tagErotic HorrorRebecca's New Haunt

Rebecca's New Haunt


Rebecca sighed with exhaustion as she finished carrying the last box up into her bedroom. She'd just moved in after closing a few weeks prior. The house was a mess, not just because of the mounds of things that needed to be put away but because it hadn't been inhabited in some time. The previous owners hadn't lived there in some time, so there was a fair amount of disuse that had settled across the property along with a general sense of unease. It would take a lot of work to get her new home up to par. She considered herself lucky for having been able to buy this place. It had been on the cheap and she suspected there was a lot wrong under the surface, but she didn't care. Having recently escaped a loveless, sexless marriage to a man with no sense of humor and no passion she was glad for a fresh start. One that happened to be hundreds of miles across the country.

Being married to Jim had been boring, painful and stifling. They married too young and he was too occupied climbing the ladder to care about his wife at home. He wanted something traditional like a stay at home wife raising his kids, making him dinner. But Rebecca had always been too free spirited for that and the chains of marriage soon worn thin on her. At 5'8 she was slender but with an amazing figure, full and sumptuous breasts that longed for a man's touch and an ass that made any pair of jeans look like they had been painted on. Things between them broke down and after drawn out legal battle, she was here in this dusty room with nothing except her recently made up bed.

Abandoning the unpacking for now, she pulled off her shoes and pants and sprawled on her back against the cool sheets. She ran her fingers through the tumultuous tangle of her curly black hair. The men from the moving company had just left and she couldn't help but think of the younger of the pair. She'd seen how his eyes tracked over her body, felt his stare as she bent over invitingly at the waist to lift some of the boxes. Rebecca remembered the chill of goosebumps up her arms when he 'accidentally' rubbed against her. She couldn't help it that the overt flirting made her utterly drenched and wanting. In the privacy of her bedroom, she began to rub her fingers against the smooth, barely there fabric of her thong and indulge her fantasies. She imagined him putting his hand onto her back, pushing forward and taking her forcibly from behind.

Soon they pushed the scant material out of the way and she was pleasuring herself, gliding along her pussy lips and flicking her clit gently. But suddenly there was the sound of something falling, crashing in another part of the house. It startled her mid-moan and she set sat up, fingers slick as the sensation that someone watching her began to settle in. But rather than frighten her she felt unduly aroused, even more wanting than before. Still sitting up, she began to fuck herself with her fingers more thoroughly as her eyes drifted closed. The feeling persisted and she almost didn't notice the faint touches of a cool breeze but it made her nipples rock hard and they ached in the confinements of her tight t-shirt and bra.

Rebecca had to stop the steady pump of her long fingers and pull her top off, unhooking her bra and allowing her breasts to spill out. The chill wind drifted over them and she swore the touch of it felt deliberate. Rebecca's blue eyes blinked open but there was nothing to see in the room, just herself naked and masturbating on the bed. But she could feel the presence of some other thing and it intensified as the curtains blew and a pressure mounted on her body.

It literally mounted her body, suddenly and intensely forcing her back onto the bed. Her hands were dragged up behind her, pinned above her head on the pillow. Her squeal of terror didn't last for long as the cool, invisible presence pushed her legs roughly apart. It was invading her, unseen but as real as any man. She tried to fight back but couldn't close her legs or protect her soft, vulnerable pussy. Soon the sensation of an ice cold cock, hard as steel pushed inside of her. Her scream turned to a moan even as she resisted the invasion. It had been too long since she'd been satisfied and she couldn't stop her reaction, whatever this thing was it was filling her completely as it thrusted purposely into her slick cunt. It was possessing her.

Without realizing it, she began to push back and writhe on the bed. The feeling of cool wind from earlier returned, torturing her nipples and keeping them hard and sensitive. It fucked her roughly, making her breasts bounce on her chest and as that happened, she felt the bite marks. And she could see the indentation of teeth in her skin, but see no person leaving them. It horrified her and aroused her all at once. She came hard around the cock she couldn't see, her orgasm exploding and racking her body as she gave in to this controlling, abusive spirit. She knew in that moment, she'd give anything to have more of it.

A pressure mounted in her pussy as the last shudders wrecked her panting, gasping body and that's when she felt it blow inside of her. Which hardly seemed possible since she couldn't even see the being. But there was no denying the hot gush of liquid that came spilling out of her cunt, soaking the bed and christening it with their combined fuck juices. Then it was withdrawing from her, the pressure moving up her body and over her chest, straddling her. It was difficult for Rebecca to breathe when the being slapped its cock across her face. Without thinking, she opened her mouth in a gasp and that's when the cold, invisible dick shoved its way roughly inside.

It had been such a long time since she'd serviced a man with her mouth that she gagged in surprise, choking around the thick invisible length of her attackers shaft. Where normally she would feel the heat and sweat of balls and pubic hair pressed against her face, she felt nothing. Just sweet coldness as she was forced to heat this creature's cock up with the saliva of her mouth and press of her tongue. There was a presence of fingers sinking into her dark hair, tugging it violently forward as she gagged and moaned around it. She found herself willing to give anything just to get more of this. It was long before she began to eagerly suck on her attacker, closing her eyes and enjoying the sensation of cock in her mouth. Then, just as suddenly as it had taken her by force and fucked her, it was gone. Withdrawn.

Her bedroom was silent except for the sounds of her pitiful pants and moans. And of course, this: "You're mine."

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