tagNovels and NovellasRed Orchids Ch. 03

Red Orchids Ch. 03


"The Decisions We Make"


Miriam Belle



Author's Note:

"First off let me say thank you to everyone who supported the first installment of "Red Orchids." People either loved it or hated it, which is cool. Everyone who has commented or sent me feedback agrees that Mark Gordian is the biggest asshole ever to walk the face of the Earth. Let me say that while Mark is a lot of fun to write, in no way do I share his philosophies. He's based a real guy I knew once, and while that man never plotted to kill his wife, his audacity in the area of infidelity was staggering.

The one driving criticism I encountered was over the length of the first chapter. That being said, I've broken the remaining two chapters in four parts for a quicker read. Special thanks go to miriambelle69 for her editing of the story and her patience with a stubborn novice author."




Henry paused as he unlocked his office door. He knew who it was even before he turned around. He saw Mark Gordian, looking wickedly professional and slick in one of his immaculate dark suits, standing at the end of the hall. He looked well rested and almost carefree. He supposed that after what he had heard in Mark's office last night, he would have expected Mark to be a little more nervous. But to the contrary, he seemed to not have a worry in the world.

Henry nodded and made a little salute with one hand, "Howdy Mark."

Mark walked up to him, his expensive shiny shoes clicking and clacking on the hardwood floor. Mark stood by him and said, "Lovely morning, yes?"

"Gorgeous," Henry agreed as he opened his door and shoved his keys back into his pants pocket. His suit was an older, slightly worn neutrally colored three piece that looked about as modern as Henry did. He thought for a moment he might actually escape a conversation with Mark. Maybe Mark hadn't found the note that he had taped to his office door? Maybe Mark had just missed it and went home?

"I meant to ask you about this," Mark reached into his coat pocket and pulled out the note Henry had left for him.

Henry put on his wire-rimmed glasses and took the piece of paper Mark was holding out to him. He looked it over, trying to buy as much time as he could, and then said, "Oh yes."

Mark looked at him expectantly.

"Seems pretty self explanatory," Henry smiled amiably and handed the note back to him, "Ellen was worried about you last night."

"Yes she was," Mark followed Henry into his office and closed the door behind him. Once it clicked shut, he said, "What time did you stop by?"

"Oh," Henry looked thoughtful, "Around ten I'd say."

"And you didn't say hello?"

'Playing this game, are we?' Henry thought. He did not want to be in the middle of this at all, and the more he talked to Mark and the longer he stayed in this office the more unlikely it seemed he would keep his nose clean. He sighed and took his glasses off as he sat down behind his cherry oak desk. He said, "You sounded busy."

Mark nodded and sat his briefcase down on the chair opposite Henry's desk. He put his hands in his pockets and paced for a moment before saying, "Did you tell Ellen?"

"I haven't told Ellen anything, Mark," Henry said, "But for God's sake. A student?"

Mark smiled a hateful little grin that was both boastful and pointed, "A student, yes."

"Jesus," Henry shook his head.

"Are you passing judgment on me?" Mark asked.

"Of course not," Henry replied, "It's just that you're a teacher, you're married..."

"Are you making moral judgments?" Mark cut him off, "Let me remind you that I'm not the only one with secrets around here, Henry."

Henry sat back in his chair. This was getting ugly really fast, and while he had guessed that Mark wouldn't be happy about his discovering the affair, to bring up the matter of his own indiscretions put a whole new spin on things. He looked at Mark and saw not his friend and colleague and but a hypocritical fraud. He figured he had always known Mark was less than on the level. Normally he wouldn't have even associated with Mark. But, when he had met Ellen...

He chose not to remember the night it happened. The night Mark had discovered his secret was the night he had started living his life under real fear. It had embarrassed him to no end and it was only the grace of his humility that had allowed him to face Mark or Ellen again. He had done a good job thus far of keeping it all far from mind, but every so often something would trigger the memory like a booby trap. Each time the trap sprang, he would relieve the experience in his mind as though it were happening all over again for the very first time.

This time was no different as the memory flashed before his eyes in a horribly eternal moment...

'The night was settling in as the stars came out and glimmered in the sky. Henry can still smell the barbeque grill even now, an hour after they had just eaten. He walks through the garden of the large backyard, impressed and soothed by the fragrant scents of the plants and flowers. It is a beautiful garden Ellen has created here, and Henry knows that its beauty is only second to that of Ellen Gordian herself.

