tagFetishRed Bull for the Wife Ch. 03

Red Bull for the Wife Ch. 03


I hadn't heard from the young couple that asked me over to fulfill their bull fantasy in some months so I was surprised when the wife texted me, "Are you still available?"

I told her I was and asked her what she had in mind. She let me know that she came to the realization that she is an irredeemable cumslut and that the scenario she had in mind needed a lot of cum. I laughed and asked her if she remembered how much I came last time she required my services.

She giggled and said she did and joked I should go to the doctor and get that hyperspermia checked out. But then added, "You have no idea...when I say I'm a unrepentant cumslut I mean I need it like other people need food. Would an extra $400 be enough for you to refrain from cumming for four weeks?"

I coughed and told her that was quite the request. I negotiated her down to three weeks and let her know that I'd be extra vigilant on eating healthy and taking my zinc. She giggled and said she was already touching herself while we were talking she was so turned on thinking about getting three weeks of cum and kept my photos on her phone so she could look at them throughout the day. I laughed and told her I was curious myself to see what unloading three weeks of cum onto her would look like and that she should have plenty of towels on hand. She went silent and I could tell she suddenly got very serious. That's when she dropped the bombshell on me.

"There's a second part of my request," she said slowly with trepidation. "I want you to unload 3 weeks of cum into my pussy."

"It's your fantasy," I said. "If you want a condom to the brim with cum, I'll do it."

"No," she said, "I want you to fill my pussy with your Bull seed. I'm not on the pill or anything else. I want you to use my fertile pussy to breed me like the animal I am." She started breathing heavy on the phone. "I just came. I kept touching myself-I can't help it. I've just been dreaming of my pussy full of your Bull cum, seeping deep into my cervix..."

I was in shock and asked her to clarify that she just asked me to fuck her while she's not on birth control because her fantasy is to risk getting pregnant.

"Yes!" she gushed over the phone.

I said that she needs to understand what she's asking and that if this is what she wants I'm going to give it to her. Giddy with delight she said yes and gave me her address again and told me her husband would be watching again but that he wasn't allowed to cum.

I did as she asked and for three weeks I refrained from cumming. By the time I finally drove over to their house in the suburbs my cock was at worst a full-length soft-on and most of the time just plain hard. My balls ached, overloaded with cum and so tender I had to sit down slowly so as to not wince in pain. Taking a shower after my long walks along the canal in the morning, I had to be careful washing my cock and my balls, the former because it was always raging hard now and the latter because of how sensitive they were.

The wife and husband greeted me at the door, and they were just as I remembered them. Conservatively dressed. Both in their 20s though the wife looked 10 years younger than the husband. Even though she was wearing a loose fitting shirt I could see the way it hung on her chest and was reminded of how nice and perfectly round her breasts were. She turned and as I followed them to their bedroom, my mouth watered looking at her amazing, plump round butt. I looked at the husband and though he was taller than her, he looked to be about the same height with as much as he stooped over. The wife was very excited and talked the entire time we walked to the bedroom, telling me she doesn't want to be called a stalker but she follows me on all my social media so she get look at my latest photos as soon as I put them up. She giggles, turns around and says, "And I know for a fact they're not photoshopped!" Her husband nods in silence.

Inside their bedroom, the husband walks over to a tripod and turns on a small camera to record everything. As I'm glancing over to see the red light on the camera come on, I feel the wife's hands on my pants. I look back and she's blushing as red as the camera light, and on her knees. Her hands pull at my belt and she rips it off my pants. Panting with excitement, she fumbles a bit but manages to undo my pants button and unzip them. They're tight and with some effort she grabs them and my underwear and pulls them both down at the same time. My cock is hanging big, a full-length soft-on. Her sudden gasp turns into a moan and she tenderly holds it in her hands while greedily taking it deeper and deeper into her mouth. She rolls the tongue over and around the head of my cock and she drops her hands to my tender balls and starts caressing them. I have barely touched my cock in three weeks and the sensations are strong and heavy. I look up to distract myself and see that in the interim the husband has already undressed himself and is now sitting on the bed to our right, pulling off his black dress socks. He flings them on the ground and lays back, his thin 5″ curved dick sticking up into the air. He moves his right hand up an grabs his little dick.

