tagLoving WivesRay and Sue Try Swapping Ch. 01

Ray and Sue Try Swapping Ch. 01



Sue stood back and admired her work and smiled to herself. She had just finished her daily housework routine and was pleased with the results. The lounge she was standing in looked good enough to appear in Hello; if only her life was exciting enough to warrant a visit from their journalists. This thought brought her back down to Earth. When had her life become so mundane that a good housework session had become one of the most exciting things in her day?

She felt a little knot forming in her stomach as she let a familiar thought grow and dwell in her mind; 'My life is boring. I am bored with my life.' Sue usually fought such thoughts back as soon as they started to appear; she was becoming expert at self-denial. However, every now and then she would dwell on them and get depressed. She slumped into a perfectly groomed armchair and just sat looking into space with absolutely no expression on her face at all.

This went on for over half an hour before she managed to shake herself out of her depression. She decided it was time for her daily workout. She really enjoyed pushing her body and usually looked forward to her workouts; especially as she was delighted by the results. She may have been 46 and have given birth three times but she had managed to sculpt her body into great shape. She was slim and toned; which just accentuated her ample breasts, hips and ass. She liked to think that her body was like a slightly less impressive version of Jennifer Lopez. Today was different though; today she had let herself get depressed.

Sue started her workout but with no enthusiasm. Today it felt like just another of her many routines; just another part of her boring life. She even had a downer about her body. There was no J-Lo in her thoughts today; it was all about the imperfection today. They way her boobs were not quite as perky as they had been 26 years ago, the (barely visible) small patches of cellulite on her upper thighs and her cheap hair do. Sue tried to push herself hard to shake off her depressing, self-destructive thoughts.

By the end of her workout she had endorphins coursing through her body which made her feel slightly better. Not better enough for her to be bothered to get washed off and changed before Ray got home. He never seemed to notice the effort she put in anyway so why should she bother? So Sue remained in her sweat-soaked workout gear and began to prepare dinner; another of her boring routines.

Dinner was almost prepared an hour later. Sue could smell her own dried stale sweat; she smelled bad but she could not care less. All she could do was curse herself for putting so much effort into preparing an impressive dinner; Ray would not appreciate her efforts. She heard the door open and before Ray said a word she knew exactly what he would say; what he says every single bloody day.

'Hi honey. I'm home.' Sue did not reply; Ray did not notice.

Ray walked into the kitchen and gave her the usual peck on the cheek. 'Rough day at work today...' Without even asking how her day was or how she was he proceeded to spend the next fifteen minutes complaining about the 'nightmares' of getting interns to prepare spreadsheets. It was so boring; Sue switched off.

By the time Ray had finished talking Sue was placing dinner on the table. They sat in silence and ate. Many people say that it is a sign of a strong relationship when two people are comfortable being with each other in silence. Whilst Ray and Sue were comfortable being silent it was certainly not a good sign. They had nothing to say and the thing that depressed Sue was that at some point over the last five years they had both got comfortable with having nothing to say to each other.

After a couple of hours of watching television; again in silence; they trudged up to bed. Sue got in first and watched Ray get undressed. He was four years older than she was and he was in much worse shape. About five years ago he had begun to stop looking after himself so well; he stopped exercising and started spending more time at work. The result was a prominent belly sticking out over the belt of his pants. Sue was filled with regret that she no longer found her husband sexy.

Ray finished getting undressed and climbed into bed. Sue knew what was coming; they same that happened every Friday night. Ray spooned Sue and placed a hand on one of Sue's boobs and gave it a little double squeeze. Sue did not even try to hide her sigh as she rolled back over onto her back. The most depressing thing of all to her was that the tiny little double squeeze of her left breast was all the foreplay that Ray thought was necessary.

Without the slightest bit of passion or excitement Ray climbed on top of Sue and inserted his semi-hard six inches into her. The weight of his belly on hers was uncomfortable; he did not support enough of his weight as his hips wiggled his penis in and out of her. Sue was completely unresponsive; she just lay there waiting for it to finish. She had given up the hopes of getting and orgasm from Ray many years ago.

After about fifteen minutes of sweaty humping Ray issued his little load into Sue. Once he had finished he rolled off and Sue turned over onto her side to fall into a depressed sleep. What she did not realise is that on the other side of the bed Ray was feeling equally low.

