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Read Me a Story...


This is a story to be told in private.

I rather fancy the idea of reading it to my girlfriend and sometimes Literotica writing partner as she lies behind me in bed, her knees raised under the blankets. I enjoy the soft sound of my voice as I read to her listening to her breathing between my words.

This is my version of the iron clad quality assurance test for erotic stories. I hope that the reader will have just a little more confidence in the outcome of the story knowing that a man and a woman have gone over it together and found it sufficiently nasty to have caused at least a couple of orgasms prior to publication.

Of course, even thinking about reading it to her is causing my penis to fill rapidly and begin straining against whatever I'm wearing.

Tonight there is a tent in the front of my boxer shorts as I read this to Tia.

I guess that's all right.

I suppose she will enjoy the idea that I am sitting here with a rigid boner reading this too her. She rather fancies seeing me aroused but unable to masturbate.

This is often something that happens between us when we tell each other stories in our darkened bedroom.

Actually I believe that she relishes the power of being able to make me stop jacking off and instead making me go to sleep with a rigid erection.

So I will read this to her with my cock sticking up as hard as a wooden dowel and she will listen as I occasionally touch myself. She may tell me to stop or she may say nothing as I jack off occasionally.

What she will be doing under the blanket while I read this to her is anyone's guess.

She claims she doesn't masturbate but I've seen her break that rule often enough to know differently. You don't get that good at something without a little practice.

Of course my goal is to make her touch her clit as I read this to her but even if she manages to hold off from touching herself she will become aroused.

As I read this to her I know that her nipples will stiffen and her pussy will begin to swell and moisten. When she hears me jacking off she will be tempted to follow suit but even if she doesn't...well I know that sooner or later she'll at least be tempted as she hears my hand slide up and down my slippery shaft.

Even if she tells me to stop...I know that doing this will arouse her even more and she will relish my frustration as I read this with a strung of pre-come drooling from the tip of my rigid penis..

As I have already mentioned Tia enjoys the power that every woman naturally has over men and one way that she uses this power is by teasing and then denying me the relief that I crave so badly.

We both enjoy the idea of unacknowledged sexual arousal. A little sexual deception can be very exciting as well.

Above all we both like the reproductive aspects of sex. You may be sure that there will be plenty of unprotected sex in the story that I will tell her as she lies under the covers. I wouldn't be too surprised if our story tonight leads two or three unexpected pregnancies.

So join us as I read this story to Tia.

You may feel the need to touch yourself or each other...please don't be shy...the lights are dimming and no one else will see you...probably.

Are you comfortable?

Let's get started.

The lights are out except for the glow of the computer screen and it is silent except for the sound of my voice and Tia's soft breathing.....

The story begins like this.....

I realize that working in fast food isn't the sexiest place to start a story but this is a true story and I'm not going to change anything..

For the sake of propriety let us assume that all characters in this story are over the age of 18 years. The fact that I was a junior in high school should in no way be construed to indicate illegal or unorthodox sexual interactions. I was held back...ok?

My embarrassing academic life had led to a bit more of a career at Bitchin' Burgers than I had intended and I had risen to the dizzying height of assistant – assistant manager at the restaurant based mainly on the fact that I kept showing up at work and almost everyone else managed to locate a better job in a few months and so they quit.

Tanya had come to work at "Bitchin' Burgers" about a week before and I had been assigned to train her.

At first the only training I intended to do related to the location of hamburger buns and how to use the machine that sliced the tomatoes.

After all, she wasn't much to look at.

With shoulder length sandy brown hair and glasses There might be some who would consider her unattractive and to be frank I was one of those people.

I will admit that her burger garb didn't show off any assets she might have had. Her breasts were so lost in the voluminous folds of uniform that the only way customers could have determined her gender was by the name tag she wore.

All went well for a few days. I knew that she liked me and I found her hopeless desire somehow pathetic.

About a week after she started her cash register came up $20.00 short.

It was late at night and we were closing up when this came to my attention. After several recounts she said, "Please don't fire me, I really need this job".

I was rather relishing the position of authority I was in and I found her helpless supplication exciting...even arousing.

