tagHumor & SatireReal Story of Mrs Claus & the Elves

Real Story of Mrs Claus & the Elves


There are no underage characters in this story. Being that this is a story about Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus, all characters betrayed are way over the age of 18.

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This is the real, unedited, sexually explicit story of Mrs. Claus & the Elves. A true story, the names of the elves were changed to protect their families and to spare them from embarrassment. Alas, Christmas will never be the same.

"You'd better watch out, you'd better not cry, you'd better not pout, I'm telling you why, Santa Claus is coming to town. He's making as list, he's checkin' it twice, he's gonna find out whose naughty or nice, Santa Claus is coming to town. He sees you when you're sleeping. He knows if you're awake. He knows if you've been bad or good (so you'd) better be good for goodness sake."

Trying to cheer himself up to salvage his Christmas holiday, Santa silently sung himself Christmas songs in the privacy of his office. The safe haven he ran to when hiding himself from the lunacy of Mrs. Claus, he needed some time alone to think.

"Rudolph the red-nose reindeer, had a very shiny nose, and if you ever saw it, you would even say it glows. All of the other reindeer, used to laugh and call him names—"

Even after playing Bing Crosby, Burl Ives, and Nat King Cole records, it's no use. For the first time in his life, submerged in a deep, dark funk, Santa was depressed. Instead of singing Christmas songs, Nick stood and turned to stare out his office window while letting out soulful sighs. Normally very jolly at this time of the year, he was out of sorts. Instead of being happy, he was sad because, instead of being good, Mrs. Claus was being bad, very bad.

The good news was that it was snowing. It was going to be a white Christmas after all and, if only by that weather related fact, he was happy. The bad news was that his wife having gone absolutely bonkers, was driving him mad. Ruining everything by being so difficult to please and putting a big damper on his Christmas, she's been bloody certifiable of late.

* * * * *

Never having had a problem with Mrs. Claus before, he was having some serious issues with her now. With her never acting like this before, he didn't understand why she was so problematic now. Demanding that she get what she wants when she wants it, especially in regards to her Christmas gift, she's suddenly turned into a real bitch. Being that she's been dieting lately, maybe it was something she ate or didn't eat. Maybe it was something hormonal but he was at a loss to explain her sudden mood swings.

Lately, instead of wearing his trademark red, velvet stocking cap trimmed with white fur, he's been walking around the house wearing his Tom Brady, New England Patriots, autographed football helmet that he received as a Christmas gift from Mrs. Claus last year. Whenever she sees him walking through his toy shop, she throws things at him, mostly non-lethal Christmas ornaments. He didn't understand why she's so insistent on him giving her what so she wants for Christmas, when knowing full well that he was unwilling and unable to fulfill her Christmas wish, she's been on a rampage ever since.

Without doubt, not related to his sudden foul mood, his sadness was more related to what his wife wanted for Christmas, her Christmas gift, than it was to the Christmas season itself. He loved Christmas, he loved the Christmas season, he loved children, and he loved his wife. Instead of feeling happy that he relented and agreed to finally make his wife's wish come true, he was sad. Unlike other years when he couldn't give her what she so wanted, submitting to the sexual desires of his beloved, for the first time in a very long time, he was finally going to give his wife, Mary, exactly what she wanted for Christmas.

Something she's been asking him for years, he wished he could give her a baby but as hard and as often as they tried, babies, children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren were out of the question and not in their cards. Now too old to have a child of their own anyway, they unselfishly shared their happiness, their joy, and their wealth with the children of the world. As she does every year, just before he was scheduled to leave to make his Christmas Eve deliveries, Mary climbed up on his lap as she's done for hundreds of years, from the first day they were married, and whispered what she wanted for Christmas in his ear.

Not a materialistic woman, never wanting a new car, a diamond necklace, or a fur coat, he already knew what it was she wanted. After asking for a baby and unable to give her that, alas, she was asking for a second wish that he couldn't give her either. Every year, in the way that she asked for a baby with her first wish, her second wish was always the same. After he was able to make so very many people happy by fulfilling their Christmas wishes, it made him sad that he was unable to make his own wife happy by fulfilling her Christmas wish too.

"I only want one thing Nick. All that I want is a baby. Give me a baby, Nick. A baby is all that I want for Christmas. Please give me a baby," she said saying the same thing every year.

