tagLesbian SexRebecca and Alan and the Summer Ch. 03

Rebecca and Alan and the Summer Ch. 03


Thanks everyone for the kind words so far. This chapter is about what happens next with Rebecca and her friends. I don't want to spoil the next chapter but there will be incest, as I've promised. I hope you all enjoy.

This story will contain incest between family members, lesbian sex, gay sex, and bisexual sex. If that is not to your liking stop reading now. I like a good story but I mainly want to focus on the sex in this series. For those still reading, thanks and I hope to hear some feedback from you all.

NOTE: All characters engaging in sexual activity are 18 years or older. There is no underage sex.


Rebecca was still a little choked up as the three girls entered Jenna's bedroom. The sun was setting as the girls all took spaces spread out on the floor, wrapped in towels, still drying from their earlier swim.

The girls lay on the floor a while. They chatted and giggled until Kaylie stood up and shucked her towel aside.

"This bathing suit just won't get dry." She untied the strings of her top and tossed that aside next to the towel. Next she slid down her bikini bottoms revealing a well groomed strip of red hair above her pussy. She quickly wrapped herself in her towel again, giggling as she rejoined her friends on the floor.

Rebecca stared in silence as Jenna started to giggle. "Look at you, fire crotch!"

"Shut up!" Kaylie replied, taking the jab in good sport. "If I'm a fire crotch, then what does that make you?"

"I'm a wax floor," Jenna laughed. "you won't find one hair on me except for on my head that is."

"I bet you have a forrest down there, I saw some of your bush coming out of your bikini in the pool."

"Fine, I'll prove it." Jenna then stood letting her towel fall to the floor. First she removed her top revealing her firm breasts with small dark nipples. Then she slipped out of her bottoms. "See, smooth as a baby's butt!" She playfully glided her fingers over the bare patch of skin where her pubes would be.

"I guess you're not so full of shit." Kaylie joked. "How about you Becca? Do you got a forrest or a wax floor?"

"You guys are nuts." Rebecca's face was half amused, half shocked.

"You already knew that." Jenna tugged on Rebecca's towel with a smirk. "Now show us what you got."

Kaylie and Jenna both sat before her wrapped in towels with nothing underneath, staring at her. They both did it, I guess I can too, she thought. Luckily I shaved before Alan busted in on me in the bathroom, she continued.

With both her friend's eyes wide as saucers she stood up and began to strip. To the girls' dismay it was over before it really began. Rebecca popped off her top, kicked away her bottoms and twisted back into the towel before they knew it.

"Aw, come on Becca, we didn't even see anything." Jenna moaned

"Come on Becca we have to know what you got down there." Kaylie said with a giggle.

Rebecca gave them a three second flash before covering up and returning to the floor.

"Yay, we are hairless sisters!" Jenna giggled.

"Damn Becca, how flat is your stomach? Can I feel?" Kaylie moved right next to Rebecca and extended her hand, waiting for her to allow her to continue.

Rebecca made a small opening in her towel exposing only her belly and Kaylie slid her hand inside. "Wow, it really pays to be a swimmer, she's flat as a washboard." Kaylie smirked over to Jenna.

Kaylie's hand continued to lightly brush all over Rebecca's belly. The contact sent shivers all over her body. Jenna and Kaylie both saw the look of pleasure on her face. Kaylie's hand slowly went down past her waist and began touching her bare crotch. Rebecca only looked down at her own body not saying a word. Kaylie then moved even lower and her finger tips gently skimmed up and down over her pussy lips.

"Wh..what are you doing?" Rebecca was taken back but did nothing to stop her friend from gently rubbing her pussy lips.

Jenna crawled over by Rebecca's face. "We have a lot of fun stuff planned sweetie." She lowered her lips down to Becca's and kissed her tenderly.

Kaylie felt Rebecca getting wet and pushed half her finger in gently then continued to rub her lips up and down. Rebecca let out a soft moan. Jenna moved in for another soft kiss then down to suck on her neck and nibble on her ear.

Kaylie now slid her finger inside again. She was even wetter this time. Long soft strokes of her finger caused Rebecca to moan more audibly than last time, the girls delighted in this. Jenna moved again for another kiss, this time she added some tongue which surprised Becca further still but she quickly returned the gesture and played with Jenna's tongue with her own.

As Kaylie inserted a second finger in to Becca's wet hole Jenna got to her feet and darted over to her dresser. "It's time I introduced my other friend." Jenna dug through her panties and pulled out a 20" long, bright pink, double sided dildo.

"Ooh my favorite!" Kaylie squealed. She got up to join her friend and tried to take the toy from her.

"Oh no you don't." Jenna held the pink toy back. "I'm going first." She grinned at Kaylie before giving her a short but passionate kiss. Both girls were completely nude now, leaving their towels where they once lay. Only Becca's breasts were still covered but that changed quickly when Kaylie skipped over to her and kissed Rebecca on the mouth and groped her breasts revealing her entire nude body.

Jenna moved between Rebecca's legs. She interlocked their legs and moved her pussy close to her friends until they almost touched. Jenna sucked on the big pink dildo until it was sufficiently coated in her saliva. She then moved it down to Becca's waiting pussy lips.

Rebecca was deep in a kiss with Kaylie when the toy touched her and it sent a jolt through her body. Jenna gently pushed the toy inside of Becca. She moaned again as Kaylie was kissing around her nipples. When one side of the dildo was sufficiently inside of Rebecca's tight hairless pussy Jenna positioned the other end into her own.

Kaylie stopped kissing Rebecca momentarily to watch as Jenna moved her shaved, moist pussy toward Becca's. The two moaned louder and yelped as inches of the pink dildo disappeared. Only 2 inches remained when the girls had enough and Jenna began gyrating her hips against the big toy, and against her friend.

Rebecca's body started to move almost naturally against her friend's. They started moaning and yelping louder as inches of the dildo disappeared and reappeared between them.

Kaylie saw the two almost ready to explode. She moved between the two and put one hand on each of the girls clits and began to rub in small vigorous circles.

Jenna was the first to cum. Letting out a short yelp then a long and breathy moan. Kaylie then focused her attention on Rebecca. Jenna pulled off of the pink dildo and Kaylie grabbed it and started to work it in and out of Rebecca. She leaned her head down and flicked her tongue off of Becca's clit. This sent her over the edge. Rebecca sealed her lips tight and moaned continuously, her body still as she came. Then as suddenly as it started she melted into the floor and laid there motionless aside from a few spasms in her leg.

Kaylie lifted her face from Rebecca's dripping pussy. "Mmm Jenna, she tastes so fucking good."

Jenna crawled over next to Rebecca. "So sweetie, what do you wanna do next?"

To Be Continued...

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