tagErotic CouplingsRecollections Ch. 08

Recollections Ch. 08


An older man and a younger woman recall a sexual adventure.


I was worn out. The way a man can be when he's had a very special session and served up all the cum he had in him. Occasionally, that can be after one cum. But more often, after two. On the rarest of occasions, it can be after a third. But I'd never cum three times in such a short period. And I'd never ever supplied as much of my seed as I had with you.

Call it excitement, call it inspiration, call it sexual chemistry. I'd never been taken to the very limit like this before. I felt happy, proud actually and very pleased with myself. Not so much because I was sexually sated. But because you'd enjoyed everything we'd done too. I'd wondered about that on the train down to London. Would we have sex at all? If we did, would you be disappointed?

Would it be thank you very much, that was nice, but you can go now?

Sitting there in just my boxers, I could feel my eyes droop almost as much as my cock. Despite the refreshing shower, I needed sustenance. Something to restore me to full, working condition again. If I was going to spend more time with you, I wanted to be at my best.

This was all surreal. My being there at all. The sexual chemistry between us, even if the generation gap did create hiccups now and again. And what we'd done. I'd never almost raped a woman before. I never would, of course. Any objection and I'd have backed off before you could say... good evening, Officer.

But you hadn't objected and my roughness seemed to have enhanced your enjoyment.

Nor had I ever been sucked quite like that. Never by a 'Sammi'. And certainly not in such a way that you overpowered me completely, and yet towards the end I'd responded by fucking your mouth. I hadn't expected that would happen, but something inside me was aroused to such a level it felt natural. And you'd seemed to be turned on by that, too.

As for the volcanic explosion! Fuck, where did all that cum come from? The force of the explosion had, I think, surprised both of us. Isn't it wonderful when you're with someone who turns you on so much that you experience things you didn't thing you were capable of?

That's how I felt with you.

And the sexy way you showed me you were swallowing my offering. Oh, fuck! I just had to kiss you there and then, though I was still unsure of that taste that passed from your mouth to mine. I couldn't object, of course, but was that really my cum?

I wondered whether to be truthful with you. Not that I'd lied, but I might have given you the impression that what we were doing was a regular occurrence with me, or at least something I'd done a few times before. But the truth was, I'd never made love to someone I'd known for such a short time. I usually needed to know the woman better, before carnal relations took place. Another sign of the generation gap, maybe?

Carnal relations? Did I say that? Geez, that would come up again somewhere down the line.

Hang on though. Did I also say, 'made love'? Should I have said, 'fucking' instead? Which had we done? Or had we done both? And what awaited?

I swivelled in the chair, back and forward, wondering what you meant by, Alan, we need to talk

You looked so cute in that mid thigh length yellow, cotton tee shirt, and your wet hair. And remarkably sexy, too. Not enough to draw a reaction from my pride and joy, I hasten to add. He needed some rest before he could be coaxed into any sort of interest again. But there's something about women with wet hair. Especially when they're wearing nothing but a tee shirt.

But back to the subject. Alan, we need to talk. Hmmm...

I was happy to talk. In fact, I couldn't do much else at that moment. But when Sammi prefaces something like that, I'd learned it was to disguise that I might not like what was to come. Only one way to find out.

"Of course, Sammi" I smiled, swivelling in the chair again. "What about - MP's expenses, The Apprentice, Big Brother? Or was there something else?"

I smiled. Although you had a sense of humour about as far away from that of most men I knew as England is to Oz, you did have your ironic and funny moments. This was one of them.


"Oddly Alan," I said tucking my feet under my bum and leaning back in the chair, stretching the material tightly across my boobs and riding it up my thighs. "Neither of those."

"What then?"

"Actually us I suppose."


"Yes, really I would hardly have said it otherwise would I?" I asked wondering just when you would be ready again, not that I was panting for it, but just from curiosity. I mean I didn't want to fuck you to death, after all you might have a heart condition, I didn't know. 'Shit' I thought 'how the hell would I explain that to mum? A man old enough to be her father having a heart attack in my bedroom. Not too many excuses come to mind for that.

"No I suppose not, so what then? I didn't know there was an us."

"Alan, you have fucked me and I have just sucked your cock and let you cum in my mouth, that does sort of constitute some form of us I think, don't you?"

