tagErotic HorrorRavished & Eaten

Ravished & Eaten

bySean Renaud©

This is my first attempt a true horror story. I saw there was a horror category and nothing in it really scared or disturbed me so this is my addition. Please read and review I love finding opinions, good or bad, in my mail box! Enjoy and its not for the weak of stomach, definitely a slasher piece.

Sandi sat with her bare legs crossed staring at her best friend Krissy over a cup of hot chocolate. Her nipples pressed forward through the thin fabric of her white tee shirt. Lower she had a glass of merlot tucked between her thighs separated from the chilled glass by a thin layer of khaki. "Come on baby, relax it nothing is going to eat you." A mischievous grin curled her lips upward. "Well I might if I get the chance." The nearly ten-foot grill still had the last of the hot dogs keeping warm over the stubbornly burning log.

Bright green eyes danced steadily between her friend's icy blue stare and the intimidating woods just beyond the reach of their firelight. Unlike her Sandi who's raven tresses would have brushed the ground if not for being pulled back into a hasty tail, Krissy's own hair was a dirty blonde and cut so short it could be considered boyish. It had been feathered when the night began but now it was flattened to her skull with sweat. She was a city girl, wrapped in a cashmere sweater and skintight denim, finished off with a pair of hiking boots.

Of all that only her eyes were visible, peering out through a tiny hole in her sleeping bag. It was her very first night ever sleeping out in the forest, or anywhere other than her apartment and she wasn't enjoying herself. Her mind had already cooked up a dozen stories about every imaginable horror from a pack of wolves to grizzly bears to mountain lions. She couldn't keep her eyes from searching for a threat that didn't exist. She refused to relax, wouldn't touch the bottle of wine that Krissy was half through finally shaking her head at Sandi's offer.

"What is it your so worried about?" Sandi asked as she unlaced her boots eventually tossing them off her sleeping bag.

"There's something out there." Krissy insisted her green eyes narrowing angrily before a rustle focused her attention back on the stretching shadows. For almost a minute she searched the darkness for the source of the sound before giving up and turning back towards Sandi who was shaking her head.

"Will you please, please stop it? You're only scaring yourself." She crawled forward gripping the younger woman's shoulders and pushing her down, sleeping bag and all into the soft grass straddling her sleeping bag. Strawberry scented lips were press again Krissy starting with her forehead then her eyelids taking special care to hold her down. "I promise you." Gently stroking the Krissy's cheek as while kissing her. "Nothing. . .is. . .going. . .to. . .happen." The blue-eyed beauty assured her punctuating her words with gentle kisses.

There was something out there though, hidden just behind the veil of darkness watching the girls through dozens of pupiless black orbs. It was called a Femora not that either of the girls would have recognized the writhing mass of tentacles and teeth if they had been able to see it. Nor would they have known of its hunger for humans. It was a devourer, a beast of hell that fed on human souls and emotions. Right now it was hovering, each serpentine appendage whipping in anticipation of the atrocities it would commit.

Krissy finally let herself relax into Sandi's touch unzipping her sleeping bag to let her in. A moment later the two were pressed against each other. Sandi pulling her sweater up over her head while Krissy peeled her pants down. "Hey lift your butt up I can't get these jeans off you!" Sandi shouted playfully. Krissy responded quickly thrusting her hips up while her pants were slowly turned inside out revealing her creamy flesh. She lowered herself back down wriggling her legs up and down as her clothing was removed. Propped up on her elbows to watch the progress she slammed back against the floor when Sandi tried to yank the jeans down over her boots. "Oopsie."

"Oops what?" Krissy asked trying to kick her denim tangled legs free. "Oh" Another brief kick was given before Sandi scooted forward spreading Krissy's thighs and slowly nibbling along the insides. Hot lips and a warm wet tongue blazed a fiery trail between over smooth flesh. A delighted giggle erupted from her Krissy who tried in vain to spread her legs even farther. "Ooooh I like that." She cooed propping herself upright again.

"Hush." Sandi whispered as she reached out and grasped the bottle of wine twisting the cork free. "Just hold still." She poured the red liquid from the bottle on Krissy's stomach filling her naval.

