tagCelebrities & Fan FictionRed Carpet Facials: Episode 01

Red Carpet Facials: Episode 01


Episode 1: Lindsay Lohan

"My name is Lindsay Lohan," the stunning eighteen year old actress yelled enthusiastically, "and this is Red Carpet Facials."

Ken Logan studied the actress carefully from a safe distance off camera while Julius Walters executed the interview. Five years ago, Julius had been dubbed Hollywood's next big action star, but horrible movie decisions and lousy personal decisions ruined his career just as quickly as it had been built.

Red Carpet Facials was Julius's big attempt at becoming famous for the second time. Pornography had always played a vital role in the man's life, and acting had always been his passion, so Julius figured it was natural to find away to combine the two. With Red Carpet Facials, Julius found the way to fit the misshaped pieces.

Lindsay Lohan performed for Julius's digital camera, completely motivated and ready for action. She rested on an expensive leather sofa with an innocent look on her pretty face, but there was a glimmer in her eyes suggesting that she might be wilder than people assumed.

Ken Logan listened to the interview session between Julius and Lindsay while checking out some magazines the actress had appeared in. Copies of Movieline, Allure, Teen People, and Vanity Fair were scattered across his lap. The magazines only succeeded in making him hornier, which is what Julius wanted.

Over the past week, Ken had learned all he wanted to know about the young actress. Lindsay was born on July second, 1986 in New York City. He has spent many hours watching Freaky Friday, Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, and Mean Girls, repeatedly viewing the films at a nauseam. Like the magazines, Ken used the movies to prepare himself for this meeting with Lindsay Lohan.

The interview was picking up some momentum. Julius and Lindsay were discussing the type of information the tabloids drooled over, but it only made Ken all the more tired. He wanted to learn just one thing about Lindsay during this encounter; the way she sounds with a nine cock buried in her pussy. Julius pretended to be interested in everything the girl said, and because he had acting credentials, he managed to be convincing, but he only wanted to see how Lindsay looked with thick semen shot across her face. Other than that, he felt nothing for the popular teenager beauty. The interview went on regardless, however, and Ken listened.

Lindsay babbled on about how much she liked Pepsi, ice cream, chocolate, Italian food, and Chinese food. She told Julius she owned a 330 BMW Convertible, went on and on about how much she enjoys gymnastics, ice skating, swimming, rolling skating, biking, singing, reading, writing, and spending time with her family. Ken found out she was related to Saturday Night Live's own: Tina Fey, she admitted her favorite bands were Simple Plan and Maroon 5, then confessed that she'd been smoking since she was fifteen years old.

She attempted to sound like any average eighteen year old girl, but only succeeded to sound phony, irritating the shit out of Ken. Lindsay earned one million dollars each for her last two movies, and was set to earn more as her career excelled. She had been modeling since she was three years old, and was the first red headed child ever signed by the Ford Modeling Agency. Some of us are just born to such retched upbringings. She has been seen in television commercials for The Gap, Jell-O, Pizza Hut, Wendy's and many others, but she was ordinary. Ken couldn't wait to fuck some reality into this girl. His cock was pulsating with delight while he thought about making Lindsay Lohan squirm.

The interview was finally nearing its conclusion. After ten minutes of intense patience, Ken Logan's time had finally come. He sat on the edge of the seat, feeling excited and horny, waiting to be summoned. This was the moment he'd been dreaming about since Julius Walters asked him to join the Red Carpet Facials project, and Ken wasn't about to disappoint.

Lindsay's red hair looked dazzling in the parlor's light. She was wearing casual clothing for the shoot. With a pair of tight fitting denim jeans and a tight white tank top. Her incredible breasts pushed against the material, exposing her hard nipples in great detail. Ken didn't think the girl had any enhancements done, but neither did he care if they were fake or real.

Ken had always been aroused by beautiful girls with freckles, however, and Lindsay Lohan definitely fits into this category. He was at the point of no return. If Lindsay decided she no longer wanted to do the shoot, he might force himself upon her anyway. Fortunately, it didn't appear it was going to come to that. Lindsay looked as horny and willing as any girl he'd fucked.

The freckles came in masses, flowing down both her arms. There were more on her face and chest. Her lips were full and pink, making her teeth appear white and more dazzling when she smiled. The smile also made her green eyes sparkle erotically.