Smiling, half, I think at my 'wit' and half with pride in yourself you said, slightly smugly. "Well when you put it so eloquently Sammi, yes I guess there must be." I liked the edge to what you said, that was much better. "What did you actually have in mind to discuss, the taste of my cum?"

"No, but did you like it?" I smiled.

"Probably needs a little seasoning."

We both laughed.

"I'm being serious Alan."

"Good, go on then."

"To say the least we are unusual aren't we?"

"You mean agewise."


"Then yes we are. I don't know of anyone having a, er um, girl friend your age."

"Come on don't sod around, I'm not that, I'm your bird, bit on the side, not girl friend."

"Ok sure," you said resignedly clearly getting a bit pissed off at my mouthiness; something I am quite used to.

"And I certainly don't know anyone with a sixty year old 'boy friend," I retorted putting a strong emphasis on the last two words.

"No I suppose not."

"And we both know it's going nowhere, there's no real future is there?"

"What with us?" You asked.

"Yes, who else are we talking about for fuck's sake," I said feeling and probably sounding a bit pissed off at your obtuseness.


"No what?" I asked.

"Future for us, Sammi."

"Yes Alan,

"Is this the push off then? Like I've fucked him so he can fuck off now?"

I smiled, but liked the phrasing.

"No, not at all."

"What is it then?"

"Well what I have in mind could sort of be the start of something."

"Something like what, a dating agency called 'Fuck a granddad?"

"That's better," I giggled "But no, it's better than that?"

"Come on you hussy, get on with it."

"Ok, here goes. We have so far done some pretty outrageous things haven't we?"

"Yes I suppose we have."

"Supposed, you know full well we have. The alley, the club, you near raping me."

"Now, you didn't stop me did you, you do know I would have stopped don't you?"

"Yes, yes Alan I do and I didn't complain did I?"

"No so you liked it?"

"Yes very much, maybe too much really."

"Hmmm," you mused "Where's this leading?"

"Like some tea?"

"That's what it's all about, getting me to drink tea?"

"No don't be daft, come on let's go to the kitchen."

I got up grabbed your hand pulling you up and walked across my 'flat.' I could feel your eyes on my bum swaying under the thin tee and my tits wobbling and jiggling as we made our way to the kitchen and I made a pot of tea.

"Let's take it into the pool shall we?"

"Good idea," you said again following me. Smiling I looked over my shoulder.

"Like the view?" I asked ambiguously as you stared at my bum and we entered the rather spectacular pool area.

You got it. "Yes both actually," you muttered coming up close behind me and stroking my bum.

We sat beside the pool on wicker chairs with a table in front of them. I leaned back and put my feet on the table, knowing full well I was showing lots of leg, but that didn't seem to matter, after all we were lovers.

"Ok," I said, just as my mobile rang. "This is what I wanted to talk about............"


I idly glanced around as you answered your call. Quite where you'd kept your mobile hidden - well, I didn't like to ask.

My eyes looked across at you and your jaw had dropped open. You turned away from me and spoke quickly into the phone. I couldn't quite hear what you were saying. Then you were on your feet, walking up and down the poolside. Something was either agitating you or exciting you, I wasn't sure which.

As I watched your bottom wiggle, or your tits jiggle, dependant on which way you were facing, my mind replayed our conversation. You wanted to tell me something. Suggest something. Hmmm. Okay, let's walk through the clues -- as thin as they were.

Number one - it wasn't the push off, and there was --officially- an 'us'. This might be the start of something. Not a dating agency, called Fuck a granddad or anything else. It was better than that. Maybe you wanted to start a petition for a national day's holiday -- Fuck a Pensioner Day?

No, okay, even for my humour that was stupid.

Number two -- you'd said that so far we'd done some pretty outrageous things, and that was true. Things that even a few weeks ago I would never have believed possible. And you'd enjoyed it. So that hopefully meant you wanted more?

Number three - whatever you had on your mind was giving you a problem, or so I seemed. The normal Sammi didn't beat around the bush, she came right out with it! Being coy wasn't your style.

As far as I could tell, that suggested four possible options. When you ended the call and swung around to face me, I knew I'd quickly find out.

"Guess who that was," you said, with what seemed like a sigh, heading for your seat.