"Don't you even think about doing that!" I yell at him angrily.

"I told you not to touch yourself!" screams the wife as she slides back from my cock, saliva dripping from her lower lip. She stands up, walks over in front of him sitting up on the bed and undresses herself. He sits there with a look between confusion, excitement and fear. Naked, she takes a step forward. "You are not allowed to touch yourself," she says through clenched teeth. Before I know it her right hand has flown out and slapped down on the husbands balls. The guy clenches the bed sheets in his hands and lets out a cry of pain. With an evil look on her face, she raises her hand and spanks his balls repeatedly until he's howling. "Now take your little dick and go stand next to the camera. I want you to watch this bull please me like you never can!"

She walks back over to me, gets on her knees and pulls my pants off as I unbutton my shirt. She reaches out and holds my cock in her hands. "Holy fuck, I forgot how big and heavy this cock is!" She is taking it deeper and deeper as I remove my shirt. Soon she is forcing my big cock in, and I can feel the head of my cock hitting the back of her throat. She starts gagging but instead of stopping, she just keeps taking it deeper and deeper, fucking my cock with the back of her throat. After a few minutes she pulls back, saliva all over her mouth and dripping down her chin. "Fuck that cock is big," she says dreamily. "My jaw hurts. It's like trying to swallow a coke can."

"Little dick!" she yells at her husband. "Get over here so I can compare cocks." He walks over obediently and she reaches out and grabs his little 5″ dick and pulls on it like it's a leash on a dog. "Stand here in front of him!" In one hand she holds his 5″ cock between her thumb and forefinger and with the other hand she has her fingers wrapped around my big thick cock. Holding them both in front of her she says, "Look little dick, this Bull's cock is almost double your length. And easily twice as thick!" She lets go of her husbands cock and slides mine into her mouth, smiling.

"I can't wait any longer!" she says as she stands up. She crawls onto the bed lays down on her back, one hand on one of her perfect breasts and the other massaging her pussy. "Fuck! Come here and feel how wet I am!" I crawl onto the bed and gently run my fingers up her pussy lips and trace over her clit with my finger tips before raising them to my mouth and sucking the pussy juice off them. "I'm absolutely soaking!" she said as she went back to gently playing with her clit. "Now fuck me Bull! Show that little dick husband of mine how a Bull fucks a cumslut!"

I reach up behind and above her and grab the two pillows. I grab her thigh with one arm, pull her ass above the bed and shove the pillows underneath. Still laying on her back, her hips and pussy are raised up at an angle. She gives me a questioning look.

"Listen, you little cumslut," I said. "If I do things I do them all the way. You are my cumslut to breed now. I'm going to fill that pussy up with my Bull seed until it's nearly overflowing. And then I'm going to keep filling up that pussy until you're so full it's running down your thighs. You're going to be bred. That fertile pussy is going to be filled with Bull seed until I decide to stop. Not you. Me. It's the Bull's choice. You're just for breeding now."

I pull her hands off her breast and away from her pussy and pin her arms down. I know her pussy is so wet it's soaking the bed, so I don't think much of it when I try to slide the head of my cock into her. The head of my cock hits her pussy and I only manage to get half of the tip in before I feel how tight she is.

"Holy fuck that's big!" she yelps. "Hold on! I haven't been fucked in over two months. That pussy is going to need to be worked open."

She is even tighter than she was last time, not even having his skinny dick in her lately. She takes a deep breath, audibly blows it out and nods for me to slide some more in. As the head of my cock slowly stretches her tight pussy open as I ease it in, her hands grab the bed-sheets tight and she arches her head back. In a half-whisper she tells me to keep going. I slide an inch in so that I can finally feel the top of my shaft inside her pussy. Her hands are grabbing the sheets so hard I can see her knuckles turning white.

"More! I need your seed!" she yells out.

I'm barely half way in, and she brings her head back and squints her eyes like she's in pain, but then gives out a long, warm moan. I slide an inch more, then another inch, and not seeing or hearing her stop me, I slide it all the way in-or so I thought as before I have it in, I feel the head of my cock hit the back of her cunt.

Her eyes open wide and she stares at me panting, and screams, "Fuck me! Breed your fucking cumslut! I want that Bull seed in that pussy!"

