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Rebirth of the Beyonders


Mass Effect: Rebirth of the Beyonders

Tags include: Transformation, Excessive Size, Excessive Cum, Cum Inflation, Growth, Balls Expansion, Penis Expansion, Breast Expansion, Pregnancy, Impregnation, Threesome, Orgy, Aliens

Summary: Jane Shepard has fused organic and machine life together, all believe her to be dead they couldn't be more wrong as she appears before Liara and Samara.


Liara looked at her skin, which was, part flesh part machinery. It had been a year since the battle with the Reapers; the Mass Relays had been rebuilt but were still being calibrated and adjusted. The Normandy was fixed, and machines now had organic tissue and systems. EDI in her new body was pregnant via Joker they were expecting in a few months now. Liara, now on her homeworld looked at the desk where a picture sat. She reached forward and grabbed the picture and looked at it sadly, the picture showed of her and Shepard both were smiling, holding hands.

This was a picture taken shortly after they had saved the Citadel so many years ago from Sovereign. She heard a ring and knew someone was at the door. She got up from her bed and headed out of her room, to the door and opened it. She was surprised to see Samara standing there Samara bowed her head slightly, "May I come in?" Samara asked. Liara nodded and stood aside, Samara wore a red sleeveless dress. Liara had large quarters that she had designed so she could keep her Shadow Broker connections up. Samara had put a hold on her job as Justicar due to the rebuilding worlds. She could not bind herself to her code when the galaxy was still rebuilding. She then went to the living room and sat down gently at the sofa.

"May I get you refreshments?" Liara asked.

"That will not be necessary I wish to see how you were doing is all." Samara said.

"How I am doing?" Liara asked, but she was well aware of what Samara meant.

"The Commander..." Samara said Liara turned her head away slightly. "It is hard to lose a loved one... I know. The Commander was a remarkable woman she even stirred feelings I thought I had lost. I was tempted to be with her but, she already had you in her heart, and I could not deny you that." Liara gave a slight smile.

"She is... very persuasive." Liara said.

"She knew what was truly right and wrong and had the insight to see in between. She was... an exception to humans." Samara said Liara lowered her head slightly feeling tears on her face.

"I loved her... she was kind, funny, understanding... and she was precious to me...." Liara said her voice choked. Samara stood up and went to Liara who was gasping now, her breath shuddering. Samara gently embraced Liara and Liara cried into Samara's shoulder. Samara understood all too well Liara's feelings. She had thought that she had died out when her lover had died. She struggled to keep those feelings in check when on the Collector Mission, however, when Shepard had been held on Earth she had thought that the feelings were lost again.

Then Shepard came to where the Ardant-Yakshi had resided, and Samara was once again wooed by Shepard's strong sense of justice. Shepard was always looking to help and to assist even the evilest of people for the right reasons it was that flexibility that made Samara wonder sometimes if she should have chosen an alternate path. She remembered when she and Shepard nearly kissed and her words to her when she did.

'Another time... another life...' She had said those words now mocked her Samara released Liara who had stopped.

"Thank you Samara." Liara said.

"Were you two... involved?" Samara asked.

"Yes..." Liara said.

"Then she is part of you then... you have her genetic code in you and you will always have it your child will be yours and hers for all time." Samara said. "I just wish that I was as fortunate." Samara said, Liara gave a weak smile.

"I hope so, but I have not started yet so I'm not sure if I have it." Liara said.

"Sometimes it takes a while be patient," Samara said smiling Liara sighed and nodded. "There are matters I must attend to have a good day" Samara said Liara nodded and with that Samara left, Liara now alone thought of her possible future child, if she had one.

-The Remains of the Citadel-

Out of all the things that the galaxy had to rebuild the biggest and hardest was the Citadel especially since they now had to accommodate the new hybrids. The Crucible had floated away now no longer needed. In the hollow remains of the Crucible the drive system started and green energy flowed from it then the energy burst outward and then began to form into the nude form of Command Jane Shepard her eyes closed they opened as Shepard drew in a gasping breath. She found no air, but she was able to breathe somehow. After discovering this, she looked at herself confused. 'I should be dead... so why?' She started when the voice echoed in her head.

