tagErotic HorrorRaynie's Fantasy Fulfilled

Raynie's Fantasy Fulfilled



Raynie and her girlfriends meet up at a cabin in the woods to hang out and reminisce. They spend the first night around the campfire talking about the old days and drinking a bit. Raynie ends up a little tipsy and decides to retire for the night. She's been horny all evening, visiting her fantasy of being taken by Jason Vorhees.


"Are you in Raynie?" my friend asks excitedly over the phone. "Definitely!" I respond. "I can't wait to see you again, this weekend will be a blast," she says.

We say goodbye and hang up. I haven't seen my high school friends in so long...this is gonna be a great weekend. Just the girls hanging out at a remote cabin in the woods, a place called Crystal Lake, which immediately makes me think of the movie, "Friday the 13th".

Oh, how I've often fantasized of Jason ravishing me, taking control of me and subjugating my body, just fucking me hard as he pins me to the bed.

This thought sends a shiver down my spine and makes my pussy tingle. Stop it Raynie! you scold yourself. You're getting all worked up for nothing.

The following Friday, as I drive to Crystal Lake, I find my thoughts wandering again. The fantasy of being overpowered and controlled is so fucking hot...I can feel my clit harden instantly and my panties instantly become wet.

I move one hand off the steering wheel and rub my pussy, feeling the vibration of the car, the sensation so overwhelming that I gasp involuntarily.

What would it be like? How would it feel to be totally overpowered and fucked like a rag doll? Oh my God...I'm so fucking horny right now.

I reach under my shorts and panties and insert a finger inside my pussy, stroking my clit as I withdraw and then plunge in again. I insert another finger and my eyes glaze over as I envision the fantasy in my mind...pinned to the bed, his thick cock about to enter me...the engorged head rubbing my labia and clit...RING! RING!

It's my cell phone, pulling me back to reality.

"Hello?" I answer throatily, my mind reeling back to the real world. "Are you close?" It's my friend...if she only knew how close I was...to cumming!

"Yes, I'm about 20 minutes away" I tell her. Damn, on the verge of an intense orgasm and my friend calls and leaves me hanging, still wet and highly aroused. I don't know how I'll make it through this weekend without finding some alone time to scratch this itch that needs some dire attention.

I see the exit ahead for Crystal Lake and turn off the highway onto a dirt road. It's so remote out here, I think to myself. Not a hint of civilization, but it's so beautiful and untamed.

Large oak trees line the narrow dirt road, which becomes even narrower as I drive. Just when I think the road will dead-end, I come into an opening and arrive at Crystal Lake. Finally here!

I was the last to arrive as my friends gather around my car as I step out, hugging them all, so happy to finally be here. "Look at you girl, you look absolutely great!" my best friend says as we embrace.

We hadn't seen each other in over a year and it was so good to be able to reunite again. "Where's the bathroom?" I ask. I have to change these panties, I think to myself, they're literally soaked from my earlier thoughts...I'm such a naughty girl.

"Go through the front door, down the hall, it's on the right," my friend says. I enter the bathroom, lock the door, and give thought to masturbating right here and now. Just stripping off my shorts and panties and massaging my wet pussy to satisfaction.

But I don't, I hold off, not wanting my friends left wondering what I'm doing in here. I change panties and walk out of the bathroom, into the living room of the cabin.

It's so beautiful and spacious. My friends are still outside, yet I felt a "presence" in the cabin. It's a pervasive feeling that I can't shake, a feeling of being watched. I shake it off and walk through the living room, looking out the large sliding glass doors that open onto a large cedar deck.

The view is magnificent! I step out onto the deck and take in the sight of the lake. What a gorgeous place, I could live here and be happy, I think to myself. A slight breeze brushes my hair off my shoulders as I close my eyes and lean back against the railing.

I can feel my nipples stiffen against my shirt, which causes another tingle in my pussy. Damn it Raynie! What the hell was wrong with me? My senses are so heightened, a yearning deep down inside trying to rise to the surface. I had to get control of myself!

That night, we all went out to dinner at a local diner. By no means was it a four-star restaurant but it was very homey and cozy. My friends and I talked and talked about the past, the present, husbands, boyfriends, careers...all the normal things women discuss when they get together.

After several hours, we left and drove back to the cabin. "Raynie, you lucked out," my friend confides to me in private. "You get a room all to yourself on this trip. The rest of us are bunking together."

How convenient, I think to myself. I really need some time alone, some time to relieve myself of the sexual crescendo building up inside of me.

Back at the cabin, one of the girls suggest we start a campfire and roast some marshmallows. As tempting as it sounds, I was tired from the drive but more importantly, I am so HORNY!

I say good night to my friends and head to the cabin...alone and ready to cum. As I walk to the cabin, I feel my clit, hard and erect, rubbing against the seam in my panties. Ooohhh, I need relief SO BAD!

I quicken my pace, which only intensifies the feelings in my shorts. I reach the front porch, enter the cabin, and head directly to my room. I undress in the dark, the only light coming from the glow of the full moon through the window near the bed.