"Let's get down to business," Julius said to Lindsay. "You're here to suck dick, get fucked, then receive a nice facial. Have you ever had cum on your face, Linds?"

"No," she admitted, suddenly sounding nervous.

"Have you ever sucked dick, Linds?"

The course of the interview had been altered completely without warning. People didn't talk to Hollywood royalty as though they were common whores earning ten dollars a blowjob, at least not on camera.

She shook her head up and down. "I did it a few times."

"Did what?" Julius asked. "I want to hear you say it."

Lindsay Lohan looked around the room. She suddenly seemed unsure of herself, but the lapse lasted only a few second. "I only sucked dick a few times. I'm not really into nasty things like that. It's just so…icky."

"How old were you the first time you sucked a dick?"

"Sixteen," she said after a hesitation.

"How old were the first time you got fucked, Linds?" Julius was obviously enjoying the girl's discomfort. He secretly hated most successful actors and actresses. He hates them because they found a way to prevail where he so miserably failed.

"Sixteen," she said. This is a girl who has been interviewed by Jay Leno, David Letterman, Conan O'Brien and all the other faces of talk show entertainment, but never had one those public figures asked her questions like these.

"Are you interested in getting fucked in the ass?"

"What?" Lindsay said, managing to sound shocked and appalled, but there seemed to be some interest also.

"Fucked in the ass! Sodomy! Anal sex!" Julius chuckled. "The list goes on and on."

"No. I would never do anything like that."

Julius laughed, enjoying this precious moment. "Are you ready for some action? My buddy Ken has been waiting for a long time, and quite frankly, I don't believe in cruel and unusual punishment."

"Sure," she agreed cheerfully, and if there was any nervous energy flowing through her body, she had it well hidden.

Ken didn't hesitate for a moment. He jumped right off his seat, knocking the magazines from his lap, scattering them across the carpet, and parked himself next to Lindsay Lohan on the leather sofa. She wasn't disappointed with what she saw. Without warning, Lindsay lunged at him, shoving her tongue into his mouth, catching Ken off guard. He wasn't expecting Lindsay to be this wild. Her hands were grasping the bulge in his pants. Ken kissed back, resting his hands over her young, massive breasts. Ken had been in the porn business for almost ten years, and had broken in a few girls during his time, but never had any of them been this inspired.

From the corner of his eye, he saw Julius, grinning like the devil himself. Red Carpet Facials was more than just his ticket back into the elite of Hollywood, it was also revenge.


Ken's wrapped his strong, confident hands around her waist, and began sucking and kissing her neck. Lindsay's flurry of passion calmed slightly as she enjoyed the slippery touch of his tongue. He moved his hands over her stomach, pushing them underneath her tank top, and rested his hand firmly on a breast.

Julius had made a wise decision by recruiting Ken Logan for this project. The man was a veteran of the pornography world, a skilled fuck machine, and a very crude human being. It wasn't enough for Lindsay to fuck for the camera. He needed her to be humiliated, degraded and brought down from her pedestal. Ken was the best man for the job.

Although he was taking it easy for the time being, as soon as he had Lindsay nice and relaxed, as soon as she was completely put in the position where she could be caught off guard, Ken Logan would seize to be gentle, and become vulgar.

He kissed and sucked her throat and shoulders as he moved both hands over Lindsay's large, ample breasts. The actress moaned in delight and a small shiver shook her body. Quickly, Ken slipped Lindsay's tank top over her head, exposing her creamy white, freckled breasts, and her cherry red, erected nipples. Ken also pulled off his own shirt, revealing his own finely toned, bronzed body. Lindsay whistled in approval.

Ken pulled her tighter against him, and they kissed fervently for the next thirty seconds. As they actively explored each other with their tongues, Ken became aware of Lindsay's breasts and nipples pushing into his chest. His mouth once against departed from her hungry lips, and moved down to sink his teeth into her neck, which made Lindsay scream, then slap Ken's shoulder sharply in response, but no damage was done to the situation.

He explored her body with his tongue and lips, moving down from her throat, then her shoulders, then further down still, leaving a path of wet, sloppy kisses between her youthful breasts. He stroked her breasts with his powerful grip, moving his lips over them, avoiding her nipples for the time being, enjoying the taste of the celebrity's soft skin.

"You like those titties?" Lindsay moaned in delight. "You like my big, famous titties?"

