tagTransgender & CrossdressersRecruiting of a Sissy Maid Ch. 10

Recruiting of a Sissy Maid Ch. 10


Chapter Ten: Changes Continue for Chantel as Her Relationship with Carl Grows.

Awake and having a great breakfast superbly made by Carl, Chantel enjoys her morning with him. He has her in one of his robes as they talk about things and their future together.

After breakfast Carl says, "Put on a pair of my jeans with your white satin blouse, you can wear your heels as we are going out shopping today. As sexy as you are in your so sexy hot mini skirt we don't want to turn too many heads today. Chantel, I'm going to buy you a lots of cute clothes that you want ok?"

Chantel replies, "Oh wow thank you Carl, sounds like fun."

Once both are dressed and ready Carl and Chantel go women's clothes shopping and she will be in feminine heaven as Carl allows her to try and buy most anything she wants. For Carl the joy will be seeing this new fancy of his in her feminine happiness.

Three hours later, dresses, skirts, blouses, sexy under garments some new pairs of heels and some cosmetics, Chantel shows her appreciation for all this by passionately kissing Carl. They head back to his home where Chantel will keep most of her new things. They go for some lunch for such Chantel will change into some sexy but powerful clothes.

At Carl's place she puts on a red satin blouse and a black cotton pencil type mini skirt that is at best mid thigh high. She pulls on a pair of back sheer back seem pantyhose and pulls on a new pair of black suede 4 inch spike heel over the knee boots. She touches up her make up, puts on a gold necklace and some gold bangles on her wrists and puts on a black faux fur shrug. Loads up her belongings in a suede over the shoulder purse. As she steps out to Carl's front room and he is all oozing lust over this sexy t-girl.

Carls says, "Come over here girl?"

Chantel walks to him as he grasps her hands and pulls her into his lap and plants a big kiss on her lips.

He adds, "You so make me hard, damn girl you look so damn hot."

Chantel soaks up this adulation and loves her sex appeal to a new beau. She can't believe that she is now dating the senior owner of The Jade Maid Club.

She says, "I love making you rock hard Carl." as she leans in and lightly bites Carl's left ear.

He says in passion, "Fuck I'd do you right her right now babe but we have business to do at the club so we got to cool it...Damn you make this hard. I would love to fuck you right now girl."

Chantel smiles and gets up onto her sexy black suede 4 inch spike heel over the knee boots. Her and Carl now drive back to The Jade Maid Club in his Lexus SC400.

Arriving in Carl's parking space, he gets out walks around to her door and opens it, extends his left hand and she grasps it swinging out her sexy booted legs, planting her feet on the asphalt and standing up. They kiss a they walk into the back staff entrance of the club. This entrance is more private as it allows them to get to the elevator without much fuss from any male staff or sissy maids.

Once on the 5th floor they walk towards Carl's office and are greeted by his secretary Linda.

Carl says, "Good afternoon Linda how are you dear?"

Linda smiles and replies, "Good Mr. Luftgrin and how are you and Chantel today?"

Carl smiles and says, "Great Linda and thank you for noticing and respecting Chantel, things are going to change around here and with me and her."

Chantel smiles at Linda and says, "Yes, thank you Linda and you look very beautiful today." Linda is in avocado coloured dress, down to her knees, suntan pantyhose and avocado spike heel pumps. She wears her hair to her neck line and is a full body brunette style. She's quite pretty for a retired from the trade 59 y.o. t-girl secretary.

Carl asks Linda to call Barlow and Benny to his office in 15 minutes. Then Chantel and Carl enter his office.

Carl says, "Welcome to your new world Chantel."

Chantel smiles and says, "Wow this is all sort of surreal Carl. Would you like a drink?"

Carl says, "Sure girl, Scotch on the rocks."

Chantel sexily walks to his office bar and Carl stares at her sexy t-girl cuteness. She mixes his drink and ask if she can make herself a drink to which Carl tells her sure. She makes a rye and Coke for herself and then serves Carl his as she sits, crossing over her sexy booted legs.

Carl asks, "Chantel what one thing would you like to have done for your girls, right now."

She sits up sips her drink and pauses, then says, "My girls?..Um you know what would be appreciated by all, instead of a half day off on Sunday's, why not give the girls a full day off, morning to night. Let them do their personal washing of laundry and dorm room cleaning at their own Sunday leisure, then let them just enjoy a full day off."

