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Red Hair


In Ellis's opinion, Sheryl was perfect. Gorgeous, tall, with long legs that would wrap easily around him when they fucked. She was intelligent, fun to talk to, and had plenty in common with him. There was just one problem.

She was blonde.

Ellis had nothing against blondes. Or brunettes, or grey-haired women, or even women who dyed their hair colors that would never be found in nature.

But he could only fuck red heads.

It had started young. His first love had had red hair. Beautiful, long, auburn hair that he would have loved to have run his hands through if she would have let him. But she never acknowledged his existence.

When he'd gotten older, his first sex partner had been a red head. Carrot-orange red, but still red. He'd fucked her silly for a few months, until she'd decided she was sick of people teasing her about her hair and dyed it brown. After that, he hadn't even been able to get hard for her.

The same thing had happened ever since. He would meet a woman who showed interest, but unless she had red hair, he couldn't have sex with her. It had been going on for years, and he'd gotten used to the idea that he could only fuck red heads. Mostly it didn't matter.

But Sheryl was perfect. They had so much in common it was scary. They'd met at work and had hit it off almost immediately. After a few weeks, they'd moved things out of the office, going out for coffee or a drink after work once or twice a week.

Now Ellis had asked her out on a real date. The dinner had gone well; the conversation had flowed easily. Now Ellis desperately wanted to want sex with her. But she had blonde hair.

"Earth to Ellis. Come in, Ellis."

They were on his couch in his apartment, and for the life of him Ellis couldn't remember why he'd invited her here. After the time they'd spent together and the flirting they'd done, it was only reasonable for her to expect that he'd asked her over for a fuck. Assuming that was what she did think; he hadn't quite dared to ask her yet. "I'm listening," he said.

"No, you're about a zillion miles away," Sheryl scolded. "I asked if you wanted me to stay any longer. It's getting late."

She sounded irritated. If he wasn't going to make a move, he would at least have to explain to her why. Which wouldn't be easy. He'd never told anyone about his red head fixation. He'd never had a reason to. But he didn't want to lose her, at least as a friend, which was all they were likely to ever be.

"I do want you to stay, but I have to tell you, this is pretty much all we're going to be doing," he said. "I have some movies if you want to watch anything."

"Is there something wrong with me?" she demanded. "I've never known a man as long as I've known you without him making some kind of pass at me. You haven't even tried. I know you're not gay; I've heard that you date women. So what's wrong with me?"

"Nothing. You're a wonderful person. You're incredibly sexy. It's just me."

"You're not interested in women who are wonderful and sexy?"

"Of course I am. I just..." He took a deep breath and decided the direct approach was best. "You're wonderful and sexy, but you have blonde hair."

"And you don't like blondes? Why'd you bother asking me out, then?"

This was going worse than he'd thought it would. Sheryl was tapping one foot, glaring at him, and he was sure she was about to walk out the door. "I do like blondes," he said quickly. "I just can't have sex with them."

"How does that make sense?" Sheryl stood. "Maybe I should leave."

"No, wait, please," Ellis said. "Let me explain. I have a thing for red hair. A major thing. To the point where if a woman doesn't have red hair, no matter how interested I might be in her in other ways, I can't have sex with her. I mean, physically can't. I only respond to red heads."

"Ah, I think I understand." Sheryl sat down again. "It's like a fetish, then? You can't get it up for any other hair color?"

"Yeah, pretty much. I really like you, Sheryl, and I enjoy spending time with you. I hope we can still be friends."

She laughed. "There's no problem at all here, Ellis. Hand me my bag, please."

He passed her the tote bag she'd brought with her instead of her purse. "What's in this thing, anyway?" he asked.

"Something that might solve both our problems." Sheryl opened the bag. "You see, I thought when you asked me out that we might have sex tonight. So I wanted to be prepared. I'm very attracted to you, but I only get turned on when I'm wearing a wig."

She pulled a wig out of the bag. It was a glorious auburn color, just like the hair of Ellis's first love. She put it on and grinned at Ellis. "I like this one. It makes me feel very sexy. Do you think it will solve your problem?"

Ellis's cock sprang to life. With red hair, Sheryl was a goddess. It didn't seem to matter that the hair was only a wig; his dick didn't know the difference. "I think we'll be just fine." He stood and held out his hand. "Care to accompany me to the bedroom?"