'You have been given a second chance...' Came the voice of the apparition that was the will of the cosmos.

'What?' Shepard asked.

'You are still needed Shepard a new evil has arrived, a threat far greater than that of the reapers... and in the end you must see the universe through it's history...' The will said.

'What am I?' Shepard asked.

'You appear human but you are not... you are an evolved being much like the universe but you are beyond that now... the laws of matter are of no concern for you.' The will said.

'Mind explaining that?' Shepard asked but she got silence. 'Great so I'm alive... and... supposedly I'm not human? So... what am I?' Shepard asked herself, the lack of clothing was discouraging, however, and so was the lack of feeling. She was floating and from her observations out in space that was what puzzled her. She was still alive in space without a suit. She moved her limbs and found they were fully functional. She placed a hand to her chest and found her heart beating.

'Ok I have all my parts, and somehow I can breathe in space. I just need a way to go forward' Shepard barely had this thought out of her head when suddenly her legs burned, and she looked to see her legs had turned into a fountain of energy she barely had time to think when the energy gushed, and she shot forward and slammed into the wall. She groaned, instead of the halt she felt herself still move or to be exact she was now pushing what she was stuck to! 'Stop!' She thought and her legs were back to normal. The object flew away from her as it was propelled forward.

Shepard looked around now that she was out in the open. She saw the Reapers floating around grabbing large metal debris that looked like pieces of the Citadel. She looked to see other ships grabbing junk and piling them inside Shepard thought to go forward slowly, and she did her legs becoming the energy again instead of a torrent it was a slight gush. She flew forward through space, and she went and flew underneath a piece of metal that was drifting grabbing onto the metal she waited willing herself to stop moving. It wasn't long till the metal shook then she was pulled up by the claw grabbing the metal, and it was pulled into the ship.

Shepard looked at the ship judging from its design it was an Alliance Vessel which was good she had limited knowledge on ships and how they operated, but she knew how to fly a basic vessel. She dislodged from the metal and flew around. She looked against the ship walls and saw there was an emergency hatch that could be opened in case of either a quick exit or entrance.

She opened it, and the ships alarms went off Shepard flew in and closed the hatch. Alarms still rang, and she flew into a corner where a crate was to hide. She heard footsteps, and she looked to see several alliance soldiers moving in with Assault Rifles raised. She waited then the alarm was turned off. "Must've been faulty..." A voice said. She heard footsteps, and she peeked to see the men walking away. Shepard then sat there trying her best to get comfortable. She thought of what she should do now that she was alive again.

Her first thought was to contact someone to let them know she was alive. She wondered who to contact though many would believe she was dead and while she was sure that her comrades would be ready to accept it as the truth she needed to hang low. She thought and immediately someone came to mind. Liara T'Soni the Shadow Broker. That is assuming she still was the Shadow Broker. Shepard smiled slightly she and Liara were lovers and Shepard wondered if because of that she chose Liara. She thought, and she had a plan formed, when this ship landed, and the crew disembarked she would hijack the ship and send a signal to public terminals knowing that the Shadow Broker, whoever it was, would have feelers out for information. The signal would be a broadcast of information on her whereabouts knowing Liara she would be on the lookout for info and would jump on info on her. With her plan set Shepard began her first step: learning about her new body.

-Several Hours Later-

Shepard heard the automated systems announce landing procedures. She lowered her hands and looked around she heard the hiss of air venting allowing pressurization. She heard the doors open, and she waited a few minutes then she stood and looked around. She carefully walked forward and looked to make sure she was alone when she was sure she went to the ship controls. She ducked and looked through the view screen and saw the crew was lounging around. Taking this as her chance, she went to the pilot seat and began take off procedures. The ship hummed as it powered up the crew looked at the ship and saw Shepard. They gawked at her, and she gave a wink and the ship took off heading into space. Shepard relaxed as the ship stopped shaking as it went from the atmosphere to space. She sighed and entered the autopilot for Thessia, she then pulled up the transmission logs and began to create the message.

She read the message as she finished, 'Information on Commander Shepard has been acquired. We have reason to believe that Shepard is alive we have details and evidence to support this claim.' She read satisfied: she then sent the info to the information channels in the many worlds. It would get filtered and sent straight to the Shadow Broker all Shepard had to do now was wait.