Ray just lay there wandering when his and Sue's marriage had become so boring, so predictable. When had sex become so boring? Why could he not get Sue excited? When did he stop trying?

They both fell to sleep with the same thought in their minds...'We need more excitement in our lives.'


Chapter 1

The next morning Ray and Sue continued their life of routine by going grocery shopping to a large complex just out of town. They barely spoke throughout the entire boring ordeal except the occasional spat about what type of toothpaste or what flavour of yoghurt to buy this week. They drove home in silence idly listening to the tunes on the car stereo.

As they turned into their street they both noticed an unfamiliar couple in next door's front garden. They were both transfixed.

Both Ray's and Sue's attention was initially caught by the stunning blonde girl wearing a string bikini whilst she picked flowers. She looked amazing. She had the body of a glamour model and the face of a movie starlet; she must have been in her early twenties. Ray nearly crashed the car as he stared in wonder at a vision that was probably the sexiest girl he had ever seen. Even Sue had to admit to herself that this girl was a stunner; it made her feel slightly less confident about her own older body.

However, she did not have these thoughts for more than a few seconds because she suddenly noticed the girl's partner. He was tall, blonde and topless. He reminded her of a young Matthew McConauhey. He was so damn sexy she felt herself tingling all over like she had not for years; she was getting turned on by this beautiful young man.

'I guess they must be the Hillmans' house-sitters,' Ray muttered as he pulled onto the driveway; still staring at the girl's body.

'Mmm.' Sue was also still staring but her attention was firmly fixed on the amazing abs of the young Matthew.

They got out of their car and were about to pick up their shopping when the boy from next door called out. 'Hey neighbours. Nice to meet you.' The topless man held out his hand to Ray whilst wearing a big perfect smile on his face; he looked radiant. Ray shook his hand.

'Hello. I am Ray.'

'Hi Ray. I am Tom and this is Tara.' Ray held out his hand and Tara shook it; to Ray her hands felt as soft as silk. He had to force himself to let go so as not to make it obvious that he fancied her.

'Hi Ray. It is so good to meet you.' Her voice was like a beautiful melody to him.

'Ahem,' Sue coughed from behind Ray; reminding him that she was there.

'Oh yes, sorry. This is my wife Sue.'

Tara and Sue kissed each other on both cheeks and exchanged pleasantries. Sue then turned to Tom.

'Wow Ray. You are one lucky dude. Sue is absolutely stunning; a true beauty.' He leaned in and kissed her on both cheeks; Sue almost melted at his touch and his masculine odour. Ray felt annoyed with himself that he had not taken the opportunity to kiss Tara.

Sue blushed at the compliment but she loved it. Her confidence grew instantly; it was the first time a sexy man had complimented her in years.

The four of them chatted happily for another fifteen minutes. The guys talked about guy stuff and the girls talked about girl stuff. Despite the fact that this couple was the same age as their own kids they found them very easy to get on with.

Suddenly Tom shouted, 'I have a great idea. Why don't you two come over and we can all have a barbecue tonight?'

Ray was staring at Tara's boobs for about the hundredth time as he said instantly, 'Sure that would be great.' Sue was more than happy at the prospect of spending some more time with these two and so she did not bother to admonish Ray for not even consulting her about the decision. They said their goodbyes and Ray and Sue took their shopping into their house.

For the rest of the day neither of them could think of anything else. Ray even managed a sneaky session in the bathroom jerking off at the thought of Tara's unbelievable body.

Whilst Ray was satisfying himself Sue was downstairs and heard a knock at the door; she answered.

'Hey again Sue.' It was the still-topless Tom. 'I just came to say that you should bring your swimming gear tonight. The Hillmans have a hot tub that is just asking to be used.'

'Err, okay. That sounds fun.'

Tom was looking straight into Sue's eyes. His gaze did not falter but it did not make Sue uncomfortable; rather it made her feel sexy that a young sexy man was interested in her.

'You know Sue. I still cannot get over just how gorgeous you are.' Sue blushed.

'Oh don't. I am old enough to be your mother and look at Tara anyway. She is stunning. And young.'

'I'm serious Sue. You are a real...forgive the expression...you are a real MILF. I apologise if that offends you.' Still the eye contact was unwavering.

'Err, I don't really know what to say. I don't actually know what MILF means.'

Tom leaned in close to Sue, held onto both of her shoulder and whispered in her ear. 'Mother I'd love to fuck.'

