tagNonHumanRaven Walks Ch. 04

Raven Walks Ch. 04


Chapter Four: Tracy

Lillith proved to be an interesting diversion for Raven for several weeks. But like anything else, his passion cooled and he began to yearn for something different. Fortunately for him, her lust for new blood was just as insatiable, so she did not cling to him like a forsaken lover as he returned back to his favorite haunt to seek out yet another conquest.

As the summer months crept along, the oppressive humidity drove people out later and later at night when it was cooler, which meant he was faced with a lot of new possibilities. Unfortunately so many of them were young college girls on the prowl for their next sexual adventure. Though they were ripe for the picking, he found them boring or worse -- annoying. They were just as willing to pose for a wild girls DVD as they were to offer their neck to a complete stranger.

Was it too much to ask for a woman who understood the true power of her sexuality? They treated their orgasms like spontaneous sneezes; something their body did with little to no thought or control. He wanted a woman who was fully able to savor her lascivious nature. He demanded more sophistication in his sensuality.

Who knew if his redheaded temptress understood this power, but he was willing to go on a little faith. Very rarely did a vision revisit his dreams as she had done. It was slowly morphing from a curiosity to an obsession. Raven decided that even if she didn't know the power of sex, she would when he was done with her.

Of course, Raven felt that of all of his conquests. He had been hard pressed to find an equal, much less someone who could teach him a thing or two.

So he went to the bar every night and he waited, willing her to return. His aura grew so strong in his desire that he drew women to him like a magnet. One in particular found him especially interesting. Her name was Tracy Lynn, and she made sure he was aware of her presence.

Like too many of the other young women who frequented the bar, she was far more annoying than enticing. She stood too close, laughed too loud and invaded his personal space without invitation on more than one occasion.

While he'd been polite, he had not encouraged her behavior in any way. He refused to waste his time with her, and she had no real clue whom she was dealing with despite the fact he could bare his fangs at will in the sanctity of the coven.

She was, for lack of a better word, a groupie. Vampires were not unlike rock stars in that way. Their dangerous, rebellious bad boy nature drew girls to them in droves. While their fascination was a bit of an ego boost, their desperation wore on Raven. Which was why he was so selective, and found himself drawn to those girls who presented more of a challenge.

With Tracy Lynn, there was no challenge. She made sure he understood in no uncertain terms that he could have her in whatever way he wanted her.

Which was why he didn't want her.

That and she was impossibly dull. From her drab, unstyled tresses to her careless wardrobe - everything about her screamed she needed him to even validate her existence.

Unfortunately for Raven, his disinterest fueled her obsession. And this night was no exception. She buzzed around him like an annoying gnat, despite the fact he had taken to communicating her only with curt head nods or placating smiles. She seemed unaware. In fact, she seemed to take whatever sign he gave her as positive reinforcement for her behavior. She was inching closer and closer to him as he turned more the other direction.

Clearly she had not been schooled in the fine art of body language.

He managed to ignore her for the most part as he kept his eye on the door of the club. And almost like a mirage, the shock of bright copper hair appeared from the moonless night.

He was so struck to see her again he forgot about Tracy Lynn. He wasn't sure but he even thought he might have forgotten to breathe.

Her black cloak fell away to reveal the milky white expanse of her ample cleavage, pushed high and proud by a purple and black velvet corset. Her bright green eyes were lined with black eyeliner, while her pale ivory face was illuminated under the lights over the dance floor.

It was her. She had come to him.

Why hadn't he thought about calling to her before?

Just as he pushed away from the bar to go to her, he caught sight of the man who entered the bar just behind her. What he saw stopped him in his tracks.

It was Constantine La Rouge.

The tall, imposing figure commanded attention the moment he entered the room, but it was his devastatingly powerful eyes that would render anyone in his path defenseless to his will. He had a cocky, rock star swagger and a self indulgent pout that would make women practically fall at his feet.

Quite simply he was beautiful.

And he had draped his arm possessively over the shoulders of Raven's dream woman.

"And so I was thinking, maybe you could take me home."

Raven blinked and turned his head toward the voice speaking to him. It was Tracy Lynn. "What?"

"My ride," she repeated and pointed off to another girl making out with a vampire at the end of the bar. "She looks like she's going to be occupied. I was thinking maybe you could take me home."

His instant refusal died on his lips as Constantine and his date passed right in front of him.

When her eyes met Raven's he felt electricity shoot down to his loins, as if she had touched him. Her full lips beckoned him to disregard all protocol and kiss her promptly and without reserve. He was so stricken he had to look away, and that was when he caught a glimpse of Constantine's smug face.

"Raven," he said with a nod of acknowledgment. "It's been a long time."

Raven nodded and then glanced back over at the redhead. Constantine bent to tell her, "This is Raven. My master."

