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He watched her from across the table as she threw her head back, laughing as his little brother told her some stupid joke. Her black hair glistened in the sunlight, the short strands ruffled occasionally in the wind even though it was cut into what she called the Halle Berry style. Her straight white teeth gleamed between her pink little lips. Lips he overheard her complain about not being big or plump enough for a guy to find attractive. Lips he often found himself fantasizing about. Those cute little lips stood out attractively against the warm oak brown skin tone her entire family shared.

She was his brother's best friend, though he didn't know why they had never become friends since he was only a few minutes older than Jason. They all went to the same schools from preschool to high school. They attended the same family functions, games and even had family vacations together, which, even though they were all in college now, they were currently on.

This year the families had pooled their funds together to rent a vacation house in Tahiti for a month in the summer. He tried to get out of it by using his current girlfriend, Lauren, as an excuse, but the parents had insisted he invite her along and so now here he was, staring across the table at the one he'd always wanted while sitting next to the one he used to pass the time.


She could feel him staring at her again. She did her best to try to ignore his presence by talking and joking around with Jason and the parents but she could feel his gaze like a hot caress whenever he looked at her, which was more often than not. In the past, she, him and Jason would play together whenever their parents had some kind of gathering, which happened often but once they hit junior high school, she would catch him staring at her with a weird expression on his face and felt creeped out because he never looked away from her like a normal person would when someone caught them staring; he would just look at her unblinkingly until she was the one to look away.

His almond shaped eyes were such a dark brown color that they looked black and she could never tell what he was thinking when he would stare at her with that expression she couldn't read. She never would've thought she'd crave having those eyes on her but then, something changed the way she thought of him as only Jason's brother. What was once neutral quickly turned into nights spent reaching self-satisfaction from just a mention of his name and the memory attached to it.

Back Then

The parents had thrown a going away party for him a week before he was set to leave for college at the end of summer. It was also a combination birthday party since he and Jason had turned 18 a week before. She was sent to retrieve him from the house he had disappeared into when everyone had stripped down to their bathing suits to enjoy the huge in ground pool his parents had. She was annoyed; like any other 18 year old she didn't want to miss out on the fun everyone had just to see where the grump of the hour had disappeared to.

She ran into the house in a huff, not bothering to pull on a wrap to cover her bathing suit since she hadn't even gotten a chance to get it wet yet. She grumbled to herself as she searched upstairs first, then the first floor before she noticed the door to the basement was open slightly, which was a big no- no in the Wu household since Mrs. Wu tended to bump into the door frequently whenever it was open since it was right off of the kitchen. She yelled out his name as she made her way down the carpeted stairs to the basement, which was the kids' space. He had a room in the back in which he practiced his martial arts that his parents made so he wouldn't have to pay for a studio.

After looking around to see he wasn't in the common room, she made her way to the back room. The door was slightly open and as she reached for the knob she heard what sounded like moaning from inside. She acted quickly, grabbing the knob and yanking the door open and running in; scared he may have hurt himself. What she saw instead had her mouth dropping open in shock and stopping dead in her tracks.

Kory couldn't believe her eyes as she watched Kai pump what had to be the biggest dick she had ever seen in real life in and out of the mouth of Brie Addams, an 18 year old black girl in their high school's senior class in the middle of his studio. He was facing the door and had a firm grip on her head with both hands, his swim shorts down around his ankles and his ripped abdomen undulating every time he thrust into her mouth. Kory could see the action from behind as well as from the side since the room had mirrors on all four walls.

From every angle she looked at, she could tell Kai was stuffing his entire thick length down Brie's throat; she could see it bulge slightly every time Kai thrust in. He was looking down, watching as his length disappeared into her mouth with almost the same expression on his face that he had whenever he looked at her.

It hit her then what that look meant.

Just as she realized it, Kai looked up and saw her at the door. If he was surprised to see her, he didn't show it. Instead his expression seemed to become even hungrier; Kory would liken it to the term ravenous if she had to describe it. Without breaking eye contact, Kai sped up his thrusts, he was pretty much face fucking the hell out of Brie and yet she didn't hear the girl gag once as she gripped his hips for balance. She wasn't sure whether to be in awe or concerned if the girl was still alive.

She watched as a ripple seemed to move through Kai's sinewy muscles and he thrust once, twice then a last time before he shoved his length as far as it would go into Brie's throat and groaned deeply, holding Brie's face tightly to his pelvis, his dark eyes fixed on Kory the whole time.

