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Red Lipstick Temptations


The perfect picture is never far away.


Emmy was considered to be the most popular professor on campus. She had a certain way with students. There was a passion with what she did. And she loved teaching students.

Among other courses, Emmy taught painting, sculptures, and photography.

What she loved about art was the free expression. A person could bare their soul on the images they create. That's always what Emmy strived to do with her art work. That's what Emmy strived to teach her students.

And she always kept an open mind...


It was the second week of Fall semester. Class had ended and the students cleaned their painting supplies.

Most of the students had left by the time Emmy began to clean her own things. Others put the final touches on their art projects.

But there was one student who caught the professor's eye. It was the very beautiful Violet, the intriguing art student.

Violet was sort of a mystery to the professor. She was a little older than most students, mid or late-20's, the professor estimated. She had a confidence and sassiness that made her appealing.

She was beautiful. Fashion model beautiful. Plenty of college boys tried flirting with her on the first day of class. Some of the girls had looked at her enviously too.

What especially made Violet so eye-catching was the bold red lipstick she wore for each class. It was a strong colored lipstick and it looked vibrant against her light complexion.

Emmy gathered her belongings after cleaning up. Then she put on her jacket and scarf. Even as she approached middle-age, Emmy still dressed like a hipster. That's because she always lived in a hipster area, and her parents were huge hippies.

All of the students had left, except for Violet, who finally began to clean up her things. Emmy was ready to leave and they made eye contact. Both of them were about to say something to break the awkwardness.

"You know, I'm actually a big fan of yours," Violet said as she put some of her art supplies away.


"I'm familiar with your stuff. That's why I enrolled in this class. I wanted to learn from the master artist."

There was a playfulness & seriousness in the student's voice. It was a genuine comment which the professor appreciated.

Emmy smiled, "I'm hardly a master. But I appreciate the nice words. Most students don't know about my side work."

"That's a shame. You're a gifted woman."

"That's very sweet of you to say. It's always nice to be acknowledged."

Violet winked, "You deserve all the praise."

There was a brief moment of awkward silence between them, as Emmy was already packed up and ready to go, while Violet still had a scattered mess to clean.

"So are you an art major?" Emmy asked.

"It's actually a minor," Violet replied. "I'm majoring in apparel & merchandise. I'd like to work in the fashion industry someday."

Emmy looked the student over. There was a confidence and style which the student possessed.

"You've certainly got the style for it."


"Anyway, it was nice talking to you," Emmy said.

"You too. I'm really enjoying this class so far."

"Well, there's plenty more. This semester is going to be a lot of fun."

"And I look forward to it," the student smiled.


In many ways, being a good artist is like being the perfect student. There's always a need to learn and explore. The artist can never stop growing.

That was Emmy's mentality for her work. That was her mentality for her personal life. That was her philosophy.

As the semester went on, Emmy found herself constantly being amazed by her students. Just like every year. She was impressed by what students were able to create once they learned the proper techniques and found the right confidence. That was the real perk of the job.

With over a hundred students that semester, it was impossible to get to know each student on a personal level. But she tried. She always enjoyed going around the room to speak with students, to find out their needs and interests.

And then there was Violet. The seemingly mysterious student in Emmy's painting class.

Violet had a confident demeanor which was unshakable. It was like she didn't give a shit about what people thought. She knew she was special, and she wasn't shy about it.

They talked here & there. But in Emmy's opinion, not nearly enough.


Emmy sat in her office and used the computer. As usual, there were plenty of emails to keep her busy. Most were from students with an array of different questions.

There was a knock by the open door, and Emmy looked to see Violet standing there, looking as sassy as ever. The student wore a sleek black dress with boots, along with an array of bracelets and necklaces. Emmy was envious of the student's gorgeous style.

"Am I interrupting anything?" Violet asked in a polite manner.

"Not at all. Just getting to my emails. Did we have an appointment?"

"Nope. This is entirely impromptu. Do you mind? I can always come back later if you want."

Emmy gestured to an empty seat. "It's fine. Take a seat."

