tagNonConsent/ReluctanceReally Just Desserts Day 05

Really Just Desserts Day 05


Really Just Desserts – The Final Installment

Note: To understand this story you should really read at least the first installment. Chapters 2, 3 and 4 can be read separately, but this final Chapter really needs Chapter 1 to make sense.

I had been pleased with the overall situation over the past four days, and to be honest, was starting to feel a little sorry for the girls. So I decided to let today be more about fun for me than punishment for them. I actually let them sleep in, then brought their breakfast and let them cleanup after they woke up.

The first two scenes were already worked out in my (admittedly evil) mind. I had each girl draw a number from the first selection box. “Lowest number goes first,” I informed them.

Debbie drew a seven, Lisa drew a four. “It looks like Lisa is our first today,” I noted.

I had set up a rope coming down from the ceiling in the center of the room, attached to a rotating wheel from a short shaft sticking down. The speed and rotation direction of the wheel could be controlled by a hand-held remote control. As the wheel turned, the rope would spool up on the shaft, essentially shortening the rope. I attached a “chair” to the rope. The “chair” consisted of a back and two wide straps, but no seat. By adjusting the lines attached to the back and the outside ends of the straps, one could adjust the angle of the missing seat so that different sections of the body in the chair would be the lowest point.

I brought Lisa out and strapped her into the chair, then hoisted it up. I had her draw from the second selection box one of two slips, reading either “cunt” or “ass”. She drew “ass” and I adjusted the seat back line so that her little butt was the lowest point as she hung there. Next I moved a mat under the chair and positioned myself on the mat directly under the chair, with my hard cock sticking up. I noted the distance and the adjusted the main rope so that when it was totally unwound, Lisa would be completely impaled on my dick.

I lay back down, greased my dick with Vaseline and seated myself all the way into her butt with one hard stroke. When I was satisfied that I was all the way in, I set the bottom stop on the control. Lisa grunted as I impaled her tight little butt, and panted a bit as I shoved myself home, but was otherwise quiet.

I started up the machine. It began to turn, spinning her about on my dick even as the rope spooled up, raising her gradually up. When just my tip was still imbedded, I set the top stop on the control and moved it to “oscillate”. This made it automatically reverse direction until it hit the bottom stop, then reverse until it hit the top stop. “Isn’t technology wonderful,” I thought then settled down to enjoy the ride.

The sensations on my dick as Lisa’s tight little ass spun around on it, first one way, and then the other, now all the way in her butt, now barely in at all, were just unbelievable. After a few minutes Lisa began squirming around, trying not to cum. I like to think this was almost as good for her as it was for me. Certainly she came hard enough when she finally climaxed. However, all good things must end. Since the machine started slow, only gradually speeding up, I got to enjoy this mind-blowing ass-fuck for almost twenty minutes before I finally shot off deep in Lisa’s little ass. I shut the machine off with my softening dick completely buried and just enjoyed the moment.

Finally I raised Lisa up, my soft dick popping out of her hole, and took her down. As usual, I had her clean my dick with her mouth then put her back in her cell. I took a break to give my dick time to recover.

An hour later I was back. This time it was Debbie’s turn in the chair. I set her up as I had Lisa, only adjusting the lines so I could enter her cunt, rather than her ass. I made all the adjustments and settled back to happily enjoy another mind-blowing fuck. Because I had already cum once, this time it was even longer.

A few minutes in, Debbie, like Lisa, began to squirm around in the “chair”. Eventually she began to pant and then climaxed loudly. The machine spun on. Despite not liking men, she climaxed three more times on my dick, before I finally lost it as well. I have to say that the contractions of her cunt on my dick each time she came almost cut my enjoyment short as I tried to resist cumming. Finally on her fourth time I could not control myself and unloaded in her tight little cunt. Like Lisa, I stopped the machine when Debbie was all the way down enjoying the warm aftermath as I felt our combined juices running onto my crotch.

Finally I raised her up, extracted myself and took her down. After she cleaned me up with her mouth, I put her back in her cage and took another break.

After another hour, I was back again. For the final scene, I had something different in mind. I brought Lisa out and chained her down, face up on the mat right under the chair with her arms and legs tightly spread. Next I brought Debbie out, fastened her arms behind her back and chained her by the ankles in a kneeling position just back from Lisa’s head. Finally I brought the electric shock machine over and positioned the electrodes. Since there were only six circuits and two girls, I chose the nipples and clits as the most effective places for the electrodes and attached them. Next I carefully adjusted the chair and climbed into it. I had positioned it so that my ass was the lowest point, directly over Lisa’s mouth. This left my dick sticking out for Debbie to suck.

“It should be pretty obvious what I want,” I advised them. “I want Lisa to give me a nice rim-job, getting her tongue as deep in my ass as she can, while Debbie deep-throats me. If I am not satisfied with your efforts, I will use the remote control to administer the shocks you are both so fond of, so I suggest you make your efforts enthusiastic.” I gave them both a warning shock to get them started and then relaxed to enjoy their attentions.