He chastises himself for thinking such thoughts about her. She is, after all, very much married and very much in love with Mark. But my God, they way she walks and talks is absolutely hypnotizing. She is possessed of such a classic beauty and simple kindness that he can't help but stare. Her body is curved and full in a tantalizing way, the undeniable size of her breasts and the silkiness of her hair a great temptation for Henry.

He walks on in the garden, letting his fingers stretch out to the tall, thick bushes that separate the garden from the swimming pool in a perfect wall. He hears a splash in the pool and stops in his tracks. Mark had gone out to the store to pick up some more wine and wasn't due back for another twenty minutes. Henry peers through the evergreen bushes and sees Ellen swimming. Her body is elegant and voluptuous, as he had imagined. She is naked, her full breasts almost floating on the surface of the rippling water.

Henry feels lightheaded as he watches. Why would she go swimming naked right now? Did she think he had gone with her husband to the store? She must have. Ellen would never have disrobed in front of anyone other than her husband. Yet, here she was gliding through the water like some kind of mythological siren, innocently beckoning him to consider what she would feel like under his body, what her sex would taste like. Henry shifts his weight to one side as he looks at her body and wonders.

Her skin is smooth and dulcet, perfectly unbroken and like a silky porcelain. Her breasts are perky and her nipples respond to the cool water by hardening and protruding out from the rosy areolas. Henry looks around as she splashes in the water, her blonde hair wet and shiny in the underwater lights of the pool. He breathes deeply as his cock hardens in his slacks, growing and urging him to satisfy his craving for her. Henry shakes his head, refusing to be so crass.

But as she continues her unwitting arousal of his libido, Henry can feel his need overtaking him. He sinks to his knees, watching her intently and unzips his slacks. He feels a rush of excitement and danger he hasn't known in years as the cool evening breeze rustles across his groin. He pulls his boxers down and gently takes his long, slowly hardening cock out into his hand. He strokes the eight inches of thick meat tenderly, as he imagines Ellen might do. He almost gasps as she turns in the water and exposes her vagina to him, clean-shaven and glistening. Henry wants so badly to kiss her there, to run his tongue over her full lips and taste the nectar he knows is just inside.

He looks around once more to make sure he is safe to begin. Henry knows what he is doing is wrong, but that's part of what excites him. For too long he has simply played it safe and not ever taken a chance. While he couldn't approach Ellen in the way he wanted to, he could at least enjoy her from afar. Henry closes his eyes for a moment and commits to his act of voyeurism.

He strokes his throbbing member back and forth as Ellen unwittingly reveals her body to him. He watches her emerge from the water and grasp the aluminum piping that composes the ladder. Her body is glistening in a shower of chlorinated water, the droplets falling and cascading over the hills and valleys of her figure. Henry is entranced by the shiny sprays of water rolling down the curve of her full buttocks as she climbs the ladder.

He rubs his thick, bulbous head and moans under his breath as she turns and faces the hedge behind he is hiding. He wishes he could kiss her hard nipples and run his tongue over the broad areolas of her large milky breasts. Her figure is so curved and fluid as she runs her fingers through her wet tangles of blonde hair, her head tilting back. Henry begins stroking faster and faster as he imagines kissing her and pulling her hot wet body to him.

It's then that he feels someone watching him. With a snap of his head, he looks and sees a small opening in the fence separating the driveway from the backyard. He sees Mark, sitting in the driver's side of his car, hands on the wheel and looking at him with impassive and unforgiving eyes. Henry swallows hard and feels the blood drain from his erection. As Ellen dives back into pool, Henry tucks his slowly fading penis back into his boxers and zips up his slacks.

Henry quietly works his way past the hedge and then slips to the side gate leading to the driveway. He opens it quietly and then walks to the car. Mark rolls the passenger side window down and Henry says, "Mark, uh...I'm so sorry."

Mark only smiles, his eyes not so much betrayed but more amused and even delighted. He says, "She never has to know. As long as you-

-remember who is in charge here," Mark said.

"I haven't forgotten," Henry replied.

"Let's just be honest," Mark smiled genially, "We both know that I'm having an affair. We both know I'm having an affair with a student. We both know that you've been caught jerking off while peeping at my wife. Given the delicate nature of our situation, I think we have an understanding."