The student sat across from the professor. Emmy watched as Violet gracefully adjusted her dress and sat with perfect posture. The red lipstick around Violet's mouth had an intoxicating appeal to it.

"The reason I'm here is because I've heard you're looking for a paid model for a winter retreat."

Emmy raised an eyebrow. "Where did you hear that?"

"I have my sources in the modeling community," the student smiled.

"Well, you've heard correct. It's something the art professors do every year. You know, where we drink coffee, have some wine, and be the cultural elitists snobs that we are."

Violet laughed. "Is that right?"

"It is. But mostly, we make art. We hire some models, and we paint, photograph, sculpt, or whatever. Then we use the artwork for upcoming art exhibits. It's a great way for us to fine-tune our craft and to make some extra money on the side."

"Sounds like fun."

"Very much so. It's at a small resort, about 20 miles away. We stay there for a few days. I'm assuming you're a model."

Violet nodded. "A fairly experienced model, I might add."

"You certainly have the appearance & attitude of a model."

Violet winked. "Thank you, professor."

"I appreciate the inquiry. Any other time, a model like you would immediately be accepted."

"You're declining my offer?"

"Unfortunately, I have to," Emmy replied. "It's sort of an unofficial policy that we have. We don't invite students for this kind of retreat."

Violet's facial expressions remained confident. "I don't think I've ever been turned down before."

"I'm sorry."

"Now you've made me curious. What's the nature of this retreat?"

"Nude art," Emmy replied, with a hint of embarrassment. "That's what the artwork is about there. And that's why we don't offer the modeling jobs to students at this university."

"But this university has nude models in a few of the art classes. What's the difference?"

"That's on campus. The retreat is off-campus. It's to avoid any legal issues. I hope you understand."

"Is there any reason you guys do this at a private retreat?" Violet asked. "Why not do it on campus, or at a private studio."

"The retreat is gorgeous during the winter. It provides for some truly stellar images. And the natural surroundings really brings something out of the models we work with."

Violet gave a sly smile. "Now I'm even more interested. This art retreat sounds like fun. I'll reduce my price, and I promise to give you inspiration like you've never had before."

For a brief moment, the professor was surprised by the student's persistence. She knew she was dealing with a person who never took 'no' for an answer. And who could possibly refuse a young woman like Violet?

"I don't think the other professors would approve of this," Emmy finally responded.

Violet shrugged. "Who cares what they think?"

"I do."

"Then maybe they won't have to know. When is the retreat?"

"December 19 through 22, if I'm not mistaken."

"Then why don't we meet on December 18?" Violet asked, as if the answer was so obvious. "We'll show up a day early. Then I'll leave. None of your colleagues will know I was there."

Emmy paused for a moment. "I'll think about it."

"Don't keep me waiting too long, professor. I usually have a busy schedule during that time of year."

The student winked, stood up, and left the office. Emmy was left to contemplate the firm offer.


Many years ago, when Emmy was in college, there was a particular professor she admired. It was the professor of a literature course. Emmy loved to read.

The professor who taught that course was an older hispanic woman. Beautiful & graceful in every way.

It was inevitable that they eventually became friends, even beyond the traditional professor/student relationship. They had the same interests, taste in books, and a passion for supporting women's rights in the city which they lived.

They hung out more often. They spent more time together. Emmy became infatuated with the brown skinned latina professor. She took another course with that professor in the following year. They made more appointments together to work on her essays, but really, it was just an excuse to spend more time together. They both knew it.

One day, the beautiful hispanic Professor invited Emmy to lunch at a park. They talked about life and their goals. They talked about their passions and desires. And everything in between.

The professor leaned in to kiss Emmy on the lips, and Emmy instinctively turned away after their lips briefly touched. Afterwards, their relationship was never the same after the awkward moment.

To this very day, Emmy still wondered what could have been. Did she make the right decision? Did she make the wrong decision?

As Emmy thought about her past professor from decades ago, she thought about her current student, Violet.

Emmy knew she was headed towards a slippery slope. She felt herself approaching a line which shouldn't be crossed. She felt herself straddling the unofficial code of conduct that professors take seriously.