Sue was stunned. 'Oh...err...oh...sorry...I...err...' Her face was bright red but she felt great. This beautiful young man said he would like to fuck her. Even if it was all charm she did not care; it felt nice to be complimented.

'Hey, I am sorry. I did not want to embarrass you. I forget that not everyone is quite as comfortable as me and Tara at talking about our sexual feelings. Please forgive me.'

'There is nothing to forgive. It was nice to hear. See you later.'

Sue closed the door and clasped her hands to her heart. She felt like a little schoolgirl who had a crush on the class hotty. She had not felt this sexy in years; she even felt a long forgotten dampness between her legs. She really believed that this boy fancied her despite the age gap and the fact that he had a pin-up as a girlfriend.


Chapter 2

Ray knocked on the Hillmans' front door. After a few seconds Tom answered. 'Hi guys.' He leaned in for another kiss of Sue's soft cheeks and he shook Ray's hand. 'You two look great.' They both smiled at the compliment; they had both made an effort. Ray wore his best suit and shirt and Sue wore a floral floaty summer dress. It would have been obvious to anyone who saw them that at this point in their lives Sue was way out of Ray's league.

Tom led them into the back garden where Tara was fixing some cocktails. Ray almost forgot to breathe when he saw her; she looked amazing. She wore a tiny floaty mini skirt and a very tight t-shirt that did not cover her midriff and made it obvious that she wore no bra. She handed out the drinks and they began to chat happily as Tom fired up the big gas barbecue.

Ray and Sue sat opposite Tara and both were distracted by her beautifully toned legs. 'So, how long of you two lived around here?'

Sue answered. 'Oh about fifteen years.'

'Wow, that's a long time to be in one place.' Tara's laugh was hypnotic.

'Hey Tara, would you pass me my drink?' The heat of the barbecue was making Tom thirsty.

Tara grabbed Tom's drink and then uncrossed her legs so that she could stand up. Both Sue and Ray were shocked to catch a split-second glimpse up Tara's skirt. They did not see bikini panties; she wore none. They both saw Tara's perfectly shaved pussy. Ray instantly crossed his legs to avoid anyone noticing his hardening member. Even Sue found the sight oddly exciting.

For the next hour or so they all ate burgers and salad and chicken legs. Ray and Sue could not help trying to catch further glimpses of Sue's privacy; they did not get that pleasure again whilst they ate.

When they had finished the barbecue food Tom exclaimed, 'It's hot tub time. Did you bring your swimwear or are you going nude?' Tom and Tara smiled at each other and then at Sue and Tom.

Sue stuttered, 'Err....n...nude?'

Tara took Sue's hand. 'Hey, don't look so concerned. Me and Tom usually hot tub naked but no one expects you to.'

'It...it's okay. I was just a bit taken aback. Are you two really going in there naked?' Whilst Sue was taken aback, both her and Ray were eager to see these two gorgeous young things in the buff.

Tara giggled and stood up. 'Sure thing.' With that she pulled off her top and pulled down her skirt. She stood in front of them naked and laughed at their expressions and the way their eyes examined every inch of her. She did a quick model-like pose before she ran to the hot tub causing her ass and boobs to wobbly invitingly. Ray really needed to keep his legs crossed; he had a full on erection.

Sue got up and slipped her dress off but kept her bikini on. 'Holy shit. Look at that killer body. I bet you can't keep your hands off her Ray.'

'Oh shut up you,' Sue giggled and punched Tom playfully. She wandered what was happening to her; she was acting like a schoolgirl. She ran over to the hot tub and got in opposite Tara before looking back to see Tom removing his t-shirt and shorts to reveal his masterpiece hanging between his legs. Eight inches of prime young meat. Sue could not help herself staring and wandering just how big it was when hard.

The sight of Tom's hanging dick was enough to soften Ray to the point that he was happy to strip off down to his swimming shorts. The men got in the hot tub too.

The drinks and conversation were flowing freely. Ray and Sue were very aware that they were sharing the hot tub with two stunning specimens, both of whom were naked. Ray found it difficult to draw his eyes away from Tara's boobs that were happily floating on the surface of the rippling water.

'What's making the water so milky?' Sue asked because the water was almost opaque; she was sort of disappointed that she could not see Tom's big cock still.

Tara replied. 'Just some powder the Hillmans have to make the water look nice and hide your privacy a bit.'