-Thessia, Liara's Quarters-

Liara stood on an outlook looking at the Reapers rebuild and improve on what they destroyed. As she looked at them and couldn't help but feel an inner anger at them. They had caused destruction to her people and to herself. Her mother, her home, and her lover Commander Jane Shepard Liara frowned at this Shepard had done a lot of things in life, and from what Liara knew, she hated darned little. Even people like the Illusive Man who deserved nothing but spite, Shepard pitied him and tried to reason with him. There was only one person that Shepard actually hated, and that person was dead. Liara sighed, and she moved away when a beeping was heard. Liara recognized it as a signal indicating critical information was being received by the Shadow Broker. She rushed to the room where the information panels were, and she pulled up the holo-keyboard, and her fingers flashed across the board. The message was up, and she read it quickly her heart skipped a beat. She stood there unsure whether to believe this information. She got the address and sent a reply, to the sender. 'What do you know of Commander Shepard?' was the message.

She waited a few minutes she had to be patient; she didn't have to wait long as a message came. 'What happened to Shepard in the temple of Thessia?' was the message. Liara froze whoever this was, knew about the mission to the temple in Thessia she was hesitant, but she typed in the response.

'Commander Shepard experienced her first major failure in her career.' Was her reply in which she sent; the reply came back after 2 minutes of waiting.

'Meet me in front of the remains of the temple bring with a close companion, I will meet you there.' Was the reply Liara stood there unsure of what to do she had a chance to find out something about Shepard but, should she take that chance? Liara then berated she knew the answer already, and she was going to follow it. She activated her omni-tool and sent a contact spike, it was replied instantly.

"Good day Liara, what do I owe the honor?" Samara's voice said.

"Samara I need you to accompany me, I have information on Shepard." Liara said.

"...I'll be there..." Was Samara's reply and the conversation closed.

-Several Hours Later-

Liara stood wearing the uniform she had when she served during the war, Samara in her customary Jusitcar clothing. Liara looked at Samara who was meditating her body glowing with biotic energy and a biotic ball hovering in her hands. Liara then heard the sound of an engine, and she turned to see an Alliance ship descending upon them Samara opened her eyes and stood up looking at the ship it shone a light down on them blinding them. It continued to shine as it lowered then it landed the light still on. The sound of a door opening was heard, and footsteps were heard as the machine powered down slightly the lights still on a figure walking into the light. Indistinguishable due to the light walked forward then stopped. "What information do you have of Shepard? Tell me please!" Liara said. The figure held up a hand and the lights faded, Liara lowered her hand. Her eyes adjusted then widened, and she took a tentative step forward Samara looked surprised.

"This... This is not possible!" Samara said sounding utterly baffled.

"That's what I said..." said Commander Jane Shepard of the Earth Federation Army and Human Spectre of the Citadel. Clothed in a civilian uniform, she stood smiling wryly. Liara disbelieving walked forward and she stopped in front of Shepard her eyes scanning and looking. She then reached with a tentative hand touched Shepard's face. She felt the soft flesh and tears began to flow.

"Shepard it's really you Oh goddess it's really you!" Liara said, and she hugged Shepard kissing her wildly tears of joy flowing from her eyes. Shepard laughed, and she managed to hold Liara back a bit.

"Yes it's me Liara!" Shepard said she looked at Liara she had noticed it with the soldiers and Reapers, but now that she looked at Liara she saw the strange glowing symbols on Liara. "I guess this means that you are synthetic and organic huh?" Shepard said, she then raised her head and looked at Samara. "Hi Samara been a while," Shepard said.

"Yes... it's..." Samara started but couldn't finish, Liara looked at Samara.

"Is something wrong?" Liara asked.

"No, I am fine... it's just..." Samara started then she faltered and stopped. Shepard walked to Samara, and she placed a hand on Samara's cheek.

"It's ok... I'm glad you're here." Shepard said, and she hugged Samara she then whispered. "Besides 'another life another time' remember?" Shepard whispered. Samara gave a slight shuddering sigh at that.

"But Shepard what about...?" Samara began, but Shepard gave her a squeeze and Samara went silent. Shepard then released Samara and turned to Liara.