Raven cringed at the term, but extended his hand anyway. "Abigail Mandrake," she responded in a voice so soft he felt it slide all the way down his spine. "It's nice to meet you finally." Raven's eyebrow raised, to which she replied, "Your reputation precedes you."

He smiled, and with great satisfaction he saw her composure crack under its seductive weight. "I hope it's all good," he replied, his voice as soft as hers.

Tracy Lynn decided to make her presence known, threading her arm through his. "It couldn't be anything else," she said with a flirty, but possessive, smile.

"Yes, all good," Constantine replied, his eyes boring through Raven. Whether it was fear, love, respect or hatred, Raven couldn't be sure. Instead he glanced back at Abigail. Her bright red tresses tumbled over her bare shoulder, and in their close proximity he could see the silky expanse of the skin on her neck.

It was completely clean.

Raven wasn't sure but he thought he might have groaned. The sexual tension was so thick you could have cut it with a knife. Constantine responded by pulling Abigail closer into his embrace. For some inexplicable reason Raven wanted to pull her away from him. It was an impulse he reluctantly resisted.

Abigail smiled at Raven. "It was nice to meet you," she said before turning away to follow Constantine onto the dance floor.

Raven watched as Constantine folded her into his arms; she practically disappeared into him. The beat was slow, hypnotic and overtly sexual, and Constantine responded by grinding her against him, his eyes swallowing her whole.

As he watched her respond to his seductive gaze, Raven began to harden. She didn't wilt against Constantine like so many of his conquests. Instead, she gave him a glance of her own. Her hands slipped up into Constantine's long brown hair, clasping a handful as she wielded her sexuality like a sword. Her strength and her power over her own sensuality fueled Raven's obsession. He knew that he had to have her.

He felt Tracy Lynn press herself against him. "So how bout that ride?" she purred.

His eyes were hard as he glanced down at her. She was so wrapped up in her own obsession she couldn't see his clear interest in someone else.

Or maybe she did and felt like she had to turn up the heat.

Either way he found her attention intrusive.

But it was also convenient. He grabbed her arm roughly and pulled her onto the floor.

He slammed her to him and mimicked Constantine's movements, making sure Abigail saw. In fact, he didn't look at Tracy Lynn once while they danced. He kept his eyes on another woman, unconcerned that Tracy Lynn might see.

Despite the fact Abigail danced with Constantine, her eyes also were locked on Raven. He invaded her thoughts so that they were dancing together. He felt her soft curves against his hard body. He tumbled headlong into those intoxicating green eyes, and his body responded to thoughts of how it would feel to kiss her, to thrust his tongue between those full, glistening lips.

Tracy Lynn felt his erection start to grow against her and though it was clear that wasn't because of her, she took it as a green light. She ground against him, her hands sliding down his back to cup his ass and press closer to him.

This yanked Raven out of Abigail's head. He growled with displeasure, and Tracy Lynn groaned in response. Raven instead looked back over to Abigail where he saw Constantine lean down to kiss her. The younger man's mouth covered hers, and he could feel their tongues tangle and mesh. He tried to project himself into her mind, but the thoughts were jumbled and clouded.

He knew Constantine had pulled her under his spell.

With desperation he watched Constantine pull her from the floor and lead her into a back room. Without thinking, he released Tracy Lynn abruptly to follow them.

The pulsating beat thundered behind them as he wound his way through the bowels of the secret underbelly of the coven. They could hear moans and screams coming from the various closed doors, the smell of sex and blood rising through the air. He was about to explode if he couldn't find Abigail, to thrust himself deep into her while tasting her virgin skin under his fangs.

But his senses were on overload and he couldn't pick up her scent. As he turned back he saw Tracy Lynn, who had followed him like an expectant puppy.

Full of frustration, Raven snarled as he grabbed her and pushed her up against the wall. She gasped as she saw the length of his fangs. "Is this what you want?" he demanded angrily.

He brought up his knee to part her legs as he watched several expressions steal across her face, fear primary among them. It fueled his aggression. He had never taken what couldn't be freely offered, but he was not above giving a pest like Tracy Lynn exactly what she wanted to prove she had no idea what she was asking for.

"What's wrong?" he asked. "Isn't this what you have been begging for?"

She nodded. "Yes."

He bared his fangs. "Do you know what I do to girls like you?"

She nodded again. "I'm not afraid."

He spun her around to press her face up against the wall, his hard cock pressed into the curve of her ass. "Yes, you are," he told her. "And you should be." He ripped her panties down and shoved a finger up inside of her. Though she trembled in fearful anticipation, she was sopping wet.

What a foolish girl, he thought as he surveyed the smooth skin of her neck. With an angry hiss he bared down on her. She cried out when his fangs pierced her neck, all while his fingers toyed with her hungry cunt. It was blinding pain and searing pleasure at the same moment. She came almost instantly.