"What are you doing?" Krissy cooed as the to chilled wine filled her naval. Sandi's tongue dipped into her naval when she started slurping noisily. The blonde wriggled and purred letting her eyes slip shut for the first time since the sun had settled over the horizon.

Arkon silently glided closer to the girls, still hidden by the shadows cast by the dying fire. The decision of which girl to take first was an easy one. The darker haired female was clearly dominant, mounting its mate and commanding the smaller female with only gestures and sounds. Sandi was still toying with Krissy when its tentacles slithered out from the trees soundlessly through the under brush until two would reach Sandi each one coiling up one of her ankles.

Sandi barely managed to scream before she was yanked upside down slamming her head against the ground before she was lifted even higher leaving only the tips of her hair sweeping over Krissy's thighs. Krissy on the other hand was already screaming at the tops of her lungs searching frantically for the Swiss army knife she'd brought for the trip. Grasping it in her fingers she pried open the screwdriver. Screaming a second time in frustration she started fumbling for the blade when a tentacle wrapped itself around her throat hoisting her up off the earth. Instantly the weapon was forgotten, her hands reaching up to hold claw at the thing around her throat.

Krissy tried to scream again reaching out for the weapon only inches away. "Fuck!" Straining herself the tips of her fingers brushed against hilt of the weapon. She managed to curl her fingers raking it closer and closer when Sandi kicked her hard in the face splitting her lip. Warm coppery blood oozed from the open wound. The petite blonde continued thrashing back and forth her booted feet still trapped in her inside out pants. The knife was abandoned as Sandi's foot collided with Krissy's nose busting that as well. "Stop you stupid bitch!" She screamed spitting her own blood onto the floor below.

Sandi screeched paying no attention to her friend's voice. Gasping for air Sandi stopped screaming as her face started to turn blue and her kicking began to slow. Tendrils emerged from the darkness the open mouths biting down on her wrists and yanking them outward, stretching her till was certain her arms would be ripped from their sockets. A pair of toothy mouths grasped Sandi's pants tearing them from her legs along with her left boot before coiling around her thighs and yanking them apart.

The sleeping bags barely cushioned Krissy as she was dropped back down to the ground, teeth gripping her shorts jerking her up and slamming her down till the fabric tore free then repeated the process a moment later with her bubble gum pink thong. Her legs were pulled in opposite directions almost painfully white before one of the stalks started exploring her inner thighs. The slimy stalk pressed against her lips pushing and grinding till the goop coated her inner thighs finally managing to push itself into her dry pussy. "Fucking let me go you goddamn piece of shit!" She shrieked clenching her muscles and thrashing as much as she could manage.

Overhead Arkon twisted Sandi upside down its hungry mouths moving closing on her breasts nipping and suckling at the fleshy mounds. Not the soft gentle attentions of a lover but the brutal feeding of a monster. Hot red welts immediately started forming over her breasts thin lines of blood oozing from the dozens of scratches. Another greasy tentacle was starting to press up against her anus pushing, shoving trying to squeeze into that tight hole. She clenched her muscles tight, gasping as she felt the thing getting inside her. Every little ridge and vein on the appendage felt like it would rip her open as it forced its way deeper and deeper into her bowels. She wasn't certain how deep it had gotten yet, though she was certain it would soon emerge from her stomach. Throwing her head back again she shrieked at the tops of her lungs unable to escape her fate. She was bleeding, torn flesh lubricating the way to let Arkon further her defilement.

Somewhere in the darkness came the laughter of the monster, a sound like boulders ground together as it fed on their torment. A warm shiver traveled the across its body as the terror washed over and through its being. It enjoyed hearing them shriek, delighted in torn, broken and ruined flesh and so it continued it assault. Pushing its phallus like tendril past Sandi's sphincter twisting as it invaded her. Thirteen inches pushed on through her intestines threatening to burst through her stomach. It was giving Krissy's cunt the same abuse, nearly driving her skull into the ground with each thrust. Her body was starting to react despite her terror and pain, moistening, clenching the organ tight even as she tried to push it from her body. The pleasures of the flesh weren't entirely wasted on the beast either, its tentacle pulsing as it thrust back and forth. It grew, nearly doubling in size till it was as thick as the girl's thigh. Seconds later it tore free of her now bleeding walls and blasted her with a hot green slime. Spurt after spurt soaked her face, her breasts and belly. Nearly two gallons in all enough to nearly drown her, and more than enough to silence the endless stream of profanity flowing from her lips.