He was to busy to reply. Ken sucked and slurped without a thought in his head, almost oblivious of the star's presence, only wanting to savor Lindsay's nipples, and enjoy this moment. Lindsay crawled into his lap, still facing him, and took him by the back of the head. She guided his mouth over her breasts, trying to lead his tongue over her nipples. After cruelly refusing to give Lindsay what she needed, Ken gave in to his own temptation. He took her nipple into his mouth, sucking and biting while also pinching with his fingers, making them harder and more sensitive, which drove Lindsay wild with lust.

"Yes!" Lindsay squirmed. "Bite those titties. Suck on them. Oh God, baby, that feels so good!"

He grazed his teeth across her sensitive nipples, and a loud moan escaped her throat. Her firm ass was brushing against his cock as she squirmed against him in the full grip of passion. Ken hadn't figured to drive Lindsay this wild merely playing with her breasts, but he wasn't dissatisfied with the turn of events.

Slowly, Ken stroked his hands over the smooth skin of her back, tracing lines from her shoulders down to her sides, passing the sides of her breasts, and moving down to her waist. He enjoyed the sight of Lindsay's freckled body. He especially loved her arms and shoulders. It is unknown where his fetish for freckles originated, but he refused to spend precious time pondering pointless questions that didn't need immediate answers.

His hands departure from her breasts was a short one, and soon his fingers were once again engaged to Lindsay's sensitive nipples. He completely soaked them with his tongue, and followed this up by gently blowing his warm breath against her wet, hard nipples. Once again, she squirmed against him, shivering gently.

"I think you're going to make the girl cum," Julius said from somewhere in the room. By adjusting his head to the right, Ken noticed Julius was no longer in the same spot. He finally located the former actor behind him and to the left, holding the digital camera firmly against his face, getting a great shot of Lindsay's nipples and Ken's feeding frenzy.

"If it happens, it happens," Ken said.

"If a girl cums when a person plays with her titties, doesn't that make her a whore."

"I don't know the rules of whoredom."

They spoke as though Lindsay wasn't even there. Ken noticed a slight twinge of anger corrupt Lindsay's beautiful face, and her green eyes appeared wounded, but she didn't voice her opinion, so Ken continued as though he'd seen nothing.

Truth to be told, the wounded look in Lindsay's eyes rekindled his arousal, and took him to a new level. He offered his tongue, teeth and lips to her breasts for a few more seconds, then looked into Lindsay's eyes. She no longer appeared hurt.

"Are you ready to try some cock?" Ken asked.

For a moment, Lindsay appeared hesitant, but she smiled wickedly, and shook her head up and down mischievously. She licked her lips, putting on a show for the camera. Lindsay slithered from Ken's lap, and moved between his legs. Ken's furious erection pushed against his pants. He wanted this girl to suck his cock badly, needed it. All the pent up, horny frustrations this girls had caused him over the past week were catching up with him. He remembered all the photos of her in magazines, all the great pictures of her he had downloaded while surfing the Internet, and all the great shots of her he had paused on while watching Lindsay Lohan's movies, and his cock pulsated violently remembering, knowing its time had come to make expectation a reality. Both Ken and Julius smiled simultaneously.

Julius searched the room and found the perfect location for the blowjob scene. He couldn't wait to watch this girl demean herself with Ken's big cock. He couldn't wait to bring this presentation to perverted population of porn-lovers and sex freaks. He was licking his own chops, contemplating the kind of fame the Red Carpet Facials movies would earn him. Would be considered a Hugh Hefner or a Larry Flynt? This second taste of fame would have a different flavor, but he figured fame tasted great no matter what flavor a person tried. Regardless, this was going to be great.


Positioned directly between his parted legs, Lindsay quickly unzipped Ken Logan's pants, reached into the slit, and fished out the biggest cock she had ever seen, and the balls they were attached too. It was nine inches long, thick, and the bulbous head had formed a small supply of pre-cum. She could barely manage to fit the cock in her hand, and as she struggled to hold it, she looked up, staring into Ken's glassy brown eyes with a wide-eyed look of terror on her face. Her mouth hung open comically, becoming a girl who had bitten off a lot more than she could chew.

Before panic could seize her failing mind and body, she began massaging his cock with her palm and fingers. The cock pulsated wildly in her hand, enjoying the movement. The thick, circular tip pushed and shuddered against the smooth skin of her palm, and with her free hand, and some assistance from Ken, Lindsay pulled his pants and boxers half way off. Lindsay's mouth was level with his cock. Once again she licked her lips, but she was a little less enthusiastic during this performance.