A noise off to the side of them caught his attention, and without breaking his deadly embrace he glanced over to find Abigail standing there, her eyes wide -- her neck still clean.

Raven's eyes glazed over as he invaded her thoughts and it was her blood on which he was feasting. Only in his mind, he was plunged deep inside her tight pussy, fucking her fierce and hard as she cried out underneath him.

His thoughts were so potent, though both Abigail and Raven were completely dressed they both teetered on the brink of massive orgasms. Just as he felt himself about to explode, she yanked herself out of his dream world and turned and raced away into the shadows.

He cried out in frustration. He wanted to chase after her but he needed to come. He urgently pulled his hard dick from his trousers and shoved it right up inside Tracy Lynn where she stood pressed up against the wall.

He continued to suck from her neck as he pumped in and out of her. She began to struggle against him, his passion and his hunger terrifying her as she felt her life slowly begin to drain out of her. As she began to swoon against him he finally released her neck from his ruthless fangs as he shoved himself up inside of her to spew his load with an angry yell.

That was when he caught the tear hovering on the tips of Tracy Lynn's eyelashes. She was ravaged, and it had been because of his anger.

He backed away and Tracy Lynn slid down the wall into a heap on the floor. She glanced up at him through half closed eyes. "Be careful what you wish for," he advised as he pulled up his pants. "You just might get it."

Her world closed in on her has he drifted away.

It almost felt like a dream when she was hoisted into strong arms and carried into another room. Her head bobbed as she tried to pull herself out of the murky depths of her subconscious, and she caught just a glimpse of long, luxurious dark hair. "Raven?" she murmured.

A door closed behind them as she was laid ever so gently onto a satin covered bed. She blinked as she tried to focus on the man who laid down next to her. "Who are you?" she whispered.

"Your salvation," he responded back in a voice so gentle it set her whole body on fire.

Slowly his eyes pierced through the fog. Those intense brown eyes that seemed to fuck her before their bodies had even touched. She groaned as his fingers tenderly opened her blouse and pushed her bra away. A warm mouth descended onto her erect nipple, teeth gently piercing the tender skin there. She gasped but arched her back toward him as she was overcome with sexual bliss once her blood mixed with his saliva.

He continued to undress her as he licked his way down her body, taking little bites from her skin. She cried out, her fingers in his hair as she guided him where she wanted him to go.

She was rewarded with hot breath against her quivering pussy. Immediately she opened her legs wider and his tongue danced along her erect clit. He took his time, savored her taste, his tongue flickering around the hard nub and then sliding in between the wet lips of her cunt. He sucked her into his mouth and sent her off into outer space.

He crawled up her body and her legs scissor crossed around his naked waist as he bent in for a kiss. His tongue crawled around her mouth as his cock slid just inside of her. Using her legs, she pushed him in further, feeling him impale her on his rock hard erection. He moaned into her mouth, which she echoed.

He thrust in and out of her slowly, taking his time, feeling each and every inch of her grasping him and pulling him in deeper. Her hips raised to meet his as the desire in her rose. He had one hand underneath her, pulling her ass closer to him, the other hand was in between them, cupping her breast, pinching the nipple.

She was lost in his kiss. This was what she had wanted, not angry consolation sex in a hallway. She savored him right up until she felt his fangs begin to grow. She knew how close she had come to losing herself before. She still was hovering on the brink. She knew that if she wanted to live, she couldn't allow him to feed anymore. She whimpered as she shook her head when he raised up.

All she saw was fangs and bottomless eyes. "No," she whispered.

"Shhh," he whispered as he continued to fuck her. "Just feel me."

She closed her eyes and obeyed. She felt his hard cock filling her, invading her, completing her. She clutched at him with desperation, needing him deeper. His own urgency began to build. He began to pump harder, stronger, deeper. She responded in kind, until she was crying out loud from feeling him reach deep inside of her, his impossibly hard cock stretching her wide.

"Now," he said as she began to come. "Let me taste you."

She shook her head, but her orgasm overtook her. It was such exquisite pleasure she wanted to cry. He was touching her in a place she'd never even known existed.

"Give yourself to me," he demanded in a seductive whisper.

She was incoherent as wave after wave flooded her body. Finally she nodded, a tear rolling down her face. Gently she felt the sharp fangs sink into the tender skin once more. Her blood pumped into him, causing him to race to his own climax. As he sucked, his movements grew more urgent, more demanding.

He was slamming into her by the time she started to black out, the last of her blood dripping from the sides of his mouth. With a primal scream he took the last of everything she had to give, and spent himself inside of her.

Moments later he fell onto her lifeless body, feeling its warmth already beginning to fade.

Tenderly he traced her face with his fingertip. "Sleep well, my love," the sated vampire whispered. "You will wake soon."

He pulled out of her, covered her up and left her there.

The wait now began.

Tracy Lynn died never knowing she would soon walk where Raven walks.

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