I give her pussy some good hard strokes and am surprised how fucking tight she is. It's as if her pussy is grabbing my cock and I have to work that much harder with each thrust. I start increasing my speed, feeling my cock hit the back of her pussy each time. It doesn't hurt my cock to do so, so I start pounding away, building up to a furious speed. She yelps each time the head of my cock hits her cervix, but she doesn't ask me to stop so I just keep ramming deep. My tender balls are slamming against her ass with each thrust. The pain makes me wince, but I ignore it.

Half-screaming, she says, "oh my god, I'm cumming already!!" Her mouth is hanging open, and her eyes roll back. She looks like she's having an out of body experience. After awhile of this, she starts squinting in pain again, and whispers out very breathy, "Fuck, that big Bull cock is hitting my cervix. Give me your seed!" I slow down, and don't go as deep. This is exactly what she needed and she starts moving her hips in unison with mine. I ask her if she wants me to stop so she can take a break. She shakes her head and grabs my ass and pulls me deeper again before she starts yelping again. Even though it hurts her it seems to turn her on even more as she keeps pulling me over and over.

I hear some grunting off to the side, slightly behind me, and I look to see her husband standing closer now to the bed to look at his wife. He gives me a quick glance hoping I won't say anything, and drops his hand to his skinny little dick.

"Don't you even do that!, I don't need to see that shit," I yell at him.

The wife looks over at him angrily before saying, "You just have to stand there and watch this Bull breed his cumslut with his seed! And no matter how much you want to, you can't touch your little dick. You just have to stand there and watch this Bull unload more and more cum into me than you've ever been able to give me." He drops his chin down to chest. "No looking away! I want you to see everything!" Ignoring his hard little dick, he looks up and stares blankly watching his wife yelp, moan and make sounds he's never even imagined she could make being fucked. She grabs my ass and starts pulling me deeper. I turn back to her as she tells me she's getting close again and wants me go quicker. "I want your cum! I need you to breed this cumslut and fill her pussy up with your Bull seed!"

I speed up again until I'm furiously fucking that tight cunt-feeling my cock hit her cervix with every thrust. In the back of my mind I'm wondering how the head of my cock is going to feel tomorrow...

She throws her arms up behind her to hold herself against the headboard of the bed because my hard thrusts have pushed her body all the way back on the mattress. Her head is moving back and forth as I go deeper and deeper. Her face is red and I can see her crying, but she has a smile and it's obvious to both me and her husband that she is in absolute ecstasy. She throws her head back, hitting the headboard but uncaring, and reaches out with her hands and starts clawing the shit out of my stomach and chest with her nails, starting at the sides and pulling her claws towards her. "Fuck, I'm going to see that tomorrow," I think as she digs her nails into me, gripping my sides and lets out a primal scream as she comes for the second time.

Her husband still standing to the side, blurts out, "Cum already! I can't take watching this any longer. Fill her pussy until it's overflowing with your cum." I wink as I fuck the last of her orgasm contractions out of her cunt and tell him I'll cum when I fucking feel like it. He doesn't stop and says, "Blow that big Bull load in her! Give her all that hot cum that she's been dreaming of!"

My balls are in excruciating pain, and I can tell my cock has been leaking precum out this entire time. Without stopping my thrusts I tell her, "Your Bull has decided you're fertile enough to breed. Now I want to hear you beg for my Bull seed, you little cumslut."

"Oh! I want your Bull seed in me so bad. Please, please, please fill my slutty pussy up with all your Bull seed. Give it to me! Give it to your cumslut! I'll do anything you want, just give me all your cum! I need it! I fucking need your Bull seed!" she screams, practically crying.

"Shh, cumslut. That's enough. Let's fill that fertile little cunt of yours up with three weeks of Bull seed! I'm going to unload all that cum deep into your cervix!" I lean forward so that her hips are angled up even more. I slowly drive my cock deep into her pussy until I feel her cervix against the head. Keeping my cock pressed against her cervix, I thrust using my glutes only and I can feel my tender balls pulling up into me as I'm about to unload three weeks of cum. I close my eyes and there's so much cum coursing up it feels as if I'm about to piss. I press hard against her cervix with the head of my cock. I feel white light explode in my mind's eye and the sound of her screams are muffled in my ears. I feel huge pulses of cum exploding out of my cock. So huge and with so much pressure it almost hurts. Instead of growing less intense, the pulses keep increasing in pressure and volume. Each blast, unloaded huge volumes of cum deep into the opening of her cervix. I push further and ignoring the pain, I unleash pulse after pulse after pulse of cum.