"Your mum," I answered, hoping against hope that she wasn't on her way back home. Just in case we were running out of time, I patted my knee in a suggestion that you might prefer my lap to your seat. You did, though instead of sitting 'side saddle', you surprised me throwing a leg across my lap and sat facing me.

"Good guess," you said, leaning forward for a kiss. "Worked out what I want to talk about yet?"

I nodded, and then pursed my lips. "Well, I have it narrowed down to four possibilities."

Your blue eyes widened and you grinned. "Shoot."

I smiled and ran my hands under your tee shirt and onto your hips. "Hmmm, give me another ten minutes to recover and I'll try," I joked.

"Ten?" you laughed. "Make it five. Now, the first possibility is?"

"Marriage," I firmly said, trying to maintain the same expression. "You've realised what a catch I am, how funky my humour is, and you want me to ignore our age difference and make you the happiest woman on earth."

I have to admit, the way you kept your face straight was impressive. "Well, I don't want to give any clues," you simply said. "So let's hear them all before I answer."

My hands slid upwards across your stomach and up to your tits. I gently cupped them. Your skin felt lovely. "Holiday. You've realised a weekend isn't long enough for my style of loving and you want me to whisk you away to hotter climes and pleasure you for a week."

"Your style of loving?" you said with a snort and a grin.

"I squeezed your breasts more tightly. "That feel good?" I asked.

"Hmm, it's okay."

I kneaded them with one hand and ran the other down between your thighs, running a single finger along the length of your soft lips.

"Maybe that's better?" I asked, continuing quickly before you could let loose one of your smartass putdowns, "But the third possibility is that, because you have lots of female friends and now know that I should have been christened Don Juan, you want to hire me out as a gigolo. And as my manager, you want ten per cent."

You shook your head slowly. "That's ridiculous."

I rubbed a little harder between your thighs. You were opening up to me now -- deliciously moist -- and we both stifled a groan.

"Ridiculous?" I repeated. "Okay, fifteen per cent. Not a penny more."

"Not funny," you said, though I was unsure whether the pained expression on your face was because of the finger I'd just slid inside you, or my attempt at humour.

I slipped a second finger inside and you gave a gasp and locked your hands behind my neck. "And the fourth?" you hoarsley asked, planting the soles of your feet firmly on the floor as you began to ease your hips in what seemed suspiciously like a circular motion.

"That's easy," I said. "Your mum's just phoned to say she's coming back early and you want me to stay and fuck her as well?"


Despite the references to funky and the rather silly suggestions, other perhaps than about my mum, I found your response quite humorous. I smiled. I also found your hands roaming around my body, interesting to say the least. I couldn't understand, though how, if you would not be able to perform as you had told me you wouldn't, just what you would get from touching my tits and fingering me. In any case, I wasn't ready again yet and I felt a little pissed off that you were sort of using me, well that's how it felt. And from the lack of movement in your boxers you weren't even hard. It was an incongruously, awkward situation; one I had not been confronted with before. How can a man want to play with a woman when it's clearly not exciting him and he can just as clearly do nothing about it?

"Just leave me, for a while, please Alan," I said, moving away and pulling the tee shirt dress back into place.

"Why, was that wrong?"

"No, not wrong, let's say inappropriate at the moment," I smiled. "Ok?"

"Sure, so if it wasn't any of those four what was it?"

"What was what?"

"You wanted to talk to me about?"

"Oh yes, sorry. Would you like some wine or anything?"

"Yes maybe, what are you going to have?"

"Coke I think, maybe Seven Up."

"Are we out of Chilean Shiraz?" you asked smiling. "Actually a soft drink would be fine, either would be great."

I poured two Cokes. "Ice?"

"Yes please."

"OK listen and keep your hands to your self," I said laughing. I sat on the edge of the pool and dangled my feet over the side into the water, which my mother kept obscenely and horrendously expensively warm. You joined me.

"Right blues eyes, give," you said in that rather silly American accent you put on now and again.

"I might not be able to verbalise my thoughts very clearly Alan, for I am not too sure what I am after myself."

"Just spew it out babe and we'll try and make sense later, how's that sound?"

"Fine. Here goes. Look we will never have a normal relationship will we? Our age, your family, my family, my mum, I would never be able to trust you with her, the distance between where we live, to name just a few."

"Hmmmm yes, right I see that."

