tagIncest/TabooRebecca and Alan and the Summer Ch. 02

Rebecca and Alan and the Summer Ch. 02


Hi everyone and thanks for the kind words on the first chapter. Sorry for the confusion in not labeling it as the first chapter in a series but I hope that can be cleaned up.

This chapter will mainly focus on bisexual sex and the next chapter will be focused on the lesbian half of the story for those who are fans of that ;). There is incest coming, I promise you this. For now though the siblings will be finding their sexual identities on their own before finding another side with each other. Oh, and don't forget about Mommy.

As always I encourage comments, criticism and feedback. For those who send me engaging feedback or ideas I can send you chapters in advance or parts before I'm finished if you'd like.

This story will contain incest between family members, lesbian sex, gay sex, and bisexual sex. If that is not to your liking stop reading now. I like a good story but I mainly want to focus on the sex in this series. For those still reading, thanks and I hope to hear some feedback from you all.

NOTE: All characters engaging in sexual activity are 18 years or older. There is no underage sex. nor do I condone it.


Brian's SUV barreled down the highway, windows open and music blaring. Alan and his gang were almost to Eddy's beach house.

"Hey guys, check this out." Eddy said as he directed everyone's attention to Alan. Despite all the commotion he was fast asleep against the window. "Shhh..." He put his index finger to his lips. Then with a crack, slapped Alan across the face. The boys erupted with laughter.

"Ahh...fuck..." Alan rubbed his cheek with one hand and this eyes with the other. "Not cool man." Alan was often on the bad end of the guys' pranks. After some of the sting subsided he tried to get back to sleep but they'd soon be at the beach house, where Alan's summer would take an unexpected turn.

The boys arrived and unpacked their things. Alan and Greg had a room together and the rest paired off in other rooms. They unpacked briefly before running down to the ocean for their first swim of the summer. The day quickly became evening and Alan and his friends were getting ready to party. Eddy knew a lot of the locals and other vacationers and they found their way to a party being hosted just a few doors down.

Inside, the boys' dream came true. Most of the party guests were female and being that it was the summer, were wearing little more than bikinis.

"Guys, if I don't come back alive...tell my mother...I love her." A wide-eyed and smiling Eddy said as he quickly cruised in and began chatting with a busty blonde.

The group separated and Alan soon found himself in a secluded corner with a girl who looked shockingly similar to his sister. Her large chest, plump limps and soft dirty blonde hair were all there. The biggest difference were her green eyes, not the same as the baby blue eyes him and his sister shared. But Alan didn't care, she was gorgeous and he was horny.

"Is this your first time down at the shore?" She asked before sipping on her beer.

"Yeah, me and a few friends are staying at my friend Eddy's beach house. Do you know Eddy?" Alan replied, caught between her big green eyes and her ample breasts.

"No, but I'd like to know you better." She giggled

"Well how about my name first." He joked, moving in a little closer.

"I didn't mean like that!" She gasped in a burst of laughter, almost spilling her beer on Alan's jeans. "Don't get to pushy now mister." Alan knew he didn't need to be too pushy to get what he wanted. He learned her name was Kiera and shortly after that has his tongue intertwined with hers.

"Can we go back to your place?" She asked in a breathy tone, just coming off of a long kiss.

Without saying a word Alan got up and took her hand to lead her home. It was hard to stand with a raging erection but he assumed most people were too drunk to notice. On his way out he passed by Greg. He stopped to ask if there was a door unlocked so he can get inside the beach house when Kiera interrupted.

"Is he your friend?" Kiera asked excitedly. Alan nodded unsure where this was going. "Hey, come back with us, we're going to Alan's place."

Fuck, he thought. Cock-blocked by my own friend. Greg and Alan tried to resist but it seemed Kiera wasn't coming unless it was on her terms. The three walked and stumbled a little, back to the beach house. All three were about as drunk as they could get without puking.

"Wow, this place is fuckin' nice." Kiera exclaimed as she entered the beach house. Greg went to his bed and tried to sleep and stay out of the way, Alan and Kiera made there way to Alan's bed.

Under the covers the two were kissing passionately and Alan was removing her clothing piece by piece until she was completely naked.

"Fuck, hold on I gotta pee." Kiera then unashamedly got up and walked naked to the bathroom in full view of Greg who grew a wide grin on his face. Alan stared at her as she walked away. Her legs were long and smooth like her sister's and they seemed about the same height. He imagined Kiera's heart shaped ass was what his sister's might look like.

While she was gone he stripped naked himself under the covers. Kiera returned and slipped under the covers once more. This time she felt Alan's nearly 8-inch erection and moaned softly as Alan climbed on top of her.

He leaned over and buried his head into her neck, kissing then nibbling on her ear. He reached down and slowly moved the head of his cock against her pussy lips. He could feel right away how wet she was. So he decided to tease her more and rubbed his tip against her clit before sliding in half of his cock and then taking in out again.

She grabbed his ass and pushed it against herself, sliding his full length inside. "Fuck me!" She demanded in a raspy moan.

He did as he was told and began to thrust his entire length in and out at a steady pace. She was moaning louder and louder and he was sure Greg could hear clearly. He glanced over at his friend as he was naked as well, jerking off in plain sight.

He never saw his friend's cock before. Well, not since they were kids. It was impressive, as long as his own but a good deal thicker. Seeing this gave his own cock a jump inside Kiera making her moan loudly into his ear. The moment shocked, confused and excited him. Unsure how to act he rolled off her which prompted Kiera to climb on top of him and begin riding his dick again. It wasn't too long before she noticed Greg jerking off swell.