Spending days, nights, weeks, months, and years trying to give her the only thing that she so wanted, unable to oblige her, unable to give her what she asked him for, he gave her a multitude of gifts, clothes, treats, sweets, and jewelry. Seemingly happy with all that he gave her and appreciative of his generosity, he knew that the one thing that she so wanted, a baby, was something that he was unable to give her. Without thinking twice, she'd exchange her mountain of Christmas presents for a baby. Odd that a couple who loved children so very much couldn't have a child of their own, the other shoe, it's funny how life is sometimes so ironic, sadistic, and mean.

Now that they're an older, semi-retired couple living on Social Security, Medicare, and what little else they were able to set aside from selling toys year round from his toy shop, Mary hasn't asked him for a baby in a very long time. Her wishes and desires, not for herself, were always for someone else, someone in need and someone who was having a difficult, financial time. In this still bad economy with so many people out of work, out of money, and out of hope, Santa felt frazzled that he couldn't provide for all, not even for his wife, especially for his wife. Not wanting anything for herself, he couldn't remember the last time she made a wish expressly and selfishly for herself, that is, until now.

"God help me. What should I do? What should I do?" He look up to the Heaven's to pray for God's help, guidance, and forgiveness for what he was about to do.

* * * * *

With Mary's childbearing years over, a long ago, after she reached menopause, her Christmas wishes suddenly changed from asking for a baby and from asking for a gift for someone else in dire need to asking something disgusting for herself. Finally, not giving her Christmas wish away to someone else, she asked him for a wish expressly and especially for herself. For the first time, Mary asked him for a gift that was specifically and personally for her. Oh, boy, oh boy, shockingly bad, was it ever personal.

Alas, once again, Mary wanted something else that Nick was unable to provide and, perhaps, unwilling to give his wife. As she did every year, she climbed up on his lap and whispered her wish in his ear. The first time he heard her whisper her wish, as if a jolt of electricity surged through his body, he was shocked. He was stunned. Wondering if he was losing his hearing, he couldn't believe what she asked him to give her for Christmas. He couldn't believe what he thought he heard.

He looked at her as if she was kidding. He looked at her as if she had lost her mind or had been into the cooking sherry again. Maybe he was right and his hearing was going and maybe he heard only what he thought she said. Certainly, his beloved Mary would never ask him for something so vilely wicked and so outrageously sexual. Mary was a good woman, a God fearing woman, a church going, Christen woman, and not a sexual woman at all. She'd never ask for what he thought she just asked to have and she'd never ask him to give her the permission to have.

* * * * *

"Pardon? Please forgive me. I'm sorry Mary. I think I need to have my hearing checked. I'm embarrassed to tell you what I thought you said," he said with a laugh. "Ho! Ho! Ho! Could you please repeat what you want for Christmas? I didn't hear what you said," he said leaning his ear closer to his wife's mouth.

She moved her mouth away from his ear to take his white bearded face in her kind hands and to make eye contact with him and his rosy cheeks. As if he was, indeed, hard of hearing but could read lips, she acquiesced herself to his hearing disability by slowly mouthing the words.

"I said," she said again this time a little louder and a lot slower while enunciating each word. "I want to have my sexy, sexual way with the elves," she said unashamed and unembarrassed by her Christmas wish.


He looked at her with astonishment that his wife would dare ask him for such a forbidden gift. Ignoring his protestation, she continued in her lustful plea for her husband to satisfy her Christmas wish and her sexual needs by allowing her to have her wicked, sexual way with not one of the elves but with all of the elves.

"While kissing me, touching me, and feeling me where no elf should ever touch and feel Mrs. Claus," she said touching and feeling herself all over and where Santa hasn't touched and felt Mrs. Claus in a very long time. "While French kissing me and feeling me through my clothes, I want the elves to slowly strip me naked," she said whispering her sexual desire for the elves in his ear again.

"Mary!" Lost for words, Mary was all that he could say.

"I want the elves to tie me to the bed and have their wicked sexual way with my naked body," she said. Explicitly continuing in her sexual depravity, she threw her head back as if having an orgasm while wrapping her arms around herself as if she was being ravished by twelve diminutive elves, before speaking in my graphic detail all that she wanted for Christmas. "I want to be fucked by a small, little army of men, Santa. I want to suck cocks Saint Nick," she said closing her eyes while swooning before popping open her eyes to see the reaction her husband had by all that she said.