She heard Brie start moaning along with him and he flinched and then closed his eyes as Kory guessed the vibrations had some effect on him. Kory took this as her chance and ran back up the stairs to the party, feeling her pussy clinch and gush with wetness. She had become soaked just from watching Kai take his pleasure.

She avoided Kai the rest of the day and when she was alone in bed that night she brought herself to orgasm twice before passing out from pure exhaustion, picturing Kai's face fixed in that ravenous expression, his eyes piercing hers as he groaned out his release.


Kory excused herself from the table, siting jet lag as an excuse as she made her way from the little beach area the families sat at to watch a live performance show the locals had put on for a special afternoon lunch. In truth, she couldn't take Kai's staring anymore. Even after three years those eyes had her feeling all hot and bothered.

Making her way up the steps from the beach, Kory entered through the kitchen, past the laundry room to her guest room at the other end of the hall. She wasn't sure how it happened, but she ended up roomed next to Kai and Lauren. Jason was across from her and she had tried to get him to switch rooms with her but he wouldn't, the jerk. So now she was stuck, doomed to hear Lauren taking the dick she'd been dreaming about experiencing for years now.

Kory flopped down on the soft high rise bed and then groaned once she realized she forgot her phone at the table. It wasn't like anyone would be texting her much anyways since she had broken up with her last boyfriend a month ago. No matter how hard she tried she just couldn't find the guy that would obliterate thoughts of Kai from her mind. Sure, the guys were nice but none of them could make her burn the way she had when she had caught Kai stuffing Brie Addams's throat like a Thanksgiving turkey.

She sighed as she felt the telltale clinch of her pussy and wetness subsequently occur just from thinking of that fateful past episode and decided to pull out her trusty travel vibrator to get some relief before taking a nap.


Kai entered the cool house toeing off his sandals, intent on giving Kory the phone she left behind and then catching up on some sleep. He'd had a long flight, arriving only early this morning as the last guest. Lauren had arrived before him and picked out their room. He liked her well enough, she seemed to get along with the parents, but he just didn't feel a spark between them. He felt like he had to break up with her; he didn't like leading women on. He decided to do it after vacation.

With his thoughts wrapped up in how he was going to break it to her gently, it took him a second to realize there was a loud buzzing noise coming from further down the hall. He walked slowly, listening intently to pinpoint where the sound was coming from. Once he passed his door he knew it had to be coming from Kory's room. He wondered if she had brought an electric razor or something with her when he heard a moan. There was no mistaking that sound. He hardened slightly in his pants; the mental image of what Kory was probably doing to herself too much for his body to withstand.

He walked closer until he stood at her door, which she had left slightly open. He could just make out her naked form, writhing on the bed. He slowly pushed the door open more, reveling Kory, legs spread wide as she manipulated a small blue vibrator in and out of her sopping pussy; he could hear squelching sounds even from where he stood by the door every time she pushed it in and pulled it out.

Her eyes were closed tightly as she moaned continuously, one hand grasping and tweaking a nipple while the other was working the vibrator. She looked so delicious; her warm brown skin glistening in the sun that came through her window from her sweat.

Kai didn't feel himself move forward but he found himself standing right at the foot of her bed, close enough to smell her arousal. His cock surged in his pants and without thinking he unbuttoned and unzipped, letting his 7 inch thick cock spring free. It was too hot to wear underwear in this place for him so he went commando to keep jock itch at bay.

He stroked himself, growing more turgid until he reached his maximum length, which was a little over 7 ½ inches long. It didn't help him any that he was also thick; many women became afraid when they first saw him. He stared and stroked as Kory started working more vigorously, her moaning becoming more long and drawn out. He could tell she was getting close and once again without thinking reached out and grabbed her vibrator from her on her next pull out.

Kory jumped, her eyes flew open startled to see her fantasy man standing in the flesh with the most ravenous expression she had ever seen from him thus far and she screamed. "What the-" was all she got out before she was grabbed by the hips, flipped onto her stomach and yanked to the end of the bed until her feet dangled over and her ass was propped in the air. She clutched at the light blanket that covered the bed to try and pull herself back up but before she could gain any purchase, her mouth dropped open and her eyes rolled up into the back of her head as she felt Kai's thick dick splitting her pussy wide open as he entered her from behind.