"Having fun over there?" She managed to get out between moans. Greg just kept jerking himself, now with a view of Kiera's exposed tits. "That thing looks huge, bring it over here."

What the hell is she doing? Alan thought. Too drunk to care, Greg shuffled over and presented his pulsing cock to Kiera. She continued to slowly grind her hips into Alan as she examined his best friend's cock. His balls hung low making them really close to Alan's face. Kiera grabbed his cock by the base in a fist and began stroking it for him. Alan looked down at her gorgeous body still gyrating on him and then looked up to see his friend's cock between her plump lips.

This drove Alan mad, in the best way. He was close to cuming and even drunk, Kiera could tell and she didn't want to fun to end there. She let Greg's cock fall out of her mouth and climbed off Alan and on to the floor.

She stood toe to toe with Greg and jerked him off. "Get behind me and fuck me." She demanded. She then bent over the bed and took Alan's manhood into her mouth and began to suck like he's never been sucked before. Behind her he could see Greg getting to position and then slide his cock inside her causing her to moan and sending vibrations through his cock and the rest of his body.

Greg grabbed at her round firm ass as he plowed into her. Alan looked up her hourglass figure to her succulent breasts swaying back and forth with each thrust from his friend.

"Mmm my pussy tastes good." Kiera smiled up at Alan as Greg continued to fuck her.

"Easy boy, you're gonna break it." She giggled as she stood up and climbed back on top of Alan.

"Bring it over here I want Alan to try."

Greg was back in the place he started but this time Kiera was moving the throbbing cock, dripping with her juices toward Alan's face. Alan looked up at his friend for a response but all he got back as a blank stare. All he wants is his dick sucked by someone, he thought.

"Come on, do it for me." Kiera moaned as she put Alan's cock back inside herself.

Alan looked up again and the cock moved closer, almost on his lips. The sweet smell of Kiera's juices flooded his nostrils. His mind shut off and his cock started thinking for him. Alan stuck out his tongue and tasted the underside of his best friend's cock. It send tingles through his body. The long and thick shaft pulsed with sexy veins as he moved his tongue from base to tip. Alan found himself enjoying the act and soon has the head of the cock between his lips.

"Holy fuck! That is so hot!" Kiera moaned, riding Alan more furiously.

Alan just continued to suck. Alan was always curious about the male body, often admiring the male actor in his pornos in favor of the female. While he was never unsatisfied with his female partners he was always curious what it would be like to be with a man. He just didn't think it'd be with his best friend.

"UhmmMmm." Alan moaned with his mouth full of Greg's cock. The sensations were too much, he was about to cum. "I'm going to cum!" Alan exclaimed, slightly slurred by the cock still between his lips.

Without missing a beat Kiera slid down Alan's body and began to suck his cock once more. Her head bobbed intently and her right hand worked his shaft. He was moaning louder, still muffled by Greg's massive cock. Then it happened. He began to spill his seed, shot after shot into Kiera's mouth. The feeling was like nothing he ever felt before. And what happened next was the icing on the cake. She then came back up his body, pushed Greg's cock aside and began to kiss Alan deeply. It only took a second to know she still had his own hot and thick cum in her mouth. Another second later he wasn't minding the taste and swallowed it all.

It was then they heard the back door open and the sounds of their friends returning. Still hard as a rock, Greg returned to his bed, not wanting to be caught in this compromising position.

"Aw, come on, the party just got started." Kiera moaned. "Damn, I guess I should be going anyhow. Thanks for the fun time boys." She said as she gathered her clothes and left the Alan and Greg on their own.

He could see Greg had already passed out and he was too tired and drunk on top of enjoying the afterglow to move. Soon, he was asleep as well.

The next morning he woke up to his pillow being gently pushed and soft whispers.

"Alan...yo Alan. You awake? Come on bro." It was Greg. Alan recognized the voice but it took him a moment to adjust to the light. When he could see clearly he saw Greg standing above him with one hand in his shorts playing with his cock.

"Yeah?" Alan finally replied.

"Hey man...you think you could give me head again. I never busted my nut last night man." Greg whispered.

Did that really happen? Alan thought. He squirmed around and noticed he was still naked from the night before and sporting morning wood of his own.

"Come on man, it's just us." Greg pleaded.

Maybe it was the penis thinking for him again or maybe he was still a little drunk but Alan reached his hand up and began to stroke his friend over his shorts.

"Fuck yeah, come over here man." Greg walked back over to his bed and sat on the side, taking his shorts off and spreading his legs revealing his hard cock and full balls to his friend. Alan didn't hesitate to walk over to the room, ass naked, and kneeled between his friend's legs.

His cock looked bigger in the day light but still smelled vaguely like Kiera. He opened his mouth and put out his tongue and guided the head to his tongue, now salivating with excitement. He wrapped around the shaft and began to work his cock like Kiera had done for him once before. Greg leaned his head back and moaned softly. Alan though his technique was working so he picked up the pace.

Alan was loving the feeling of the cock in his mouth. It was a sexual experience he never had before last night. It was exciting and erotic and soon he couldn't get enough. Unfortunately for Greg his blow job was about to be just short once more.

"Are you guys up? Were gonna ma--" Eddy flung the door open. "Guys? The fuck are you doing?"

To Be Continued...

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