Would the risk be worth it? She wondered.


Class had ended and the students began leaving. Emmy was behind with her clean up because she had been busy helping a student. The professor washed her hands & supplies in the sink, as the room was becoming more and more quiet with the students making their way out.

When Emmy turned around, she saw Violet sitting on a desk, with her legs crossed. It was a sexy pose, and the artistic side of Emmy wanted to take a picture right then and there.

There were also photographs on the table, right next to where Violet was sitting. Emmy knew the pictures were for her to look at.

"What's that?" Emmy asked.

"Something I want to show you."

Emmy approached the seductive student and looked at the photographs, which were neatly spread on the table.

All of the photographs were of Violet. They were professional quality pictures, taken by a professional photographer. Violet looked stunning in each photograph. She was totally comfortable being in front of the camera. She was just a complete natural at being a model.

"You look beautiful here," Emmy noted.

"This is what I offer. If you're looking for a good model, then I'm at your service."

"I haven't made a decision yet."

"Afraid someone might find out?" Violet asked casually. "I won't tell. I'm good at keeping secrets. Believe me, a big part of what I do is keeping secrets. Especially the secrets of other women."

"This sort of thing shouldn't be secret. The art community is very trustworthy of each other."

"Professor, I notice the way you look at me. Don't worry, I don't judge. I like you too."

Emmy became defensive. "I'm not..."

"Here's the deal," Violet said, cutting the professor off. "I'll pose for you. My services will be free. In exchange, I want copies of all the photographs. I promise I won't re-distribute them anywhere. You own all the rights. I just want a set of images for myself."

Emmy looked directly at the student. There was a sincerness in Violet's eyes and in her voice.


"Because I know that I won't look like this forever," Violet candidly replied. "So it's nice to have these kinds of pictures to keep. It'll be something I have to look back on, always."

"I understand your point."

"Plus, I'd like to learn from you. Beyond the classroom, I mean. I'd like to see firsthand how you create your gorgeous visuals."

Emmy gave a flattered smile, which she tried to hold back. She was running out of excuses to deny the persistent student. After a moment, she realized that there weren't any excuses left.

"Okay, fine," Emmy said. "We'll do private modeling sessions together at the retreat, before the other professors arrive."

"You won't be disappointed, professor. I promise."

"I doubt that I will."

"Send me an email with the location. I'll be there."

Violet gave a pleased expression and turned to walk away.

"You forgot your pictures," Emmy pointed out.

"Keep them. Those are for you."

The student left. And Emmy wondered if she was beginning to cross a boundary that no professor should cross with a student. Soon enough, she was going to find out.


Weeks later. Towards the end of the semester, Emmy and Violet met for coffee at the University cafe. It was much too busy and crowded for anyone to hear their private conversation. They were in their own little world as they talked about their lives and experiences.

Emmy revealed that she had been an art enthusiast all her life. Plus she had the background for it. Her father was a ballet instructor. Her mother was a stage actress. Creativity was practically in her genes.

What she enjoyed most about creating art was capturing the beauty in all things. In her mind, beauty can be found in anything pure. It was just a matter of searching for it.

She also revealed that she was a single woman. Sure, there had been a few serious relationships over the years, but none of them seemed to work out. There were perks to living alone, she explained. There was a sense of freedom to it. She could do whatever she wanted, at any hour. But she admitted that it would be nice to have someone special in her life.

Violet revealed that she had moved to the city a few years ago. She lived alone in a small apartment. And she supports herself financially by doing modeling work and other things.

It was in her early 20's that she was approached by a woman to pose. Violet fell in love with the work. She loved posing. She loved displaying her beauty. And she loved being admired. It gave her more confidence in life. Confidence to do whatever she needed in order to be an independent woman.

They had a lot in common, despite their age difference. Soon, the age thing didn't matter anymore. Neither did the student/teacher aspect.

They began seeing each other as friends.