"Is this why you've been having me lie about the golf games?" he asked, "Have I been lying to Ellen to cover you having an affair?"

Mark looked disappointed, "Don't be naïve Henry."

Henry looked down at his hands, still clasped together on his desk as though he were in a position of some authority. He had seniority here, that was true. But beyond that, this was Mark Gordian's game. And Mark played for keeps. The idea of Ellen finding out what he had done while spying on her terrified him. He didn't want her to think he was a pervert. He wanted her to see him as a scholar and an honorable man.

"How many affairs, Mark?" he asked.

"This year?"

Henry felt sick to his stomach. "All together..."


"Fifteen?" Henry's eyes went wide, "What? How?"

"Five here in the city, four from the out of town and six online friends," Mark counted off.

"All at the same time?"

"No," Mark laughed, "Most of those women have come and gone, no pun intended Henry. Right now I'm seeing three women. You know that waitress at the Starlight Café?"

"Yeah," he remembered the blonde athletic girl Mark was always flirting with during their Friday morning coffee.

"Her," he smiled boastfully and then added, "Along with the chef from Alessandro's downtown and of course, my prize pupil."

"Jesus Christ," Henry moaned and leaned back in his chair. He looked at Mark and shook his head, "And you're just fine with everything?"

Mark smiled again, but this time it was hard and cold, "Henry... I don't expect you to understand. I just expect you to keep your mouth shut."

Henry was over a barrel and he knew it. "Okay, Mark. Your secret is safe."

"Ellen isn't the quickest draw in the west," he said and picked up his briefcase, "I've got a good thing going here, and I intend to keep it that way."

Henry was silent as Mark opened the door and left. Once the door lock engaged and he was alone, Henry sighed and rubbed his eyes. The situation had gone from bad to worse in a matter of minutes. He knew that he should have just told Ellen he wasn't able to go check on Mark last night. But that would have required lying to Ellen, and that was something Henry knew he was no good at.

"What the hell is wrong with me?" he said out loud.


The first thing Mark Gordian noticed upon walking in to his office wasn't the beautiful sunlight filtering through his window or the fresh smell of cut grass. It wasn't the memories of the mind-blowing sex he and Marlene Henson had shared on his desk and in his chair. It wasn't the sound of Henry talking to himself in his office, his voice filtering through the central air ducts.

He noticed the single, blood red orchid on his desktop.

Mark walked over to his desk and set his briefcase down on the floor. The flower was beautiful, its color deep and rich. Several droplets of dew were shining on the delicate petals and folds of the flower. He picked it up and smelled it, noticing that some of Marlene's lavender perfume had been scented on the flower. He smiled.

"Back so soon?" he smiled and sat down.

"As a matter of fact, I am," Marlene said from the shadows in the far corner of the office. Mark jumped in his seat as his sexy student walked over to him, her shoes tapping on the hardwood with an almost hypnotic rhythm. She was dressed in a white blouse that only covered her voluptuous figure and did nothing to hide it. Her massive breasts were tantalizing under the sheer white fabric. She wore a plaid, pleated skirt that fell to her knees and revealed her toned calves.

"I like the outfit" Mark said.

"This?" she pulled at her skirt, raising it up a little and revealing her silky thighs to him, "This is just a fashion statement."

"It says a lot," Mark smiled and stood up, his cock hard in his boxer shorts.

Marlene noticed his bulge and slid her arms around his waist, her green eyes piercing his black corneas. She rubbed herself against him, feeling his hard length with her body and teasing him. She smiled and asked, "Is your door locked?"

"Hold on," he said and hurried over to the door. He locked it and turned around to see Marlene reaching into her purse. He asked, "What are you doing?"

"What do you think I'm doing?" she teased.

"I don't know," he smiled and kissed her. He heard the electronic beep of a cell phone.

She licked his lips, "I don't want any interruptions."

"That's good thinking," he said and began unbuttoning her blouse, revealing her generous cleavage.

"I had a thought," she smiled and turned around, bending over the oak desk as she grabbed her plaid skirt and flipped it up over her ass, exposing her cheeks. A lacey black thong separated her full buttocks. Mark slid his hands over her curves and played with the thong as Marlene wiggled her ass a little. Mark paused to open his top desk drawer and pulled out a wooden, eighteen-inch ruler.