This exceeded even my expectations, so I never had to use the shocks at all. I had never had a combined blow-job and rim-job at the same time before and the combined sensations were just incredible. Lisa was alternating licking all around my ass with thrusting her tongue at least an inch deep in my butt. Meanwhile Debbie was gamely taking me in, short fast strokes and licks at my pee-hole alternating with slow deep strokes until my cock was completely buried in her throat.

Since I had already cum twice, this went on for over thirty minutes before I finally grasped Debbie’s head forcing my cock all the way down her throat one last time. “Bury your tongue in my ass,” I yelled at Lisa, then unloaded an incredible load straight down Debbie’s throat. I released Debbie and she gasped as she came up off my impaling dick, panting a bit to regain her breath. I gave her a minute then had her lick me clean and extracted myself shakily from the chair.

I released the women and put them back in their cells. I advised them to clean up and actually gave them clothes to put on and then went out and I cleaned up myself.

Next, I brought down their dinners and even opened a bottle of wine for them so they could celebrate their coming freedom.

Of course the wine was drugged and a few minutes after finishing their dinners they were both fast asleep on their cots. The same gang that had originally kidnapped them came in and loaded them each into a large trunk. These trunks were then taken to a large, fast power yacht I had bought and they were loaded with the rest of the supplies for a purported deep-sea fishing trip in the Gulf of Mexico. Once aboard, they were unloaded and placed onto a double bed in a locked cabin. Finally ready, the yacht left the marina, heading out across the Gulf.

At the same time, an identical yacht, which I also owned through a shell company, left the Cayman Islands on its own “deep sea fishing trip”. It also headed straight out in the opposite direction, rounding the tip of Cuba and entering the Gulf as well. The girls actually did not entertain the crew, since they were sea-sick most of the first day. The medicine they were given was also drugged and it was relatively easy to raft up the two boats in the middle of the Gulf and transfer the unconscious women from one boat to the other. Both boats then turned around and headed back to their respective marinas. This whole shell game was just so that when later the girls claimed to have been taken by boat to the Cayman Islands, the US boat would have a perfect alibi, since clearly the boat did not have time to make it all the way to the Caymans and back in the time it was out. I was setting the stage for their stories to fall apart.

Also unknown to them, two women made up to look a lot like Lisa and Debbie had used their passports to make a trip to the Caymans. They had been staying at a secluded villa with little outside contact for the past week. When the boat carrying Lisa and Debbie docked, it was met by a courier with their passports. In the meantime, the two women used their own passports to check out of the villa and leave the islands under their own names.

When the boat docked, their passports were delivered to Lisa and Debbie along with two suitcases. They were told to pack the clothes I had bought for their trip into the suitcases, given the promised $10,000 each and driven to the airport. Next, they were put on a private charter to Mexico and told that after that they were on their own. The plane landed in Mexico at Veracruz, unloaded the women and their luggage and immediately filed a new flight plan and left.

Debbie and Lisa took their suitcases and cleared customs, taking a cab to the hotel that had been reserved for them.

They checked into the hotel and immediately went up to their room, relieved that their ordeal was finally over. Their plan was to rest and then immediately take a plane back to the states and call the police.

Unfortunately for them, there was a pound of cocaine hidden in each suitcase. Also unfortunately, Mexican customs had been tipped off. This was typical, one gang informing on another to disrupt shipments. The Mexican authorities gave it several hours but when no one met the women to take the drugs, finally decided to go ahead with the arrests.

Lisa and Debbie were totally nude and busy consoling each other when the hotel door burst open and the Mexican police burst in. The drugs were easily found and both women were arrested, forced to get dressed under the watchful eyes of the Mexican “Federales”.

Of course they told their fantastic story to the Mexican police. The Mexican police did not really believe them but asked US authorities to check the story out. They actually got a search warrant for my cabin, which was a ramshackle affair I had deliberately not torn down and which had no basement. They checked all large power yachts in the marinas but none had been out long enough to make a run to the Caymans and back, even at top speed. They checked in the Cayman Islands and found that “they” had actually been staying there for the past week. I also had testimony from numerous people who had seen me downtown every day, so clearly I was not up in my cabin abusing these poor women. At my insistence, they even searched my fourth-floor penthouse apartment.

What they didn’t search was the third floor of my building which I secretly owned through another shell company. By this time all the cells and equipment there were dismantled and removed anyway under the guise of building out the space for the new corporate owner.

All of this was reported back to the Mexican police along with the US arrest warrants for their perjury at my trial.

Needless to say they were both found guilty. A discrete bribe, readily accepted since I was not asking for something the judge was probably not going to do anyway, resulted in sentences of exactly four and a half years each, the same time I had spent in prison on their trumped up charge. I did arrange, through another bribe, to allow them to spend their sentences in a US prison, on condition that, like in Mexico, there would be no parole.

In the meantime, based on the new evidence of their perjury, I received a full pardon, and started work on my grand new cabin, with its large soundproof basement.

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