The fact of the matter is that I didn't have the power to fire her and it wasn't all that unusual for a new employee to come up short.

I figured that this put me in an excellent position to take advantage of her inexperience so I looked her in the eye and said, "How can I be sure that you are telling the truth?"

Blushing she said, "You could...search me...for the money if you need to."

I didn't need to be asked twice. I had her step into the employee's bathroom and told her to strip.

Her lower lip trembled but she began unbuttoning the uniform top and then hung it on the hook on the door. She slid out of the pants and hung them over the top already hanging on the hook and turned to face me wearing only a T-shirt and panties.

I was surprised to see that her body was relatively attractive and that her breasts were firm enough that she didn't really need to wear a bra. Her legs were long and tanned. She was flushed and breathing hard and her nipples were clearly showing through her T-shirt.

By this time I had developed a sizable erection that was creating a noticeable tent in my pants. I went through the pockets of her uniform and finding nothing told her to take her panties off.

Blushing furiously she slid her panties off.

Her excitement was obvious. I could see that her pussy was swollen and damp as she stood nearly naked in front of me.

"I'm afraid I have to do a more complete search" I said and I cupped her breasts with my hands.

"I'll do anything you say" she whispered, "Just don't fire me."

I squeezed her breasts and she shuddered.

"Anything?" I asked thumbing her nipples through the T-shirt.

"I'll do anything you say."

"I'm going to do a cavity search so put one foot up on the toilet.

When she did this, her pussy lips were spread wide revealing her glistening snatch and an abnormally engorged clit which protruded from her pussy shamelessly.

"Does this excite you?" I asked conversationally.

"No...I've just never been in this situation before" she murmured.

"Well in a minute I'm going to have to slip a finger up your pussy to check for money...why don't you play with your clit so you will be adequately lubricated.

"I...I don't...masturbate"

"It's not really masturbating if you don't cream in front of me."


"Really" I said

"You won't...tell anyone?"

"This will be our little secret." I said, knowing full well that the entire incident was being recorded by the hidden security camera. I knew how to remove the tape and already planned to replace the tape with another completely unremarkable tape from last week as soon as she left.

"All right" she whispered and began to tease her engorged clit, slowly at first and then faster.

I must admit that I found this exciting and gave my own aching boner a squeeze through my pants.

She couldn't help but notice this but she kept on teasing her clit and said "You must think I'm a complete slut"

"No" I said as I gently continued to squeeze my rigid cock, "it's perfectly natural for us both to get a little aroused under the circumstances."

"Is that why you're jacking off too?"

"I'm just doing my job and my reaction is simply biological" I said as I rapidly stroked my cock through my pants gasping as I did this, "It's not really masturbating if I don't actually touch myself.

We stood there playing in front of each other for a couple of minutes and then reluctantly releasing my boner I slipped a finger up her extremely slippery pussy to check for concealed cash.

She gasped and shuddered as I continued to slip my finger in and out of her snatch.

Clearly there was no cash concealed up her dripping pussy but I continued sliding my finger in and out and she kept on teasing her clit becoming more and more excited.

I realized that she was going to climax right then and there if I didn't stop so I withdrew my glistening finger and told her to put her panties back on.

She obeyed with a frustrated whimper pulling her panties on over her swollen pussy but made no effort to put the rest of her clothes on. I could see her clitoris sticking up through her panties as a wet patch gradually spread making them semi-transparent.

I was disgusted at her obvious excitement and surprised at my own degree of arousal.

Clearly she had no stolen cash on her person and all we had managed to do is tease one another into a high degree of unfulfilled excitement.

The smell of her arousal filled the little room. I was just about to tell her to put her clothes on when an unexpected thought entered my mind.

I looked at her standing there, her nipples clearly visible through her T-shirt and realized that she would do anything I said.

Grasping my erection I resumed stroking myself and said, "Look what you've done to me."

"I'm sorry...sir"

I'll bet you'd cream right in front of me if I told you to."

She hung her head and said, "I'll do whatever you say."

