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Alter'd Ego


Erica sat down in front of her mirror and took a close look at her face. Looking back at her was a twenty-nine year old woman with short black hair, green eyes and unremarkable features: She was about to change that!

With familiarity gained after weeks of secret practice, she opened up and laid out her makeup kit: brushes and sponges, pencils, tubes of makeup, a wig of natural, shoulder length, orange hair with black roots, her coloured contacts and some bits and pieces of rubber. With swift, deft movements she began. First, she inserted her dark black contact lenses, pulled her hair back and pinned it under a wig cap then, she used a small aerosol inhaler spray, coughed, inhaled-"Aaah!" Tested her voice and repeated the action twice more, until she was satisfied with the results. Her voice was now deeper, huskier, the sort of voice that comes from too much alcohol and too many cigarettes. A snubbed nose, gelatin bags under her eyes and a thin layer of latex to mask over her eyebrows added years to her face. Slightly discoloured yellow tooth caps fitted over her front teeth and some thin, sponge pads that fitted in her mouth changed her appearance even more.

The basics finished, she applied a layer of heavy, sallow coloured makeup. As she applied eyeliner, false eyelashes, mascara, blush and lipstick an attractive looking Asian woman, late forties in age gradually took her place. The transformation continued apace as she slipped into her costume for the night: a padded, black corset with black fur trim, black fishnet stockings, a leopard print dress of crushed velvet with a slit up one side and matching elbow length, fingerless gauntlets. Long, false fingernails, painted black and her wig completed the transformation.

A last look in the mirror, some minor adjustments to her makeup and accessories and Miki, was ready. She slipped on a pair of expensive looking black high heel shoes, a stylish black jacket and stepped out the door

An hour later, she was sitting in a bar when he came in. She watched him order a drink and settle onto a barstool. He looked at the sparse crowd in the bar, ignored the salarymen singing karaoke and the OL's plotting in the corner and finally, looked at her. She met his gaze for a moment, looked away and looked back in his direction. He was staring at her. "Would he recognize Erica?" she thought. "Or was she safe?" Miki quickly buried any such thoughts and calmly sipped her drink. She looked in his direction from time to time, quick shy glances that attracted his attention and piqued his interest. Her efforts were rewarded. The bartender approached her with a drink, the same as she had just finished, "Compliments of the gentleman sitting at the bar." he said. She told him to take it back and have the gentleman bring it in person.


He entered the bar, looked around and picked a seat by the counter. There wasn't much action; he looked at his watch, "Hmmmmn! Still early-Roppongi doesn't come alive until 11:00." Surveying the scene, he automatically dismissed the salarymen getting noisily pissed and the group of office ladies in the corner.

And then he saw her! A bar hostess or, possibly, a member of a group of ladies out on the town, she stood out amongst the background of office wallflowers like a diamond amongst glass. His gaze was drawn back to her time and time again. There was only one thing to do, meet her and win her.

His first attempt was the oldest gambit in the book. Calling the bartender over, he slipped him a few bills, discretely pointed his victim out, then, a sly nod; a wink and the barkeep took his message and a cocktail over. He thought that she wouldn't fall for it but human nature, curiosity and the offer of a free drink won out as always. Bowing to her wishes he took the drink over himself and made his introductions.

Over the next several hours as he plied her with drinks, compliments and verbal repertoire while Miki plotted her strategy. She acted giggly, as if the alcohol was affecting her more than it was. When she got up to go fix her makeup, she stumbled and seemingly by chance, fell in his direction. As she had planned, he reacted by quickly catching her, holding her close for several moments and inquiring if she was okay. She answered his questions with slightly slurred assurances then made her way to the restroom.

In the restroom, Miki checked her makeup, adjusted her wig and accessories and quickly used her inhaler. Her identity once again firmly in place, she walked somewhat shakily back to the table. Upon reaching the table, she claimed not to feel so good and was going outside for some fresh air. Then set the hook by 'innocently' asking if he would like to accompany her.

The Love Hotel

Outside the bar, they walked down the busy streets of Roppongi, she clung close to him and encouraged, he directed their steps towards a nearby 'lovehotel'. They hesitated a moment outside the entrance-looked at each other, smiled and entered. Inside, they chose a room, removed the key from the automated dispenser, entered the elevator and rode in silence to the room.

Once inside Miki faced away from him, looked over her shoulder and said "Unzip me."

He slowly pulled down the zipper and let her dress slip down to become a puddle of fabric around her feet. As she stepped out of the dress he brushed the hair away from the back of her neck and kissed and worked his way to the hollows at the base of the neck and her shoulders. Slowly, teasingly he worked his way up to her right earlobe and turned her around to face him. Miki slipped his jacket off and deftly worked his pants down around his knees. Pushing him backwards resulted in his falling crosswise across the bed and her following up on her advantage. She worked her way up his body, kissing, caressing, teasing, bringing him to a fevered arousal. Then sensing the cusp of a pending orgasm, she drew back, teasingly removed her panties and hung them like a flag on his erect staff.

"Do you want it?"

"Yes!" he replied.

"Then.... Use your mouth!" she commanded as she straddled him.

Eagerly he grasped her cheeks, pulled her close and began probing her secret places with his tongue. His tongue darted and probed deep into her. He sucked and nibbled on her labia and thrust deep within her. Miki arched her back and pushed his head between her legs.

"Moooore!" she moaned.

Her breath came in short gasps as she came. He quickly shifted position, positioned himself behind her and began thrusting deep within her with long unhurried strokes.

"Oooh! Deeper! Do it!" she cried and bucked in the throes of her passion.

He plunged deeper within her, racheting up the pace! He cruelly grabbed her hips and pounded his cock inside her! Miki writhed like a fish impaled on a stick, she clawed at the linens on the bed and screamed as together they came in one shuddering moment and sprawled exhausted on the bed.

Miki was the first to recover. She sat on the edge of the bed and in an exhausted voice said, "You're married, aren't you?"

He looked at her sideways... Her hands were over her face and he couldn't quite figure out what she was doing. Again she asked in a muffled voice that was tantalizing familiar,

"You're married, aren't you? All the good ones are."

She turned then, and to his surprise, dropped some thin pieces of rubber and what looked like teeth on the bed. Then Erica reached up and pulled off her wig and asked

"Who's better in bed? Your lover or your wife?"

He looked at her in surprise, chuckled and said

"I love you honey."

Kissed her and handed back her wig and the rest of her disguise.

"But, tonight is Miki's night. I hope you don't mind"

He watched in excitement as she tucked the loose strands of her hair up, replaced the wig and teeth and touched up her makeup. A few sprays from her inhaler and then Miki looked at him, smiled wickedly and asked,

"Ready for round two?"

He returned her smile and pulled her close.

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