Weeks later. The semester had ended and Emmy arrived at the small resort area in the early morning. It was in an elevated area surrounded by mountains. Snow was all around. It had the perfect scenery. It was the perfect place to make all kinds of art.

She watched as Violet arrived and parked her car. The student carried a small bag with her. It was the first time that Emmy had ever seen Violet without red lipstick on. Emmy noted that Violet had very pretty lips.

They hugged and made small talk. There was nothing but smiles between them.

"Beautiful, isn't it?" Emmy asked, gesturing to their surroundings.

"Absolutely gorgeous."

They went inside the resort and Violet got settled into to her room. Afterwards, they had breakfast together. Even though they had only known each other for a few months, they felt like old friends.

"You must be exhausted from the drive," Emmy said in a motherly way. "Shall we begin after lunch?"

"No way. We're here for one reason. I want to take advantage of our time together."

Emmy nodded. "Okay. Any preferences?"

"What do you mean?"

"Outdoors? Indoors? Is there anything you want to do?"

Violet thought for a moment. "It's wonderful outside. And it's not that cold either. Why don't we play in the snow?"

"Sounds good."

"Naked, of course."

There was no sense of shame or embarrassment in Violet's voice. She sounded like someone who knew what she was doing. And she did. Violet was young, but she was a pro. She was someone who was experienced with nudity in front of the camera. And it was something she embraced.

And that slightly caught Emmy off guard.

"We don't have to do that," Emmy said uncomfortably. "It won't be necessary for today. We have other models coming soon."

Violet raised an eyebrow. "Why? Are you afraid of seeing your student with no clothes on?"

"It's not that. I've seen plenty of students during live modeling."


"It's a little awkward," Emmy finally stated. "That's all. You know, we've really gotten to know each other. So we shouldn't have to do this."

It was a bullshit excuse and weak reasoning. And Violet saw right through it.

Violet gave a faint smile. "It's funny. Aren't I supposed to be the nervous one? After all, I'm the one taking my clothes off. Not you."

"I'm not nervous."

"Call it whatever you want. But I think we're both here to make some awesome artwork together, aren't we?"

This time, it was Emmy's turn to smile. "I think we are."

"Then it's settled. Erotic art, here we come."

Both women smiled at each other before taking another sip of coffee, as a gesture that they were going to make some unbelievable work together.


An hour later. After refreshing in their rooms, and changing their clothes, they met in the lobby and headed outdoors.

Emmy was dressed in her usual hipster style, complete with a long scarf around her neck. She also brought an expensive camera with her.

But it was Violet who made the big transformation. Her hair was fixed nicely. Her make up was done to look glamorous. Red lipstick made her face look far more womanly. High heels were on her feet.

She wore a silk robe to cover her body.

A few heads turned when Violet walked by. But it was a very liberal area, and most people knew that the resort was commonly used by art enthusiasts, so they were used to seeing beautiful models walking around.

They went outside. Snow had recently fallen. But at that point, the sun had come out. It wasn't too cold. It was bearable.

Further they went towards a private outdoor area. There were trees, snow on the ground, and a mountain scenery. The last thing Emmy wanted was for people to see the nude shoot.

"We can always do this indoors," Emmy said. "You must be freezing."

"I'm fine. And this is what we're here for, right? This beautiful scenery. It'll make for amazing shots."

"That's true. But I'm assuming you want to lose the robe. Can you handle the temperature then?"

"We'll find out soon enough," Violet replied. "So how should we start? You be the guide."

Emmy prepped her camera. "Do what feels natural to you. Act like this is the first time you've ever seen the trees, the snow, or the sun. Act like this is the first time you've ever been outside."

"Emotional instructions. Interesting."

"I find that whatever a model thinks, it shows subtly on their facial expressions and physical reactions. I always go for something genuine. That makes for amazing photographs."

"See, I'm learning already. You're a wonderful teacher."

Violet raised her arms and she twirled around, with her heels rubbing against the snow covered dirt.

Snapshots were taken by Emmy's camera. The process had begun, and already she realized the true beauty and potential that Violet had. The girl was a natural when it came to modeling.

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