I slip beneath the cool covers, spread my legs, and find my clit. Oh yes...so good...I've waited so long and I'm so fucking wet. My pussy is soaked!

As I begin to stroke my pussy I hear a noise. I stop immediately. Damn it, did one of the girls decide to retire for the night as well? Oh well, the urges within in have to be satisfied.

I go back to my pussy, my fingers dipping inside the warmth and wetness of my folds. Ohhhh, I could cum right now but I tease myself, knowing the slow build-up will result in a massive orgasm.

My moans increase as I near the brink of no return, my fingers dancing across my clit, penetrating my pussy, and stroking my clit again. Again I hear a noise, one I can't quite identify.

I look around my room but it's dark and I see nothing. I close my eyes and concentrate on my pussy, so swollen and wet. My right hand massages my tits as my left hand goes to work on my hungry clit.

I open my eyes slightly and can't believe what I'm seeing in front me. I have to rub my eyes to make sure I'm seeing this for real. It's Jason Vorhees, standing next to my bed, watching me touch myself.

A mix of fear and excitement grip my body. I lay motionless, time standing still. A long-held fantasy of mine is now standing here, but I'm confused...scared. "Please don't hurt me," I whimper.

Without a word he reaches down and removes his pants and steps out of them. My eyes lower to his cock, my breath catches in my throat. Holy shit...his cock is enormous! He's semi-erect and his cock must be at least 8 inches long...and thick.

The girth is the size of my wrist. The head is large and engorged, mushroom-shaped with pre-cum on the tip. I slowly reach out and touch it, my fingers wrapping around the shaft. It's so thick my fingers barely reach around the other side of his massive cock.

I'm so turned on at this moment, I feel my juices oozing across my inner thighs and down my ass. I'm not sure how I'll be able to take this wonderful piece of meat inside of me but I know one thing for certain...I want it bad!

He leans over, easily picks me up and slowly lowers me onto his now erect cock. Inch by inch his cock penetrates. I'm now impaled on the largest cock to ever explore my pussy.

I can feel the walls of my pussy stretching to accommodate his enormous girth. I hold on for dear life, my legs wrapped tightly around his torso as he buries his delicious cock in me to the hilt, reaching places never before touched.

He begins to bounce me on his cock, slow and steady, the sensations are indescribable. After four or five strokes of his massive organ, I feel my orgasm building to a fast release.

"Fuck me....fuck me....fuck me!" I moan over and over, lost in the intense sensations his hard cock is creating in my body. He quickens the pace and I collapse against him, my pussy spasms, and I cum...HARD!!

"Yes, yes, YES!!!" I yell out as his cock gives me the most intense orgasm of my life. My entire body becomes a quivering mass of flesh as he rams into me again and again. I've never cum this hard in my life!

Shivers run up and down my spine as my pussy is ravaged by his manhood. As I slowly come down from orgasmic bliss, he throws me on the bed, turns me onto my belly, lifts my hips and enters me from behind.

As soon as his cock is buried deep, I instantly cum again, "Oh fuck Jason...I'm cumming again!!" I cry out. My body trembles and quakes as a second orgasm courses through me.

"Oh...oh...yes...yes..." I whimper mindlessly. He's using me as his personal sex toy...and I'm loving it! He withdraws his massive tool from my pussy, quickly turns me over, and buries himself inside me again. I wrap my legs around his muscular back as he pins my arms to the bed.

I glance down and become aroused instantly at the sight of his thick cock penetrating my pussy. It's literally breathtaking. My juices coat his dick as he pistons in and out of me at a frantic pace. My eyes roll back in my head, my breathing becomes rapid and shallow, my entire body is on fire for this hulk of a man that's fucking me like no man has ever done before.

He grabs my ankles and spreads my legs wide apart. He's literally a fucking machine, pumping his huge cock in and out of me at a frantic pace.

Suddenly, a third orgasm hits me like a ton of bricks. Out of nowhere my pussy spasms and I feel my juices squirting. "OHHHH.....YES!!!" I yell.

This orgasm is more intense than the first two, I'm literally trembling from head to toe as I ride a wave of orgasmic bliss that never seems to end. My vision becomes fuzzy, the room becomes darker and darker and I float away. I realize later that I came so hard I actually passed out momentarily. My God, this man has taken me to sexual heights I never knew existed!

As I regain my senses, he has me pinned down again and his cock is inches from my face. He's stroking it hard and fast above my lips. I instinctively open my mouth, to receive his load.

He grunts one last time and unleashes his load on me. I've never seen a man cum like this! His first few spurts fly out of his monstrous cock with force, landing on my chin and cheeks.

I take his cock in both of my hands to finish him off. I stroke him hard as he continues to shoot his load all over my face. I'm covered in his cum and loving it. I fall asleep within minutes, my body used and fucked so thoroughly.

I wake up later that night, wondering if it was only dream. I look at the date on my cell phone and smile, yep, it's Friday the 13th. I lay back down, my pussy pleasurably sore, a dull ache that makes my clit tingle remembering my encounter with Jason.

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