"Mary! What's come over you? How could you ask me, your husband, for such a luridly wicked wish?"

"What's gotten over me? Lust has consumed me in the way of a forest fire consuming a pine forest. I'm horny Nick. I'm aflame with lustful desire and sexual passion," she said leaning into him again to whisper her naughtiness in his ear.

"Mary stop. You must stop talking me in such a perverted way. I'm so embarrassed for you," said Santa.

Not to be put off and made to feel bad by his old fashioned ways when it came to sex, she continued.

"After cumming in my pussy, I want the elves to cum in my mouth," when he tried moving away from her, she pulled him closer by a yank of his long, white beard to stare in his beady, blue eyes. "Then, still not done with me, I want a dozen elves to give me a dozen cum baths. With cum all over my face, my hair, and my tits, I want to be awash in elven cum."

"Mary!" Santa stood while pushing his wife from his lap. He watched her fall to the floor as if she was his sack laden with toys.

"Ow, Santa, that hurt," she said rubbing her ass in the way that he now imagined the elves rubbing her ass.

"Have you been drinking? Are you on drugs? Maybe you've been up here in the frozen tundra for too long. Maybe you need a vacation. Maybe you should go to Miami to see your mother, Betty White. No, that won't work with South Beach out your hotel room door and all those hot, young men strutting their stuff along the beach," he said mumbling to himself before pointing his stiff finger of accusation at her. "You'd never say such vile things to me if your father, George Burns, and your uncles, Bob Hope and Jack Benny, were still alive."

"I'm not leaving here and leaving you during the busiest time of the year Nick," she said tossing back and fluffing out her long, white, sensuous hair. With most of her blouse unbuttoned, she was showing Santa a long line of cleavage and more breasts than he's seen of her since their Honeymoon. "I refuse to leave the North Pole."

"I know, maybe you should go to a woman's retreat at the convent," said Santa ignoring her plea to remain at the North Pole with her husband. "Yes, it will do you good to spend a week alone on your knees praying with the nuns instead of a week here on your knees sucking the cocks of the elves. Temptation is the root of all of your evil thoughts," he said while waving his finger at her.

"Fuck off Santa," said Mrs. Claus. "If you're not going to give me what I want for Christmas then I'm going to take what I want for Christmas," she said tearing open the rest of her blouse buttons to show more of her breasts just short of exposing her areolas and nipples in her low cut bra.

Having never heard his wife use such naughty words, Santa couldn't believe his ears. Having never seen Mrs. Claus act in such a naughty way and reveal so much skin, he was shocked. He didn't know what to do. The first time for everything, he may have to cross Mrs. Claus off of his good girl Christmas wish list for being so very naughty.

Admittedly though, her X-rated wish to have sex with the elves did excite Santa in a sexual way and he felt his pole erecting by the naughty thoughts of his elves seeing his wife naked and fucking his wife from behind while she sucked their cocks before giving her a cum bath. Wow, he never thought he'd think of Mrs. Santa, elves, and cum bath in one sentence. Unfortunately, in the way that she asked for a baby, if he didn't feel bad enough that he couldn't give her a baby, tragically, she asked him for another wish that he just couldn't give her. After all that she's lovingly and unselfishly has done for him for so long, he needed to give her the one thing that she really wanted and what she really wanted was to have sex with the elves. He needed to relent and to finally make her happy this Christmas by fulfilling her wish.

Only, if someone was to discover their sexual scandal, how would it look? The wife of their employer, how could he allow the elves to have their sexual way with his wife's body? They'd never respect her or him ever again, after having their wicked way with Mrs. Claus. How could she willing want the elves to have their wicked way with her naked body? Why all of a sudden?

With swinging something that couples do when they're younger, why now? He didn't understand. If he knew she wanted to participate in the swinging lifestyle, he could have had sex with Marilyn Monroe, Natalie Wood, and Elizabeth Taylor when they offered him sex after seeing him coming down their chimneys. If he knew she was open to the swinging lifestyle, she could have had sex with Rudolph Valentino, Clark Gable, and Steve McQueen when she had the chance.