"Fuck! yes! yes! yes! Fill me up!" I can hear again and echoes of her screaming as she cums again, after the 12th or 13th pulse of my cock unloading more seed into her fertile pussy. I finally finish, but her hands are grabbing my ass pulling me as she fucks every last drop of cum out of my cock. "Yes! This is what I wanted! This is all I've ever dreamed of!" she says, crying.

When she's finished, I tell her not to dare move a muscle. And I rise on my knees and pull my cock soft but still engorged, out of her pussy. Cum slowly drips out the sides of her pussy, along her pussy lips and onto the pillow below her ass that's propping her hips up.

"To breed you, I need that Bull seed deep in that pussy," I say as I crouch in front of her.

"This is all I've been dreaming of!" she says as she moves a hand down on her pussy and is rubs the cum all over her pussy lips and her clit. Her fingers dance over her clit as she starts getting herself off again.

As she's working her clit and working up towards her Nth orgasm, I insert two fingers and start working her sore pussy. "I'm going to push every last bit of that seed back into my cumslut's fertile pussy." I start pushing cum back in as her pussy contracts. I feel it contract and stiffen before she finally starts huffing and shaking her head back, cumming again. After she's cum again, I crawl over so my cock hovers over her face. "You've been a good little cumslut, so you can taste a little of Bull seed. Now suck that cock," I say as I slide my soft-on into her open mouth. The head of my cock is more sensitive than I had expected and I'm surprised by how hard she's sucking. She takes my soft-on deeper into her mouth and continues sucking until I can't take it anymore and I push her head back away from my cock.

Off to the side the husband, blurts out "Can I cum now?" He's nodding and smiling as if it will help convince his wife.

"No," she says absentmindedly. "I'll let you know when you can cum. Now get some clothes on so I don't have to see that little dick."

I get off the bed and quickly get my pants on, and put my shirt on without buttoning it. The wife is still laying naked on the bed, her hips up in the air, propped up by the pillows. She is exhausted and watching me through half-closed eyelids. I say loudly to both the husband and the wife, "I hope you enjoyed that, and that it was what you were hoping for."

"Oh god, yes!" she says without getting up. "It's exactly what I needed. Thank you!" The husband dutifully walks over in front of the bed and picks up his wife's clothes and brings them to her.

"That one was for you guys," I say loudly, "But I really liked it." I reach out and with a hand on each of her ankles I pull her towards me until her legs hang off the bed.

She sits up, and says, "What's up?"

I hold one of her arms, bend forward and pick her up, throwing her over my shoulder. "I meant what I said. I'm breeding you. I'm going to keep your fertile pussy filled with Bull seed for the next week. Then I'll bring her back...maybe."

The husbands face turns white, drained of blood and his mouth hangs open. He gives his wife a questioning look as I'm walking down the hallway towards the front door with her naked body thrown over my shoulder.

"We'll send loads of pics and videos everyday," she says as I walk out of the bedroom carrying her. "I'll call in a week. Well, I mean, I'll try to call if there's a chance to. Well I mean, if he says it's okay. Anyways, I'll be hope whenever he decides he's done breeding me."

I reach out with my free hand and open their front door. As I'm walking to my Jeep with his naked wife over my shoulder, he runs to the front porch and watches, unable to say or do anything.

"One last thing, little dick," she says. "My return here requires your continued chastity. Don't even drip out a single drop of precum if you want me to come home!"

I open the door to my orange Jeep and sit her down in the back seat. "Lay down, and prop those hips up. I don't want any of that Bull seed wasted. Who knows cumslut, if you prove yourself to be good breeding stock I'll have to brand you so everyone knows you're mine."

I climb into the driver's seat, reach over to the drink holder in the center console and pick up a can of Red Bull.

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Not bad

I notice a few points that are word for word copies of the first chapter. But over all pretty well done. Looking forward to a fourth.

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