tagNonHumanRaven Walks Ch. 18

Raven Walks Ch. 18


Chapter Eighteen: Hunter

When Abi awoke the next morning, she found herself laying next to a very still Constantine, who was still naked but sleeping as though dead.

Although, she supposed with a shudder, he really was.

His eyes sunk into his face and no pulse beat at his neck. Thanks to the blackout curtains keeping all sunlight from the room, shadows shrouded him and kept him safe until the moon would rise again and night would find him reborn.

Slowly she reached out a and and touched his arm, the muscles stiff with death. He was cold and tinged blue, and did not stir from the touch of her warm hand against his skin. Where ever he was, he wasn't earthbound. She was touching a corpse.

A corpse she hadn't minded fucking just the night before.

With a gasp she yanked her hand back and scooted off of the bed. The sides of her neck throbbed, raw with the wounds she had begged for during a night of unchecked salaciousness. She slipped into a silk robe hanging on the back of a chair and then crept out of the room.

Bella was large and sprawling, and it took several detours for Abi to finally find a bathroom. Unlike the rest of the house it was bright with sunlight, and when she faced herself in the mirror she immediately felt sick with remorse.

Her makeup was smeared, her hair mussed, and blood dried on her neck. She fought back the tears as she squared her shoulders, slipped the robe to the ground and headed toward the tub that sat atop claw feet. Steam rose from the hot water as it filled the tub, and she immersed herself fully into the near scalding water to baptize her sinful desires away.

It was sheer luck that she was alive this morning instead of laying dead beside Constantine. Luck, and their inexplicable display of self control. She had felt herself spiral down into unconsciousness under their mouths and their fangs, sinking into a cloud to be carried away where ever sinful souls fled. It was like slipping underwater, and instead of fighting to survive she was surrendering willingly to death.

It was insanity.

She thought of Raven and those dark, bottomless eyes that seemed to consume her. Whenever he touched her, whenever he held her, she just wanted it to go on forever.

And, in a strange way, she felt the same for Constantine.

They were two but one, and she found herself lost to both.

She closed her eyes to squeeze away any tears. She wasn't going to cry for another man -- vampire or not. She had made that mistake once before and was determined not to go there again. Once a heart was broken, it never truly healed.

She knew that more than anyone.

She submerged herself under the water to try and drown away the memories. And just like the night before she felt herself slowly slip away, floating away on a cloud of apathy.

When she thought she heard a male's voice she sprung back up again, certain to see Raven or Constantine risking themselves in the sun to save her.

Only it was Hunter's face she saw, hardened with an unreadable expression, seemingly angry or disappointed or both. She covered herself promptly, which made him snicker.

"What's the matter, Red? You forget you don't have anything I haven't seen before."

"What are you doing in here? Where's Ginger?"

"Asleep," was his curt reply. "Where's your lover boy?" he asked and then with a sneer, "his coffin?"

She jumped up out of the water and grabbed a towel, hastily wrapping it around her naked body while he, much to her embarrassment, looked on. It was as though he could see the brands her vampire lovers had left on her body. Immediately she felt ashamed.

"What does it matter to you?" she bit out, unable to look him in the face.

The next thing she knew his hands were on her shoulders. He spun her around to face him. "Why doesn't it matter to you?" he demanded softly.

She stared into those cold, steel blue eyes. She felt the years between them melt away -- and remembered the very last time she was naked in his arms and lost in those eyes. It surprised her how a love long buried could spring up with just the hint of a memory.

She wrenched away from him and in doing so the towel unwound around her and slid to the floor. She fought the impulse to scramble down to fetch it, and instead tipped her chin in defiance as she stared at him -- tears just behind eyes that wouldn't let them fall.

His jaw clenched as he stared back at her, trying his best not to let his eyes travel downward to her ample breasts, the swell of her stomach, those hips that begged to be touched. She had long been his kryptonite, and he was severely disappointed in himself to find her seductive power over him had not changed.

From the moment he had first given in to her first, tentative kiss she had been like a drug to him. He couldn't get enough. He tried to fool himself into thinking it was because she was a replacement for what he felt for Ginger, but the truth was the scent of her in his nostrils brought out something very primal in him. And now, as she stood in front of him, glistening wet and naked, he clinched every muscle to force himself not to touch her.