"Are you trying to tell me you've been naughty?" Mark slapped the ruler in his hand.

"Professor," Marlene looked over her shoulder and gave him a smoldering glance that was both deadly serious and sensually inviting, "You have no idea how naughty I really am."

"Let's find out," Mark said and spanked her cheeks with the ruler. Marlene laughed and cooed as he brought the ruler down a little bit harder. The wood slapped off her skin and left a small red mark on the perfect curve of her ass.

"I deserve a harder spanking, professor," she breathed.

Mark tossed the ruler on the desk and raised his hand, bringing it down and smacking her tight ass. Marlene gasped and moaned as he spanked her again, his palm tingling. The next few minutes consisted of nothing but him spanking her, harder and harder until her cheeks were red. Mark then paused his punishment of Marlene and kissed her smarted cheeks gently, his finger running the length of her thong.

"You know what I want?" Mark asked her as he flicked his tongue in between her ass cheeks.

"I have a good idea," she turned herself over on the desk, legs wide and ready to receive him.

She grabbed him by the neck and pulled him down to her mouth. Their tongues intertwined and slid together wetly as Mark finished unbuttoning her blouse. He kissed down her neck, dragging his tongue along and planting hot French kisses all the way. As he began to push her bra up over her breasts, his free hand worked its way up her thighs and to the inside of her crotch. Marlene breathlessly opened his shirt, pulling on his tie in a mad fever to undress him. She ran her fingernails over his sculpted chest and abs as he slipped his fingers under the small patch of fabric that was her thong.

Mark dropped to his knees in front of her and put her legs on his shoulders. He inhaled her scent and then began teasing her through her panties with his tongue. He relished her musky sex and slid his hands up over her exposed stomach and began kneading her mammoth breasts. Her nipples were rock hard and peaked with excitement as he traced her swelling lips with his tongue, her thong now soaked from saliva and vaginal fluid.

Marlene tossed her head back as she braced her body against the desk with her arms. Mark pushed the small triangle of black fabric aside and revealed her moist sex. Her clean-shaven pussy was glistening in the morning light, deliciously puffy and swollen. Mark ran his tongue up and down her wet slit and then slipped three fingers into her depth. As his fingers sunk into the knuckles and her juices seeped out, Marlene bit her lip and moaned quietly, barely in control of herself.

"Mark that feels so good," Marlene whispered as Mark played with her pussy.

"I want you so bad," he began teasing her clitoral hood, coaxing her hardening button out.

"You know what I like about you?" she asked as she lay back on the desk, her hands roaming to her breasts.

"Hmm?" Mark flicked her clit with his tongue.

"Oh God," she whispered and tensed as he suckled on her love button. She finally caught her breath and said, "You live dangerously."

"I do," he agreed as her juice dribbled down his chin.

"Mark, eat me please... eat my pussy, " she begged. Mark buried his face into her sweet cunt, his tongue lapping at her velvety walls. Marlene tightened her thighs around his head as he flicked and licked her, his hands working her tits over. She moaned and withered on his desk as he pulled at her swollen, sensitive nipples. Mark lapped at her like a dog and focused on her hard clit.

"Oh Oh OH OH OH OH OH GOD YES OH YES PLEASE OH GOD!" she screamed. Her hips bucked and she felt a bloom of heat in her sex. Her nectar flowed out of her in a steady ejaculation as her legs trembled on his shoulders. Mark drank her deep and swirled her button around and around as she came down from her orgasm.

"Am I the only one?" she asked and then whimpered as he nibbled on her.

"Only one?"

"Am I your only fuck?"

"No," he said, not sure what her reaction would be.

"A bold man," she whispered, "Who are they?"

"Now a man has to have some secrets," Mark said slyly.

Marlene sat up and smiled coyly. She then grabbed Mark's crotch and began to squeeze, feeling his testicles and rock hard penis through his slacks. She looked at him as he tried to breath and kissed him, "I want to know..."

"Why?" Mark asked, enjoying her massage of his manhood.

"Because I think it might be fun," she licked his ear, "If we had some friends over to play."

The idea of a threesome intrigued Mark and made his heart thunder in his chest. He looked at her as she unzipped his fly and let his slacks fall to the ground. He cupped her tits in his hands and kneaded them gently in response to her pulling his cock out and rubbing his head. He said, "You really want that?"

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