Sheryl took his hand and got off the couch. "Gladly."

Ellis was glad he'd cleaned his room, even though he hadn't thought they'd end up there. The bed was neatly made, with his expensive red velvet comforter on the top. A red that almost matched Sheryl's wig.

Ellis pulled Sheryl into a kiss that started with them both on their feet and ended with them lying together on the bed. As turned on as he was, Ellis wasn't entirely sure how they'd gotten there. Not that it mattered. Here he was, on a bed with the sexiest woman he'd known in a long time, a sexy red head who wanted him as much as he wanted her.

Who was shimmying out of her skirt while he lay there thinking about her.

Under the skirt, Sheryl wore absolutely nothing. She grinned. "Told you I was hoping something would happen tonight." Running her hand over her shaved mound, she added, "So let's get to something."

Ellis's cock was so hard it was painful. He usually took time to woo a woman, to get her worked up before he fucked her. But it had been too long, and Sheryl was just too fucking hot lying there with that red hair. Ellis almost tore his pants in his hurry to get them off and let his raging hard on out to play.

With a smile, Sheryl watched him and ran her fingers along her slit. "This isn't going to be slow and gentle, is it," she said.

"Hell no." Ellis tossed his pants and boxers onto the floor and searched frantically through his night stand for a condom.

"Good. I like it fast and hard."

Until she said that, Ellis had thought his dick couldn't get any harder. But with those words from Sheryl, it got so stiff he was sure he'd be able to pound nails with it if he had to. His balls tightened, too; he would be lucky if he didn't shoot into the condom as soon as he got it on. If he could even find one of the fucking things.

Finally he spotted one of the little foil-wrapped packets. Sheryl moaned. "Hurry up, babe," she begged. "I'm saving my orgasm for you, but if I don't get it soon I'm going to explode into little tiny bits all over your pretty comforter."

"No worries," Ellis assured her.

He tore open the packed and unrolled the condom onto his dick as fast as he could without ripping it. Then he flung himself onto the bed, onto Sheryl. "You need any foreplay?" he asked.

"Fuck, no, baby. I'm so wet right now we'll be lucky if you don't slide right past my pussy."

"Good." Ellis took half a second to make sure he was lined up with the right opening, then rammed his cock into her.

God, she was tight! And wet. Ellis couldn't remember the last time he'd fucked a pussy this wet. He thrust in and out, fighting to keep from coming too soon. "You feel incredible, baby," he said.

"Your fucking cock is so big!" Sheryl replied. "Keep fucking me. Harder!"

Ellis obliged, practically pounding Sheryl into the mattress. He felt his balls about to explode, and on impulse grabbed two fistfuls of Sheryl's wig. That was all it took; he came harder than he had in years. And yanked her wig right off.

"Aw, fuck!" Sheryl pushed him off her. "Did you have to do that?"

"Sorry." Ellis handed the wig back to her. "I got carried away."

"But now I can't come." She snatched the wig out of his hand and put it back on. "Guess they're right when they say the first time with a new partner's always awkward."

"Guess so." Ellis lay on his back. "I'm sorry."

"No problem. Up till that happened, you were probably the best fuck I've ever had." She moved her hand down to her pussy and started rubbing her clit. Ellis watched, fascinated. "See if I can get myself off," Sheryl murmured. "Your cock felt so fucking good. I was just about to come when you did, you know. You were fucking me so hard!"

"I did my best, babe."

Her hand moved faster. "You did... ooh, you did wonderful. You fucked me so good. Oh, yes!" Her eyes clenched shut and her hips bucked as she came.

After that little show, Ellis was rock hard again. But Sheryl stood up and pulled her clothes back on. "Thanks, sweetie," she said. "That was a great night. We'll have to do it again sometime."

"Definitely," Ellis said. "Whenever you want."

"Oh, I'm sure we'll be seeing plenty of each other." Dressed now, Sheryl leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. "After all, it isn't easy to find someone who's fetish matches mine so well. I'll just have to remember next time to bring clips to keep the wig on my head." She winked. "See you at work tomorrow."

The next day when Ellis saw her, Sheryl was at her desk, her blonde hair in a pony tail. When he walked past her, she smiled up at him and nodded toward the tote bag beside her. "Ready when you are," she said.

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