Tom laughed. 'That only works if your tits don't float babe.' He gave Tara's boobs a playful pat. They all laughed. Ray was glad that the water was opaque because he was getting hard again and no-one could see.

After they had been in the tub for about an hour they were all a little bit tipsy but Ray and Sue were still a little shocked when Tom asked, 'So how's your sex life?'

Ray and Sue looked at each other unsure how to respond when Tara said, 'Hey Tom don't embarrass our new friends. They obviously are a little uncomfortable talking about sex.'

'Hey sorry guys. I forget sometimes that most people cannot open up as much as me and Tara. I just thought we were getting on so well, we are sharing a hot tub, we are partying and we might want to get to know each other a little better...Tell you what, why don't we start? Ask us anything.' Tom and Tara were all smiles.

Sue started. 'Err...how long have you two been together?'

Under the water Tom placed his hand gently on Sue's thigh. His touch sent electric shocks through her body; she did not move his hand away; Ray could not see anyway. 'Oh come, come now Sue. That is so tame. You can do better than that.' Tom laughed heartily and gave Sue's thigh a quick squeeze.

Sue blushed a little but had another go. 'Okay then. When did you two first do it?'

'Ahh. Now that's a better start.' Tara was the one to answer. 'On my eighteenth birthday party in my parents' room. About three and a half years ago. Tom was a year older. I was the envy of all my friends.'

'Hey, I was the envy of every man who had ever seen you babes.' He leaned over and gave Tara a quick peck on the lips. Sue was surprised that she felt a little instant pang of regret as Tom's hand left her thigh but she need not have worried. As soon as he had kissed Tara his hand found its way back to her thigh; a little bit higher this time.

This time Ray had a question. 'Okay that was the first time. When was the last time you had sex?'

'About an hour before you two got here this evening. In the Hillmans' shower' Tara smiled sweetly as she looked straight into Ray's eyes; he was fully hard now. Sue new that her juices were beginning to flow thinking about these two fucking in the shower 'Right our turn to ask...same questions.'

Sue blushed instantly; her face was bright red. 'Oh this must be good.' Tara laughed.

'Err...we...err...we met in a club about twenty six years ago. We danced and flirted for hours before I dragged Ray to the toilets and we did it in the cubicle.' Sue was still bright red but Ray just looked proud of himself.

'Oh I just knew you two were wild,' Tom said. 'How was it?'

'It was drunken and messy but it was amazing; I was so horny. Of course we got cum all down my dress but it was such fun. I felt so naughty, so dirty.' Sue could not quite believe that she was talking like this so openly in front of two naked people she had only met a few hours earlier.

'And the last time?'

Ray spoke at last. 'That was last night.' He smiled as if he was proud of his sexual prowess.

'Last night? Cool. So is it still just as wild and exciting.'

Without thinking Sue immediately said, 'Hardly. It is a quick fumble every Friday night.' She realised what she had said and put her hands over her mouth. 'Oh Ray, I am so sorry I should not have said that.'

Ray looked broken and embarrassed but to Sue's surprise he opened up. 'It's okay Sue. To be honest our sex life has become predictable and...well...boring over the last few years. It is sorta nice and refreshing to meet two people who still have that spark, that energy but it also makes you regret what is not there anymore.'

Sue felt more warmth towards Ray at that point than at any other time over the last five years or so.

Tom shook his head. 'Oh guys that it terrible. Sex should never be boring or predictable. You need to get that wild and exciting spark back into your lives.'

'I don't think we know how,' Sue replied. 'I know you two are only young and have not been together anywhere near as long as me and Ray but what do you do to keep it wild and exciting?'

Tom looked at Sue and smiled whilst moving his hand even further up her thigh and squeezing. 'Do you really want to know? Do you think you can handle it?'

Sue laughed, 'Of course we can handle it. Tell us.'

'Well...we swap.'

Ray looked confused. 'Swap?'

Tara answered. 'Yeah. Kinda like wife swapping but we are not married.'

Sue looked shocked. 'Oh my God. That is so...so...I don't know what to say.'

'You should try it. There really is nothing like introducing other people into your sex life with no strings attached to spice things up. We move from town to town house sitting for holidaying suburbanites and so we are only ever on one place for a week or two. The perfect amount of time to have some fun with another couple without the risk of anything getting too serious. It is AMAZING.' Tara was so enthusiastic; her face was beaming as she talked.

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