Abi had to smile. The physical evidence of what she was doing to him showed in his tense muscles and the stiffening in his loose fitting jeans. "What's the matter, Hunter? I don't have anything you haven't seen before."

He gritted his teeth. "Weren't your vampires enough for you?" he asked, referring to the fresh wounds on either side of her neck.

She moved toward him. "There's only been one who has been man enough for me," she told him as she touched his arm.

He brushed her away. "Aren't we past this, Abigail?"

She brushed her hand against the bulge in his jeans. "You tell me."

He growled in his throat as he tried to curb his growing desire. "It's not going to work on me," he told her resolutely. "I'm not ruled by my desire like your vampire lovers are."

She finally bent to retrieve the towel. "Then why are you here, Hunter?"

"You know why," he said quietly.

She nodded. "Ah yes. Ginger."

He came up to her, a breath away. His eyes softened as he stared into her face, and then gently he touched the wound on her neck. "Not just Ginger," he admitted close enough to kiss her if she wanted.

And God help her, she did.

Her lip quivered. "Go to your wife," she whispered. "I'm a lost cause, Hunter. I always have been."

His other hand slipped up to touch the other side of her face. "Not to me," he told her softly, and then finally bent forward to touch his lips to hers. Her tears finally squeezed through her closed eyes and landed on his hands.

His arms wrapped around her and held her tight to him as he covered her mouth with his own. Slow opened mouth kisses savored her lips as he lifted her up against him. He felt the heat rise from her body as the towel slipped and fell to her waist.

Her arms locked around his neck as she took charge of the kiss and thrust her tongue in between his lips. He groaned against her as one hand grasped a handful of her hair, and the other hand went to cup her ass and press her up against him.

He broke the kiss long enough to mutter against her lips, "Woman, what are you doing to me?"

"I don't know," she admitted. "Should I stop?"

"Yes," he said, but didn't make a move to let her go.

She felt his body grow hard against her and it recalled every passionate night they ever spent wrapped in each other's arms. How he'd make her scream, how she'd make him weak. And here they were again, as if they'd never been apart.

Yet everything had changed.

She was in love with a vampire and one orgasm away from giving herself up to the realm of the undead forever, and he was married to her sister.

Plus they were all pooling their efforts to fight a blood thirsty creature to save everyone from certain, violent death.

This could be the very last opportunity they had to steal a moment from the past. Neither of them seemed eager to allow it to pass by.

Instead she bent forward the half an inch to kiss him again, and with a groan he tore away the towel from her body and lifted her up to straddle his body.

He slammed her up against the tile wall of the bathroom and fumbled with the zipper to his jeans. She rained kisses along his neck and face and mouth as he roughly pushed the material of his underwear away and released his aching erection. Without any ceremony he shoved himself up inside of her, and she rewarded him with a passionate cry.

He held up her knees with his hands as he drive into her where she laid flush up against the wall. With each thrust he punished both of them for their lack of self control. But the rougher he got, the more turned on she was. This was what she deserved she thought as his mouth clamped over her sensitive breast. She grabbed a handful of his hair and begged him for more.

The closer she got to her orgasm the more she needed his mouth on her neck, his mouth covering the wounds that pulsated with need. "Suck me," she begged in a breathless whisper.

"No," he told her.

"Please," she whimpered.

So he bent forward and he covered both of the wounds on one side of her neck with his warm mouth. He ran his tongue gently over the puncture marks and she clawed at his back desperate for more. "Do it!" she cried out, on the verge of her massive climax.

Gently he sucked the tender, raw area of her neck until it sent her spiraling off into the stratosphere. She screamed in pleasure as she bucked against him.

He broke away from her neck and stared into her face as he rode her hard through her orgasm. Her eyes were wide as he filled her with his throbbing, probing cock, and she screamed out his name as his face grimaced with the force of his own orgasm as it built to a mind blowing crescendo.

"Come for me," she begged. "Come in me, Hunter!"

He growled deep in his throat as his thrusting reached a frantic pace, and he cried out and spent himself inside of her.

He held her pinned up against the wall as he gasped for breath, his heart thundering against her chest. He strong, beating heart -- proof that he was a living being in her arms. Everything he had done to her was life, from his kiss to his cum. Even his sucking her neck hadn't stolen anything from her, but given something to her.

Her arms linked around his neck as she held his warm body near.

How close she had come to never feeling this again; replacing sex for pleasure with sex for survival.