Trying to logically analyze her reasoning for wanting to have sex with his elves, he didn't understand why his wife would ask for such a devilishly demonic wish. Just when he was feeling comfortably relieved that he no longer had those bothersome, sexual urges and just as he was feeling less guilty in his inability to sexually satisfy his wife, she was wanting more sex instead of wanting less sex. With her not wanting to have sex with just one other man outside of their marriage, she wanted to sexually entertain a dozen other men.

Having read about such sexual scenarios in swinging magazines that the elves left all over the men's room floor, instead of rejecting it and denying her sexual urges, no doubt Mrs. Claus subscribed to their passion for forbidden sex as well. No doubt, by trying swinging, she was wanting to be a swinger. Next, giving whomever was looking an up skirt peek of her white, granny panties, she'd be asking him if she could climb down the chimneys with him. Can't she understand how hurt that would make him feel to know that another man has had his cock in her hand, in her mouth, and/or in her pussy? Next, if she already hasn't, forsaking her big, white, granny bloomers, she'll be ordering red, sexy, crotchless panties from Victoria Secrets.

* * * * *

Preposterous, absolutely preposterous, although this was her Christmas wish, there was just no way that he could fulfill her sexual wish. When he's never even seen his wife naked, always undressing in the dark, in the bathroom, or in the closet, how could he allow twelve, diminutive men to see her without her clothes? Certainly, by the impressions her big bosoms and her hard nipples made in her clothes, he's well aware that Mrs. Santa has big tits and huge nipples but not willing to share her abundant breasts with the elves, something as personal as his wife's body should remain private.

It's one thing for her to ask him if she could have sex with one man, the butcher, the baker, or the candlestick maker, and maybe he'd agree to that but for her to want to have sex with twelve, little men was ridiculous. Indeed, such lunacy, Mary wanted a Merry Christmas gangbang and/or a happy holiday's circle jerk. Mary wanted to pull a train before having the elves disappearing deep within her tunnel of forbidden love. Then, if that wasn't bad enough, kneeling in the middle and with all the elves surrounding her, she wanted a circle jerk and a cum bath when he's never even had the disrespectful audacity to give her a cum bath himself. Perhaps, maybe had he given his wife a cum bath when he had so much cum to spare and share, she wouldn't be asking for a cum bath now. Alas, the only cum bath he could give her now is just a misty sprinkle.

Indeed, Mary was bad, very bad indeed and unfortunately, he'd have to remove her from his good girl Christmas list for being so naughty. For the first time in his married life, he'd have to fill her stocking with coal and orange peels. Just a thought, suddenly going with the sexual flow while thinking of a way for Santa to reinstate Mary on his good girl list, perhaps Mary might be so bad that she's good. Yes, of course. That's it. Imagining himself masturbating while watching his wife having passionate sex, it may be titillating to watch her sexually satisfying twelve, little elves.

"Ho! Ho! Ho!"

* * * * *

Back to reality from briefly entertaining a sexual fantasy, after being faithfully married for hundreds of years, how could he allow his elves to violate and penetrate his wife in such a sexual way? Tit for cock, he's been sexually tempted plenty of times too, but he'd never cheat on his wife, not once, not ever, never. He didn't dare risk his reputation and his toy business for a quick roll in the hay with a stranger, even with a celebrity, that he met on Christmas Eve.

How would that sex scandal play out in the morning papers on Christmas Day the holiest of days? He'd be the laughing stock of Christmas. No one would ever trust him with their children again. He'd be ruined. He could see the newspapers, celebrity magazines, and rumor mill rags now.

"Santa is tempted. Santa is bad, very bad. The secret sexual life of Santa Claus. The complete list of Santa's lovers and affairs. Santa has a secret lover. Santa has a love child. Santa was caught naked and in the arms of another woman. Santa is a dirty, old man. Santa is hated by children the world over." Then, he thought of Mrs. Claus' scandal. "Mrs. Claus is the sexy, sexual bitch of twelve, horny elves."

Ruining his good example that he's set for children for a millennium, he could just imagine the bad press now. He envisioned himself being interviewed by Oprah, Barbara Walters, and Katie Couric as if he was a perverted letch. When two of those women are whores and the other one is a lesbian, they are women who have had their sexual lives swept beneath the carpet by dumping enough hush money in someone's hands. If the public only knew the truth about the sexual lives of Oprah, Barbara Walters, and Katie Couric, they wouldn't dare humiliate him on live TV. Taking pleasure in taking him down a notch from his lofty perch, no doubt they'd crucify him on TV.

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