "Have we met?" he asked, although he knew the answer was no.

"In a manner of speaking," she said as she hooked her arm with his and led him away from the bar. "I knew Constantine."

This was not necessarily good news for Raven. Constantine La Rouche was the man whom he turned, only because of his insistence. He had been ill and feared he would die and leave his beloved behind, so Raven took mercy on his situation and spared him from mortality.

The next day, fearing that his lover was a witch, the town burned her at the stake before he'd even risen.

Through the hundred or so years since, he would hear of Constantine's lust for revenge. He made humans pay for his loss by taking what the loved most and corrupting it the only way he knew how. It made Raven sick to know he'd created this monster, but there was nothing he could do.

Except never turn anyone ever again. He'd rather drive a stake through his own heart.

It was hard being a vampire with a conscience.

Lillith guided Raven to an upstairs hidden room that was draped in black velvet and illuminated by candles. She dropped her silk cloak to reveal her tight corset that showed off her proud breasts.

"How is Constantine?" Raven asked as he stood beside a chair but did not sit.

"Heartless as always," she commented with a wry smile. "From what I understand, you know that better than anyone."

He said nothing, just watched her approach. She gave him a wanton grin as her hand slid up his chiseled arms. "So what exactly can I do for the legendary Raven Crowe?"

"I was looking for someone."

"Aren't we all?"

"A redhead."

She grinned. "How convenient."

Coldly Raven retorted, "But since she's not here, I suppose I should go."

Her face hardened but her voice remained unaffected. "Then go."

But he didn't turn away and he didn't leave. By her showing she didn't care if he stayed or went, he suddenly wanted to stay. She must have done this before, he decided.

"How do you know Constantine?" he asked.

"I thought you were going," she snapped and attempted to stalk away. Only he snaked out a hand to grab her elbow and pulled her roughly toward him.

"I'd rather be coming," he said in a low, seductive voice.

Slowly she smiled. So this was his game. "Such demands. What makes you so certain you deserve that pleasure?"

Using his mind he invaded her thoughts, to plant images of his throwing her down on the velvet covered sofa.

He was quite surprised when the imaginary Lillith pushed him onto his back in his own thoughts.

He once again focused on her face only to find two fangs protruding from her mouth. It was his turn to gasp.

Through his clothes he could feel the sensation of her hands on his body and his mind filled of thoughts of her taking his hard cock into her mouth. He felt the texture of her tongue wrapped like a snake around his shaft as she swallowed him whole. She continued to mind fuck him with her mouth, and as his explosive orgasm built, his fangs grew.

He needed to come. And he needed to feed.

And all she had done was touch his arm.

He grabbed her to him to take her on the spot. But she evaded his grasp and instead pushed him back onto the chair, fully intending to make the images she planted in his mind a reality.

She groaned as she copped a feel of his massive erection through his pants. As she wrapped her hand around the bulge she could feel it pulsate inside of her. Like Raven, Lillith had an insatiable hunger. Not only did she need him to fuck her, she wanted to feel his fangs pressed into her flesh. And she needed to sink her teeth into his.

Ever since Constantine had turned her, she too has associated her lust for blood with her lust for sex. And she knew from all she'd heard about Raven, he'd be the same.

He was her match, and she his.

Impatiently Raven pushed aside his pants to reveal his hungry cock for her. Unceremoniously he tangled his fingers into her hair and guided her down to where he needed her to be. Her tongue licked flames up and down and around his shaft and over the head, and he cried out as his cock jumped up to fill her waiting mouth.

Finally she descended onto him, sucking him into her mouth, carefully avoiding any contact with any of her teeth. He'd never been blown by a female vampire before, and was surprised at how skilled she was protecting his vulnerable body from her sharp fangs.

In fact, most of the sensation was the head of his cock slipping into the back of her throat as he buried himself balls deep into her mouth.

Though his urgency grew, she took her time. He would shove her head down onto him but she was in charge, and right as she got him to the brink she'd lift her mouth away and allow her tongue to lick every inch of his delicious cock. He was delirious as he begged her to let him come.

She instead lifted away to peel the rest of her clothing from her supple body. Her curves were inviting and he wanted to bury himself inside of her. But she was strong. She straddled his face and dove back down onto his stiff dick with her hungry mouth.

He grabbed her by the hips and pulled her down. His tongue teased her as relentlessly as she had been teasing him. He flicked her hard clit back and forth with his tongue until she was bucking against his face, only to stop. He'd then allow his tongue to explore just the rim of her sopping wet hole.

He stuck two fingers deep inside her, feeling her clutch to him with powerfully strong muscles deep inside her pussy. He could only imagine what it was going to feel like to fuck her. The more he thought about it, the more he needed to come. His fangs grew almost painfully as he strained to bury himself into her mouth.

Finally he couldn't take it anymore. He had to taste her. He sank his teeth into her groin and tapped into a vein. This sent Lillith over the edge as she contorted in a full body shudder. She swallowed his massive load as she came over his fingers, still plunged deep inside of her.

He fed on her much longer than he probably would have a mortal human being; and the vintage of her essence intoxicated him more than he could remember being before. When he finally drug his bloody mouth away, he had to sink his face back into her wet and trembling pussy. He couldn't get enough of her, and he didn't even bother teasing her. He sucked her hard clit into his mouth, his tongue circling around it, his teeth softly biting into her. She gyrated onto his face as she screamed out in another mind bending orgasm.

Just as she peaked, she sank her own fangs into the vein in his groin. As he was not used to being penetrated, he cried out in surprise. He felt his blood gush into her mouth, and he heard her feed noisily from him. His cock sprang back to life as he experienced a sexual rush he hadn't had for many years.

Roughly he flipped her around so that she was sitting on top of him. He slid easily into her waiting pussy as she began to rock over him slowly, grinding herself down on top of him. He licked the traces of his own blood from her mouth before he kissed her hard and deep. Her pussy grasped his cock as his fingers found her hard nipples and cupped her full breasts.

He bounced her on top of his rock hard dick, indulging in how tight and wet and warm she was around him. She encouraged him with alternate whispers and screams, begging him to fuck her harder and faster. The dance of seduction and control out the window, he happily complied. He was still stone drunk on the taste of her and how her blood felt as it ran through his veins. He could hear her heartbeat thunder in his ears. His fingers dug into the tender flesh of her ass, forcing himself further and further inside her with each thrust while he watched her fangs grow longer and sharper.

"Feed," he whispered.

She needed no further instruction. Her sharp teeth penetrated the skin of his neck. It was pain and pleasure in the very same instant. And he felt her start to come all around him the minute she began sucking the blood from his neck. She groaned deep in her throat as she lost control of her body.

He ached to come as well, but he loved how it felt to be inside her while she fed on him. He waited until she'd had her fill. His strength stolen, he couldn't flip her over and bang her from behind like he wanted. So instead he decided to feed slowly. His fangs scraped over the tender skin of her neck, piercing her ever so slightly. He felt her tighten all around him as he penetrated her, sucking rivulets of blood from her skin. He did it slowly, causing her to have a mounting orgasm that did not stop. He fucked her harder at her insistence, until he felt himself losing control. He shoved himself up deep inside of her as he drank heavily from her neck.

He fell back against the chair, spent. She lifted away slightly to gaze into his eyes. "Bet your other redhead couldn't do that," she murmured, licking away any evidence of blood from his neck and his chin and his cheek.

He groaned and clutched her to him, prepared to keep her right where she was while he grew again for another session of hunger and lust.

And he knew that despite his strong resolve to walk alone, Lillith was an Ice Queen he'd long to melt much more than once.

And she was glad that into her life, Raven walks.

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