Together they slid down the wall until he was in his knees and her legs were locked around his hips. Though he had softened he hadn't slipped free, and she loved how he felt inside of her. She squeezed him with her tight pussy, and he groaned against her neck. "You're insatiable, Red," he told her, and her heart warmed from his familiar term of endearment.

"Some things never change," she said with a grin. As she stared into his eyes, it was all the more true. This time when she kissed him it was soft and loving, and he barely thought of Ginger at all when he responded to her kiss.

She rocked against him slowly, and was rewarded by feeling him rise from a semi-hard state inside of her. His hands slid down her bare back and over her hips, cupping her closer to him as he gyrated slightly against her.

His lips traveled from her mouth to her ear and then back down her neck. The hot breath against the raw wounds made her gasp as she clutched him tighter inside of her. "I wish I could heal you," he whispered against her neck.

She tipped his face up to meet hers. "You are," she said and then kissed him again, a slow deep kiss that any outsider could tell was pure love.

And as Ginger watched from the crack of the bathroom door, she knew there was no denying the connection between her sister and Hunter. She watched as Hunter slid Abi onto the floor and cradled her in his arms as he began making love to her for a second time -- this time slow and easy as they rediscovered each other amidst kisses and hands that knew just where to explore.

Her heart hurt to see the look on Hunter's face as he traced his strong fingers along Abi's delicate skin, fingers that just the night before had explored her body with declarations of love she knew he could no longer honor.

He kissed Abi with the tenderness he had promised would be hers, and she felt her heart crack in two as her sister wrapped her legs around him and he pushed further on top of her. Unlike the raw passion of the first time, something Ginger had come in on much to her surprise but had been too stunned to turn away, their lovemaking now was slow and deliberate as they savored every single sensation. Every kiss, every touch, every stroke.

Though she wanted to run far away, Ginger's feet seemed rooted to the floor. She watched Hunters hands run the length of Abi's body, and when his fingers paused over the wounds on her sister's neck a tear slipped from Ginger's cheek.

As much as it hurt to know Hunter had chosen her, at least she was alive still to be chosen.

And wasn't that why they were here? The purpose for their very existence?

She thought of how she had pined for Stephen last night while Hunter slept, their bed still mussed from their own lovemaking just hours before.

The truth was she had cheated on Hunter many times, in thought if not in deed.

And her betrayal was far worse, because she longed for that which they were bound to destroy.

So she looked on as punishment for her sin, deserving every single crack in her heart with every stroke of Hunter's body into Abi's.

As his tempo increased with their urgency, tears coursed down Ginger's face. She heard their moans and their whispered words and each felt like a dagger into her chest. Had they proclaimed their love to one another, Ginger was certain her heart would have literally exploded.

And as her whole soul ached from watching them together, Ginger sort of wish it would have.

But Ginger stayed where she was as Hunter fucked Abi harder and more ardently. Abi cried out as another powerful orgasm overtook her, and Hunter responded by grunting his way to his own climax and spilling himself inside of her yet another time.

Ginger waited only briefly for the remorse that seemed never to come, and as Abi and Hunter kissed deeply she understood instantly she had been replaced.

Probably from the moment Hunter first slept with Abi all those years ago.

So this was it, Ginger thought to herself.

She truly was alone.

Her sobbed hitched in her throat, and that was when Hunter finally glanced toward the door. The minute he saw her tear stained face, he scrambled away from Abi and sprinted toward the door, still hard from their lovemaking.

Abi grabbed for the towel and followed as Hunter chased Ginger down the hall. "Gin!" he cried out. "Ginger... baby, I'm sorry!"

"Ginger!" Abi chimed in, as suddenly filled with regret as the man she had just made love to. But it wasn't the sex she regretted. She knew that Hunter had very well saved her life by showing her how to love again instead of the dance with death she had attempted with the vampires who had tempted her so.

And somehow she knew that Hunter didn't regret being with her either.

It was the pain they both saw in Ginger's face that prompted them to chase her, both still naked, down the hall.

"Ginger, please!" he cried out as Ginger flew through the door and out onto the grounds. Both Abi and Hunter stopped at the door and watched helplessly as she sprinted across the lawn and headed for the obscure road that would take her back to town.

A road that, now that she was alone, put her at greatest risk for the deadly dreaded Creature.

She was now vulnerable and by herself, alone where Raven walks.

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