Instead of taking Ken's cock in her mouth, she leaned forward and ran the tip of her tongue up and across his balls, along the prick's length, and to the head. She swirled her tongue around his piss-hole, slurping and savoring his pre-cum, which sent waves of passion down his spine.

Julius was sitting right next to Ken, watching the action unfold in silence. He instructed Lindsay to look at the camera and not into Ken's eyes as she serviced the cock. Two weeks ago he was a man without a job and a dwindling checking account, but tomorrow he would become the undisputed king of the porn industry. Only in America could such a drastic change come about in such a short span of time.

Lindsay moved her tongue back down his cock and over the balls. She tongued his inner thighs, teasing him by coming up to his balls, and leaving the feeling of her hot breath against the wetness as she went back down. While performing the teasing with her tongue, her hand continued to stroke his giant cock, struggling to keep her hand around it. She moved from his inner thighs, and up to his balls, where she began to suck and nibble, devoting equal time to each testicle, then moved her way to base of the cock, back to the head.

Lindsay licked up, over and around the entire head, relishing the salty taste of his hard flesh, and the musky aroma of his body. She squeezed the head of Ken's cock inside her mouth, and immediately began licking between the V-shaped ridge under the head. Slowly, she became bolder, and it took several inches of thick cock inside her mouth, licking the underside of his shaft as it descended between her full pink lips.

The head of Ken's cock grazed the back of her throat, and Lindsay gagged; coughed. She pulled the cock from her mouth with her left hand, and stared at Ken. Both Ken and Julius were chuckling at her failed effort.

"Be careful," Julius said. "You're sucking professional cock today." This made both men laugh.

Unbothered by their mocking, Lindsay went back to work. She closed her eyes, and took six inches of cock deep into her mouth all at once. The cock severely distended her blushing cheeks, but she managed not to gag or cough this time.

Ken watched in utter astonishment as his cock vanished into the warm depths of Lindsay's mouth. She braced herself against his inner thigh as she bobbed up and down with more enthusiasm between his legs. He just couldn't believe Lindsay was able to take his cock this easily. She didn't have the greatest blowjob technique in the world, but with a little practice, and some patience, Lindsay could be trained to be great.

Small masses of saliva were gathering at the corners of her mouth. She maneuvered the cock from her mouth, and strands of saliva departed with it, sloppily landing over her chest. She once again teased his cock with her tongue, using it like a paintbrush, stroking it up and down the shaft, circling around the head, then moving down to the V-shaped ridge. The feel of her slightly skilled tongue enthralled him deeply, but soon he would have to teach Lindsay some humiliation. Ken still had aspirations of taking the girl down from her pedestal.

"You love that big cock, don't you?" Julius said. "You love the feel of it against the back of your throat."

Suddenly Ken Logan sat up from the leather sofa, and began to thrust forcefully into her mouth. Lindsay attempted to move her head in an effort to match his rhythm, but he was moving to fast. Her cheeks were becoming more distending, and his cock slapped the back of her throat.

"That's it," Julius said loudly. "Fuck that little whore's mouth."

Ken fucked her mouth like he would eventually fuck Lindsay's sweet, eighteen year old pussy. Her nose was lightly grazing his stomach. Ken removed his pants and boxers so Julius could get a better shot. Ken's fucking of her mouth only intensified. His bushy pubic hair tickled her nose, his balls slapped wildly against her cheek and chin.

"AAAGGGHHH!" Lindsay Lohan mumbled as the cock invaded her throat. Several times she attempted to pull the cock from her mouth, but her hands were rudely slapped away. Now her arms hung uselessly at her sides.

"Close your mouth around his cock," Julius advised.

Without really thinking about, Lindsay did as told; wrapping her lips around Ken's furiously thrusting cock. The friction each movement caused reminded Ken of times he had fucked rarely used, tight pussy. He could feel Lindsay's teeth scraping against his cock while enjoying the sounds of her gagging and muffled coughs.

Her titties were brushing gently against his legs. She was on her knees, getting defiled by a big cock which was stuffed in her mouth, and was being forced to breath through her nose. Using his left hand, Ken removed his cock. Lindsay exhaled wildly, struggling for breath. Tears had formed in her eyes, and she had to spit excess saliva from her mouth, which spilled between her breasts further coating her chest.

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