"Hey let's go somewhere private I have... something to show you!" Shepard said smiling Liara nodded, and she walked to Shepard and held out a hand which Shepard grabbed, and the two walked forward Samara watched Shepard then followed them.

-Liara's complex-

Shepard looked around as she stepped into Liara's home marveling the size and space. "You were expecting to have a party?" Shepard asked.

"No, something more precious," Liara said blushing slightly.

"I guess with times like these you can have a place like this." Shepard said.

"Shepard," Samara said, and Shepard stopped and turned to Samara. "What is it that you wish to show us?" Samara asked.

"I guess now would be a good time as any," Shepard said and with that she stripped her clothes. Shepard was a thin but muscled woman the years of running in armor as well as fighting built her body. Shepard was beautiful but with little curves her body trained to be a soldier instead of a stripper. Shepard smiled as Liara blushed at Shepard and Samara turned her head slightly. "All right here goes," Shepard said she closed her eyes, her body glowed green, and Liara watched in amazement as Shepard's breasts began to grow larger and larger they stopped at around DD-cups. "Not bad isn't it?" Shepard asked, opening her eyes to see Liara's shocked face and Samara's baffled look. "That's not all I can do." Shepard said, and she closed her eyes again, and this time, her lower body glowed, Shepard moved slightly as her crotch began to morph her breathing intensified.

Liara's jaw dropped as above Shepards vagina a cock began to form complete with balls that grew bigger and bigger pushing forward swelling like a balloon. Eventually the glow stopped and between Shepard's legs was an 18 inch cock coupled with basketball sized balls. "Shepard, how what happened?" Liara asked she walked forward and touched the limp cock head her smooth fingers rubbing it and stimulating it Shepard giving a sharp inhale.

"L-Liara... it's sensitive!" Shepard said, and she could feel the blood pumping to make her dick erect Liara moved back slightly as the cock quickly became erect coupled with air and her touch making it nearly instantly hard. The cock stood now at 26 inches long and 12 inches thick stuffed with large pulsing veins along with her cock the veins throbbing visibly. Liara looked at the huge cock and in a trance she grabbed her clothes and began to remove them. Samara shocked walked to Liara and grabbed her hand stopping her.

"Liara, calm yourself!" She said.

"But... I am calm, I... I want it, I want to feel Shepard inside me! Don't you?" Liara asked turning to Samara, Samara released her hand and stood back slightly.

"W-What are you-?" Samara began, but Liara held up a hand.

"I am the Shadow Broker, I know you and Shepard became... close during the Collector mission. While I am a little angry I do not blame you Shepard is... hard to resist," Liara said. "I do not mind your love for her or her love for you; all I ask is that you are true to yourself." Liara said Samara stood there looking Liara then she looked at Shepard who was now stroking her huge cock with her hands pumping it gently. She turned to Liara and bowed her head slightly.

"Perhaps another time, I will... be around if you need me." Samara said and turning away she exited. Liara watched her go then she gave a squeak as she felt something hot and hard poke her butt. She turned to see Shepard smiling gently.

"I'll talk to her later, right now I want you," Shepard said seductively Liara raised an eyebrow and let her clothes fall then she turned and raised a leg so that Shepards large cock was between her legs. Liara felt hotter than she had in her first two encounters. Her mind ran through various lists of possibilities, hormones, pheromones, excitement, longing, relief, and lust none she didn't really care to figure out. She walked forward her legs rubbing the cock length and making Shepard give a shuddering inhale. Shepard looked at Liara who smiled coyly. "You sure you can handle this? Not even I'm really to sure what I'm doing here." Shepard said.

"I'm sure we both know what to do with that, question is can I fit it? You're bigger than even the most exceptional Krogan." Liara said.

"I can make it smaller," Shepard pointed out.

"I think I can manage," Liara said playfully, and the smiling pair kissed each other. They embraced each other Liara's hands moving from Shepard's to her hair Shepard's hands moved down heading to Liara's behind. Liara broke the kiss and smiled as she looked at Shepard's face.

"A bit impatient aren't we?" Liara said.

"Well I was dead for a while and just got brought back to life... Plus I'm sure you're just as impatient, or am I wrong?" Shepard said a coy smile on her face.

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