"But I assume you do want a relationship of a sort?" I asked.

"Do you Sammi?"

"Yes I think I do.

"Then yes, of course I do, what old fart wouldn't with a young sexy blonde like you?" you said slipping one arm round my shoulders and resting the other hand on my bare thigh, where the tee shirt had ridden up my legs.

"Have you thought out how it might work?"

"No, not at all, I had no idea of your intentions. Whether this was just a one off or what?"

Putting on a mock serious tone I said. "Well sir, what do you take me for, a one night stander?"

"Sorry ma'am if I gave that impression," you replied squeezing my shoulder and perhaps, though I wasn't sure, slipping your hand a little further up my leg. It felt nice actually, so I didn't struggle.

"No you didn't Alan," I said snuggling up against your chest and resting my hand on your thigh.

"That's good, so what type of relationship then?"

"I said that I hadn't thought that through fully didn't I?"

"Yes, but you must have some idea, however vague."

"Yes I do."

"Well tell me then."

"You may have gathered, Alan that I am extremely curious about sex. That I want to try things."

"Like in that alley?"

"Precisely. I like and want to do things like that. I enjoy new experiences, pushing the boundaries out, if you wish."

"So does fucking a granddad fall into that category."

"Well in a way, yes it does, I guess."

"I see, so I'm an experiment am I?"

I laughed. "I suppose you are yes, and a fucking good one too or, putting it another way, a good fucking too."

"Thanks," you said, this time making no pretence at all of whether your hand was sliding further up or not. Your thumb slid under the hem, which itself was only a few inches down from my crotch.

"So what exactly did you have in mind young lady?"

"Exactly, I don't know, but generally, I suppose it's a relationship where we experiment"

"How do you mean?" you asked, your thumb now well inside the hem, just a centimeter or so from my lips.

"Try things, teach each other, push our boundaries out."

"Mmmmm, good idea," you whispered as you slid your hand right up the tee shirt and pushed the side of your hand against my fanny. "Like fucking you on the edge of a swimming pool?"

"Could be," I replied squirming out of your grip and letting myself fall into the pool. I swam out a few feet.

"I was more thinking that we become sexual adventurers," I gasped treading water.

"And what?" You asked as you stood up and slid your boxers off "Are sexual adventurers?"

"People who use sex as an adventure."

Standing on the side naked, you went on. "How?"

"By trying anything that either of them fancy, as long as the other agrees," I said swimming over to the other side, leaning back against it and putting my arms out as if being crucified. That lifted my body nearly up to my waist out of the water. Looking down I saw how tightly the yellow tee shirt was clinging to my breasts and nipples.

"Anything?" You asked sliding into the water.

"Yes if we both want to."

As you swam up to me. "Like fucking in a swimming pool?"

"Yes of course," I replied reaching down and finding your soft dick. I smiled "But maybe some other time, perhaps now we just think of the sort of things we would like to experiment with?"


I found it interesting to say the least that you were stroking my soft dick. I mean, you'd twice backed off from my advances and yet you still wanted to stroke me. If you didn't want me to touch you, as you had told me was inappropriate, just what you would get from touching my cock?

In any case, I wasn't ready again yet and I really hoped that you weren't sort of using me, well that's how it felt. It was strange, how can a woman want to play with a man when she's clearly not excited herself?

"Just leave me, for a while, please Sammi," I said, smiling at you while I considered your question.

"Why, you were touching me!"

"Just because I thought you'd enjoy that," I said. "I wanted to see if I could turn you on."

Reaching across to the side of the pool, I picked up my coke and took a long sip. It was deliciously cool. My gaze flickered over your body. You looked so sexy there, half in and half out of the water, the yellow tee shirt clinging tightly to your breasts and nipples. I felt a sudden stirring of interest and almost pulled your hand back to touch me. The thought of another fuck there and then was appealing definitely. But as you weren't into it, I parked the thought.

Putting my glass back down on the side of the pool, I hauled myself up and sat there again. "Fantasies? Hmmm. Interesting."

You weren't too sure about your ability to verbalise your thoughts, you said. And you weren't too sure what you wanted yourself? A normal relationship was out of the question, clearly (irrespective of whether you could trust me with your mum or not). But you did want some kind of relationship. That felt good. Sexually appealing, but something more than that. Not sure what though!

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