Carl sits up pulls from his Scotch and says, "Hmmm you think that will be a big thing for the girls?"

Chantel replies, "Yes Carl...yes hun...remember dear I am one. Also have Sunday dinner be a whatever they want take out, pizza, Chinese, burgers and fries what have you and beer or other drinks. I promise you your girls will work better and harder for you and Barlow from such simple changes to their Sunday day and night off."

Carl says, "Ok done...You will make a memo and present it to all staff and all of the girls. Fill in the details with our head maids. You new title her will be Miss Chantel, ok? "

Chantel sort of in shock with all that is changing says, "Ok Carl...and...well thanks babe for finding faith in me. I love you and I won't disappoint you."

Barlow and Benny both now walk into Carl's office and greetings are said. The two of them eye Chantel with curiosity and male gaze as to her sexy look.

Carl says, "Have a seat guys."

As they each sit, Chantel asks, "Do you gents want a drink? I'll be happy to mix you some."

Barlow says, "Ok sure Chantel I'll have a rum and Coke on ice."

Benny says, "Yes, please Chantel, I'll have the same as Mr. Jenkins."

The men all eye Chantel as she walks past and to the bar with her tight black mini-skirt over black pantyhose an her black velvet 5 inch spike heel pumps and her red satin blouse. She feels their eyes and she loves it. Carl updates them on changes as Chantel mixes the drinks.

Carl says, "Men, things are going to change just a bit, Chantel and I are a pair, at my age I realize that don't give a fuck what others may say. I'm smitten by this sexy t-girl and she is by me. She no longer is a sissy maid here. Though she has noted that she still may wish to do some escort work. I'm going to give her a position as a liaison and advocate for all of our girls. It's time we had such fresh set of eyes on our operation. No, she is not ending our sissy servitude, she knows our girls all want and enjoy the lifestyle as such. They get turned on by being fully compliant and docile to their submissive positions, but we have always tried to make sure our business with our sissy maids and sissy sluts was not of being abusive assholes. Controlling ownership, yes but not assholes. Chantel and I agree this makes our girls better at what they do."

Barlow says, "Ok Carl I see, as long as we do not lose focus, I welcome Chantel to our team."

Benny adds, "Mr. Luftgrin I'll make sure my male minder staff learn of Chantel's new position."

Chantel walks up sexy-like to each gent and hands them their drinks, she adds, "Gents I do not want any part of the overall running of the business, you all still in control and manage things as set up. My position is a feminine t-girl liaison and advocate for the girls over grievances and abuse. I am Carl's girlfriend not his business partner, nor yours Barlow. And Benny you manage your team as you see fit. I just want to be an ear and a voice for our wonderful sissy girls.I was one for over 6 months and I enjoyed the submissiveness of it all. Remember Nate and Mitch Burrows recruited and trained me. I know that it is in our nature. I am not wanting to change this. I am 100% totally traditional female type role in my relationship with Carl. I'll look forward and enjoy being a dutiful girlfriend to him and serve in a compliant way as his girlfriend but he too wishes to extend me powers in my role as his girlfriend. I will not be a ditzy wall flower but I want to be his dutiful and loving girlfriend."

Carl adds, "One thing, I asked from Chantel, what would she do for our girls if she could right away? She said let the girls have all day Sunday off not just a half day. Let them enjoy their day, off and do their personal duties any time during the day. She added make sure Sunday dinner will be fun, beer and pizza, beer and burgers with fries, or Chinese etc. I granted her that request and she will be responsible for informing her girls, you Benny inform the guys."

The meeting wraps up, Barlow and Benny are on board and are pleased to have Chantel be a part of things now. They congratulate her and Carl for their new relationship, as they leave his office.

Chantel sitting in a chair and sipping her drink sees Carl walk behind her and he gives her a wonderful shoulder massage with his manly hands as she melts into it.

He asks, "Chantel what is your biggest grievance since working here... tell me freely?"

She sits and thinks and then says, "Biff and Marty."

Carl asks, "What exactly about them? I know they are twit like but they are young and do not handle responsibility well yet."

She says, "They are too abusive to the girls, they have been to me many times and it was frustrating as they seemed to get away with it. They need to grow up and be more like the other men on staff who are all hard but not assholes. Their sexual attacks on the girls and trust me Carl many times on me is wrong. I felt helpless and so do the other girls."