"Uuuuhhhhhh" the sound ripped from her mouth as she felt her pussy spasm and heard a loud squelching sound as she came all over his thick shaft. She had worked herself so well with the vibrator that just feeling Kai's thick pole entering her tightly wound body had her cumming instantly.

Kai smirked as he realized he'd timed it perfectly and used her distraction as leverage to shove himself all the way into her tight passage. He reached around and strummed her clit, prolonging her pleasure as she thrashed about, moaning uncontrollably. Kai closed his eyes and savored this feeling, shuddering as he felt her tight walls gripping and releasing his hot length.

For years she had been his number one fantasy. All he had compared everyone he'd ever been with to, all he ever truly wanted. And now here she was, cumming all over his cock. He was determined for this not to be the last time. With that thought as his driving motivation, he waited until he felt her sag against the bed as she came down from her orgasm. He waited more for her to recover a bit before she raised herself up and turned to face him, still impaled on his cock.

"What do you thi-" was all she got out as he pulled back and then rammed himself back inside her to the hilt.

He watched as her eyes went wide and her mouth opened in a silent scream as he did it again, his cock gliding easily in and out of her due to how much she had just cum and the fact that he had waited for her body to adjust to his size. After a few more strokes like the first two, he felt a surge of savage lust as he watched his thick shaft split her little pussy lips wide open. He started pounding her body with everything he had, using her position against the bed to his advantage.

She felt every single stroke since she was basically lodged against the foot of the bed. He hit places she never even knew existed and found herself crying out, not for him to stop but to keep going. She knew it was wrong. He had a girlfriend and he was her best friend's brother, but she couldn't help the way her body was responding to the best sex she'd ever had in her life.

He was curled over her form now, groaning in her ear as one of his hands grasped the blankets and sheets for leverage as the other gripped and lifted her left leg, pulling it up on the bed and then holding her in place while trying to get deeper than deep in her body. She assisted by throwing herself back against his conquering dick.

She could tell they were both entirely too loud as they slammed their sweaty bodies together, her ass smacking against his lower abdomen to the chorus of their moans and groans, but she couldn't bring herself to care as she felt the hot tingle of her body begin once again, though this one seemed to be the biggest she'd had to date. She jerked and felt a hot flash of pleasure when Kai, noticing her body tensing up again, let go of the sheets and reached down while still pounding her pussy out and rubbed her clit.

Kory literally started screaming and Kai quickly covered her mouth to muffle it, letting go of her leg while he continued to rub her clit and pound into her clinching body. Kory jerked like she'd been electrocuted, her legs jerked straight out and her muffled screams rose in pitch while her eyes rolled back into her head once again. She heard even more squelching than before as Kai worked his dick like there was no tomorrow.

She prayed nothing was broken inside her, but lost that thought completely when she heard Kai start to moan loudly himself and felt him swell even more deep in her pussy. She felt her walls milking him for all they were worth as he tensed and then groaned continuously as spurt after spurt erupted from his cock to fill her up to capacity. Kory moaned with him, enjoying feeling the warm sensation deep in her body. She was just thankful she was still on birth control.

After a few minutes Kai pulled out of her slowly, Kory wincing as her walls seemed to refuse to let him go. Kory pulled herself up on the bed properly once she had the strength and turned her spent body to watch Kai pull his sweat soaked shirt up and over his head and then reached down to grab up his pants. His body had filled out since high school; he had more muscle than she remembered him having.

His lightly tan skin already seemed a bit darker and by the time they left he would be a nice golden color. He had let his black silky hair grow longer than it was in high school and now it reached past his shoulders. He was still about the same height, tall at a little under six feet. Kory had always felt so small next to him being only 5'4 herself. Now she would never shake that notion as she shuddered remembering how he had just dominated her only a few minutes ago.

"This won't happen again" she told him while feeling his seed trickle down her thigh. She thought to herself that he must have come a lot for that to happen. Feelings of guilt and shame were starting to rear their ugly heads. Kory never thought she'd be in the position of the other woman; she abhorred cheaters.

"No, actually Kory" he replied in a deep voice, staring at her with that same hungry expression he always wore when he looked at her as his eyes watched the single white pearl roll down her inner leg. He felt his dick jerk and he saw her eyes widened in disbelief. "This will happen again."

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sizzlin hot!

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very hot

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