Sandi couldn't fight any longer, couldn't claw, kick, or bite. Couldn't even scream out in pain. She just hung in place, eyes glossed over as Arkon lowered her to the ground. Her head was only inches away from Krissy; the girls could have touched in that instant if they'd only known how close they were. Abandoning her thighs instead coiling his limbs around her ankles and pulling them up alongside her head. Inside her that thing was ballooned to the size of a baseball bat and flooding her insides with the same glop coating her friend. A quick yank clashed their skulls together Krissy's booted foot pressed between Sandi's tits.

Sandi tried to ignore the building pressure in her gut but couldn't. She could feel it broiling her stomach as the pumping phallus stirred the shit in her bowels together with its own fluids. Felt it pumping in and out and finally pulling free of her gaping hole just in time for the vile concoction to brew forth from her bowels. The disgusting fetid sludge painted down her belly and over her breasts turning them a green streaked brown. Her beautiful tear filled eyes watched in horror as the overflow spread over neck and finally covered her face.

Both girls were gasping for air, tongue churning shit or cum away from their mouths. Swallowing mouthful after mouthful of cum until their bellies were completely filled with the stuff. Sandi heaved, her stomach rejecting her shit finally vomiting onto their sleeping bags. Krissy fared a little better, spitting out the monster's juices. It was the sound of her best friend expelling the contents of her gut that got her heaving and the sight of her best friend's shit mixed vomit slide over her own cum soaked cheek that made her turn her head and puke. Partially digested graham crackers and marshmallows bubbling out of her lips.

"Fucking goddamn piece of shit!" Sandi gurgled through her own blood and vomit. "Let me go before I claw your eyes out!"

"Sandi." Krissy whispered sputtering bile with each word.

One at a time the tentacles released the girls, only keeping a single grip around an ankle. The girls turned towards each other, locking their fingers together knowing their final minutes were only seconds away. Only Sandi screamed when they were yanked up into the air again and sprayed clean. He twisted them slowly shaking water and filth from girls till they were clean.

Dozens of prehensile appendages appeared from the darkness bringing branches and logs to throw on the dying fire until it again roared. As the light spread the girls finally got to see the thing hold them. Like a nest of snakes it didn't seem to have any body or head, nothing distinguishable. Its dark laughter seemed to echo all around as it over turned their cooler gripping the last bottles of wine and shattering them against Sandi's skull splitting her open yet again before pouring the contents over Krissy and flinging her down on the grill.

The smell of human flesh cooking nauseating but feeling of the fire licking at Sandi's flesh was appalling. Sandi couldn't even hear the screams of her friend over her own horrified screeching. She watched as Krissy thrashed against the monster's grasp. She flopped and flipped twisting her body to escape until one final scream erupted from her throat and she fell silent. She wasn't dead, not yet, her body still danced on the girl until she was lifted up off grill and towards one of the tentacles. The mouth opened wide stretching around her head like a snake and swallowing her body whole. Sandi watched as her friend was completely devoured by the monster and awaited her own fate.

She didn't have long to wait. Arkon had found what remained of their s'more ingredients and started melting them together. Sandi tried to scream as the boiling hot chocolate was poured over her face only a series of high pitched gurgles managing to escape her throat. She felt as the sweet goo covered her from head to toe. She managed to wipe enough of the chocolate from her eyes to see the mighty maw gape open to accept her. She was silent, unable to scream as the muscles constricted around her forcing her down its throat and into the center of that thing. There was total darkness inside, so pitch black that she couldn't tell if her eyes were open or shut. She was certain that the thing she bumped into had once been her best friend and lover.

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