Car asks, "I'm sorry Chantel being up on the top floor I did not see it as such an issue. I saw them as having immature hi-jinks. What would you do to improve their attitude?"

She smiles and says, "Let me have today to think about things? I will need to do some shopping to buy a few things for such, do I have your permission Carl?"

Carl smiles and says, "You have my permission only after a nice kiss and hug hun."

They kiss and hug and he sends her on her way to get to these things. He growls like a wolf as she struts her sexy walk in her heels and black mini-skirt out his door.

She makes her way to the two floors where the sissy girls live and begins to introduce herself as their liaison. Many of the girls can't believe it but accept that Chantel is now Carl's girl. She finds and pulls head maids Jenny and Penny aside to explain her new role as liaison and advocate. About 15 minutes with them gets them up to speed. She tells them that they can tell the girls that effective this Sunday all girls will have a full day off to do as they feel and want. Penny an Jenny are very pleased. Chantel tells them that she is not their superior, she is not to be called Mistress or such. She wants all girls to call her by her first name as she still has her connection to them and is a t-girl like the rest of them are. She will be referred to as Miss Chantel by the male staff as she is not their superior nor their sissy slave. Yes, she has privilege as Mr. Carl Luftgrin's girlfriend but has no direct part in operations nor in any master/sissy slave girls role.

She is off to do some shopping of things that she will use to correct and improve attitude of Biff and Marty. Her devilish ideals cause her to laugh as she drives Carl's Lexus SC400 out to the stores that she must shop at. Her sexy look makes her eye candy for the public and notably men as she shops. She has a couple men come up to her and ask her for dates. Whether they read her as a t-girl or not makes no difference but she declines these propositions. Today's world has numerous men into sexy trans girls. Men can be liberated sexually too into seeing a sexy t-girl as a chick and not just guy in a dress. Six months of hormones now, a diet to keep her weight down, an exercise routine like all the girls have with health monitoring by Dr. Jessica Silvers and Dr. Martin Strong has made Chantel look very feminine.

She finishes up her shopping and gets back to the club. She has for the moment and Carl agrees to it for her to still stay in her dorm room. Neither her nor Carl want to rush things. Each feel as their relationship blooms they will see her move into Carl's house, but not for now. Chantel still wants to stay connected to the girls. She will enjoy being submissive in ways to Carl as both fee to enjoy such.

Getting back she has the same basic meal for dinner tonight as the sissy girls do and before the girls go off on to each girls prostitution duties they talk with her. She wanted to go street walking tonight but Carl no longer wants his girl to be a t-girl hooker, but she will take on some higher end escort dates though.

Biff and Marty have the hardest time seeing Chantel for her new role, they are the drivers that drive and later pick up the girls after a night of street walking. Chantel implores them to be more respectful. Being a sissy girl's Master does not mean they have to be total assholes. They sound as if they will, but are still shit heads and think Chantel is using Mr. Luftgrin. They will get a good lesson tomorrow.

[The next morning]

Chantel up in Carl's office with Carl, discuss how and what she wants to do to well help mature Biff and Marty to become more professional male staff and minders of the club's sissy girls. The other older men are much better controlled at keeping the girls in line and on duty.

Carl even has no idea what Chantel plans but it sure will be interesting based what she came to his office dressed like. She has very powerful makeup on, smokey eyes and blood red lip colour and blush. Her outfit is a black leather dress, mid to the thigh and her black sheer stocking with back seems and lace tops stand out with her garters on her long sexy legs enough to give an healthy man a boner in his pants. Thick gold necklace and gold bangles on her wrists. Her shoes are red suede 6inch platform pumps with 1 inch platforms. A wide red belt across her mid section and she looks wildly hot.

Carl ok's whatever she wants to bring Biff and Marty inline. He has Linda his secretary call them to his office. Chantel asks that Barlow comes as well as he needs to see this too.

As they sit and wait, Carl can't help but to give his sexy squeeze a hot kiss and she loves it too.

About 10 minutes pass by and Linda buzzes Carl's office to tell him Biff and Marty are here. Carl has her tell them to enter.

Carl behind his desk in his executive chair, Barlow in a second chair by Carl's desk and Chantel sitting on the front edge of Carl's desk looking hot and sexy watch as Biff and Marty come in. Both respectfully greet Carl and Barlow, they seemingly reluctantly greet Chantel and Carl see it and does not like it.