"Go ahead and get yourself off...and we'll pretend that this never happened."

"I...just...don't masturbate" she whimpered.

It's not really masturbating if you don't actually touch yourself." I said, I don't masturbate either...I'm just...relieving a little tension." I said continuing to squeeze my rigid pole through my clothing.

During this conversation her hand had crept between her legs where she began rubbing her pussy through her soaking panties.

"I guess you're right" she said, her hand squishing between her legs as teased her clit which was clearly visible slowly and gingerly at first and then more rapidly.

Dropping my aching boner I reached toward her and thumbed her hard nipples through her T-shirt.

"Go on" I urged, you don't have to be ashamed.

"I...can't help it...it feels so good" she gasped.

I could hear her rubbing her pussy rapidly and I whispered in her ear, "It sounds like you play with your pussy quite a bit actually"

"Not that much" she gasped.

"When is the last time you masturbated?" I asked.

"Please" she gasped," I'm really not...like that."

"When is the last time you made yourself cream?" I said, be honest or I will fire you."

"Oh sir...I'm so ashamed...I did it last night in my bed."

"And what were you thinking about?"

"I was...thinking about...you...sir."

"What were we doing?"

"I was sucking your cock...sir."

"Anything else?"

"We were...fucking."

"Did you get off?"

"Oh...yes...Just like I'm about to do it right now if I don't stop."

I pulled her hand from her soaking panties and she gasped in frustration.

"Please sir...I won't do it too much."

"Won't do what too much?" I asked heartlessly.

"I just want to make myself cream a little...after all I'm not really masturbating...if I've still got my panties on.

I must admit that watching her deny that she was masturbating was nearly exciting enough that I was tempted to let her cream off that way but I figured she would be more humiliated if I made her stroke her bare clit until she came.

I sat down on the toilet positioning myself so I was able to look directly at her pussy in relative comfort.

"Pull your panties down and finish yourself" I instructed heartlessly.

"No...you'll think I'm a slut."

I could see her stiff little clit sticking out in panties that were so wet they were practically transparent.

I knew she really liked what was going on deep inside.

"If you'll finish yourself in front of me, I'll show you my hard cock.


"Are you going to do this...or do I have to terminate you?"

She slowly pulled her panties down to mid thigh and began to tease her hard little clit, her face bright red with the humiliation of her situation.

As I watched her struggle with her feelings her hand continued to make small circles around her engorged clit. I'm not ashamed to admit that my cock was sticking out like a length of pipe making a huge tent in my pants.

I saw her looking at my erection and her hand sped up just a little, making smaller and smaller circles until she was simply flicking the tip of her clit with the tip of her finger as I watched.

I heard her take a shuddering breath and she gasped, "You must think I'm...just a...slut".

"Not at all" said, trying to keep my tone conversational despite the excitement that was causing my boner to be leaking a steady stream of pre-come,

I had been leaking this stream of jizz for long enough to be sitting in a small pool of my own warm cream.

I watched Tanya rapidly stroking her oversize clit shamelessly. I realized that I no longer possessed the will power to sit and watch passively.

I was confident in myself at the start but I was rapidly losing my concentration as Tanya continued to masturbate and show off reveling in my increasing excitement.

Even if I was able to hold off from jacking off I knew that I would be unable to avoid ejaculating.

I would sit and watch, squeezing my cock between my legs until I felt my cream spraying between my clenched thighs.

Or else I wouldn't even touch myself.

I was certain that even if I could hold off from jacking off I would still be squirting sperm somewhere or other.

I knew that if I just sat and watched I would eventually wind up coming without touching myself, my cock spraying stream after stream of hot cream in my pants as I watched Tanya masturbate.

As hot as that sounds I really wanted her to see what she was doing to me.

At the very least I wanted her to see me blow my load.

I knew that I had to join her

By this time Tanya had lost all pretense of modesty and was unabashedly masturbating looking steadily at my aching boner throbbing in my pants.

I slid my pants down letting my rigid cock spring free. I could feel her eyes fixate on my aching boner as she watched a long string pf glistening pre-come drool out of the tip.

