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Raw Dick On A Wet Morning


(Here is another entry from my sexblog, Diary of a Cum Junky. A few people contacted me after my first story and asked for something with a more public setting- hopefully they will enjoy this.)

One morning about 6am I was online while extremely horned up and borderline desperate for a load. This guy sent me a message, unfortunately my roommate had company and he couldn't play at his place either. He said he would meet me somewhere outdoors and fuck me really quick. It had rained quite a bit the night before so I knew it was going to be soggy- not to mention it was only about 45 degrees out. Normally, I wouldn't have even considered going out in that weather, especially not if pulling down my pants and exposing my genitals to the elements was involved, but my hole was making the decisions... and it decided it was hungry. The trick in question had a thick 9 inch cock, served raw, on the menu so before I knew it I was asking him where we could meet.

He couldn't think of anywhere, but I had an idea. It was a week day and there was a sports field nearby that had some batting cages and basketball courts where the surrounding fences had a kind of black mesh covering them. They were opposite the parking lot and the mesh made it hard to see through from far away, but not so if you were standing right next to it, so it would be perfect to hide you and let you see any approaching cars or whatever. He hastily agreed and said he'd be there in 30 minutes.

I threw on some sweat pants with no underwear and a shirt and grabbed my keys and travel lube while I pulled on my shoes. I wanted to get there first and scope out the best place. On the short drive over I squirted some lube on my two fingers and gave my snatch a good coating, inside and out. Remembering the size of the fuck tool he was packing (he had shown me pictures) I went ahead and worked 3, then 4 fingers inside my ass as a little stretching warm-up before the game. A passing car pulled my attention back to the road and I decided I should wipe my slimy hand dry before I tried to turn the steering wheel- wouldn't that be a fun wreck to explain?

I pulled onto the small road that led to the parking lot- it was empty just as I expected. I parked in an inconspicuous space away from where the action would take place and quickly shut off my car and scurried across the lot to disappear into the safety of the dark behind one of the courts. After standing there still and quiet for a minute to make sure I was alone I pulled the back of my sweats down to expose my rump and re-grease my sticky opening. As I put the lube back in my pocket I noticed a bottle of poppers I had left in there. I wiped the excess slippery gel on my cock and it recoiled in protest to the cold. Twisting the cap off the head cleaner and bringing the bottle under one nostril I inhaled several deep breaths and tried to focus enough to screw the cap back on as the warm feeling of inhibition wrapped around my body and mind like a hug.

Just then a pair of headlights made their way closer and I a held my breath to steady myself. It was a gold car... ok, at least I knew it wasn't a cop. I saw my buddy open the car door. He parked really close without even knowing where I was... like his cock had honed in on the position of it's target. I let him peer around a few seconds before jokingly giving a wolf whistle. His eyes focused as he spotted me and he made his way around.

"I hope your dick is already hard, because I'm not kneeling in the mud to suck it," I informed him. He smirked and pulled a rapidly growing slab of meat to show me that it was. Wow... it looked even bigger in person so I offered him the lube while I hit the poppers again and then I turned around to face the fence. I leaned forward and pulled my cheeks apart to show him my starving pucker. The cold seemed amplified by the lubricant smeared across my anus as he pumped his monster cock up with a slick fist.

You know that feeling when you are in the cold and your ears go numb... until you pull off your gloves and wrap your warm hands around them? Well, it pales in comparison to the feeling of a long, heavy, warm penis being thumped against your frozen asshole and rubbed deep into your crack. All I could do was moan and reach around to grasp the massive thing and coax it into my steaming insides- hesitantly at first, but apparently there wasn't going to be any problem. My sphincter opened up and devoured every single inch of his ass splitter and came to rest at the very base, albeit stretched pretty taut.

"Awww, ohh...mmm," he groaned with pleasure. "I did tell you I haven't gotten off in two days so I probably won't last long at all, right?"

"Good. It's too fucking cold to be out here any longer than absolutely necessary," I reassured him while I flexed my o-ring around his cock trying to get used to such a gigantic intrusion.

"Yeah, I can tell this hole gets alot of use. It just opens up for this big dick and begs for more. Squat down lower and bend over more so I can really give it to you deep," he instructed. I grabbed the fence and bent down lower to make my chute as accessible as possible. He stands straight up and rocks back on his heels slightly, withdrawing his hard meat about 3/4 of the way and then let's himself fall forward, ramming himself into my ass with his full body weight. He repeats this slowly and steadily 15 or 20 more times- being sure to come at a different angle each time. I wasn't sure if he was trying to make it hurt a little or what, but it felt great and I began rock backwards to meet his every assault on my cunt.

As if reading my mind, he answered my question. "I'm gonna pound the bottom out of this hole- make sure there's plenty of room for every drop of my fuckin' load in that slutty ass." I relaxed my anal-grip and enjoyed the sensation as the head of his cock pulled out and exposed the skin just inside my ass lips. He muttered some sort of approval and removed his whole tool so that he could rub his thumb across my juicy rosebud. He cock slapped my gaping slit a few times and teased it with his pulsing mushroom head. Without warning he buried himself in me again. I decided to try and push him a little by once again clamping down around his shaft. (OK so I also liked the extra rough feeling that making my pussy tight caused.)

Apparently, he got that I was trying to be a smart ass and it set him off. With one hand holding my hip and the other on my back, he laid into me with a brutal fuck.

"Oh, go ahead and try to squeeze tight, fucker. It won't matter. I'll tear this fuckin' ass up so damn bad it will feel like I'm fucking jello when I dump my nuts up inside you," he spat at me as his relentless attack on my hole continued. At some point while he was slam fucking me- repeatedly ripping his huge shaft all the way out of my hole- I did lose the ability or the will to maintain the pressure on his cock with my ass. I gave in to the ecstasy. The difference in temperature between his searing hot fuck meat and the biting cold air that replaced it every time he withdrew was unreal. I placed one hand on my flat abdomen and I swear I could feel where his cock pushed my stomach muscles out every time he plunged into my abused hole.

Suddenly he grunted and grabbed me by the shoulder, impaling me on his dick and holding me there.

"Don't you fucking move. You take every drop of my wad you little whore!" He sounded almost believable as he spurted gush after gush of semen into the roomy space he had fucked into my body. Not that I could feel the squirts of jism... my hole and insides were all but numb from the experience. He stayed deep inside me for a moment and then held me in place as he slowly slid his cock out of me- squeezing the remnants of his orgasm up the shaft of his penis so that I literally got every drop.

He went to put his deflating member away, but I decided that I could brave a little mud and stopped him so that I could drop to my knees and suck his cock clean of the cum and lube that was glistening on it by the street lights. We both said, "Thanks," at the same time and laughed it off as we walked back to our vehicles to leave.

Amazingly, even though my ass was incredibly stretched out and loose, none of his cum oozed out on the way home. He had pounded his wad so deep inside me that I had to reach way up inside with a finger to feel it.... and it was a damn large load, too!

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