Carl says, "Seems you two can be a little disrespectful to others, in this case Chantel, it better stop now." he adds, "It seems you two keep being the most abusive male staff towards our sissy girls. I must admit I have been out of said loop and so too says Barlow. We know you two can be a bit immature to our girls but we now hear you two just being assholes to them. Look, we know our sissy girls all want this lifestyle, we give it them and we take advantage of it but we also are professional and want to keep our girls productive. Unneeded abuse by you or any others only hurts such. Chantel has given us her accounts of such happening to her and what she has witnessed to the other girls. I don't like what I have heard."

Biff interjects, "Mr. Luftgrin we have not been bad to the girls, maybe a bit childish but really sir not bad."

Carl says, "He has heard that you two take hard, physical, sexual liberties on the girls at your whim, you face fuck them, ass fuck them and slap them around in private. I know your roles can get the better of you and yes other male staff at times, have sex with our girls but nobody else comes off as so abusive, tough yes, the girls actually enjoy that but abuse no."

Marty adds, "Mr. Luftgrin it...it's not that bad we just play around with them.. Add the fact we are young and horny it is easy to fuck these girls. We mean no harm."

Barlow says, "Guys that's not what we hear. Chantel has given us very detailed accounts and we have no reason to believe she is lying or embellishing."

Carl adds, "Words from other girls back up much of what she has told us. Biff, Marty this will stop. Biff, Barlow may be your Uncle. His sister is your mother and he loves her but family does not mean you get special treatment to abuse our girls. As for you Marty, you may be Biff's best friend and a long family friend but that does not give you carte blanche over our girls either. Now I will present to you TWO choices. One you both may resign and leave The Jade Maid Club. We will give you 8 weeks severance if you choose to do so."

Biff interjects, "But Uncle Barlow, Mr. Luftgrin, I need this job. I need to learn the ropes of business from you both."

Carl says, "Your second choice is to take what Chantel has in mind to train you to be better male staff. We have no idea what she has in mind but she has 100% support in this training of you two. So what will it be boys?"

Biff and Marty look at each other, whisper and look almost confused at Chantel, Biff says, "Uncle Barlow we need these jobs, we like these jobs, they are great for 23 year olds, so ok we will accept any training by Chantel to make us better staff to all including the girls."

Carl says, "OK Chantel the floor is yours."

Chantel gets up her so sexy and powerful look has all eyes on her. She walks behind Carl's Back and grabs two very full bags. One labeled Biff and the other Marty. She walks to each and hands them each their bags and walks back to sit on Carl's desk top.

She says, "Ok Biff and Marty you may open your bags."

They dive into each bag and the look on their faces goes white like a ghost. They each cry out, "NO WAY!"

They pull out items from these bags. Biff pulls out a black satin maids dress and Marty pulls a pink satin maids dress. They look at Carl and Barlow with dread. Next comes white frilly satin aprons, white tights, a bra and panty set for each and high heels. black 5 inch spike heel pumps for Biff and Pink 5 inch spike heel pumps for Marty. In bottom each has a makeup kit. Both chime in "We ain't wearing no maids dresses, tights and heels let alone make up."

Carl and Barlow chuckle, Carl says, "Wow Chantel I did not expect this."

Marty implores, " Uncle Barlow, no, you can't make us wear this stuff, please no, do not let Chantel do this to us, I don't care if Mr. Luftgrin and her are dating."

Chantel says, "It's up to you Carl. I feel my idea will make Biff and Marty better staff. But I told you the truth and you gave me the authority to do what I feel is right to solve this problem."

Carl says, "Chantel is right. You two can resign or follow through on her corrective training."

Biff and Marty talk a bit and Biff says, "Ok we will do it, we will put on this shit."

Chantel speaks up. "It ain't shit boys...err, soon to be lesson of being sissy girls, it's perfectly acceptable maids outfits and they are enjoyed by many people especially male cders and sissies. If I wear this beautiful stuff you will both respect it!"

Carl adds, "Apologize to Chantel and tell her you accept the purpose and enjoyment of maids dresses."

They both meekly apologize to Chantel and accept the dresses and accessories.

Chantel click clocks in her heels, pulling a power trip onto these two and says, "Boys you will enjoy it, trust me." she adds, "You will go to the bathroom and shave, do your makeup as best as you two can and get into these outfits and heels."

They get up and begin to walk out, Carl interjects, "Tell Miss Chantel you are thankful boys."

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