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Red Necklace


I arrived at the adult store with one thing in mind, to buy a magazine or some porn flick and jerk off later at home. When all of a sudden I found a red beaded necklace stashed in a hole by a shelf. I walked to the register and asked the guy standing behind the counter what this was.

"That is a special red beaded necklace that changes ones sex to the other, but the catch is when you take it off you will be back to being a man. Also if you desire a certain type of lady you will become it, and you will even think and have the same cravings as she does."

"Yeah right, put the necklace on yourself to prove what you just said. " I replied eager to know more.

The blonde guy puts on the necklace around his neck and with a loud popping sound he started to become female. First the hair gotten longer, his arms and face became hairless, and his chest started to get more round and fuller under his tight shirt. When he was all done transforming the butt was nice and firm and his hips went wide. The complete transformation only took a few minutes to become female from male.

As my jaw was agape and thoughts of damn she /or he has became one hot number. She asks me in the sweetest voice if this was good enough proof for me. I of course was absolutely sold.

"Say umm how much does this red necklace will cost, since it had no price tag on it."

She replied back to me, "Since you're a nice cute guy I'll let you buy it for $100.00 and a promise never to tell anyone about the magic to this necklace, I will get fired for this." I agreed to her demands and handed her the money.

She then started to slip the necklace off and handed it over to me. Instantly the male features started to reappear. When she was back to being a man I gave him a thank you, and a handshake and turned around and rushed back to my place.

At home I stripped out of all my clothes and took the red neck less from the store bag and slid it over my head to rest around my neck. The popping sound I heard earlier came back, looking down my body saw my legs get smooth and hairless, my butt became more heart shaped, my short slightly curly brown hair started to grow long and think stopping just past my shoulders. My stomach started to flatten out and my chest lost its hair and started to grow bigger, rounder and firmer. When the new breasts stopped its growth and amazed at their size the nipples became eraser tips. Finally my 7' cock started to shrink and disappear to become my pussy lips.

After the transformation was complete I had to feel myself up. I slid my hands over my hips, touching my ass, sticking a couple fingers in my new hairless pussy, and slide up to cup my huge breasts with both hands. Thinking I must look hot and I must take pictures of my new look.

I walked to my bathroom and climbed on the counter to see myself in all my glory. The person looking back at me was not recognizable but damn did I look hot. I found my laptop and took a series of photos for keeps sake.

I laid on my back on my bed licking my fingers decided I wanted to play some. I reached for my right breast and pulled it to my waiting tongue. I could lick my own nipple. Like a shockwave I felt my pussy twitch and moisture started to build up. I moved my fingers on my right hand to my eager pussy lips moving slowing at first then digging some found my clit, and attacked it. It didn't take long for me to feel my nipples harden and the pit of my stomach started to hurt some. I knew I must be close to an orgasm. My fingers were a blur on my new pussy then I felt a wave of pleasure and my hips rocked upward. I erupted with my juices leaking onto my bed sheets. I nearly blacked out with the incredible pleasure.

Tomorrow I will have to buy some clothes and see what mischief I can get myself into I thought just before falling asleep.

The next morning woke up still very much a women, and a smile on my face. At being 5'-10" tall I had some very long shapely legs and swung them out of bed, I really had to pee. Not thinking I stood over the toilet out of habit tried to reach for my cock. Oh that's right no cock and put the seat down so I can relieve myself. I cleaned up tossed on some of my "male clothes" and combed my hair.

At the mall heading to Victoria's Secret I asked a slender redhead lady I need a new bra measurements and some nice panties. I couldn't believe how easy it was to even ask these things to a lady I didn't even know. She asked me to remove the shirt and she will get my measurements. She commented how lovely my boobs looked and why I hide them in my boyfriends clothes. I lied and said oh I spent the night at his place and just grabbed the first thing on his floor and went here as he got ready for work.

"Your new breast size is a 38D. And the bras you need are over there in that bin." She said.

As I grabbed my shirt to ready to put it back on she leaned over and licked my left nipple then she cupped that tit and licked and kissed it all over, then moved to the other boob. I couldn't believe what was happening here. She made moaning sounds lifted her head and told me I bet you have a very lucky boyfriend. She asked for me to follow her to the back. I followed and she kissed my lips, first a peck on the lips to moving her tongue with mine. She moved back down to my boobs and sucked licked, nibbled my nipples getting me all horny and wet. I found the top button to her white blouse and slowly unfastened each one till the whole shirt was opened up. I slid my hands inside to feel her bra covered boobs and to see them. She then slide down took a hold of my waistline and started to loosen up my belt and pants. Wow this chick is hot and very horny I thought. Without hesitation she yanked my pants down and tongue out started to lick my pussy lips. She started to lick the outer part and then moved to the center licking the whole length, while pulling the lips apart with her fingers. I placed my hands on the back of her head eyes rolled back in my scalp with pure pleasure. After sometime I started to convulse and sprayed her face and tongue with my juices. Satisfied she gave me back my clothes buttoned up her blouse and walked to the main part of the store.

Now realizing the power I had over people I grinned bought some under garments put a bra on and walked to a clothing store. There I bought some nice fitting jeans, some sexy tops, a shirt, and some shoes. I never knew how to shop for ladies when I was a man, but as a lady it was not even an issue. I bought some makeup went to the restrooms changed into a low cut blue top with lace trim and slipped into some jeans. Putting my male clothes in a bag and walked back to my car. I tossed the bags in the trunk and later that night headed to a night club.

At the nightclub they didn't even ask for ID let me in and started to feel everyone looking at me. This should be a fun night I thought. I found a seat at an empty table looked about the place. It didn't take long for a guy to ask me if I like to have a dance. I gave him my hand to lead me to the floor. Grabbing my waist he pulled me against him and it felt amazing. After the dance he bought me a drink we talked and the conversation turned very sexual. He bought another potent drink to me and took my hand and lead me to his car.

I don't know what got over me but I grabbed the back of his head giving him the best French kiss I could give him. Then I grabbed the outline of his hardening cock through his pants licked my lips and slowly with my free hand started unfastening his pants. I pulled down both the pants and his boxers, re-grabbed his hard cock leaned in and put his cock in my mouth. Never have I done that as a straight male but not going to stop now. I licked the head , then his shaft, sucked each ball and then placed my mouth back on his penis. I moved my head up and down his long shaft not caring what I was doing. As I was getting into it, he pulled my face away from his cock, took me to the back seat took my pants, ripping my panties off and guided his cock to my pussy entrance. I even let him do that to me, again amazed at my boldness. He thrust his hard cock in and out of my pussy going faster and harder with each stroke. All the while playing with my boobs and kissing me. I told him when he is ready to cum please do it over my boobs. I started to feel him convulse as he quickly pulled out aimed his drooling cock to my tits and came so hard he blasted what seemed like a gallon of cum spilling over each boob and trickling down my stomach. I moved my fingers taking some of his cum licked my fingers with a moaning sound.

He got up got dressed as I did as well he asked where I needed to be dropped off. I told him at some grocery store near my place. So I was just a booty call to him. Oh well the guy pulled out his car and left me there. I walked to my place and once I walked into my house, I shed my clothes walked into my shower took off the neck less to be a man again. Things started to go back to the way I was the night before. I actually felt disappointed, my power was gone. After the shower I placed the neck less in a box and moved it on the shelf. Thinking until next time, and tomorrow I need to get my car and head back to work.

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