Now we were both touching ourselves glancing at one another shyly as we did.

Finally I managed to gasp out, "Is this how you played with your pussy last night in bed?"

"Yes sir" she gasped.

"Do you like looking at my cock?"

"Oh yes sir."

"Would you like to touch it?"

She continued rubbing herself as she reached toward my rigid cock, her soft fingers gently encircling my slippery shaft.

As soon as her hand came into contact with my boner she stiffened and began to climax.

"Oh sir...I can't help...what I'm doing...ahhh I can't help...creaming...like I'm doing...just like a nasty girl in heat."

I watched as she shuddered, clearly embarrassed to be doing it in front of a guy who had the self discipline to hold back as she creamed herself right in front of me.

She continued to be wracked by diminishing shudders until at last she was finished and I stood there with my boner still rock hard.

She slowly pulled her panties back up and turned to remove her clothing from the hook but I stopped her.

I said, "Look, you came. Now, turnabout is fair play. Can I at least have a kiss?"

She kissed my lips, a sloppy, unpracticed kiss, my cock slipping between her legs sliding easily back and forth as we kissed.

She broke away.

"Is that good?" she asked.

"Oh no, honey, I indicated my dripping and shiny cock, Kiss here. Kiss till I tell you to stop."

She took instruction easily.

We exchanged places.

She sat down on the toilet and began lightly kissing my cock which was dripping copiously down her chin and on to her thin T-shirt.

Soon she opened her mouth as wide as she could gradually sliding the length of my rigid erection in to her warm mouth.

By this time I was dripping so copiously my cream was overflowing her mouth and soaking the front of her T-shirt. I couldn't help but notice that her hand was again jammed into her panties rubbing her clit.

I pulled my cock from her mouth and lifting her T-shirt masturbated rapidly first against one nipple and then the other. I could hear her rapidly flicking her fingertip on her clit as I did this."

"Do you like sperm on your nipples I gasped?"

"Oh yes sir" she gasped.

"Then you're gonna love this" I said reinserting my cock into her warm mouth.

In about a minute I felt my orgasm build and when I passed the point of no return I pulled my cock from her warm mouth and proceeded to spray jet after jet of hot sperm on to her hair, face and breasts.

The little slut was masturbating the whole time. I stood back when I had finished and looked at her.

She was a mess of obvious semen and whorish acts.

Her hair and face were covered with evidence of my sperm and her T-shirt was soaked through with enough cream to make the material on her breasts almost transparent. As I watched I could hear the sound of her fingers rubbing her slippery cunt and she stiffened coming shamelessly in front of me yet a second time.

"Get out and go home. Quick, before the boss sees us!" I said this, feigning fright.

"It's pretty late for him to be showing up isn't it?" she said doubtfully.

"You know if he knows we're an item, we'll both get canned."

"But I've got your cum—"

"Hurry! I don't want to take a chance."

I pulled my pants over my shrinking dick as Tanya pulled her oversized uniform back on. As I watched I could see my sperm began to soak through her uniform top.

Tanya got out and walked tearfully toward the street.

From a distance I followed her, taking perverse pleasure in her discomfort as strangers stared first stained T shirt gaping through her open uniform top, then up at her semen-soaked hair.

Coming to the end of the story I stopped reading.

For the last third of the story I have been able to hear Tia periodically rubbing her pussy.

I have been jacking off along with her whenever she has been aroused enough to make noise with her slippery pussy.

We have both been ignoring this fact but as I sit in silence I can hear her uneven breathing and the sound of slippery fingers rapidly strumming her clit oblivious to the silence now surrounding her.

I get up and walk over to the bed and the slippery sounds' coming from underneath the covers slows and then stops entirely.

"Did you like the story" I ask, slowly stroking my slippery boner.


"Mind if I rub a little semen on your nipples?"

"Please...I mean...yes."

She pulls down the covers exposing her breasts and I let the tip of my cock slide against a very stiff nipple. It is dripping copious amounts of pre-come gradually covering the entire front of her breast. It is warm and slippery.

I switch to the other breast and now both are more or less coated in warm semen.

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